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Jaleesa awoke with a start desperately taking in her surroundings, praying everything she’d experienced tonight was some horrendous nightmare. Her eyes finally adjusted and she took in the room she found herself in. It looked like a bedroom in someone’s home. The bed she rested on was king size, covered with an intricate patterned paisley patterned comforter, chocolate and burnt orange in color. The sheets matched, as did the array of throw pillows surrounding her. Rising gingerly Jaleesa continued to scan the room taking in the beautiful paintings adorning the wall, the cheerful smiles of the subjects contained illuminating the room. The drapes matched the comforter and rugs, as did the chaise lounge strategically placed in the corner of the room. She did notice there were no windows contained in the magnificently decorated room however.

Jaleesa’s body urged her to rise as nature called and she went into the bathroom she saw contained. This room also matched the bedroom in color scheme and decadence.
Where the hell am I,
she thought as she finished and washed her hands. She stopped in her tracks walking back into the bedroom as the man stood in front of her, causing her knees to buckle slightly at the sight of him.

Come sit down,” LaRon told her after they stood staring silently at each other for a few moments more.

Swallowing hard, Jaleesa did as she was told. Taking his time, LaRon lit his cigarette and inhaled deeply still watching the woman in front of him calmly. Jaleesa’s mind was running a marathon as she watched him.
This can’t be happening,
she thought again and again as LaRon continued to smoke.

You look really good,” he told her finally, putting out the butt and popping a mint in his mouth.

Thanks,” Jaleesa replied quietly.

You didn’t seem too happy to see me,” LaRon replied as Jaleesa caught her breath. She didn’t need him angry at her.

It’s been almost 10 years Tweety,” LaRon told her never taking his eyes off her.

Jaleesa was still trying to wrap her mind around the fact that after all she’d been through, all the hell she’d endured, all the sacrifice she’d made to rebuild her life and move on, she found herself once more at the mercy of Antonious LaRon “Deuce” Robinson.

I didn’t know you were out,” she told him honestly as LaRon gestured.

You probably didn’t really care either,” he added standing directly in front of her now.

Jaleesa was trembling as her former tormentor stood before her.

Where’s the baby,” he asked evenly as she heard the edge to his voice.

I didn’t have it,” Jaleesa answered honestly.

You killed my child,” LaRon asked angrily as she jumped slightly.

Deuce, please,” Jaleesa tried, speaking his name finally.

Please what,” he threw back still angry.

All those long ass nights in prison the only thing that kept me going was knowing my seed was out here, waiting for me, and now you tell me you killed it,” LaRon raged.

Jaleesa began to cry quietly all the horror of her abuse crashing into her present. “So when did you hook up with Ryan and Ice,” he asked managing to calm himself down a bit.

A few years ago,” Jaleesa replied still praying the night didn’t end with him beating her again.

You give that fool a seed,” he asked referring to Ryan.

No,” Jaleesa again answered honestly.

Hmph,” LaRon replied looking her over admitting to himself how beautiful and sexy Jaleesa still was to him.

What do you want from me, Deuce,” she asked timidly.

Why would he take KiKi,
she wondered, surmising it was his way of getting to her.

I want our life back,” he said simply as she cried harder.

Stop crying, Tweety,” LaRon told her gently.

Again she managed to stifle the flow and give her attention to him one more time.

Is KiKi here,” she ventured to ask, hoping it wouldn’t set him off.

No,” he replied calmly confirming her suspicion that he knew where she was.

Are you going to let her go now,” Jaleesa tried again.

Neither of you are going anywhere,” LaRon replied stoically. “So relax and get used to your new life,” he finished as the tear rolled down her cheek again.

Undress,” he told her calmly but forcefully.

Jaleesa’s heart dropped but she did as she was told. Deuce was volatile and while he was being decent at the moment, that could change in the blink of an eye. Standing naked before him, Jaleesa waited on his instruction as he wordlessly looked her over.

