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“You’re not done,” Brody said.

Sean grinned and nodded. “He’s right.”

“What do you mean?” she asked as Sean grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off Brody.

Lying flat on her back, she had Sean on her left and Brody on her right. They held her arms down and legs apart. “What are you doing?”

“Seeing how many times we can make you come,” Brody answered.

“Now? Here?” Being in the midst of sex with her guys was one thing but having them watching her orgasm? Plus the chances of someone wandering by as well was too much. “No. Not now.”

“No?” Sean asked.

The arousal and thrill taunted her. “Just one. I don’t want to put on a show by myself.”

“One is a start.” Brody leant down and licked her pussy.

Moaning, she arched her back. He flicked her inner folds with his tongue and his fingers spread her pussy. Sean sucked and nibbled her breasts. When it was clear she wouldn’t run, he pressed a finger into her cunt.

When the men’s arms bumped, Kat could see Sean tense up and force himself to relax. She hoped they could work through everything and be happy, but this was no magical fairy tale. It was a fantasy and those didn’t necessarily last forever. The dream of loving and having two men might be possible, but it would take trust and work. Now all she could do was lie back and enjoy their efforts.

Brody took a turn at her breasts as Sean ate her pussy a little rougher. She moaned and lifted for more. Finally Brody slid three fingers in her and teased her ass with his pinky. That little extra sent her into a surprise climax.

“Please!” she gasped.

They held her and kept her legs wide open and she trembled from head to toe. Those fingers worked the perfect spots and Sean’s tongue swirling around her clit kept her deep in an orgasm like she’d never had. The blood seemed to drain from her and she shivered as pure joy filled her veins.

“Sean, Brody. I love you so much.” Finally the climax released her and she felt numb except her pulsing clit.

“We love you too,” Brody said.

“Damn right.” Sean snuggled on one side of her.

Brody moved on her other side and wrapped an arm around her. His hand landed on Sean’s arm and Sean inched back.

The spell of great sex was broken by a single flinch.

* * * *

Sean sat back on the grass and gave the others some space. It wasn’t their fault, but he had to give them the whole story or they’d never understand.

“If this isn’t something you want, it’s okay. We’ll still be friends. We just need to be honest with each other.” Kat wrapped one of the picnic blankets around her.

Sean smiled at her shy side. “It’s not you, either of you. It’s my past and I thought it was all behind me. This happened before Brody and I were tight.”

“You had other friends? I’ll live,” Brody said.

“No, he wasn’t a friend. I never had problems with gay men serving, whatever the military policy. I barely even noticed. Hell, we’re all so tired from the work that sleep is what we need. Most gay men kept it quiet and didn’t bother the straight guys. But Kevin was different.” Sean saw the concern in Kat’s eye.

“I don’t think I remember him.” Brody shrugged.

“He targeted men he wanted. I don’t know if he had dirt on the commanding officer or if he had a relative high up somewhere. The guy wasn’t subtle. He didn’t accept a polite no.” Sean had been ignoring the bad but vivid dreams.

“I had to turn down my share of guys looking for relief. This sounds like a lot more,” Brody said.

“It was. Kevin didn’t stop at verbally propositioning men. He groped you whenever he could. He pushed up against you like it was an accident. At first I thought it was a mistake. I made it clear that I wasn’t interested. Then he became really pissed off.” Sean shuddered.

“He sexually harassed you?” Kat asked.

“That’s the proper term for it.” Sean rubbed his eyes, trying to keep the memories from flooding back.

“I hope you reported him,” Brody said.

Sean sighed. “I did. Well, I tried. His connections, whatever they were, made it impossible. My superior told me to keep my back to the wall. Kevin would be more trouble if reported.”

“How could they refuse to report it?” Kat demanded.

“I had a choice. I could insist they file it, but they strongly advised me that I’d be set up to look like the one making the advances. I’d be disciplined. I was told to ignore him, make myself unavailable, and he’d lose interest.” Sean’s choice haunted him. “I should’ve filed it and pushed the issue.”

“Did he?” Kat’s face went pale and she hugged Sean. “He didn’t force himself on you?”

He held her tight. “No, he didn’t get to me. He tried like hell for a while. Grinding and touching me every chance he got. Kevin didn’t care if others saw. I witnessed him doing stuff to other guys too.”

