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We poured out into a hushed world, our voices swallowed in the powdery snow. When I stopped to listen, I heard nothing but the soft rustle where the icier bits touched down.

Beth held her arms out and looked up into the sky, which glowed brightly despite the late hour. “I love how peaceful snow is.”

I tromped over to the cars. They already had a good six inches on them, and judging from the steady precipitation, it wasn’t going to let up any time soon. The long driveway had taken on an ethereal quality. Closer now, I could see the lamps glowing under the blanket of white, casting a ghostly half-light on the trees above.

I was about to comment on it when I felt something cold and wet strike the back of my head. Turning in protest, I caught a second snowball right in my face. Looking up, I saw Beth laughing at me, crouched down and already forming a third ball.

“You!” The snowfall muted my shout. I retaliated, nailing Beth before she could get her ammunition out of her hand.

Beth shrieked and retreated, stumbling a little in the snow as I chased her down. I tackled her in a snow drift that had formed up against the side of the house. She looked particularly cute in her hat and scarf: her round face was bright red with the cold, and snowflakes were caught in her long, dark lashes. I touched her cheeks as she smiled brightly up at me. “I love you, sweetheart.”

“I love you, too,” she replied before we kissed. Despite the snow on all sides, this felt cozy. “I could stay like this forever.”

I nuzzled her nose and nodded my agreement.

“I don’t think our friends’re going to get home tonight,” she said.

I nodded again. “Good thing we live at
The Warner Estate.

We’d moved out to the ex-urbs to buy a home we could grow into—although with just the two of us, it was big enough to earn the palatial nickname. At least now, we’d actually have a use for the three empty bedrooms (two of which were actually set up as such).

That was when the snowballs really started to fly. Naturally, they went after our prone bodies. Helpless targets were hard to resist in the minds of children, apparently. Beth giggled up at me. “Or maybe we’ll just leave them out here.”


We hopped up and returned fire.


When we finally entered the house, Beth announced that we should all take showers while she fixed something for us to eat. I suddenly realized that all I’d had for sustenance since lunch was a handful of potato chips and beer. My stomach growled just to underline the point. By the time I’d finished showering and headed downstairs, the house was filled with the mouth-watering scent of herb-roasted chicken.

Beth had changed into a dry pair of yoga pants and a loose top, elongating her already slender body. I stopped just inside the door and stared as she went about stirring pots and dashing spices into pans.

This woman was my wife. I couldn’t stop smiling at the thought—one I’d had many times in the last year.

“Hey, how long have you been standing there?” Beth asked when she saw me.

I shrugged.

She handed me a wooden spoon. “Stir this, Mr. Voyeur.”

I felt myself flush at the nickname. A couple months back, I’d gotten drunk and admitted that I’d like to watch her masturbate. She’d done it, but had also teased me ever since. “I never should have said anything.”

“Now where’s the fun in that?”

I changed the subject, glancing down into the pot of darkly simmering liquid that I was stirring. “Mulled wine?”

Beth dropped sliced fruit into the steaming red. “I figured since Amber and Paul aren’t driving home tonight, and Casey’s staying with us, then why not?”

“Yeah.” I pulled her close. “But I wish we were alone. This could be so romantic.”

She was almost as tall as me, her slim frame fitting perfectly against me—head on my shoulder, her breasts padding the taper of my chest. I remembered the first time I held her like this. It was in that moment that I knew I wanted to make a life with her. If all else failed, we had this perfect hug.

“I got something for your birthday.”

“Oh yeah? I thought the new iPad was my birthday present.”

She pulled back enough so that I could see the mischief in her eyes. “This is something else.” She whispered, “Something super sexy.”

“Super sexy, huh? Not just regular sexy?”

Beth feigned seriousness for a moment before dissolving into a fit of giggles. “Definitely super.”

“When do I get to open it?”

“Tonight,” she kissed me softly on my jaw. “Although if you’re good...” Another kiss, this one closer to my chin. “I might give you...” Corner of my mouth. “A sneak peak...”

Our lips met and parted. The kiss began as playful and ended serious. I turned her until she was against the counter and let my tongue swim in the darkness of her mouth. Her hands tangled in the nape of my neck as I pushed my knee between her legs. I covered her ass, feeling the slinky back of a g-sting.

