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That’s part of the tag number,” Eddie explained. “I can’t remember all the numbers, just the letters, cause its my name, Edward William Collins.”

Ian again nodded after the explanation and thanked Eddie for coming forward.

Here,” Ian told him, adding another $300 to the $200 already present. Eddie smiled broadly showing his neglected teeth and scooped up his prize, scurrying out the front door.

Ian was on the phone as soon as the man left.

I’ll get up with our contact at the DMV and see what we can come up with,” Ryan told him as Ian grunted his acknowledgement.

How you holdin’ up, Ice,” he asked his brother.

Ian sighed deeply. “I’m going to kill the fools that pulled this stunt,” he replied coldly and Ryan told him he could definitely count him in.

Hopefully we can get some kinda lead off the info you got,” Ryan threw out interrupting Ian’s thought once more.

I gotta find her Ryan,” he replied and his brother could hear the hurt.

He also heard the fear. He prayed silently that whoever had Kaitlyn didn’t harm her because Ian would bring Armageddon to their doorstop, wiping out every generation in their family without thought, or reason.

Have they hit you up again,” Ryan asked pushing the thoughts away.

No, and it bothers me,” Ian replied evenly.

I’m sure they will soon,” Ryan threw back. “Lets just have this money right so we can get KiKi back, and kill these fools.”

Ian agreed with his sentiment and told him he was going out again now that he had a color and possible models to look for.

You never know, they might be stupid enough to still be riding around in the open,” Ian told Ryan who agreed, especially since they thought no one saw them. Disconnecting Ian headed for his Benz and got in. He flipped down the visor to retrieve his keys, the picture of Kaitlyn staring him in the face.

Hang on baby, I’m gonna find you,” Ian whispered longingly as he traced her smiling face with his finger, started the car and again prayed for a miracle as he backed out and headed into the neighborhood.


Role,” DeNoah was calling out as he shook his friend. Slowly the fog began to lift and Role opened his eyes regarding his friend. “Man, what the fuck,” DeNoah asked. Role groaned and winced from the pain of trying to move. Every inch of his body hurt. He was still glad to be alive though. When he walked into the basement after LaRon told him Top wanted him, he been completely unprepared for the carnage the man unleashed on him. Top had kicked his ass three inches from death. Cursing, with each blow, Top hit him with the metal rod again and again. He couldn’t understand why this bitch was so important, Role thought as he finally made it to a sitting position. “What did you do man, Top was pissed,” DeNoah told him as Role sucked his teeth softly. “I accidentally left the door open to the room and that trick tried to escape,” he threw out acidly having no love for Kaitlyn. “You better not let him hear you calling’ her names and shit,” DeNoah told him looking over his shoulder. Whoever this chick was to Top he was deadly serious about her.

Man, whatever,” Role replied petulantly. “Shit, I just want to get this money outta Ice’s ass and return his bitch to him,” he finished as DeNoah sighed deeply. “Hell, I don’t even care if we kill her, it would be my pleasure, after I fuck her first of course,” he chuckled and DeNoah grew even more nervous. Top was no joke and Role was a fool in his book not taking the man seriously. The door opened seconds later and LaRon walked inside. “Here,” he told Role pushing the envelope in his face. “What’s this,” Role asked giving the man a look. He didn’t have much use for LaRon either. He was a complete ass kiss. Every time Top said jump that fool asked how high. “Open it and see,” LaRon said plainly. He couldn’t stand the man sitting in front of him. He’d secretly hoped Top was going to kill him last night. His friend definitely far too understood in his estimation. “This some bullshit,” Role raged as he jumped to his feet. DeNoah gave him a quizzical look. LaRon simply remained calm. He already knew what the envelope contained. “So I’m fired and shit,” Role continued to rage, getting right up in LaRon’s face. “This muthafucka must not know who he dealin’ with,” Role went on. “All this shit over some bitch,” he yelled as LaRon dropped him with a hard right to the gut. “Get your shit and get out,” he told him plainly, “You got two days” he added turning and walking out of the room as Role continued to struggle.

