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Tariq gently brushed the hair from her face as she continued to sleep. They’d sedated her heavily once they found her.
KiKi you are still off the damned chain,
he thought and smiled to himself. It’d taken three grown men to take her down once they found her at the Family World plaza. Tariq knew if she ever made it to the street she would know exactly where she was. Fortunately they got to her before Ice did rolling up on her as she talked. After LaRon, Mook, and Spider grabbed her, Kaitlyn got down and dirty. She kicked Spider in the nuts, punching LaRon and elbowing Mook trying to run again. Tariq got out and grabbed the payphone receiver still swinging in the air as they finally wrestled Kaitlyn to the ground and gave her the shot knocking her out. He smiled recalling Ice’s voice, and the fear he heard, calling Kaitlyn’s name again and again.

She stirred slightly and Tariq’s thought was broken. They moved her to a new house, this one in an area Kaitlyn wouldn’t know so easily. Tariq leaned down and kissed her lips gently as she sighed softly and turned her head.
She’s dreaming,
he thought seeing the rapid eye movements behind the closed lids. Tariq needed to check her out thoroughly, but he didn’t need her waking while he was in the room unmasked. He dismissed the thoughts recalling the amount of sedation she’d been given. Tariq knew she wouldn’t wake up for the next 6 or 7 hours. He gently unbuttoned the nightshirt and began looking over her nude body. He found several bruises which made him frown slightly, a couple scratches from the asphalt parking lot, one that he was sure would leave a scar, but all in all, she was fine. Tariq was also at full attention as he looked at her, and touched her soft skin.

Tariq waited a few moments more trying to calm himself before kissing her again. She mumbled something incoherently and turned her head again.
I want her so damned much,
he thought still looking at her and sighing deeply. Kaitlyn moaned slightly in the drug induced sleep and Tariq saw the single tear trickle out of the corner of her eye.
What is she dreaming about,
he wondered seeing the tear and assuming the sadness. Tariq pulled the nightshirt together and began buttoning it once more, kissing her neck gently in the process.

No,” she breathed softly as another tear came.

Tariq,” Kaitlyn said simply before once more lapsing into the depth of her slumber.

He smiled slightly, his question answered about the subject of her dream.
I knew you still loved me,
he thought rising and heading into the bathroom. Fulfilling his call of nature, Tariq flushed, washed his hands and left the room, stopping as he entered the bedroom once more. She was still sleeping peacefully as he sighed deeply and redirected his train of thought.
Now to deal with DeNoah’s ass,
Tariq thought acidly, glancing at Kaitlyn a final time before closing and locking the bedroom door.


Ian was still furious as he slung various items around in the house and Ryan gave him his space. He knew that most if not all of Ice’s anger was directed at his helplessness to get to Kaitlyn.

I am going to kill this muthafucka and everybody associated with his ass,” Ian ranted.

He was livid. He sat down hard on the chair in his den as Ryan handed him a drink. Ian closed his eyes and thought back on last night. They’d been so damned close. He remembered Dixon calling out to him that they had a collect call from KiKi. Ian raced to the phone calling her name again and again.
“Ice,” Kaitlyn whispered into the receiver. He could hear the fear in her voice. “Baby, where are you,” he threw back. “I’m on Cascade,” she told him. “Where baby,” he asked anxiously signaling Ryan who arrived, handing him the .10mm and waiting apprehensively to hear where they were going. “In front of the Ice cream shop, Family World,” Kaitlyn replied before it all went wrong.

Ian could still hear her screaming and all the grunting from the men trying to take her again. He called her name a few more times still hearing her scream before tossing it to Dixon, he and Ryan running out the door headed to the plaza. It was close and they got there in less than ten minutes, but it was too late. All Ian found when he arrived was the payphone receiver still swinging in the air. Nosing around he found one of her earrings, but that was it. KiKi was no where to be found. Ian was terrified they would hurt her badly now that she’d managed to escape.
Please keep my baby safe,
he thought as the fear and hurt descended again.