“Is that the sneak peek?” I asked, my thumb tracing along to the point where the three straps met at a T.

“That’s part of it. But really, it’s more wrapping than present.”

“Want to go to bed early tonight? I’m feeling kind of sleepy from all the beer,” I said.

Beth laughed, touching my face. “If that’s the case, maybe I need to go find Amber again.”

My cock thundered to life. I whispered, “That was hot. Have you two ever…?”

Beth just smiled as I trailed off, not taking the bait. Another conversation for another time.

Someone cleared her throat from the doorway. Casey. “Seems like every time I walk into a room, I’m interrupting Beth kissing someone.”

“She’s a good kisser. Maybe you should try it some time,” I said.

Casey flicked her eyes to Beth without answering immediately. She’d put her dark hair up in a messy bun, further enhancing that nerd-girl look. I wasn’t fooled. I’d seen her dolled up at prom. I’d seen her let her hair down and throw it back. I’d always found Casey attractive, but we’d known each other so long that never thought of her that way.

“Maybe I should.” Casey’s tongue peeked out between her teeth before she broke out laughing. “Hey, Beth, where do you keep the towels? I’m going to grab my shower.”

“Oh, linen closet’s next to the bathroom. Middle of the hall.” Beth slipped out of my arms. “Let me show you.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it. I can find it. Don’t let me interrupt anything,” Casey said. “Smells great, though. I love mulled wine.”

We watched the petite brunette go and for a second, I thought of where she’d be in just a couple minutes: naked in the shower.

“She’s pretty,” Beth commented, picking up the spoon and going back to her soup.

I tensed. Beth wasn’t a jealous person at all, but I still worried about what she thought of my close friendship with Casey.

“I guess,” I said.

“Jason, you know your eyes were all over her ass just now, don’t you?” At least she said it with a smile.

“I…fine, she’s pretty. But you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Oh, I’m not worried. I was just making a simple observation.”

The kiss I’d just watched her share with Amber colored that statement, but I let it be. “I’m going to build a fire.”

“Sounds great, honey. I’ll finish up dinner.”


I paused just inside our living room and looked around. Beth and I owned all of this. I still couldn’t believe it, even after signing the mortgage a solid six months ago. We’d considering staying in the city with our friends—with Amber and Paul and all the rest—but our frugal minds couldn’t get beyond how expensive it was to buy so close. Even the traditional DC suburbs were crazy over-priced. We went for the ex-urbs of Maryland, where the price tags seemed to fit the square footage a little more.

The living room was one of the things that really blew us away when we first walked in. The cathedral ceiling vaulted two stories, and one side was completely made up of window-panes. Despite the nightfall, the snow reflected the distant lights of the city, illuminating the empty forest that surrounded “Warner Estate.”

A stone fireplace dominated the room, surrounded by a sectional that we never could have fit into our old apartment. Like most post-grad professionals in our mid-twenties, the place was furnished from Craigslist and Ikea, although Beth had added her own touches with funky cushions and a rug she’d brought back from her parents. One day, we’d have “real” furniture, but right now, it was perfect.

As I began to start a fire, I realized that I was going to run into a problem when it needed to be refueled. While we had a small stack of split wood beside the fireplace, most of the wood was under a tarp by the shed. I glanced out the large windows into our backyard—at all that snow. Suddenly it felt like there was an ocean between me and the wood.

Sighing, I stood up, went back to the door, and began strapping on my snow gear once again. Outside felt a lot colder now that I had a chore to do. It took three trips to haul in enough wood to get us through the night. It was still snowing hard without signs of stopping, and a few more inches had accumulated since we’d come in.

I set the kindling on a bed of newspaper, positioned three logs perfectly across the top, and realized I had no matches. Quickly checking in the kitchen, Beth told me that she had a stash in the office upstairs and shooed me out.

As I climbed our grand staircase, I wondered where Paul and Amber were. I hadn’t seen them since they’d showered, and in that time, I’d done the same, made out with my wife, carried firewood into the house, and set a fire.

