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She shook her head. “Fuck me! I have no control right now. I trust you both.”

Sean pulled free and filled her, then again. He fucked her until she relaxed and moved her hips to them. Then Brody lifted in unison with Sean’s thrusts. Her moans became low and guttural.

“Harder, Sean,” she gasped.

He dialled back his control and gave her more force, grinding into her when he was deep inside. Her panting and wild noises drove him on.

“Damn!” Brody pressed and held inside her.

Sean could feel it. The heat and tightness of sharing a woman. The pleasure was all over Kat’s face as she rocked on their erections. Her hips barely moved, but her body jerked. The feel of her release was doubly intense as her body shuddered on them both. Her shrieks filled the gym and for a minute Sean worried security would come and investigate the screams.

“Fuck!” Brody shouted and held her to him for a second.

She leant back and rocked her hips on Brody’s cock and Sean went along for the ride. The rush of one release, feeling it and seeing it, pushed Sean close to his. Brody’s hands slid up to cup her breasts as he moaned.

Slipping from her and filling her again, Sean loved how her body tightened on him as if welcoming him back where he belonged. He stared into her eyes as he claimed her body. There was no doubt in his mind she’d come again for him. Shifting his weight onto one hand, he reached between them and rubbed around her clit.

“Oh God! Don’t stop, please,” she squeaked.

He sped up his thrusts and her body started to quake inside. Her eyes rolled back in her head when he gently pinched her clit. So close he could feel it. Losing his control, he filled her and stayed deep while rubbing her pussy faster.

Her body lurched, but Brody held her safely as her moans and cries of orgasm triggered Sean’s. He gave in to a few short thrusts and came in a rough wave of cursing. Grinding to her, he loved how she trembled and her nails dug into his back. She clung to him with Brody’s dick still buried in her ass.

This was definitely the only woman for them. “Too rough?” he whispered.

“It was perfect. A little practice and I’ll have you both coming at the same time.” She grinned.

Sean kissed her mouth slowly and then nuzzled her neck. “Anything you want. But dragging it out can be fun too. You can get off as many times as you like.”

“There are advantages to being a woman. Not too many, but I’ll take that one,” Kat said.

While he didn’t want to move, Sean realised that his balls were close enough to feel the heat from Brody’s sac. Carefully Sean freed himself and rolled over on his back.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Fine. Maybe we should hold you down and eat you out? Find out how many times we can make you come?” Sean teased.

“Maybe after another one of these sessions when you two need to rest up. I’m not wasting gorgeous erections even if you’re both good at licking and fingering me.” She slid off Brody’s cock and turned.

Sean watched her kiss Brody deeply. Then she scooted over and gave Sean a long kiss. It was sweet and sexy. Sharing wasn’t a problem. Sean simply had to focus on the future and leave his past buried in the desert.

* * * *

The next day at breakfast, the room was too quiet. The sex was addictive, but waking up with Sean nearly hanging off the edge of the bed sent a clear message. They’d spent their first day exploring and playing in unbelievable luxury, but Sean still couldn’t relax in bed with Brody. He wasn’t going to ruin the day making it an issue again. Brody wanted Kat to enjoy her vacation as much as possible.

“So what do we want to do today?” Brody asked.

Sean shrugged. “I’m easy. It’s all too fancy for me.”

“We don’t have to be formal or get dressed up. I had horseback riding on my schedule for today. Maybe we should change it?” Kat glanced at Brody for a split second.

“No. I can ride. Once I get on the horse, it might be fun to go fast. My running isn’t as good as it used to be.” Brody wasn’t going to let his injuries stop him from trying new things.

An hour later, Kat was up on her horse. Brody and Sean stood on a platform that made getting on much easier. Still, Sean didn’t want his friend to fall.

“Which way is better for his bad leg?” Sean asked.

Brody smiled. Leave it to Sean to cut right to the point. Their bond and friendship hadn’t changed. It was only when nudity or sleep was involved.

“The stronger leg over is better, you can use it to pull yourself up.” The instructor advised. “We can support you from this end.”

Brody grabbed the horn and swung his stronger leg up over and shifted his weight. Out of nowhere, Sean lifted Brody up and pushed him on fully.

