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Ian was past furious looking at the photos Jaleesa delivered.
When I find these muthafucka’s,
he was thinking as he continued to stare at the still shots. Kaitlyn was trying to be brave but he could see the fear in her eyes as the men held her down and the one stood over her.
What the fuck are they doping her with,
he wanted to know of the pill being forced into her mouth. Ian wasn’t getting anywhere and these fools held all the cards, calling all the shots. Being helpless was not something Ian was accustomed too and this small lesson was about to push him over the edge.

So that’s all they said when they called,” Ryan asked Jaleesa, not the least bit fazed that they had beef with him as well.

Yeah, just that they would let you know what to do next, and to stop asking questions,” she told them, leaving out the part about herself.

Jaleesa was scared but if there was a way for her to get to Kaitlyn, she would do absolutely anything. She knew if she told Ryan or Ian they would interfere and she couldn’t let that happen.

Dixon entered the room disturbing everyone’s thoughts.

Boss,” he called out to Ian who gave him his attention. “Check this out,” he told him as both Ian and Ryan rose and came to him.

See dude right there,” he whispered discreetly.

Nodding they did, Dixon continued.

He drove up in a black Lex, plate EWC209,” he told them as Ian’s vein began to throb on his forehead.

You know who he is,” Ryan asked as Ian remained quiet.

Nah, never seen him before,” Dixon replied. “He a dope boy though,” he added as both Ryan and Ian lifted an eyebrow slightly.

Keep an eye on him, and let one of us know when he’s leaving,” Ian threw out his mind already racing.

You got it boss,” Dixon told them before casually walking away and back to his post.

Ian observed the man a bit longer his adrenaline beginning to flow.
What if this is one of the men who snatched KiKi,
he thought and smiled slightly. Ryan was already on the phone with one of their trailers. He told Ian the man would be in place in less than 10 minutes.

Good,” Ian returned.

They were gonna follow this rabbit and see what hole he led them too, Ian was thinking, praying that they were finally catching a break.


Kaitlyn watched the man warily as he entered the room.

Get dressed,” he told her calmly, voice distorter in place.

I am dressed,” she threw back.

She was still in her pajamas but she wasn’t going anywhere, so she didn’t see the need to put on clothes.

Put on real clothes, tennis shoes,” LaRon told her again.

Kaitlyn sucked her teeth softly but rose to comply with his command. Grabbing her jeans and shirt, she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door putting them on, emerging moments later. LaRon opened the door and beckoned her. He waited until she stepped out in front of him before following her out and gently pushing her forward. Kaitlyn’s mind was racing wondering what craziness was in store for her once they reached their destination. She took in every nuance of the house as they walked through the hallway and into what she assumed was the den. She saw the TV that she heard every night. There were two simple recliners in the room, various paraphernalia, beer and soda cans littering the floor.

Stop,” LaRon told her simply as they reached a door.

Stepping beside her, he reached out and unlocked the door, opening it for her. Kaitlyn assumed he wanted her to go through it and stepped over the threshold. The sunlight threw her for a moment as she stumbled a bit to get her bearings. Turning back to him for direction, LaRon said nothing, simply nodding at her go into the yard. Kaitlyn turned her attention back to the wood fenced backyard and began walking around in it. She assumed they were letting her out to get some exercise. She made her way to the tree swing she saw hanging from the branch of one of the huge and expansive oak trees the yard held. Sitting gingerly in case it broke, Kaitlyn breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed the sun on her face. The room they kept her in had no windows. Most times she didn’t know if it was sunny, rainy, cold, or what. She began casing the backyard trying to find a point of weakness. The fence was every bit of six feet high with nothing for her to grab hold of to hoist herself over it.

Chancing a glance over her shoulder she saw the man now sitting on the step still regarding her silently, smoking through the small slit in his mask. Returning her attention to the yard once more, Kaitlyn began looking for wear on the fence, small holes she might be able to break the wood away and get out. She thought she saw one such flaw and rose from the swing, nonchalantly walking toward it. LaRon saw her move and returned his attention fully to her. Top had already warned him about KiKi and how clever she was. He watched her walk next to the fence, following her line of sight he saw the same thing she’d spotted. There was a small rotted piece at the bottom of two wood planks near the base of the fence.
Very good,
LaRon thought of her observation. He made a mental note to have the boards replaced before her next outdoor period and returned to his smoke as she once again made her way to the swing and sat down. Feeling eyes on her, Kaitlyn turned toward the masked man, but found him watching something in the trees. Turning quickly she caught a shadowy movement at one of the upstairs windows.
I’ve got to get out of here,
Kaitlyn thought of the other person watching her. She didn’t know their plans for her, but her gut told her they weren’t good. Rising LaRon called to her and Kaitlyn obediently returned to him and back to her room.


Role ordered another drink and continued enjoying his wings and fries. He patted himself on the back smugly of his genius as he laughed to himself. Mardi Gras was definitely a nice spot, he thought of the establishment.
I’m sure Ice won’t miss it,
he thought again and chuckled to himself. Role had a plan. He knew where Ice’s heart was, and if Ice wanted to find her before Top killed her, he would have to pay, and pay dearly.
I told that bitchass LaRon he ain’t know who he was fuckin’ with,
Role thought acidly, his dismissal still leaving a bitter taste in his mouth. He had everything set up; all he needed to do now was execute it. He knew that Top didn’t plan on moving anytime soon. The plan was to make Ice sweat, make him get sloppy and careless. Role’s plan was to beat Top to the punch. He was sure Ice would give him Mardi Gras and the 200K he was asking for to get his woman back and think nothing of it.

