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She pushed the jacket off Brody’s shoulders and turned to kiss Sean. Trying to play fair or keep up with both might make her dizzy. She had juggled plenty of patients but never in bed. Their strong hands, all four, finally stilled her shaking fingers.

“This is overwhelming,” she said.

“All you have to do is relax and enjoy,” Brody said.

The men took off their clothing with army-like efficiency. She sat on the bed and took in the show. Sean’s scarred-up arm tugged at her heart, but his broad shoulders and powerful abs warmed her insides. The sight of his erection straining the expensive dress pants was like a dream. She’d had this dream many times when she’d worked with them and afterwards.

Brody undressed more quickly and his pants and boxers slid to the floor. The scars didn’t bother her at all. She’d seen them many times. Kat studied his tanned, hard body in intimate detail. His upper body made up for the strength his leg lacked but his cock would distract any woman from the wounds.

Sean caught up with Brody and both men were naked. It wasn’t a competition, but she’d won with both of them. Brody’s thick cock curved slightly up while Sean’s was straight and a bit longer. She squirmed as the wetness grew between her legs.

They both took a step forward, but she wasn’t ready to get naked yet. These men were in their prime and could have any woman they wanted—sharing or not. She wanted them, but first she had to know it was real. Sliding off the bed onto her knees, she kissed Brody’s hip and reached out for Sean’s erection. Pulsing power and heat filled her hand as he moved closer.

They stood next to each other, not quite shoulder-to-shoulder. She gently took Brody’s member in her other hand. He grunted softly and need sizzled throughout her. Staring up at them, she felt like it was a dream. Then their hands were in her hair. Brody tried to pull her up.

“We want you naked too,” Sean said.

“In a minute.” Kat pressed her lips to Sean’s sac and inhaled his scent.

It was very real. She trailed her tongue up his cock and flicked the tip. His moan urged her on. Leaning over a bit, she licked the head of Brody’s member and kissed her way down to his balls. Then she released them and slid her hands up their hard bodies.

They each took an arm and pulled her up. Instead of standing, she found herself lying on the bed as Sean inched the dress up her body. Brody did his best to free the hooks in the fabric at the back of her neck.

Laughing, she undid the tricky dress and tugged it up and off. There was more to take off, but the way Sean nuzzled her thigh above the stockings made her shiver. He moved up to her lacy panties. Brody was more subtle. He kissed her mouth before licking down to her chest. The strapless bra wasn’t much use without the dress. As Brody’s tongue slid under the lace, Sean reached under her and expertly opened the hooks.

Brody threw the scrap of fabric off the bed and sucked her nipple fully into his mouth. Arching her back, Kat wrapped her arms around Brody’s shoulders. Sean’s hot breath on her pussy drew her attention south. He tugged her panties off and licked her outer lips until she spread her legs for him.

His quick tongue met her wet cunt and Kat moaned. Brody moved to suck her other breast, giving her nipple more attention, one in his teeth and the other exquisitely pinched between his fingers.

“How’s your fantasy so far?” Sean asked.

“If you’d tried this in my office I couldn’t have said no,” she confessed.

“Now she tells us.” Brody nipped the underside of her breast.

Gasping, she dug her nails into his scalp. “You’re going to spend all night sucking on me?”

“We’ve been waiting a long time.” Sean slid one finger inside her.

“Yes, so have I.” She squeezed his digit and her hips rocked for more despite her best intention to go slowly.

“Tell us what you want,” Brody said.

She shook her head. “You’re doing it. I’m not in charge here.”

Sean moved up and Brody slid back. She braced herself for more and Brody gave it to her. Two fingers filled her cunt as he tongued her slick inner folds.

“We want to make sure you’re really ready.” Sean kissed her mouth then sucked her breasts like a soldier dying of thirst with a canteen of water. It was so much more than a sexual fantasy of having two men. These two men were special.

“Please, I’m so ready I’m going to come now.” She lifted her hips and tried to back away. “I want more.”

“Come now and tell us what you want.” Brody rubbed his thumb right below her clit while his two fingers curled inside her.

The orgasm hit her fast. “Please, fuck me, both of you!” Her body bowed as Sean held her shoulders down and watched her. They both stared as she trembled through the very physical response. Taking deep breaths, she relaxed and found her nails deep in Sean’s shoulder.

