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Kim was gripping the sides of the mattress trying hard to hang on as Mook worked her. The sweat was rolling off her brow she was so hot from the things he was doing to her. Losing the fight moments later, Kim again cried out as she arched her back allowing him a full taste of her satisfaction. Mook began softly licking and kissing his way up her body, stopping at her breasts and working them over with the ball as Kim writhed beneath him. He reached her lips kissing her deeply as Kim deftly rolled him over. Not one to be outdone, she began kissing his body in return, grasping his firm manhood in her hand as she slowly, sensuously, licked it from bottom to top. Mook groaned deeply as Kim took her time introducing him to the warmth of her mouth.
This damned girl, shit,
Mook was thinking behind the closed lids. She had him pulling her hair as he moaned her name she was so damned good. Mook knew if she didn’t stop he was going to lose it. Finally managing to pull her away, Mook guided her back to his lips as they kissed deeply once more and he reached for the condoms in his nightstand.

Kim took the package from him, using her mouth on him once more as she

slid the ribbed latex onto his hard manhood
. Extra large magnum,
she thought seeing that Mook filled the condom without effort. Returning to his lips, Kim began kissing him again as Mook continued to touch her and turn her on.

Mm, Kim, baby,” he murmured as she stopped teasing him and sat on his erection feeling him completely envelop her.

They moved in syncopated rhythm together as Kim felt another orgasm looming. Mook reached out caressing her breast, enjoying the hard nipple, as she fell over the edge crying out loudly, her body showing its pleasure. Mook held her hips tightly as he began giving her all of him, his own release right at the point of no return. Kim cried out once more reaching orgasm simultaneously with him, collapsing on top of him. Mook gently stroked her back, gathering his breathing as he held her.

Whatcha think Miss Kim,” he asked softly. “Worth your time?”

Speechless for once, Kim simply kissed his chest gently and closed her eyes gathering her thought.


Tariq and LaRon were relaxing over a drink, talking over their plans and how well they were coming along.

Tweety settled,” he asked as he sipped the cognac.

LaRon sighed lightly before answering.

Yeah, but you know she still trippin’,” he answered and Tariq heard the sadness in his voice.

Its gonna take time man, you know that,” he tried to reassure his friend. “You got a lot of bad history to overcome, she’s still scared right now,” Tariq added as LaRon voiced his agreement.

KiKi almost kicked my ass earlier,” Tariq told him as LaRon burst into laughter.

What the fuck,” he asked as Tariq continued to chuckle, recounting the event.

That’s why you gotta be careful with her,” he told LaRon as his friend nodded absently.

When do you plan to let her know you’re alive,” he asked as Tariq sighed deeply.

He knew Kaitlyn would be thrilled to know he was still alive and equally sure she would make love to him, but leaving Ice would be another thing entirely. He was more than sure she was still terrified of the man and this time Tariq wasn’t leaving any loopholes.

After I put a slug or two in Ice’s head,” he said bitterly as LaRon nodded his understanding. “Ryan too,” he added as LaRon finally spoke.

I’d love to do that one for you, Top,” he replied as Tariq smiled slightly, understanding his motives.

Be my guest,” Tariq returned. “As long as he ends up dead, I don’t care who does it,” he admonished grabbing the bottle and refilling his glass again.

I’ma head out Top, check on DeNoah one more time, then back to the house,” he told his friend and boss as Tariq bid him goodnight.

Alone now, Tariq began to think about Kaitlyn and what he expected them to have once Ice was dead.
Will she accept the new you,
his mind asked as he continued to wonder and drink.
What if she really loves Ice and hates you for killing’ him,
his troublesome subconscious continued to question. Tariq didn’t know what he would do if Kaitlyn rejected him. He knew she loved him deeply at one time, but that was almost 3 years ago. She’d forced herself and her heart to go on since then and Ice had been right by her side. He could tell the man loved her recalling the tension, fear, and anger in his voice the night they recaptured her.

Sighing deeply he rose from his seat and returned to the mirror watching her once again. Kaitlyn was awake combing her hair as she watched the TV screen. Tariq smiled slightly noting that she’d let her hair grow longer. She was such a beautiful woman to him and he wanted nothing in the way of that love this time. Kaitlyn rose and walked to the mirror standing directly in front of it. Her intense stare made Tariq paranoid, thinking she could see him looking at her. She finally began to comb her hair again, pulling it back into a ponytail and securing it with the hair tie around her arm. Without warning she took her shirt off, bra, pants and underwear. Tariq was staring like a thirsty man lost in the desert, finding an oasis.
She is so damned fine,
he thought as Kaitlyn continued to turn and pose in front of the mirror checking her entire body. Satisfied finally, she picked her clothing up from the floor and headed into the shower. Tariq quickly gulped the rest of the liquor from his glass breathing hard. He was at full attention again seeing her beautiful nude body.
I gotta hurry up and kill this joker,
he thought of Ice purposely changing his thoughts and pouring himself another drink.


DeNoah was smoking a blunt and thinking about the events of the last few days. They’d been planning this caper for Ice for the last month that he was aware of, at least that’s when they’d brought him on. He was still mystified why LaRon wanted to snatch the other girl, though obviously they had history as well, given her reaction to him at the abandoned office building.
These two definitely on some other shit where these chicks are concerned,
he thought inhaling deeply once more, holding the acrid smoke in his lungs as the high began to take shape. DeNoah thought about his lifestyle now and how different it was from just six months ago. He was struggling daily, working his part time job at the small convenience store for less than 8.00 an hour. He sold a little weed here and there; nothing serious and most times found himself broke, borrowing money from friends just to make it to his next paycheck. His running into Role again after all those years seemed like an omen to him. His friend introduced him to LaRon and convinced him to give DeNoah a chance.
Now that fool on the outside looking’ in,
he thought and sighed gently.