You’re beautiful, did you know that,” he told her lovingly walking up to her and kissing her softly. Jaleesa smiled slightly trying to stay on his good side. Taking her hands he placed them on his pants button and she followed his lead, unzipping them as he let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. Pushing her gently back into the huge king sized bed, LaRon climbed in with her, removing his underwear and freeing his erection.

I’ve missed this so much,” he told her, pushing her legs apart, applying the lubricant knowing she wasn’t willing, and entering her.

Jaleesa bit her lip to keep from crying out. She didn’t want this. All she could see in her mind was Ryan’s face and how she was cheating on him.

Damn, shit,” LaRon murmured as he continued to assail her. “You’re not gonna kill this one,” he whispered in her ear as Jaleesa felt him finish inside her.

You need to forget about Ryan and Ice and all that bullshit,” LaRon told her as he continued to lay with her. “This is a new era, and shit is about to change,” he added as Jaleesa remained quiet. “You felt really good tonight,” he told her kissing her lips softly. “Did you enjoy it,” LaRon asked never taking his eyes off her.

Yes,” Jaleesa lied.

No, you didn’t,” he challenged. “I know you Tweety, why you tryna bullshit me,” he threw out irritably.

Deuce, I,” she tried as he told her to hush.

It’s cool, you’ll get back into it soon enough,” LaRon told her finally rising and dressing. “I’ll be back later on tonight,” he told her as Jaleesa simply nodded. “There is stuff in the closet for you to wear, all the girl stuff you women need is in there too,” LaRon continued to talk. “Your dinner will be here in a little while,” he went on, fully dressed now and standing beside the bed once again. “Don’t try and run, there’s no point, and I might lose my patience with you,” he admonished as Jaleesa hurriedly nodded her understanding.

It’s gonna be good again Tweety, you’ll see,” LaRon told her stroking her cheek gently. “I love you,” he said simply as she swallowed hard and said nothing.

Kissing her lips lightly once more he turned and left the room, locking the door behind him. As soon as she heard the lock connect her damn broke and she began pouring out the hurt all over again.


Tariq carefully entered the room, mask in place knowing Kaitlyn was only sleeping not fully sedated. He kneeled next to her, gently picking her up once again and placing her onto the bed. He kissed her forehead gently as he pulled the comforter over her not bothering to dress her this time.
My sweet baby,
he thought of her earlier meltdown. This room was wired just like the other, the mirror being two-way and small monitoring camera’s placed inconspicuously. Tariq didn’t want to keep her in the dark, worried and upset, but the time wasn’t right yet for him to reveal himself. He’d gotten the call earlier from LaRon that things were fine on his end and he’d achieved his goal. Sighing slightly Tariq thought of the man’s own obsession with Jaleesa. He’d only agreed to help him and set up her abduction as well, when LaRon assured him he wasn’t planning to harm the woman.

He recalled the story of their tumultuous relationship from LaRon’s recollection and how his new friend only wanted a chance at redemption.
love Tweety with all my heart, and the shit I did, I know it was wrong,”
LaRon told Tariq as they talked. “I know she ain’t gonna be tryna see me, and now she messin’ with that fool Ryan,” he’d added as Tariq nodded his understanding.
Kaitlyn stirred and broke his thought. Her eyes popped open and her instincts kicked in. She swung at Tariq who alertly caught her arm and held her tightly as she struggled against his grip.

Get the fuck off me,” Kaitlyn raged angry as hell.

So you been in here feeling me up and shit,
she thought kneeing him in the back. Tariq flinched from the unexpected blow and let go one of her arms as Kaitlyn immediately punched him hard to his chest. Tariq knew he had to hurriedly control her or she would find out his identity, as he had no doubt pulling his mask off was next on her list.