I’ma get that muthafucka,” he mumbled now, two days later inside his own bedroom as he packed his clothes and prepared to leave the house. DeNoah found him in the room, greeting him as he entered. Turning to the indecisive and timid man, he regarded him calmly for a few moments more in silence before speaking.

Come with me man,” Role told him. “You don’t need this bullshit,” he added trying to gain an ally. “We always playin’ second and third string to that bitchass LaRon,” Role told him as DeNoah sighed gently.

Shit, how long you think they gonna keep you around once they get that paper from Ice,” he tried once again, finished packing and readying himself to leave.

Trust and believe I’ma land on my feet DeNoah,” Role told him. “You could come with me and make your fortune too man, not be in here working for these peanuts Top tryna give us,” he goaded as DeNoah sighed gently.

Nah man, I’m good,” he told Role who looked him up and down condescendingly.

Suit yourself fool,” he returned nastily. “I’m out,” he threw out as he headed out of the door, slamming it loudly behind him.

You made the right choice,” Tariq said evenly stepping from the shadows where he’d silently observed the entire conversation.

DeNoah’s mouth dropped. “How you doing Top,” he greeted.

I’m fine, DeNoah,” he replied calmly. “I have an assignment for you,” he told him handing over the manila envelope.

Deliver it,” he said simply as DeNoah nodded his understanding, turning and leaving Tariq’s presence without another word.

Give a dog a bone,
Tariq thought cryptically as he smiled and returned to his business for the day.


Kaitlyn’s mind was racing. She was still undone to find herself in bed when she awakened this morning. The last thing she remembered was being forced to take some pill and almost drowned when the fool poured water down her throat. They left and she was huddled in a corner.
So how in the hell did I end up in bed,
she thought not at all liking the implications. Someone had obviously come in and changed her clothes.
Were they touching all over me and shit,
Kaitlyn thought angrily of the violation. She didn’t feel like anyone had done anything to her. Her dreams had been disturbing which didn’t help the already crazy situation she found herself in. She dreamed of Tariq again last night. He was so close she could physically feel his touch on her skin. Kaitlyn continued to recall the dream. She smelled his cologne, felt his lips kissing her own. She supposed there was nothing unusual about the dream, just that this time it had felt more real than it ever had in the past.
Figures I would dream about him last night,
she thought recalling the anniversary date. The tray being slid through the door intruded her thoughts and made her jump.

Once again the tray contained the oriental tea pot and cup, as well as her favorite Cranberry Apple breakfast tea. There were fresh slices of mango and papaya, eggs, turkey bacon and wheat toast.
This shit is beginning to freak me out,
Kaitlyn thought looking at the food. These were all her favorite foods and her usual breakfast. Whoever held her captive knew her habits far too well.
How long have they been watching me and planning this shit,
she continued to think. Even the items contained in the room were familiar; the clothing, the shoes, perfumes, soaps, even the toothpaste. Her mind was still racing as she began to eat. They didn’t drug the food and pretty much left her alone for the most part Kaitlyn observed. Chancing it once more, she reached for the doorknob, this time finding it securely locked. Sighing lightly she returned to her food and finished it. She slid the tray back through the slot and returned to the twin bed, sitting on it. Kaitlyn heard movement moments later as the slot again opened and the book slid easily through. “Stormy Monday,” KiKi mumbled aloud reading the title of the book.
Must be a new author,
Kaitlyn continued to think, seeing the name Elizabeth LaShaun, shrugging and opening the cover. She had to do something to pass the time and maintain her sanity.


Jaleesa heard the hard knock at the door and went to open it thinking Ryan had forgotten his key again. “I told you to —,” she started before seeing no one on the other side of the now open door. Jaleesa looked up and down the hallway and still saw no one. Looking down finally she saw the large manila envelope. Picking it up, she returned inside her condo and closed the door. Holding it, a very bad feeling was nestled in the pit of her stomach. Taking a deep breath, Jaleesa opened the envelope and looked inside. Pulling out the contents she began looking through it as the tears came and rolled down her cheek. There were photos; several of them, each one showing Kaitlyn in some form of distress. She saw the men holding her friend down and pouring water on her. She saw one with something being forced into Kaitlyn’s mouth. Jaleesa broke seeing the distress and fear on her best friend’s face as these men brutalized her.
Oh my god, KiKi, we have got to find you,
Jaleesa continued to think when she finally saw the note.