“Thanks!” Brody found his centre and moved on.

“Sure.” Sean hopped into his saddle with ease. “How does it feel?”

“Good.” Brody circled around and got the hang of steering until his horse stood next to Sean’s. “Why can you do that so easily but sleep on the other side of the damn room?”

“I do not. Quit overreacting because of how people sleep or wake up. That’s nothing.” Sean nudged his horse to go quicker.

Brody matched the pace. “You can’t lie to me.”

“We’re just getting used to the group thing. You’re making it a big deal and upsetting Kat.” Sean moved to one side of Kat.

To avoid a debate, Brody went to the other side.

“He’s stubborn,” she said.

Brody nodded. “Paranoid in bed and fine the rest of the time?”

“I can hear you,” Sean said.

“Then talk about it,” Kat challenged.

Sean pushed his horse up to a trot and rode off.

“What do we do?” Brody asked.

Kat shrugged. “Forget about it for now. Let it drop and see what happens. It hasn’t been that long. If we want to try it back home, we’ll have to make adjustments. Learn each other’s little habits and quirks. We just need to get him to relax and not put up walls instinctively.”

“Maybe he isn’t fine with sharing? He said it’d work. The reality might not be so easy on him.” Brody hated to admit the possibility, but he didn’t want to hurt Kat after all of this.

“Nothing worth having falls in your lap. I wasn’t easy to get, but you guys didn’t give up.” She smiled and took off.

Brody gave his horse a nudge and the black beast picked up speed. The sensation of flying hit him. The rush of the air without effort or an ache was new. Looking out at the large field, he spotted Sean and Kat. Each of them was going their own speed and their own direction right now. In the end, they’d come back together.

The three of them fit together perfectly in bed, sexually. There were some kinks to work out, but Kat was right. They couldn’t give up on the relationship because Sean had some closeness issues. She’d kept them at arm’s length for quite some time. What she didn’t understand was that Brody believed he knew Sean better. They’d shared so many war stories and tales of childhood and family.

Conversations had occurred a lot overseas and in rehab. Maybe it meant nothing, but now Brody felt like Sean was hiding something. At the very least, he wasn’t being totally honest about what bugged him. Without the right level of trust this wouldn’t work. Kat deserved better.

A sudden rain fell on them and Sean appeared at Brody’s side. “Get closer. Look at her. All wet. Ass bouncing in that saddle. We’re lucky.”

Brody stared at Sean as the warm rain soaked them. “Tell me what the hell is going on. Seriously, it’s me. I thought we didn’t have secrets. We fell for the same woman. Hell, we bled all over each other when the IED blew. What can’t you say?”

“It’s stupid. Embarrassing. Not worth talking about. I’ll beat it.” Sean shrugged.

Brody nodded. “You think I’m hiding something? I don’t have a secret crush on you.”

“I know that. Hell. This is my crap.” Sean looked up. “This rain isn’t going to let up. We should go inside and dry off. Then we can get lunch and do something inside this afternoon.”

“I’ll get Kat.” Brody rode ahead and left Sean. Whatever was so embarrassing clearly needed to be talked about, but Sean wasn’t ready.

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?” Kat asked as Brody joined her.

“It is. But we’re getting drenched. Let’s go in for lunch. As much as I like you in a wet shirt, we should dry off.” Brody showed no shame in staring at how her clothing clung to her body.

“Fine. We’ll find something else to do today.” Kat turned around and headed back. Brody hung back just a little bit to enjoy the view of her rear in that saddle.

Chapter Five

One day later, the glorious sunny afternoon demanded a picnic. Kat sat in a sundress, for once at the castle not feeling too formal, at least while she was dressed. It felt like they could be at home in a park, only the grass was the perfect shade of green and not a bit of litter to be found.

There was no one and nothing as far they could see, except the castle in the distance. The trio sat on plaid blankets. She finished her glass of wine and put it in the basket. The lunch portion of the fun was over.

“What to do on a day like this.” She arched her back.

“Subtle,” Brody said.

“Sex outside fantasy?” Sean asked.

Her cheeks grew hot and she shrugged. “Why not? I brought everything we could need.”

Brody dug into the basket and found condoms and lube packets. “I think she’s asking for another double header.”