“You’re sure you want both of us fucking your brains out?” he teased.

She nodded. “I’ve never had two men in me at the same time. I’ve never had two men before.”

“But you’d like to try double sometime?” Brody asked.

“I think I can work up to it. We have a week.” She sat up and wiped her pussy juices off his lips before kissing him. “I’m assuming there’s protection around here somewhere.”

Sean tossed condoms on the bed. “Don’t worry about that. Just decide heads or tails.”

Kat licked her lips and grabbed Sean’s cock. Pulling him in close, she used her free hand to toss Brody a condom. She was going to fuck them both, it didn’t matter who went first. This week she’d try everything she’d never dared. The good girl, the healer and the reliable daughter were now on vacation and it was about her for a change.

Brody rolled on the protection as she sucked Sean’s member. Part of her wanted to make Sean come in her mouth but not this time. She wanted to feel them both. Brody rubbed her pussy until she tilted her hips for more. He filled her slowly. Wiggling her hips, she let the sensation of him stretching her take over as she cupped Sean’s balls and ran her tongue along the underside of his erection.

The feel of Brody’s sac and the heat of his body close to her made Kat exhale. She had all of him. Looking up at Sean then over at Brody, she soaked in the sexual energy. The three-way did work!

“Fuck me, Brody,” she said softly.

“You keep sucking on Sean and he’ll come all over you.” Brody eased from her and slid home.

Moaning, she shook her head. “I won’t let him.”

She focused on his balls, sucking and teasing them gently. Sean grabbed a fistful of her hair and thrust as her tongue and hands kept him hard. The view of his body so close made her pussy tighten on Brody’s member.

“Too much?” Brody asked.

“No, more. Harder,” she encouraged him.

The curve of his erection hit her G-spot and she groaned. “Faster,” she begged.

“She’s one who’ll come over and over.” Sean pinched her nipples and squeezed her breasts.

The spark ignited in her deeply as Brody fucked her as requested. Her legs curled around him as her gasps and moans grew louder. He thrust hard into her and she shrieked as her entire body went into a spasm of pleasure. Her hips snapped on him, but he held still until she screamed.

“Oh God, Brody!” Her body shook as she fell back into the pillows. Deep inside, her body still clutched at his cock and quivered in release.

Slowly he started to move again and she groaned as her body responded. She trembled at the aftershocks and the sound of his relief. Brody cursed and shouted her name before he gave in and collapsed. The sound of her name on his lips sparked her desire even as she gave her body a rest.

“Worn out?” Sean asked.

“Never.” Grinning up at him, she vowed to wear them out before they could exhaust her. A woman near her sexual peak, she had scared off many men with her high sex drive. Maybe two younger hunks were exactly what she needed?

Brody rolled off her as the flood of sexual power hit. A plan came together in her mind and she sat up. Pushing Sean down on his back on the bed, she found a condom packet and tore it open. Once Sean was ready, she straddled his body and slid onto his member confidently.

She wasn’t a prude or a virgin, but any woman would be a little anxious about two men seeing her naked and trying to please them. Brody disposed of the used protection and sat on the bed next to Sean. Not too close, but she saw Sean tense a bit. The message rang loud and clear. They weren’t into each other but wanted to share her.

As she sank all the way down on Sean, her body shivered. They were both amazing! She leaned over and kissed him. Then Brody grabbed her hair playfully and pulled her over for a kiss. As she licked down his body, she noticed his bad leg stretched out oddly. When she ran her hand over it, he tensed. Damn! She should’ve ridden him and let Sean do her missionary. Too selfish but all she could do was keep it in mind for the rest of the week.

She kissed along his spent cock while her hips worked Sean into a groaning frenzy. Her pussy throbbed with the power and the pleasure, but when Brody’s cock responded to her affection she needed to prove something. His leg might be messed up, but there was nothing wrong with the man he was.

Massaging his shaft with her hands, Kat flicked the tip with her tongue. Brody moaned and leant back, his hands planted on the bed.

“I think she likes us,” Sean said.

She groaned on Brody’s cock and squeezed Sean deep inside her.

Brody chuckled. “We’re just getting started. She’ll be addicted before we leave.”

