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Good,” Tariq told him simply. “Keep an eye on him and let me know when it goes down,” he instructed cryptically.

LaRon knew exactly what was transpiring, though their new partner didn’t.

Of course,” Kim replied looking into Tariq’s eyes.

She was completely in love with him, but knew it was a lost cause; for whatever reasons he was totally into the woman at the house.
She doesn’t even deserve him,
Kim thought behind the calm façade as she returned her attention to Mook who was giving her a look of interest. She didn’t think he was a bad looking guy. He was rather sexy in his own way, but he wasn’t Tariq and right now that was who her body and mind wanted. Sighing lightly she rose and headed into the suite’s other room to shower and change. She needed to head out again and keep an eye on her assignment. After the woman left their presence, Tariq returned to their original conversation.

Mook, we can’t afford any slip ups, loose lips, or traitors,” he told him evenly. “If there is even one person in your group you suspect might be a liability, you should eliminate them now,” Tariq added as Mook nodded his understanding assuring him things would be just the way he wanted them.

Good,” Tariq replied as they talked for a little while longer.

Without warning, Kim again breezed into the room and stole Mook’s breath away.

Call me,” Tariq told her simply as Kim smiled and told him she would.

Tariq also rose and told Mook they would hook up tomorrow.

By the way,” Tariq began giving him a look. “Kim is a free agent,” he finished having noticed the man’s attraction, as Mook smiled slightly and thanked him, walking out of the door with him and headed to his own suite on the next floor up.


DeNoah sighed deeply as he answered his cell.

Wassup man,” Role threw out amiably.

Not a lot man, what about you,” DeNoah answered calmly, still on his guard.

Role was still trying to get him to walk away from Top and the operation and hook up with him.

Shit bout to get right,” Role threw back chuckling slightly. “Bout to handle that long paper,” he added as DeNoah exhaled deeply in response. “You still wanna play 3
man out with Top’s crew,” Role threw out.

He knew DeNoah could be persuaded; he just had to apply the right pressure.

Man, Top treatin’ me straight, I got no complaints,” DeNoah returned hoping Role would leave the conversation alone.

They got along well enough and he would still hang with Role, maybe hit the clubs or something. Leaving Top and aligning himself with Role however, was completely out of the question. There was no doubt in DeNoah’s mind that would earn him an instant trip to death land.

Role frowned deeply at DeNoah’s response, but decided not to press it. If nothing else he could use him to get information on Top and his plans, staying one step ahead and hitting the jackpot first.

It’s cool man, hell,” Role returned amiably. “How about we hit some clubs tonight,” he threw out as DeNoah told him it sounded like a plan. “Cool, lets meet up over at Shockers,” he told him.

Role figured they’d start at the strip joint and then make the rounds. His intent was to end their evening at Mardi Gras, but DeNoah didn’t know that. Role had to keep an eye on Ice and make sure his plan was still on track.
Doesn’t hurt to see what kind of crowd I can expect at my new business too,
Role thought and smiled.

I’ll see you there around 11:00, that good,” DeNoah threw back.

Role told him that was cool and he’d see him then. Disconnecting DeNoah sighed deeply thinking about the man.
That fool is gonna get himself capped tryna play games with Top and Ice,
he thought and sighed deeply. All DeNoah knew was he didn’t plan to be anywhere near the fallout of that nuclear explosion when it went down. Role was a fool, and fools always found a quick exit from this life trying to outsmart people, normally only outsmarting themselves.

DeNoah put on his mask and made his way to Kaitlyn’s room. It was his job to check her room tonight. Top and LaRon hadn’t made it back from their meeting yet. He took a deep breath and stuck the key into the lock, turning it and opening the door. Walking inside he found Kaitlyn dressed and sitting in her chair, reading the book Top had sent to her. Kaitlyn saw him but didn’t acknowledge him. She was waiting for the other one to appear. Normally they checked her room on a nightly basis, for what she wasn’t sure, but there were always 2 of them. DeNoah saw that she wasn’t moving so he knocked on the dresser and got her attention.

What,” Kaitlyn threw back testily.

Where’s the other one,
she thought, also noticing that this one hadn’t closed the door. DeNoah pointed to her bed and Kaitlyn gave him a look.

That shit ain’t happening’,” she told him angrily as DeNoah sighed deeply and shook his head.

Kaitlyn assumed he just wanted her to go sit on the bed while he checked the other side of her room and got up, moving there and sitting down, still regarding him warily. DeNoah gave his approval and began checking the room, kicking the bathroom door open and peering inside. He couldn’t really do a thorough check like Top wanted because he was alone.

Kaitlyn finally figured out the other one wasn’t coming and decided she was going to get out tonight. Glancing at the door inconspicuously she saw that it was still open as DeNoah was now looking inside the small closet. Kaitlyn took a deep breath and slowly inched toward the foot of the bed. She had to be quick, push him inside the closet and make it out of the open bedroom door. DeNoah was pushing the clothing back and forth, listening for anything to fall on the floor. He then looked down at the floor, moving the shoes around with his foot, half watching Kaitlyn as she continued to sit on the bed.
Move, now,
her mind screamed at her as Kaitlyn rose quickly and quietly, pushing DeNoah into the closet throwing him off balance as he fell and she bolted out the door, mindful enough to close it behind her hoping it locked him in. She ran to the den listening for any movement and grabbed one of the folding chairs against the wall, headed back to the window down the hallway. Passing her room she heard DeNoah banging on the door, screaming at her.