Pushing him hard with her entire body, Kaitlyn managed to push Tariq to the floor. Jumping from the bed she ran for the door just as Tariq reached out grabbing her ankle. He yanked hard and she hit the floor with a thud, banging her head hard and disorienting herself. He quickly straddled her and pushed the pill into her mouth. He always made it a point to keep one in his pocket, just in case, when he came into her room. Kaitlyn was turning her head fighting him as Tariq finally got control, pinning her arms down and putting his knees on them. He held her nose and covered her mouth forcing her to swallow. Kaitlyn was trying her best not to swallow as Tariq continued to hold her down. Giving up, needing to breathe, she obeyed and swallowed the sedative. Forcing her mouth open, Tariq checked and once assured she had indeed swallowed, let her go. Kaitlyn pushed herself away from him, cowering in a corner watching him warily.

You touch me again while I’m asleep and I promise I’ll find a way to kill you,” she told him angrily.

Tariq chose not say anything simply rising and leaving her alone. He would return later when she finally succumbed and put her back in bed.



Kim returned to the suite, opening the door and making her way inside. Her night was short thankfully. Her target managed to find himself a woman and convinced her to go home with him. Kim knew he wouldn’t be leaving again after following them to the drugstore and observing the purchases made. Condoms, chips, beer, candy and an extra toothbrush adorned the counter as the clerk rang up their purchases. Chuckling slightly to herself as she again followed him to his house, she smiled at the long passionate kiss exchanged as they got out of the car and stood on his front stoop. The man’s hands were all over his date as she returned the favor. Kim let them enter the house, staying another 45 minutes just to be sure the woman wasn’t a quickie, before leaving and ending her surveillance. She called her backup on the way to the suite and they assured her they would come early and keep an eye on him. Sighing softly she took off her heels and relaxed on the small sofa in the outer room of the suite, turning the TV set and finding the late news.

Why are you sitting’ out here,” Mook asked coming into the room and finding her engrossed in the broadcast.

I needed to unwind for a little while,” Kim answered honestly.

Rough night,” he returned sitting beside her, shirtless.

Pretty easy actually,” Kim replied taking in his six pack once more, inhaling his scent and getting turned on.

There’s a TV in the room you know,” Mook tried, kissing her neck softly.

Kim sighed gently as she looked at him.

And how much of the news would I see in there with you,” she threw out as Mook smiled slightly.

Miss Kim, why don’t you stop torturing me,” he told her sensuously. “Being this close to you is driving’ me crazy,” he admitted freely as Kim smiled slightly again.

Mook we just met,” she told him as her body cursed her.

Kim was totally aroused herself. Mook was sexy as hell and she definitely wanted to see his skill in action.

So,” Mook threw back. “I know what I want, and I want you,” he told her, kissing her lips this time.

Would it even be worth my time to give it to you,” Kim asked bluntly.

Mook burst into laughter.

Tell you what,” he began giving her a look. “Bring your fine, sexy, ass in this room and I’ll show you,” he told her. “How ‘bout that?”

Kim regarded him quietly for a few moments more before complying as she rose and headed into the bedroom with him. No sooner than the door closed behind her, Mook swept her up into his arms and kissed her deeply, pinning her to the wall, stripping her clothing from her. She balked at the sound of material ripping, when he spoke in her ear.

I can replace anything I tear off you,” Mook told her as he sucked her earlobe softly.

Kim had to admit she liked the forcefulness of him as he snatched the designer bra from her body, immediately taking the hard nipple in his mouth.

Damn,” she murmured quietly, drenched with erotic desire already.

Lifting her from the floor Mook took her to the bed and dropped her onto it, ripping her thong from her as he did. Kim caught her breath as he picked up the bottle of Jose’ pouring it slowly over her body, licking it off, slurping loudly as he drenched her sex and enjoyed shots off her body.
I cannot let this fool get me sprung,
Kim thought as she came hard from his effort. Mook knew she was enjoying him as he smiled to himself pleased with the results. He took her legs and draped them around his neck as he showed her new tricks with the raised surface studded ball in the center of his tongue.

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