“I can’t believe a group of you didn’t report him together,” Kat said.

“Or jump him at night and teach him a lesson through unofficial channels. I’d have stood by you,” Brody said. “I can’t believe I didn’t know about this.”

“Kevin ran with a certain group. He got a promotion before you and I became friends.” Sean cleared his throat and let Kat’s warmth relax him. “We all got the same lecture from the brass. No one wanted to screw up their career. There were men who liked it or at least went along with what Kevin wanted.”

“If he had volunteers, the guy didn’t have to go around harassing men. It’s not a freaking prison!” Brody yanked a blade of grass from the lawn.

“That’s what I thought.” Sean took a deep breath.

“What?” Kat asked.

“I thought Kevin was just harassing. A group of us started looking out for each other. Sure, Kevin grabbed me in the shower and he’d even grab your hand and put it places on him. Luckily he never tried to really force himself on anyone I knew of until this one kid.”

“He liked the younger ones?” Brody asked.

“This kid was a medic and not very big. I found him in the showers. Bleeding and in shock.” Sean tried to keep the memory distant. “I called for medical and security. I knew who did it. The kid wouldn’t admit who hurt him.”

“Who knows how many guys got that treatment?” Brody shook his head.

“You couldn’t report that?” Kat asked.

“I didn’t see any of it. There was no proof. If the victim won’t identify the attacker and there’s no other witness, there’s no case. That kid was maybe nineteen. He never looked me in the eye again. Never thanked me. Acted like nothing had ever happened. Our only good break was that Kevin got a promotion and moved on to another unit.”

“They promoted a rapist?” Kat shivered. “I’m so glad you’re okay.”

“That’s why I’ve been weird. The flashbacks or dreams have been hitting me since I’m suddenly so up close and naked with another guy. When I’m awake, I know the difference. I don’t feel like Brody is after me. At night is when I’m not logical about it. I’ve been telling you both the truth. It’s me.”

“It’s not you. It’s what was done to you. It’ll go away once you feel safe.” Brody shrugged.

Sean wasn’t so sure. “I thought I had been out long enough. I trust you, I know you. Maybe I’ll get used to it. I’ve been hoping. Trying.”

“The strange surrounding probably isn’t helping. Maybe when we get home you’ll feel safer?” Kat suggested.

“I don’t want to ruin this or make it hard. I love you, Kat. I don’t want to hear about age differences or that we were your patients. None of it matters, because now I’m the problem.” Sean let go of her and tugged on his jeans.

“Stop it, Sean. It’s not over yet,” Brody called after him.

Chapter Six

Kat now knew the truth of what Sean had been through. Unfortunately, he’d put the walls back up and didn’t want to talk about it. They needed to try another approach.

Kat walked into the spa and two attendants whisked her into a changing room. Stripping down to nothing, she spotted the dark blue silk robe. She slipped on the robe and walked out of the room where a woman dressed in white handed her a schedule. First was the soak in moisturising cream with rose petals. The day looked packed with pampering. “Is there any way I can get some time with Lady Olive today? If she’s free, of course.”

“Lady Olive is in a mud bath. We’ll put you in the same room.” The attendant nodded.

“That’s quite a coincidence,” Kat said.

“Lady Olive has the sixth sense. She knows what people need before they do. This way.”

Kat followed. The room was warm and done in earth tones. Soothing music played softly. There were two large rectangular tubs in the room. Lady Olive, hair pulled up elegantly, sat in a mud bath.

The attendant pushed a couple of buttons and the other tub filled with a milky bath. She nodded to Kat.

Turning away from the other women, Kat slid from the robe and stepped into the tub. When she reclined, the rose petals fell from the ceiling. The tub began to churn the water and Kat moaned. The tension of two men, one with trauma, melted away.

“There is a panel on the right of the tub. You can control the heat, circulation of the water, and call for us. Enjoy,” said the attendant.

“Thank you,” Kat said.

“Thank you, Jillian,” Lady Olive said.

“I’m glad I have some time with you, Lady Olive.” Kat didn’t know how to begin but she needed another woman to talk to. As much as she loved the men, she missed her friends at home. Calling was one option but would they understand her falling in love with two men who seemed to want to share her? She couldn’t begin to explain that until she was completely certain they’d give it a shot back home.