Kaitlyn put the chair under the window, climbing up into it and pushing the window open.
Thank god its unlocked,
she thought hoisting her body up and through it. She landed hard onto the ground outside and stayed crouched next to the house listening for any sounds or voices. After painful, countless, minutes passed and she heard nothing except DeNoah still yelling, Kaitlyn took a deep breath and began to run through the woods, ducking branches, falling a couple of times in unseen sinkholes, before finally emerging onto the street. Bringing herself to a screeching halt, Kaitlyn took the time to catch her breath and take in her surroundings.
I know this area,
she thought looking at the various row houses and up at the sign, trying to see the street name. A car came around the corner and she hurriedly jumped back into the woods she’d just emerged from until it went down the street and didn’t return. Again stepping out Kaitlyn took another deep breath and turned right.
I should be in a safe place in about two miles if I’m right,
she thought as she continued to run in the dark night.


Kim was enjoying her drink, watching her target and thinking about her assignment.
This idiot always was slow,
she continued to think watching him hitting on various women and striking out. She wasn’t too concerned about him seeing her, they’d only met a couple times and she was pretty sure he wouldn’t recall either time. Kim was also thinking about Tariq and surprisingly, Mook. She’d questioned LaRon as much as she dared about the woman they were keeping and he provided some insight into Tariq’s feelings for her.
You can’t compete with that shit girl,
her mind told her as she sighed deeply.

Anybody sitting’ here,” the sexy masculine voice asked as Kim looked up and smiled, recognition taking place.

What are you doing here,” she asked once he sat down.

Thought I’d check out the nightlife,” Mook returned, taking Kim in and making sure she knew it.

She smiled demurely reading the man’s thoughts, slightly flattered by them.

And how did you find this place,” she asked as Mook chuckled to himself.

I asked where you’d be,” he told her honestly.

Mook wanted Kim and Top telling him she was a free agent only fueled his fire. “I see,” she returned and said nothing more as the waitress came over and Mook ordered them both double shots of José.

I’m working, Mook,” Kim told him calmly as he shrugged slightly his understanding.

I get that,” he replied calmly.

I’m here to make sure you’re safe,” he told her as Kim frowned slightly.

Top sent you,” she asked curiously.

Mook smiled and told her something like that as she nodded again thoughtfully.

You hooked up already,” Mook asked throwing back his shot and regarding her again.

Kim took the man in again, admitting to herself how sexy he actually was to her. He was tall like Tariq, actually almost identical build. He was warm chocolate brown, sexy eyes that always appeared to be searching for something, ice grilled, which she later learned was removable, but attractive teeth, and full, kissable lips.

I don’t really have time for that,” Kim returned as Mook smiled again.

You just need a man that understands your time Miss Kim,” he replied calmly as she again found herself more than slightly aroused by him.

Kim turned and checked out her target once more, seeing him finally get lucky as the woman sat down at his table with him. Satisfied he would stay put for a little while longer, she returned her attention to Mook, who’d also seen the target now.

I suppose you think you could be that man, hmm,” she asked flirting back now.

Without a doubt,” Mook told her smoothly.

Mmhm,” Kim replied calmly as Mook ordered another double shot of José and continued to watch her.

When do you stop watching him,” Mook asked nodding toward the target.

When he gets home,” Kim answered.

Someone else takes over then,” she added as Mook nodded thoughtfully.

I’m going to get out of your hair and let you do your job,” he told her calmly throwing back the shot, and paying the check.

Come see me when he goes home,” Mook told her looking directly into her eyes.

Kim chuckled before answering him. “You do realize the sun could be up again before that happens, right,” she threw back as Mook answered without missing a beat.

Again, Miss Kim,” he addressed her. “I am that man,” he finished and left her without another word as Kim smiled to herself and thought he just might be.


As Time Passes


DeNoah was sweating bullets waiting for Top to return to the room where he’d told him wait. Last night was a disaster and he knew Top held him fully responsible for the woman getting out.
Damn, he’s gonna kill my ass,
DeNoah thought nervously his eyes darting around the room. He recalled them getting home after she got away and unlocking the room door.
“What the fuck happened,” LaRon barked giving DeNoah a disgusted look.
He’d explained as best he could how Kaitlyn managed to escape. LaRon was on his phone talking to Top before DeNoah could even finish the explanation. There were several other calls made and the hunt was on for the missing woman. The door opening broke his thought as LaRon walked in accompanied by two other men he’d never seen before. DeNoah remained mute waiting on the men’s next move.

LaRon regarded the frightened man in front of them.
Told Top this fool was still too damned green,
he thought behind the tranquil façade. Mook accompanied him as well as one of his own they were dealing with, unknown to the man involved.

This is Mook,” LaRon told DeNoah plainly.

DeNoah regarded the man cautiously before finally speaking. Mook calmly returned his greeting and relaxed with the beer he’d walked in with.

That’s his boy ‘Dre,” LaRon added as DeNoah spoke to that one as well.

Man this shit is making me jumpy as hell,
DeNoah continued to think as they all sat in silence. Mook finally pulled the weed from his pocket and set about rolling himself a fat one. LaRon took it after Mook was finished, lighting it and taking a few deep drags before passing it back to Mook. DeNoah knew they were waiting for Top, but this many men being present wasn’t a good sign. He knew without a doubt someone wasn’t leaving the room alive, and unfortunately his gut told him it was going to be him.
You shoulda fuckin’ went with Role’s ass afterall,
his mind told him as they finished the first blunt and rolled another one.

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