You want me to handle the deal in Louisiana,” Ryan asked carefully.

He knew his brother was extremely volatile right now.

Yeah,” he replied simply.

Ian knew business had to go on, but he couldn’t go anywhere right now. He had to be near and available if the snatch crew called or KiKi somehow managed to get away again.

Cool, I’ll be back in a couple days,” Ryan replied as Ian again shrugged slightly his understanding and his brother left him alone.


Jaleesa was looking at the note again. This one had been delivered this morning. It gave instructions about KiKi and getting her back.
Damn, why couldn’t Ice have gotten to her,
Jaleesa thought as she sighed deeply. The note told her if she even breathed a word to Ice or Ryan they would kill KiKi.
I thought they wanted money,
she continued to query completely confused by the turn of events. Still, Jaleesa had every intention of being in place like the note dictated.
You should tell Ryan at least,
her mind threw at her as Jaleesa dismissed it and strengthened her resolve. If she could save KiKi’s life she was going to do it. Checking her drawer as she removed her jeans, Jaleesa pulled out the .380 Ryan had given her last month. She wasn’t going in empty handed.
No telling’ what these fools may be up too,
she thought as her mind chastised her it was even more reason to tell Ryan.

The keys in the lock disturbed her thoughts as Jaleesa hurriedly put the note and gun back into her drawer under her clothing and headed into the living room just as Ryan entered the apartment.

Hey girl,” he greeted her smiling, hugging her softly and kissing her.

Hey,” she replied stroking his face gently.

I gotta make a run,” he told her calmly, grabbing some juice from the fridge.

Jaleesa frowned slightly. “Where are you going,” she asked as Ryan finished the juice and dropped the glass in the sink.

Louisiana,” he said simply as Jaleesa returned her understanding.

How’s Ice,” she asked giving him a look.

Ryan sighed deeply and told her he was as well as could be expected.

He’s definitely on a short fuse,” Ryan told her as Jaleesa nodded her understanding.

I know the shit fucked with him,” Ryan added as Jaleesa again sighed softly but said nothing as she sat down beside him.

Man, I sure hope this bullshit is over soon and KiKi is straight,” Ryan told her as the fatigue of the situation began to show on him.

Jaleesa sighed deeply thinking the same thing, recalling her plans for tonight.

I don’t think Ice would ever forgive himself if anything happened to her,” Ryan mumbled almost to himself.

Hopefully they’ll let us know where to deliver the money and this nightmare will be behind us,” Jaleesa threw back as Ryan agreed.

Turning to her, he looked into her eyes saying nothing. Jaleesa could see the love he carried for her as he leaned in and kissed her softly at first, then more insistently. Their passion began to rise as Ryan began touching her, removing her clothing. Jaleesa welcomed his touch as he consumed her, stripping her and laying her back gently on the sofa where they sat. Opening her widely, Ryan began tasting her as Jaleesa moaned her pleasure, pulling him closer as his tongue did its work. Her breathing grew more and more uneven until she finally hit orgasm, holding Ryan’s head tightly and moaning loudly. He kissed his way up her body, sliding without hindrance inside her as Jaleesa gripped his butt tightly. Ryan gave her what she craved while fulfilling his own deficiency, both of them exploding moments later in full blown orgasm holding each other tightly trying to catch their breath.

Jaleesa sat on the bed watching TV as Ryan showered. He’d packed his duffle a few moments earlier with the stuff he needed for his trip.
Please let me pull this shit off tonight and KiKi be back home safely,
she thought as the program mindlessly continued to play on the screen in front of her. Jaleesa had a really bad feeling about the meeting, but she didn’t dare tell Ryan or Ice. If anything happened to KiKi because of her, Jaleesa knew she couldn’t live with herself.

You gonna be over at Peppermint’s tonight,” Ryan asked as he came into the bedroom once more.