“Not in the mood?” she asked as she plucked at the buttons down the front of her simple white sundress.

Sean laughed. “That is the great thing about you having younger men. We’re always in the mood.”

“Let’s see.” She pushed Brody down on his back and tugged his shirt off.

“I’m not an invalid. I can function in other positions.” Brody tried to get up.

“We walked a good distance from the castle. I’m not straining your muscles. Don’t interfere with my plans.” She rubbed his cock through his pants before opening his fly.

Sean pressed behind her and lifted her skirt. “No panties. She planned it well.”

His fingers worked the buttons on the front of her supportive dress until her breasts spilled out and four hands groped them.

She felt Sean tense a bit, bumping hands with Brody over her chest. He pulled the dress off her completely and focused on her ass. No doubt that man needed some attention. She turned and yanked his T-Shirt off. Kissing down his chest, she kept one hand on his growing member.

Brody squeezed her ass cheeks and spread them playfully. It was so easy and fun when it was like this. She kissed Sean then turned back and kissed Brody. Rubbing her pussy over his cock made her wetter and when he lifted to push his pants down farther, the pressure made her moan.

She grabbed a condom and slipped it on Brody while Sean took his time working the lube into her asshole. He nipped at her rear and pinched her ass cheeks. The man could be so gentle yet made her feel new things. “Don’t play. I’ve been thinking about this all day. I really need it.”

“You are wet and ready.” Brody slid two fingers into her cunt.

The instant relief and hunger for more hit her hard. She pressed down on those fingers and squeezed. “I can’t wait.”

Taking the lead this time, she faced Brody and sank onto his cock quickly. Her pussy vibrated in pleasure and she leant forward on her hands and knees to give Sean full access to her backside.

“The woman knows what she wants.” Sean put on protection as Brody spread her cheeks.

“I know what I need,” she said.

He pressed the tip of his cock into her ass and let it pop out. She rocked her hips and moaned as Brody lifted into her. But Sean repeated the teasing until her ass gripped his cock and she backed up on him as much as she could, considering her position.

“Please, Sean, I don’t need it. I can take it,” she begged.

“I don’t want to hurt you by going too fast.” He inched forward.

“You’ve got more self-control than anyone I know.” She wiggled her rump to get his attention.

Slowly he took more of her, his hands strong on her hips. When she tightened, he stopped and eased back just enough to make her moan. That sweet ache was so good! She dipped the small of her back and pressed her breasts to Brody’s strong chest so she could take more.

They did that dance three times until his full length was snugly inside her. Sean leant down and kissed along her spine until she shivered. “Fuck me,” she insisted.

“Your wish is our command,” Sean whispered in her ear.

He was relaxed and confident. She saw this working so well except at night. Giving in to the moment, she rocked on the dual erections. Sean slid back and filled her again. He started slowly, but Brody fucked her faster. Men were so competitive and she loved it. Gradually Sean caught up to Brody and they were thrusting in unison, hard and eager.

Her body tightened and she met their strokes as her climax teased her. That flutter of total pleasure enticed her to rock her hips for more. They took her every hint and filled her hard. Someone rubbed her clit while fingers tugged at her nipples. All the right spots and perfect pressure sent her over the edge.

Groaning, she grabbed Brody’s shoulders and held on. Her hips snapped out of control as her pussy and ass tightened to hold the powerful cocks. The men held her safe as she shuddered and cried out for more. It was a delicious blur as she caught her breath. The fresh air and warm sun felt so good on her body, but the men felt better.

Sean drove into her again and again and finally he grunted, pressing his weight to her. Working her hips side-to-side, she got a moan from Sean, but Brody fucked her again. Looking into his eyes, she saw the need. He didn’t like being the wounded guy and wanted to take control. Next time she’d let him, but her pussy drove him closer and closer to his release. He lifted faster and faster until he grabbed her hips and held her to him.

The rush of getting her men off only sparked more need, but they were spent for now. Kat kissed Brody and then leant back to kiss Sean over her shoulder. He cupped her breasts and buried his face in her hair.

“Thanks for giving me that fantasy.” She stretched and let her muscles relax a bit.

BOOK: Kat's Karma
9.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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