As soon as I got to the top of the stairs, I got my answer. Even with the hiss coming from the bathroom, where Casey was showering away, the moaning from down the end of the hall was unmistakable. I should have turned around and given them privacy—that’s what the polite guy in me would have done. But Beth didn’t call me Mr. Voyeur for nothing. I had to look.

The running water helped cover any creaks I may have made as I tiptoed down the hall. Passing the shower, I could hear Casey’s soft humming as she cleaned herself. An image began forming again of her small yet curvy body covered in suds, but a sharp moan drew me back to the guest bedroom, where Paul and Amber had set up.

They hadn’t shut the door all the way, and Amber’s steady gasps grew clearer as I approached. My heart raced. Her moans were throaty growls punctuated by short exclamations. “Yes! Ahhh, yess...”

The first thing I saw was Paul’s very naked ass, pale and hard, pointed in my direction. Shifting my angle a little, I treated myself to a more pleasing view of a prone Amber, clawing at the bedsheets. Her legs were spread wide on either side of Paul and he held her narrow waist in his firm hands. She contorted back like a diving board being bounced on, her breasts and naked upper body falling into view.

I’d seen Amber naked before, years ago, and her body was still as exceptional as I’d remembered. She had a similar physique to Beth—lean and sinewy—only with fuller tits and pale, unblemished skin. Where Beth had a dusting of freckles across her perky chest, the blonde had skin like paper and pale nipples barely differentiated from the rest of her coloring.

“Fuck me, Paul! Ahh yes!!” The blonde was frantic. She arched back as Paul buoyed her up by the hips. She wrapped her long legs around his back and my eyes zeroed in on her anklet and the rings on her red-painted toes.

“So you and Jason?” he grunted, rutting into her harder and faster.

My ears perked up. I moved a fraction of an inch closer to the crack in the door.

“Yes, baby! feel so fucking good!”

“When?” His grinding hips demanded as much as his voice.

“ college...”

My face grew hot. It was true—we’d dated very briefly back in college—but it was one of those relationships that burn fast and bright and die even quicker. I’d never told my wife, and apparently she’d never told Paul. Until now.

I started worrying that this would hurt our already competitive friendship. I wondered if Paul was going to storm out of this room and fight me. He’d always been the type not to back down from an argument—the guy who’d gotten into a physical fight over who was a better first round pick in the NFL draft last year.

So it came as a complete surprise when he said the next thing.

“God, that’s hot.” He never stopped his sadistic thrusting. “Have you done it since?”

“N—no...” Amber mewed, unable to concentrate.

“Have you thought about it?”

“’d like me to, wouldn’t you?” She dug her heels into his back and writhed on the bed.

“Have you?” he demanded.

I found myself as close as I could get to the door jam without actually being in the room. I was all ears.

“Oh yeah, baby. He was good...”

I nearly came right there. I was floored.

The couple rolled together until it was Amber’s naked back and buttocks I could see, along with a generous amount of side-breast. Paul reached up and cupped them as she eased into a galloping rut.

I had to shift my position a little to keep watching, but hell if I was going to leave now. Not with the tantalizing view of Amber’s toned, naked shoulders and upper back, or the narrowness of her waist and the deep dimples that formed in her lower back.

“You thinking about him now?” Paul was actually getting off on this.

“Yes...” Amber raked her fingers through her thick hair.

I remembered how good she felt. Memories crashed home, along with guilt. I should have told Beth about us, no matter how short it was. I’d fooled myself into thinking that it hadn’t meant a thing, and now all those memories were back.

“You close?” Amber huffed. Her gyrations were deep and quick.

“Yes,” Paul groaned.

“I’m thinking about him now. I’m thinking about the birthday boy’s thick cock fucking my pussy...filling me so good...filling me like my boyfriend’s can’t...”

“Ah, shit, baby!” Paul growled, grabbing Amber’s head and yanking her lips against his.

Amber’s moans were deep and sharp, each beginning to trail off before being buoyed by the next. She tossed her head back, her honey blond locks flowing down her back. Her orgasm mixed with Paul’s. She collected her tits in her hands and squeezed, pinching her nipples.

BOOK: Cool With Her
11.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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