Yeah, then I’ll swing by Mardi Gras and help Ice out,” Jaleesa replied as Ryan smiled slightly and told her good looking out.

Jaleesa kept her secret and kissed him back as he leaned down and kissed her goodbye.

I’ll see you soon baby,” Ryan told her in parting.

OK, be careful,” Jaleesa returned hugging him tightly.

I’ll be fine baby,” Ryan told her and left her on the bed as he made his way out the door.

Rising after she heard him leave, Jaleesa headed into the bathroom and turned on the shower. She needed to get moving so she could take care of business before her meeting later tonight.


Kim woke and glanced over at the clock. It was just a little after noon. Stretching she took in her surroundings once more. The suite Mook had was as nice as the one Top always used for business. She smiled thinking of their conversation when she arrived this morning after seeing that her target made it home.
“I told you the sun might be up,” Kim remarked walking inside as Mook smiled slightly. “I’ve had an eventful night myself,” he replied going on to tell her about all the drama with Kaitlyn’s escape. “I only came by because you asked,” Kim told him, giving him a look. Mook chuckled and stepped to her then, close enough for her to feel the heat from his body. “Miss Kim,” he began regarding her calmly as he spoke. “Why you gotta challenge a brutha on every turn,” he asked never taking his eyes from her . “I just think its better to be up front, than play games,” Kim returned not missing a beat. “Mmhmm,” Mook replied leaning in and kissing her lips softly. “See, that’s your one, right there,” Kim told him giving him another look. “I do not have silly trick stamped across my forehead,” she told him evenly as Mook burst into laughter, pissing her off slightly. “Fuck, Miss Kim,” he replied. “I know that, shit,” he added still smiling slightly. “What I don’t know,” he began, getting serious once more. “Is what it’s gonna take for you to be mine, exclusively,” Mook finished and waited on an answer.

Kim continued to regard the man in front of her, admitting finally to herself that she really was feeling him. Still, she wasn’t an amateur at this. If he wanted her affection he was going to have to work for it. “It’s gonna take you respecting me,” Kim threw back. “Letting me be who I am and do what I do,” she went on as Mook continued to listen wordlessly. “It’s gonna take you knowing I don’t plan to be a number in your crew,” she added as he smiled slightly. “If, and I do mean If, I allow you to be my man exclusively,” Kim told him no hint of humor evident. “I will turn off your light if you try to fuck over me, play me, hurt me, use me, or pimp me,” she finished calmly, throwing the ball back in his court. Mook was speechless. “How I know you worth all that,” Mook challenged. Kim again answered without missing a beat. “Because, Mr. Mook,” she replied. “I AM that woman.”

Mook smiled as she threw his own words back in his face. “So can I kiss you again, or have I used up my ration for the day,” he asked softly, reaching out to stroke her face. Kim smiled slightly and Mook took it for a yes, leaning in and kissing her again, passionately. “Lay down,” he told her as Kim gave him another look. “Chill girl, damn,” Mook told her laughing again. “I got business, so I’ll be gone for a few hours,” he finally explained as Kim nodded slightly. “I’ll wake you up when I get back, we can go eat or something,” Mook told her, hugging her and kissing her cheek softly as he left her alone in the bedroom and she heard him leave the suite moments later.

Coming back to the now, Kim rose and headed for the bathroom. She needed to shower and change her clothes. As the water ran she continued to think about Mook and the feelings she had for him.
What about Top,
her mind threw at her. Kim cared so much for him, but Tariq had never, ever, made a move on her. Not even sexually.
That’s because he’s all wrapped up in miss thang,
Kim thought and sucked her teeth once more. Still even if she couldn’t have Top, she had herself a good one. Mook was sexy as hell. He was smart, street savvy, ambitious and stood to inherit major territory once Ice and his brother were removed. Kim smiled stepping under the spray.
You ain’t do bad at all girlie, not bad at all,
she thought chuckling aloud as she lathered and continued to enjoy her good fortune.

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