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She killed someone Top knew,” he tried, wanting to find out exactly what the affiliation was between he two.

Nah,” LaRon answered saying nothing more. “It ain’t that kinda party,” he added as DeNoah got an understanding of that much.

If it wasn’t revenge Top was seeking, then it was love. This woman was obviously someone from his past that he’d loved and somehow Ice had interfered and gained her affection.

Meet me at 7:00,” LaRon told him, putting the .380 back together, loading and putting both pistols in his pockets as he stood.

OK,” DeNoah replied simply as the man left and his mind continued to whirl.

DeNoah may not have understood everything going on, but he made up his mind that he was going prove to LaRon and Top that he deserved the second chance they’d given him.


Ian was on the phone with Ryan bringing him up to speed on the developments of the day.

So you think this fool is one of the snatch crew,” Ryan asked.

Yeah,” Ian returned sipping his drink.

So what did you tell ‘em to do,” Ryan asked again.

For now nothing, just keep a close eye, get pictures and audio,” he replied as his brother indicated his understanding.

If we’re lucky this fool will lead us right to KiKi, and I can kill him and all his crew at the same time,” Ian told Ryan as his brother frowned slightly.

He already knew this stunt was going to end in bloodshed so Ian’s answer was no surprise, he just hoped it all went down right and Kaitlyn didn’t end up caught in the crossfire.

How are things at the house,” Ian asked changing the subject.

Ryan told him everything was cool on his end.

House is making paper and things are still on the low, so we’re good,” he explained as Ian gestured his understanding.

I’ll call you later after I make a run through Mardi Gras,” Ian told him.

Ryan replied that was fine, going on to mention Jaleesa’s coming by and helping him close up.

Yeah, that’ll be straight,” Ian replied.

While he and Jaleesa weren’t best friends, they’d both learned to tolerate the other for the sakes of their significant others.

Disconnecting Ryan headed back into the room where Caramel waited. “Things comfortable for you here,” he asked as he undressed.

She swallowed hard and nodded they were. Caramel was working for them again not by her own choice, but the last pimp she ended up with after the raid three years ago had almost killed her. When Ryan found her working the corner and offered her the old job back she took it.
I don’t want to do this,
she thought as Ryan slid into bed beside her. Caramel genuinely liked Tweety and this was so wrong in her mind, still she didn’t dare say no. Ryan was the boss and he was lethal. She knew that firsthand.

What’s wrong,” he asked looking into her eyes.

Nothin’,” Caramel replied trying to smile.

This ain’t got nothing to do with her,” Ryan told her effectively reading her mind.

I just —,” Caramel replied as Ryan kissed her deeply.

Shh,” he said softly as his hands began roaming her body.

She felt even worse as he began to arouse her and she responded. Ryan had always been good at what he did and tonight was no exception.

Mmm,” she moaned softly as Ryan sucked her nipple gently.

Put it on for me,” he told her handing her the condom.

Caramel did as she was told and Ryan quickly pulled her to her knees entering her.

Thankful at least that she didn’t have to look at him, Caramel closed her eyes, asked for Tweety’s silent forgiveness before imagining Ryan was just another customer. “You still feel good as shit,” Ryan murmured as he thrust deeply into her. “Good,” he asked as Caramel softly replied yes.

She hated herself for the orgasm she experienced as Ryan continued to hold her tightly and thrust into her.

Damn,” Ryan murmured his rhythm increasing as he got closer to his own release.

Caramel cried out once more as her body responded to Ryan’s lovemaking skill. He came right behind her, groaning deeply and still holding her tightly as he tried to gather his breathing. Letting her go finally he removed himself and cursed lightly.

What’s wrong,” Caramel asked, tensing.

She didn’t need him angry with her. An ass whipping was not on the agenda tonight in her mind. Sitting she turned to him finally seeing why he was upset. The condom was broken barely hanging on to his still hard member.

I’m sorry,” Caramel told him softly hoping he wouldn’t hit her.

Ryan watched her wordlessly for a few moments before removing the remains of the condom and heading into the bathroom. Caramel waited terrified until he came back into the room.

Get some new rubbers tomorrow,” Ryan replied simply as she nodded her understanding. “Let me know if you skip,” he told her referring to her period.

OK,” Caramel returned still frightened.

Ryan sighed deeply as he stepped closer and gently caressed her face.

It’s cool,” he told her finally as Caramel finally relaxed.

Ryan leaned down kissing her cheek softly as he left her alone and she began to cry praying to God she didn’t get pregnant.



Jaleesa was leery as hell and seriously thinking she’d made a mistake as she arrived at the designated meeting spot. She hadn’t been back on the eastside, Conyers, in a long time and it just unnerved her for some reason.
This is crazy,
Jaleesa thought. They’d taken Kaitlyn from the south side, so why did they want to meet way over here, she continued to think finding the address they gave her and parking her car. The building in front of her was dark and deserted from all accounts. Her cell buzzed and she was surprised to see a message from the people holding Kaitlyn.
How the hell do they have all this info on us,
she thought as she read instructions telling her to get out and come inside. Swallowing hard she opened the car door, making sure the .380 was securely in her pocket. Jaleesa took her time walking up to the darkened building. Looking around she took in the area seeing the other boarded up businesses that hadn’t survived the recession. Across the street there was a Racetrack gas station, giving her some measure of safety that she wasn’t completely alone out here.