“Your fantasy isn’t going as easily as you anticipated. They frequently are challenging. But what makes us happy is never truly as easy as a wish.” Lady Olive looked over. “You love them both?”

Kat sighed. “Yes.”

“They both love you as well. While it’s not a traditional relationship, none of you are in high-profile jobs. The fallout should be minimal.”

“If we can make it work. I’m not sure Sean is into it.” Kat hated blaming him. “He went through something bad and he’s very uneasy about something. It’s hard to explain.”

“You don’t need to. I worked with them before you arrived. We all have painful things in our past that make us uncomfortable. Even if we trust the people now, our fears are what we need to overcome. Like your reluctance to date them because of the age difference,” Lady Olive replied.

“I don’t blame Sean for being sensitive about it. Brody would never do anything to Sean. Three people in a bed require an adjustment for everyone.” Kat felt no fear here but when she thought of going home and back to her routine… “Reality will be hard to face.”

Lady Olive smiled. “No, that’s not the hard part. Many of our fantasies include less than traditional relationships. Once you commit, once you decide that it’s right for you, then others don’t matter. Their views can’t hurt you. You’re uneasy because of Sean. Brody is worried this will fall apart and he’ll lose his best friend and the love of his life. Fear is the enemy.”

“How can I help Sean not be afraid?” Kat asked.

“You can’t. He and Brody have to work it out between them. They love you. Their egos and goals are in sync. I believe this will work if they resolve it between them.”

Kat heated up the water. “I can’t fix it.”

“You had control when they were your patients and kept them at a distance.”

“That was professional. I’d get fired,” Kat insisted.

“An excellent point. I understand professionalism. You also used your age difference as an excuse. That objection seems to have gone away. My point is that you had control of the relationship before. Whether you’re in or out is the only control any of us have and with three in a relationship it’s harder. You have to let the other two manage what’s between them.”

“They’re not bisexual. They’re just friends.” Kat realised how crazy that sounded.

“I understand they aren’t sexually involved. However, they’re building a family with you. That friendship is being tested. Don’t force them to compromise for you or they might resent it in time. They have to sort things out and be ready to deal with everything…even things that Sean believed he was over.” Lady Olive pushed a button and her mud tub rotated.

“Thank you. It’s hard to sit back and not interfere.” Kat had been single for a long time. It was always easier to walk away from a guy than stick it out. Her mother had told her she was too picky. Now Kat knew they were all the wrong men. These were the right ones and she hoped they could work it out.

After a gap of silence, Kat couldn’t quiet her brain.

“What do you suggest?” Kat asked.

“You’re doing it. Spa day to let the men have time. If you need anything waxed, the attendants will take care of it. Have a massage and a facial. Then a manicure and pedicure. Have your hair done and makeup. Two men left to their own devices…might actually work it out.”

Kat chuckled. “Or they’ll find something fun to do and not talk at all. They’re men.”

“Then you may need to nudge them in the right direction. They fix it or it’ll ruin everything.” Lady Olive pressed a button and climbed from the mud bath.

The attendant walked in and escorted Lady Olive out.

* * * *

Five hours later, Kat found her guys playing a video game in Brody’s room.

“You look nice,” Sean said.

Brody hugged her. “You smell like a flower shop.”

She grinned. “I was plucked, waxed, rubbed and polished. I hope you two took advantage of my absence and sorted out the weirdness.”

“What weirdness?” Sean asked.

Brody shook his head. “You’re still sleeping on the edge of the bed like I’m going to jump you.”

“It’s not you. It’s reality. I haven’t shared a bed regularly with anyone since getting back. The odd hook-up but not with a guy.” Sean shrugged.

“Did you keep the random women at a distance?” Kat asked.

“No, but that’s a girl-only situation.” Sean tossed the controller on the floor. “I don’t think talking is going to fix anything. Consciously, I trust Brody not to grope me.”

“If this doesn’t work out, I’ll always be your friend. I’ll always love you guys, but I won’t ruin your friendship over this.” Kat chewed her lower lip.

BOOK: Kat's Karma
2.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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