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DeNoah was trying hard to slow his heart as it raced. He heard the door and knew Top was coming inside. The question now became, what had his boss planned to do to him?

Wassup fellas,” Tariq greeted the men as everyone returned the greeting.

He turned his attention directly to DeNoah who was sitting in the chair directly in front of him, fidgeting nervously. Sighing lightly, Tariq took the other chair offered by LaRon and sat down, looking the frightened man directly in the eye.

Did you let her go,” Tariq asked calmly.

DeNoah answered almost instantly. “No, Top, I swear,” he replied praying he was believed.

Hmph,” Tariq replied noncommittal. “Tell me how it happened,” he said again calmly.

DeNoah took a deep breath and told Tariq moment by moment how Kaitlyn ended up getting out of the house and to the payphone where they found her, calling Ice.

You still talk to Role,” Tariq asked at the end of the conversation.

DeNoah frowned slightly unsure why his boss asked the question and terrified of the implications.

Every now and then,” DeNoah answered honestly.

Again Tariq nodded thoughtfully. LaRon continued to take in DeNoah’s demeanor.
He’s tellin’ the truth about the girl getting out and Role’s dumbass,
he thought as Tariq continued to watch the man in front of him without remark. DeNoah’s gut was gnawing at him something fierce.
If he’s gonna kill me, man just do it,
he thought the suspense beginning to get the best of him.

You do realize if Ice had beaten us there, things would not have turned out well, don’t you,” Tariq asked again as he sat back in the chair legs stretched out, crossed at the ankles.

DeNoah again swallowed hard and told Tariq he knew and that he was definitely sorry for the mess up.

I swear Top,” DeNoah began to plead. “It won’t ever happen again,” he tried hoping his boss would be merciful and give him another chance.

Now do you understand when I tell you she’s no joke,” Tariq asked once more never taking his eyes off DeNoah.

Man, do I ever,” he replied honestly as Tariq fought from laughing given the look on the man’s face.

LaRon gave Mook a look and the festivities began. The blow came hard to Dre’s cheek and he hit the floor.

What the fuck,” he got out before LaRon and Mook began to beat and kick him mercilessly as he writhed in pain trying vainly to defend himself.

When they’re done, kill him,” Tariq told DeNoah plainly, handing him the .380, silencer attached, and repositioning himself in the chair to continue enjoying the beat down.

DeNoah breathed a short sigh of relief. He knew now Top wasn’t going to kill him. He didn’t know what Dre had done and frankly didn’t care at this point. In this game it was survival of the fittest, and he was ass out on this one. Finally the two men were spent, moving away from the semi conscious Dre as Tariq addressed him.

This team doesn’t support weak links,” he told him coldly as Dre struggled to stay conscious and figure out what was going on.

You’re a thief and a liar,” Tariq told him plainly as Mook spit on him.

Dre knew then his double dealing had been found out and he was going to pay with his life.

Mook tells me he’s been good to you,” Tariq began again. “And I believe him,” he said rising from the chair. “You’re done,” he finished giving DeNoah a look.

Wasting no time DeNoah stepped up and aimed the gun at Dre his finger on the trigger as Tariq spoke once more.

Fuck up again where she’s concerned, and next time this will be you,” he told DeNoah icily never taking his eyes from him.

Nodding his understanding, DeNoah planted three slugs into Dre’s body and watched him take his last breath.

Clean it up and then see LaRon for your instructions,” Tariq told him as the three men left the room and DeNoah thanked fate he wasn’t the one being cleaned up.


Role was getting his next note ready for delivery. In this one he was going to give Ice his terms for finding his woman and bringing her home. He sighed softly as he finished gluing the last word on the page. He would find another kid, slip them the $20.00 bill and send them inside Mardi Gras with the envelope.
Watch my ass come out ahead,
Role thought laughing aloud. He knew that Ice would kill Top and LaRon giving him the ultimate revenge. Role was never about being a kingpin or any of that crap, all Role wanted was respect and his fair share.
Them two muthafucka’s always thought they was smarter than anybody else,
he thought hatefully putting the letter in the manila envelope and laying it on his table. Rising he headed for his bathroom. He needed to shower and get dressed. He was going to ride by the house they were holding the girl in and see what he could see. Role knew he could always call DeNoah but he didn’t want to use that trump card just yet.
That stupid retard might just slip up and tell LaRon or Top’s ass that I called,
he thought as the shower ran and he jumped inside.

Role was already fantasizing about owning Mardi Gras. He was going to throw lavish parties every weekend, getting the many celebrities Atlanta boasted to come through and make appearances.
My place is gonna be the shit,
he thought chuckling as he exited moments later and began to dress.
What if he says no,
his mind warned. Role scoffed at the idea. Ice was crazy about that damned woman for whatever reason.
So is Top’s ass,
he thought once more trying to figure out what the deal was. Top would never discuss it, though Role was pretty sure LaRon knew the deal.

Whatever, shit ain’t my problem,” Role thought as he grabbed his keys, the envelope, and a bottle of water heading out to his Lexus. Getting in he popped in his Jeezy CD, turned it up loud and headed down the road toward the house, once again oblivious to the car following him.

Turning by the Family World plaza, Role made his way stealthily down the Southwest Atlanta streets, finally reaching the one intended and making a left turn. The mustang also turned left, managing to stay an unnoticeable distance away. Role drove the 35mph posted on the speed sign as he approached the house. Looking out of his passenger window he immediately knew it was empty.
he thought. This would put a serious kink in his plans. Now he had to call DeNoah. There was no other way for him to find out where they were and give Ice the information once the deal was sealed.
All this fuckin’ drama for a bitch,
he thought acidly and sped off. The mustang allowed the Lexus to outdistance it for a small while, catching up quickly and continuing to follow as the driver made a call and reached Ice, who listened intently and gave him new instructions.