Finally arriving at the heavy glass door, Jaleesa gingerly reached out and pushed the door. Surprisingly it gave and she pushed it further open, still standing outside trying to see inside the midnight encased opening. Taking another deep breath Jaleesa stepped directly inside the door and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She looked around seeing various paper and debris on the floor. There were still a couple of small desks and chairs visible in spots within the showroom. Jaleesa surmised it used to be an office of some sort, noticing the huge bulletin board that still adorned the wall to her right. Swallowing her fear again, Jaleesa walked further inside before finally speaking.

OK, I’m here,” she threw out with false bravado she definitely didn’t feel at the moment.

The spotlight came out of nowhere directly into her eyes.

Relax,” the gravelly voice told her in her ear as he held her tightly.

Before she was able to react to the light, Jaleesa had been overpowered and now found herself at the mercy of the unseen assailants holding her captive inside the abandoned office building.

Taking heed to the command given, Jaleesa stopped struggling for a moment as she saw another hooded figure enter the room.

What do you want,” she threw out the fear beginning to get the better of her.

Jaleesa was kicking herself for walking head first into an obvious trap.

Shh,” the man told her softly, reaching out to gently stroke her face.

What are you doing,” Jaleesa threw back getting a sinking feeling about this meeting.

Turning without another word the man retrieved one of the folding chairs in the office, bringing it over to Jaleesa as the other man forced her into it. Once she was seated her hands were quickly cuffed and her feet tied to the chairs legs.

Let me go,” she yelled as the tears threatened.

The second man turned to the first and nodded as the man left them alone now. Jaleesa watched warily as the man approached the chair and went to one knee, stroking her face softly again.

Please, what do you want,” she pleaded tearfully unable to stop the fear from overtaking her.

Jaleesa didn’t want to die in this place tonight. Sighing deeply, the man simply began unbuttoning his shirt.

Jaleesa began to cry in earnest then, having a good idea what their plans for her were. After the fourth button he stopped, returning his attention to her again as she continued to cry, eyes closed.

Stop crying,” he told her calmly as Jaleesa managed to quell the flow and give him her attention again.

I just want KiKi back, please,” Jaleesa tried as he exhaled deeply once more.

He continued to regard her quietly for the next 5 minutes as Jaleesa continued to sweat. Finally he spoke once more.

Familiar,” he asked simply, opening his shirt as Jaleesa looked and began to scream.

She screamed again and again until the prick of the needle broke her skin and brought blessed darkness. The horror she’d just been inducted into temporarily at bay as they uncuffed her, put her into the car and took her for a ride.


Kaitlyn was still trying to shake the headache. She’d awakened earlier finding herself again captive to unknown persons.

Hey” she called out. “Can I have some aspirin or something, please,” she threw out sighing deeply as she sat down on the bed.

This room was much larger than the other one. There were still no windows but the bed was queen size this time as opposed to the twin. The bathroom larger and much more modern was beautifully decorated with tangerine orange and melon colors sprinkled against the black background. Moments later she heard movement that broke her thought as the tray slid through the opening at the bottom of the door and the bottle of aspirin and Aquafina stood on it.

Thanks,” she called out grabbing the bottle and taking a couple of the pills.

Kaitlyn didn’t know what they’d given her earlier but it was powerful stuff.
When the hell am I going to get out of here,
she thought of her confinement. She knew without doubt Ice had been contacted.
Damn, if only,
she thought of her near escape. Thankfully they hadn’t killed her or beaten the hell out of her for that stunt, Kaitlyn thought as the tray came through the door again. This time it contained her dinner.

Kaitlyn sighed softly picking the tray up and putting it on the medium sized mahogany writing desk the room held. The chair that accompanied it was leather bound and overstuffed, very comfortable. She began to eat, ravenous after her ordeal, as her mind continued to race and the fear tried to creep in again. Were they really going to let her go? Were they actually planning to kill her and still collect the money from Ice? How long were they going to hold her captive in this place? Kaitlyn had far more questions than answers as she finished the meal and pushed the tray back through the slot. She noticed the door had two locks instead of one like before.
So much for me escaping this bitch,
she thought angrily walking in front of the mirror and staring into it. This room also had the huge plate mirror, beveled finished, trimmed in gold. She liked it as much as the other one. Kaitlyn took off her shirt and began examining herself seeing the bruises and scratches.
That’s gonna leave a mark,
she thought of one of the more angry marks appearing on her skin.

Looking at her reflection the tears came without warning and rolled down her cheek. Kaitlyn angrily wiped them away hating the show of weakness.
I just want out of this damned place,
she thought as the tears continued to come, rolling down her cheek and landing on her bare chest. Unable to control the doubt, pain and uncertainty any longer she sank to her knees sobbing deeply as the helplessness of her existence flashed blindingly in her minds eye.
They could kill me right now and no one would know, ever,
she thought, curling into a tight ball and remaining on the floor. She sobbed loudly, uncaring if her captives heard her. Kaitlyn was in pain. She missed Ice more than she would have ever readily admitted. She needed his strength. She needed to feel his strong arms around her telling her everything would be all right and he would protect her.
I need that so much right now,
she admitted as the sobbing began to cease, the aspirin relaxed her and the sedative’s residual effect took their toll and she again succumbed to darkness and slept.


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