“Men always think they’ve got magic wands in their pants.” Kat stroked Brody’s cock until he was fully hard. Pacing herself wasn’t a problem, but Sean sounded like he needed to be put out of his misery as he cursed and lifted to her.

“You’re the magic. We’ve just got the equipment,” Brody replied.

“Prove it,” she said.

Sean grabbed her hips and held them still. He fucked her hard and she rotated her hips for the perfect angle. Brody leant forward and rubbed her clit.

The orgasm hit her fast and she let go of Brody as she rocked down on Sean harder. “Sean! I want it all.”

He held her hips and pulled her all the way down over and over until she screamed and shuddered. Brody caught her as she fell forward. Kissing one man and coming on another’s cock took her to a new level of release and she clung to the feeling even though it scared her a little.

“Two men aren’t too many,” Sean said as he picked up the pace of his thrusts again.

She moaned into Brody’s shoulder as the heat permeated her body and the sparks of pleasure reignited when he filled her just right.

“You like fucking us?” Sean asked.

The tension in his voice betrayed him. He was close to coming. It turned her on. Kat nodded and relaxed her body to give herself to him. “I love it. I want more,” she confessed.

“You always wanted us,” Brody said.

“Yes.” She grabbed his cock and stroked it but kissed Sean.

“Kat!” Sean grunted and fell back with a grin on his face.

They were who they were. Not subtle but very passionate. Brody thrust into her hand and she leaned towards him. Stroking his cock, she tongued the head. When he held her there, she waited. The creamy reward shot between her lips and she lapped at the tip for more.

“You’ve worn him out twice, Kat. Let the man rest.” Sean laughed.

“Maybe she needs more?” Brody flopped back on the bed in surrender.

“No, I feel like I’m floating.” She snuggled between them.

Sean reached down and slipped two fingers over her slit. “One more won’t kill you.”

“No,” she protested weakly. She made no effort to push his hands away as he made a circular motion over her clit. Her legs opened slightly and her hips lifted. He could go faster and get it over with, but Sean loved to tease her. Whether it was a prank in physical therapy or making her come in bed now, it was the same old Sean and Brody. Damn it she loved them!

“Please,” she gasped.

He gave her a little more and the tremors took over. Strong arms crisscrossed her body as she fully gave into the release. They kissed her mouth and neck as she whimpered in ecstasy.

When she could focus again, she saw Brody pulling a sheet up over their bodies.

“You don’t want us to leave, do you?” he asked with a grin.

“God no, you’re not leaving me tonight.” She kissed Sean and then Brody as he tucked the sheet in and went back for the thick quilt.

Kat doubted she’d be the least bit chilly tonight with two such hot men on either side of her. Inhaling their scents mixed with the lavender flowers, she knew she’d found her fantasy.

Chapter Three

Brody woke slowly. The woman pressed to him wasn’t a dream but very real. Kat’s body, for all her shyness, looked better than he’d imagined. Full breasts and hips were hard to miss even when she was clothed, but the dip of her stomach and the firmness of her thighs made Brody want to inspect every inch of her.

Some of the younger guys thought she was too big, but she practised what she preached—exercise. Her hourglass figure deserved a lot more attention than the skin and bones variety.

The night had been a success, as far as he was concerned. No one had freaked out and everything had simply fallen into place. His knee ached a bit from more activity, but it was worth the dull pain. Watching her reactions and kissing her as Sean pleasured her, it’d amazed him. It had been better than he’d imagined. Last night had been the best sex he’d ever had.

Kat slept on his shoulder and Brody tried not to wake her. Shifting her to Sean now would let Brody stretch out his leg better, but he couldn’t disturb her. Granted, in the night, he and Sean had bumped arms and legs at times, but she was the focus. Sharing her body felt natural. The memories of her touch and how beautiful she was during climax turned Brody on all over again.

He kissed her mouth softly. She rewarded him with a soft moan. Sean leaned closer to her, still asleep. Brody loved Sean like a brother. He couldn’t do this with anyone else. Brody winced in a twinge of pain and gave in. He carefully rolled Kat towards Sean. Finally he stretched that damn leg and sighed in relief.

Kat snuggled against Sean and he held her with his wounded arm. Brody pushed off the sheets and massaged his knee. Suddenly a hand helped him but not on his knee!

BOOK: Kat's Karma
8.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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