Mook returned to the suite finding Kim enjoying the Lifetime movie she was watching.

Wassup,” he greeted her as Kim returned his greeting.

Business all squared away,” she asked as Mook stripped his shirt from his body.

She regarded him with raised eyebrow taking in the six pack etched into his midsection.
she thought as she continued to look and he made no effort to turn away. “Yeah,” he replied simply, removing his jeans as well.

This joker thinks he’s slick,
Kim thought knowing Mook was messing with her.

Too bad you’re dressed all ready,” Mook remarked standing at the foot of the bed giving her a look.

Not really,” Kim replied calmly. “You can’t get it that easily,” she replied returning her attention to the TV.

Mook smiled but said nothing as he headed into the bathroom and turned on the shower.

Kim took the time to gather herself after he left. Mook was fine as hell with a capital fine. She thought about his sexy butt and toned thighs. His manly assets were definitely in order as well.
I gotta hold out,
she told herself chuckling at the thought as Mook returned to the room, dressed at least from the waist up.

So you wanna go eat,” he asked, sitting next to her on the small couch.

Yeah we could do that,” Kim threw back. “But I hafta leave you at 6:00” she informed him as Mook told her it was cool.

I know you got work to do,” he told her as Kim nodded.

She was impressed with him so far.
Please don’t let him fuck it up,
she thought behind the tranquil façade.

Lemme put on my shirt and we can go,” Mook told her rising. “Where you wanna eat?”

Let’s head to Buckhead,” she told him of the affluent Atlanta area. “I’m sure we can find something there,” she added as Mook told her okay returning to her, smelling like ten million bucks.

See lawd, why are you testin’ me,
she thought inhaling his scent as he opened the suite door for her and followed her out, heading to the elevator.


They ended up at Montana Grill enjoying bison. “This is actually good,” Mook replied of his bison steak.

Kim refused to eat it, and was enjoying a real steak, well done.

I’ll take your word for that,” she told him as Mook chuckled.

So Miss Kim,” he began looking into her eyes again. “You know when all this shit is said and done, I’m headed back to Florida, right,” Mook told her as Kim finished her mouthful before answering.

Yeah, I know,” she replied simply.

Sighing gently Mook knew she was going to make him come out and say what he wanted. He really liked the challenge Kim presented, it kept him wanting her more and more.

So are you gonna come with me or is this just a time being thing for you,” Mook threw at her.

Kim frowned slightly at the last part of his statement, but knew he was just trying to get a rise out of her.

If things are the way they should be, if I’m feeling you like that, if you give me a real reason,” Kim replied. “Then yeah, I’ll go with you.”

Again Mook was speechless.
This damned woman,
he thought smiling on the inside. Kim was gonna be his rock and help his keep shit tight in Florida, Mook continued to think as he ordered another beer and got her another margarita. True to his word, Mook didn’t balk when Kim rose moments later and told him she had to go. Planting a sensuous kiss on her lips, Mook told her to be careful and he’d see her later as she smiled slightly and left him at the table.


DeNoah was paying close attention as LaRon talked. After his narrow escape earlier today from Top’s wrath he wasn’t leaving anything to chance.
What the hell,
he was thinking as LaRon told him about the new assignment. DeNoah was perplexed why the plan was taking this new twist, but he didn’t dare voice it. He was going to do as he was told and continue to keep breathing.

You understand everything I’ve told you,” LaRon asked giving the man a look.

DeNoah assured him he understood. “To the same place,” he returned to LaRon now.

No,” he answered going on to elaborate about their destination.

That’s cool,” DeNoah returned saying nothing else as LaRon voiced his response.

Rising LaRon began cleaning his gun as DeNoah did the same, nothing else spoken between them for the time being.

I think Top made a good decision today,” LaRon spoke calmly still cleaning the weapon, glancing up at DeNoah.

Swallowing hard, he said nothing, waiting for LaRon to finish his thought.

You gotta be more careful DeNoah,” he told the man honestly. “This business isn’t forgiving, and mistakes can quickly cost you your life,” LaRon admonished as DeNoah nodded.

It won’t happen again,” he said quietly as LaRon again gave a response.

I know you don’t get it,” he began again. “But this particular woman is life and death to Top, and he ain’t playin’ when it comes to her,” LaRon enlightened him. “So if I were you, I would tread extra light for a while and extra careful,” he finished, putting the .9mm down and picking up the .380 beginning to clean it now.

Thanks man,” DeNoah told him sincerely. “I wanna do my part, you know,” he went on as LaRon let him talk. “I mean, I know I’m still kinda the new man out, but I wanna be like you and Top, you know,” he pleaded as LaRon smiled slightly.

I get what you’re saying,” LaRon told him. “But to be where me and Top are costs, and sometimes the price is more than you wanna pay.”

DeNoah frowned slightly but didn’t say anything hearing the hurt and anger tinged admonishment.

She’s okay though,” DeNoah tried, changing the subject slightly.

Yeah, she’s fine,” LaRon answered knowing he was referring to Kaitlyn. “She’s a fighter, that’s for damned sure,” he added shaking his head slightly recalling the struggle they had sedating her the night before. “Just make sure you’re on your guard,” LaRon told DeNoah who was paying rapt attention again. “This chick will cap your ass if she gets the opportunity,” he told him. “She has absolutely no qualms with killing’ a fool,” LaRon told him.

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