He smiled slightly as the kid entered the bar, walking right up to the counter. “You can’t be in here,” Dixon told him emerging from the back room with the bartender.

The kid was terrified looking at the huge man in front of him, but remembered the money he’d been paid and spoke up.

I’m supposed to give this to Mr. Ice,” he told Dixon in his child voice.

Looking the kid over, Dixon knew he couldn’t have been more than 9 years old.

Give it to me, I’ll give it to him,” Dixon tried as the kids eyes grew big and filled with tears.

No, I hafta give it to Mr. Ice,” the kid said again his voice trembling.

Ian walked over seeing the child and growing curious. “What’s going on,” he asked Dixon as the kid regarded him now as well.

Kid says he got something for you,” Dixon told him pointing to the manila envelope the child was holding.

Ian smiled at the child and kneeled down. “You have something for me,” he asked smoothly.

You Mr. Ice,” the kid asked as Ian nodded he was.

OK, here,” he told him shoving the envelope in his hand and turning to leave.

Wait little man,” Ian told him, reaching out and grabbing his arm.

The child was terrified.

Who gave you this,” Ian asked.

I dunno,” the child told him. “He gave me money and said to give it to you,” he added frightened as Ian nodded and let him go.

The boy ran quickly out of the club and out of the parking lot.

As Ian rose and returned to his office, Dixon back to the front door and the other staff to their assorted tasks, Role took the opportunity to rise and make his way into the parking lot. He was still smiling as he got into the black Lexus and started it, heading out of the parking lot, completely oblivious to the like colored, window tinted mustang following his every move. Ryan answered his cell as the call came and the trailer told him their mark was on the move.

Stick to him, every move he makes we wanna know,” he told him as Ian sat at his desk and reached for his letter opener.

Get pictures,” Ryan added as the trailer acknowledged his instruction and disconnected.

What’s that,” Ryan asked his brother, having a pretty good idea all on his own.

Ian told him about the child delivering it before opening it and dumping the contents on his desk. After reading the pasted together note, Ian sighed deeply.

Seems there’s dissension in the camp,” he told Ryan smiling slightly.

His brother recognized the look. Things were about to get good. Ian showed Ryan all the package contained and he too was smiling by the conclusion of his reading.

What’s our next move,” he threw out as Ian smiled.

Let’s shake the tree,” he said simply before rising to fix himself another drink.



Good to finally connect in the flesh, Top,” Carnell told him as the two men met. Carnell ‘Mook’ Dowery was a man on a mission. He’d been hearing rumblings in the underworld for months now about Top and his plans to unseat Ice. Mook definitely wanted in on those plans and sought out Top. They had been corresponding via phone and messengers for the last three or four months. He was glad that introduction period was over and they could finally get to business.

So why are you interested in Ice,” Tariq asked calmly.

They were meeting at his favorite hotel in a suite he rented often to conduct business out of. Tariq seldom had any of his associates in his home. Only LaRon had any idea where he truly resided. Even the house they held Kaitlyn in was simply one of many safe houses they kept around the city. Mook sighed deeply before speaking.

Him and Ryan killed my brother,” he answered Tariq plainly.

Tell me more about it,” Tariq replied.

Mook told him the story of Ryan going to Tampa to check on the operation Mike was running for them there and how they killed him.

Was he dirty, Mook,” Tariq asked as his new ally sighed deeply.

Yeah, I mean Big Mike, he was new to shit, he spent some money, snorted some dope,” Mook replied. “But the way they took him out, man was heartless as fuck,” he threw out angrily going on to describe his brother’s demise in great detail.

LaRon was nauseated visualizing the description.
Some crazy ass people,
he thought of Ice and his brother.

So it’s really Ryan you have beef with,” Tariq asked as Mook sighed again.

For the actual kill yeah,” he replied. “But Ice was the muthafucka that gave the word,” he threw out bitterly.

I should kill that pretty chocolate bitch Ryan is fuckin’ and show him how the shit feels,” Mook said angrily half to himself.

The girl is off limits,” Tariq told him plainly, his tone and look leaving no room for discussion.

No disrespect, Top,” Mook threw back. “I didn’t know,” he added drawing the wrong conclusion about Tariq’s affinity for Jaleesa.

Tariq didn’t correct him, simply continued their meeting. LaRon was breathing deeply trying to regain his composure. The remark Mook made about Jaleesa pissed him off to his core.

I think we can connect Mook,” Tariq told him. “But please know in this house I’m in charge,” he told him as his new ally assured him all he wanted was Ice and Ryan dead.

Once they’re done, the Florida territory is yours,” Tariq told him as Mook smiled and thanked him.

The soft knock at the door interrupted their meeting as LaRon went to open the door. Mook looked the sexy sister over as she walked into the room, greeting LaRon and walking over to Top.

Mook, this is Kim,” Tariq said calmly. “Kim is one of my best people and she knows her game,” he told him evenly as Mook continued to regard the beautiful woman.

I sure hope she’s not with Top’s ass,
he thought wanting very much to get to know the woman better. Kim was stunning; beautiful chocolate skin, flawlessly flowing on her fine, thick, frame. Nice legs, small waist, with ample hips and a butt he definitely wanted to spend time enjoying. She had deep entrancing brown eyes and right now she held him mesmerized as she smiled and greeted him.

He made a move,” Kim told Top taking her attention from Mook and concentrating on her business.

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