DeNoah made good money now; he always had at least $400 to $450 in his pocket at all times just as pocket change. He wanted to find himself a chick and get something going, but his crazy hours didn’t allow that right now.
Maybe if I could find one that was hip to the game,
he thought fleetingly. He honestly was just horny, DeNoah admitted to himself sighing deeply as his cell rang.

Yeah,” he spoke into the receiver hearing LaRon’s voice on the other end.

Wassup man,” he asked after recognition took place.

LaRon gave him instructions for the rest of the night, telling him he could skip the check on Kaitlyn and go out if he wanted.

Top is gonna handle her the rest of the night,” he told DeNoah as the man vocalized his understanding.

Cool,” he replied simply, thanking LaRon for the time off and disconnecting.

So now what,
he thought, still horny with nothing but time on his hands. Rising and grabbing his keys, DeNoah headed out into the night to a neighborhood that was familiar, hoping to find what he was looking for and get lucky.


LaRon found Jaleesa curled on the chaise lounge watching TV. She didn’t acknowledge him as he came over to her.

Hey,” he greeted her calmly.

Hey Deuce,” Jaleesa replied trying to keep her voice from trembling.

Truthfully she was still scared witless of this man.

Whatcha watchin’,” he asked sitting down beside her, taking her legs and putting them in his lap, rubbing them gently.

The First 48,” she replied still on edge.

What is he up too,
she thought silently as he continued to gently massage her.

Tweety, look,” he began seriously as she gave him her complete attention. “I know you’re scared as hell right now,” LaRon told her accurately reading her thoughts. “I’m trying to do shit different this time, you know,” he tried as Jaleesa continued to regard him. “I know putting’ my hands on you wasn’t cool, and I’m not gonna do that again,” he told her honestly.

Jaleesa swallowed hard before speaking, choosing her words carefully.

But you’re keeping me here,” she said softly, praying he didn’t flip on her.

Sighing again, LaRon addressed her statement. “That’s necessary,” he said simply as Jaleesa shut down and said nothing else. “I know you don’t get it,” LaRon told her putting her legs down carefully and rising from the chaise. “Come on, let’s lay down,” he told her pulling Jaleesa up.

She walked over to the bed and obediently climbed in with him right behind her.

You and I can make this work, Tweety,” LaRon tried again. “I know it’s crazy to you right now, but I need you to try,” he went on. “Try to remember the time you really did care about me,” he pleaded as Jaleesa continued to try and hold the tears that wanted to flow.

Deuce, it’s been a long time for us,” she replied again on pins and needles. “I’m involved with someone else, and, I,” she tried faltering at the end not being able to say anything else.

LaRon sighed deeply but said nothing else as he pulled her closer to him and continued to hold her. Jaleesa lay next to him listening to his heart beat wondering how she was going to escape the trap she found herself in. There was no emotion left inside her for Deuce; nothing but fear and anger from his treatment of her.

Why did you really abort the baby,” LaRon asked quietly as he held her. Jaleesa shut her eyes not wanting to remember that time, but knowing he wanted an answer she made herself speak.

Because everything was in disarray and that was the best decision,” she told him.

Hmph,” he replied and remained quiet a few moments more. “You did it ‘cause I beat you that night didn’t you,” LaRon threw at her.

Jaleesa again swallowed hard scared of how on target his observations were.

It was just for the best,” she replied again not wanting to incriminate herself.

I’m sorry, I really am,” LaRon told her softly sighing deeply once more as Jaleesa heard the hurt in his voice.

Maybe he really did want the baby,
she thought fleetingly as the tear came and rolled out of the side of her eye. LaRon felt it and kissed her forehead gently. Deciding that they’d done enough talking for now he left the subject alone and closed his eyes, still holding her as they both drifted off to sleep.



Sands in the Hourglass


Ryan had been trying to reach Jaleesa for three days with no answer. It was well after 10:00AM now on the fourth day and he was still getting her voicemail.
What the hell is going on,
he thought as he dialed Ian’s number.

Yeah man, wassup,” Ian answered smoothly once the call connected.

Hey Ice,” Ryan returned. “Tweety make it over to the club last night,” he asked trying to keep his mind from racing.

Nah, she never showed up since you told me she was coming that first night,” Ian returned. “I just figured Peppermint was jumping’ and she got hung up,” he added as Ryan groaned slightly.

Picking up on the anxiety of his brother’s question, Ian delved deeper.

You called her,” he asked as Ryan told him about the calls since Sunday night.

Frowning slightly, Ian didn’t like the implications.

Did she tell you she was going anywhere else,” he tried as Ryan told Ian as far as he knew Jaleesa was going to Peppermint’s then over to Mardi Gras to help him out.

This ain’t like Tweety,” Ryan told him as Ian spoke his agreement.

Something was definitely out of sync.

I’ma ride over to the apartment and check it out,” Ian told him as Ryan let him know where his spare key was.

Acknowledging that he’d found it, Ian told Ryan he would call him once he got there and disconnected. Ryan was edgy as hell wondering where Jaleesa could be.
This shit just gets worse and worse,
he thought, grabbing his bottle of orange juice, finishing it off. His cell rang moments later and he answered seeing the name on the ID.

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