Picking up the piece of paper and drying her eyes, she tried to steady her vision and read the words contained. ‘Show these to Ice and let him know we’re not fuckin’ around’ the note began. ‘Tell him to stop asking’ questions, its starting to piss us off, and it might get his chick snuffed,’ it went on as Jaleesa caught her breath and held it at the mention of them killing Kaitlyn. ‘Tell your boyfriend Ryan, we got beef with his ass too,’ the note continued as Jaleesa frowned deeply now. ‘You might be the only one who can save your girls ass, Tweety,’ the note told her.
How do they know my nickname,
she thought beginning to get that bad feeling again. Pulling herself together she returned to the note just as her cell rang. She answered absently still absorbed.

You get the package,” the raspy voice asked.

Jaleesa turned her complete attention to the call, dropping the papers onto the table. “Yeah, I got em,” she replied.

What do you want, seriously,” Jaleesa tried her nerves on edge.

Payback,” the voice said simply.

What did KiKi ever do to you, let her go,” Jaleesa tried angrily.

She heard a deep sigh before the voice spoke again.

Wrong place, wrong time,” the voice said simply. “Deliver the message, we’ll be in touch.”

Jaleesa heard the line go dead and dropped the phone onto the table. Now she was certain the snatchers were someone they knew, someone that had issue with both Ice and Ryan. Rising Jaleesa quickly gathered herself, dressed, and headed out to meet the men and share the delivery.



LaRon still held the phone in his hands after he disconnected and put the voice distorter down. This was a seriously dangerous game they were playing with Ice, but he couldn’t back out now. LaRon owed it to Top to stay strong and see this thing through to the end. Not a small portion of which, LaRon had his own scores to settle, debts to pay in the grand scheme of things. Sighing deeply he headed to his bathroom removing his shirt as he turned on the water allowing it to heat up and stood in the mirror looking at the tattoo on his chest. His mind wandered back to the morning it betrayed him and forged an unbreakable bond between him and Top.

They were working out as usual at Flakes Gym. Top was a stickler for exercise, keeping himself in excellent shape. He’d inducted LaRon as soon as they started running together, telling him it was just as important to keep the body in shape as it was the mind. LaRon had no issue with it, and the vigorous routine help him release built up tension and stress. Things were going as usual and they finished their workout in normal time headed for the locker room to shower and dress. He still didn’t know even today why he removed his shirt before he got to the shower, but Top noticed the tattoo and called him on it.
“I don’t think I’ve ever seen one quite like that,” he noted giving LaRon a look. “I had it specially designed,” LaRon replied. “Hmph,” Top replied never taking his eyes off him. “Name it,” Top said simply, the statement anything but. LaRon sighed deeply and uttered the words. Top smiled slightly and told him to sit down. LaRon was incredulous after the talk and the two of them made their pact. Top never brought it up again and neither did he, but LaRon knew neither would break it until death.

Exiting his shower and getting dressed LaRon ventured back into his bedroom, opening the small closet right behind the door. He turned on the light looking at the various articles and photographs contained. They’d been planning this stunt for a while now and so far everything was going according to plan.
Stupid ass Role is gonna be a problem,
LaRon thought. So far Top hadn’t given him the word to execute this fool, but LaRon certainly hoped it would come soon. Sighing slightly as his mind once more returned to his conversation with Jaleesa, LaRon turned out the closet light and headed out of his own room downstairs to check on Kaitlyn. He then had a meeting with Top. There was some new blood coming in according to him. Some that would bring them one step closer to things they both wanted out of this venture. Smiling at that thought LaRon took the key from his pocket, placing the mask firmly over his face, opened the door and walked inside Kaitlyn’s room.

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