Help Me! Guide to iPhone 6: Step-by-Step User Guide for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

BOOK: Help Me! Guide to iPhone 6: Step-by-Step User Guide for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
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Help Me! Guide to the iPhone 6
by Charles Hughes

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started
2. Making Voice and Video Calls
3. Managing Contacts
4. Text Messaging
5. Using the Safari Web Browser
6. iOS-Friendly Websites
7. Managing Photos and Videos
8. Using iTunes
9. Using the Music Application
10. Using the Mail Application
11. Managing Applications
12. Using Siri
13. Adjusting the Settings
14. Tips and Tricks
15. Troubleshooting
221 Tips and Tricks for iPhone 6
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Getting Started

Table of Contents

1. Button Layout
2. Charging the Phone
3. Turning the Phone On and Off
4. Installing a SIM Card
5. Setting Up the Phone for the First Time
6. Navigating the Screens
7. Organizing Icons
8. Creating an Icon Folder
9. Using Wi-Fi
10. Accessing Quick Settings through the Control Center
11. Using the Notification Center

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1. Button Layout

The iPhone 6 has five buttons and one switch. The rest of the functionality is controlled by the touchscreen. Each button has several functions, depending on the context in which it is used.

The buttons perform the following functions, as shown below:

Figure 1: Front View

Home Button

- Shows the Home screen.
- Displays open applications when pressed twice quickly.
- Allows you to use TouchID to unlock the phone, and to make payments.

Figure 2: Left Side View

Volume Controls

- Controls the volume of the ringer. Refer to
Adjusting Sound Settings
to learn more about setting ringtones or the sound volume.
- Controls the volume of the earpiece or speakerphone during a conversation.
- Controls the media volume.

Vibration Switch

- Turns Vibration on or off.
- Turns the Sound on or off.

Figure 3: Bottom View

Headphone Jack
- Allows headphones or speakers to be plugged in. Allows an AUX cable to be plugged in to listen to audio over the speakers in a car or stereo.

Lightning Connector
- Connects the phone to a computer in order to transfer data. Connects the phone to a charger.

Figure 4: Right Side View

Sleep/Wake Button

- Turns the phone on and off.
- Locks and unlocks the phone.

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2. Charging the Phone

To ensure that the phone works well, please follow these guidelines:

Discharge the phone completely at least once a month for optimal performance. When charging the battery, the meter in the upper right-hand corner of the screen (when unlocked) may show that it is fully charged; however, the charge is not complete until
100% Charged
appears on the lock screen. Insert the Lightning cable into the Lightning Connector on the bottom of the phone. The lightning cable looks like this:
. When the cable is inserted correctly, the indicator sound is played or the phone vibrates. Refer to
Tips and Tricks
to learn about conserving battery life.

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3. Turning the Phone On and Off

Use the Sleep/Wake button to turn the phone on or off. To turn the phone on, press and hold the
button for two seconds. The phone turns on and the
 logo is displayed. After the phone has finished starting up, the Lock screen is displayed.

Note: If the phone does not turn on after a few seconds, try charging the battery.

To turn the phone off, press and hold the
button until the screen becomes dark. The message "Slide to power off" appears. Touch the
slider and move your finger to the right. The phone turns off.

Note: To keep the phone on, touch
or do not take any action at all.

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4. Installing a SIM Card

Insert the SIM card from an old phone to retain your personal information and phone number. The type of SIM card depends on your carrier. For instance, you cannot insert a Verizon SIM card into an AT&T phone, and vice-versa. To install a SIM card:

1. Insert the end of a paper clip or a SIM eject tool into the hole on the right side of the phone. The SIM card tray pops out, as shown in
Figure 5
2. Take out the old SIM card, if necessary, and insert the new SIM card with the short side facing upwards, as shown in
Figure 6
3. Re-insert the tray into the phone. The new SIM card is installed.

Figure 5: SIM Card Tray

Figure 6: SIM Card in Tray

BOOK: Help Me! Guide to iPhone 6: Step-by-Step User Guide for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
4.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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