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Chapter 3



When I arrived on scene this morning, Mr. O’Malley’s wife had already been called. She came rushing down to the site like a bat out of hell. She cried and screamed demands. She was acting like a raving lunatic. I mean there’s grieving and then there’s Lisa O’Malley. I had some of the other police officers take her to a car and calm her down while I checked out the body.

     Mr. O’Malley was found in his office by an employee around 8 A.M. According to the medical examiner, he had already been dead for 3 hours. I knew from the angle he was positioned and the site of the gunshot wound that he didn’t kill himself. I also noticed faint red marks on his neck. I pointed it out to the medical examiner. He stated that he already had them marked down as preliminary. My gut was telling me he was murdered. I interviewed the employee who found him dead. He was going into Mr. O’Malley’s office to hand in a report when he noticed him lying on the floor. He called the police right away. He was very shaken up. I could tell he was telling the truth.

     I make my way to the wife. She is drinking coffee and yelling at the officers. I couldn’t talk to her while she was acting crazy in the middle of the street.

     “Wilson, take her to the station and put her in an interrogation room. I can’t talk to her down here. She needs to calm down,” I say addressing the rookie cop.

     “Come on Mrs. O’Malley, we’re taking you to the station,” he says to her.

     “You’re arresting me?” she screams in my face.

     “No. I need to speak to you and I refuse to do it here with you acting like a damn lunatic.”

     “I’m calling my lawyer,” she threatens.

     “You don’t need one, unless you think you do. We could do this nicely, but you choose otherwise. You don’t have to go to the station. You can walk away, but I will question you because your husband did in fact die, in case you forgot.”

     “I remember, bitch. I’ll never forget. I want the people who did this held responsible.”

     “Interesting, take her to the station.”

     I sit in my police car running a check on Lisa O’Malley. She is very wealthy and Kieran is her 3
husband. She’s one of those. I need to look into her in more detail later. I need to know everything about her. Who would want to murder Mr. O’Malley? That is the question.

     Uhhh… traffic in this city sucks. I’m driving over to Brendan’s office and it is taking forever. I’m thinking back to the interrogation conversation with Lisa O’Malley and it has me pissed off.

     When I arrived at the station, I had to mentally prepare myself to deal with this woman. She was very angry for some reason.

      Wilson walked up to me. “She’s in room 3. Good Luck with that one.”


     I pushed the door open and she rolled her eyes at me.

     “I saw that.”

     “Good,” she yelled.

     “I see you’re calmer,” I said sarcastically.

     “You have me locked in this dungeon.”

     “I need to find out what happened to your husband and I need your cooperation. I’m not holding you against your will. I told you that.”

     “Instead of questioning me like a criminal, the killer is out there.”

     “Who told you he was killed?”

     “I’m assuming, plus he would never kill himself and leave me.”

     She was still angry. What is her deal? Most widowers would be sad and depressed.

     “Why are you so angry?”

     “I don’t like how I’m being treated. You are acting like I’m the killer. Even at the hotel the cops put me in a police car.”

     “Maybe because you’re acting nuts.” I stood up from the table and opened the door for her. I was not in the mood for this rich bitch today.

    She didn’t walk out the door. “Now, can we move forward? Why was your husband, Mr. Kieran O’Malley at the hotel at 5 A.M.?”

     “He goes to the hotel all hours, day and night, depending if there are issues or not. He was saying something about missing money. He left the house at 3:30 A.M.”

     “So whatever happened, it happened between 3:30 and 5:30 A.M. I’m going to need to verify the last time he was seen alive. I will have to pull video cameras.”

     “I think there are several people who would want him dead,” she said.

     “Oh yeah?”

     “Well, it’s no secret that the hotel and casino were suffering. I’m thinking it could be a banker or investor that may have killed him. Wait, you know he met with these two guys the other day to sell the business. Their names were Brendan and Connor Kirkpatrick.”

     No, this bitch did not go there.

     “And you think one of these men killed your husband. You saw them?”

     “No,” she said with an attitude.

     “What makes you think they killed him?”

     “Why wouldn’t they? They want him dead. They want his business.”

     “Are they threatening you?”


     I stood up and got in her face.

     “Don’t make up stories or taint other people’s name. You can’t just speculate. When you have valid information, call me,” I said handing her my card. “Now, get out of my face.”

     “Soriano, my office now,” Jeremy said pointing down the hall.

     The bitch had the nerve to smirk because either she knew Brendan was my fiancé, she was happy I was in trouble or she thinks she’s free. I had to get the last word.

     “Don’t think I won’t be watching you,” I said slamming the door behind me.

     I walked in Jeremy’s office behind him. “I’m in trouble? That bitch is a nut.”

     “You’re not in trouble. One, I had to get you out of there. You looked like you were going to kill her. Two, I had to make it like you were in trouble.”

     “Thanks. Do you believe she accused Brendan?”

     “Even though she’s probably making shit up, He would normally be a suspect based on his current dealings with the deceased.”

     “He was home in bed all last night and this morning. He has an alibi…me. I actually woke up before him this morning.”

     “What about Connor?”

     “He wouldn’t kill anyone.”

     He looked at me like I was nuts because Connor did fake his own death.

     “He wouldn’t kill anyone, plus he was probably home with Wendy.”

      “Do you want off this case? Is it too personal?”

     “Fuck no. I want to find out who killed Mr. O’Malley. It’s my case.”

     “Why don’t you go home and calm down. Work from home today.”

     “Thanks Jer. I might just do that.”


     I finally pull into the parking lot outside of Kirkpatrick Enterprise. I make the sign of the cross. He is totally going to snap out when he hears what I have to say.

     I walk through the door and greet the receptionist at the front. I walk down the hallway. I peek my head in Jocelyn’s office.

    “Hey mama, what’s going on?”

     “Nothing much, just reviewing menu’s for one of the restaurants.”

     “Fun,” I laugh. “Let me get in his office. I’ll talk to you later.”


     I knock on Brendan’s door.

     “Come in,” he yells.

     “Hey baby.”

     “Come here, my love. I missed you.”

     I walk up and kiss him on the lips. “I had a rough morning.”

     “I bet. I can’t believe this shit about him being murdered.”

      “I had the pleasure of speaking with his bitch wife.”

     “Oh, she’s that bad.”

     “She’s evil. You better sit down.”

     “Why? I don’t like when you say that. It’s never good.”

     “She had the nerve to accuse bankers and investors of killing Mr. O’Malley and then she called out you and Connor personally as murder suspects. I went off on her and Jeremy called me out before I could kill her.”

     “What the fuck, sweetie? Is she serious? She doesn’t even know me. I’m not a killer.”

     “Obviously, you have an alibi. You were home with me. Connor better have one.”

     I don’t need one because I didn’t fucking kill anybody, neither did my brother.”

     “Call the investors and the bank and back out of this now. I’m not asking, I’m telling.”


     “I don’t know what her deal is, but I don’t trust her at all.”

     “How the fuck do I get in these situations?”

     “No, how the fuck do I get involved in

     “Sweetie, from now on, we discuss any potential moves I may make in my business together.”

     “No. I trust you. How could you have known this would happen?  I do need to find out who murdered him. I need to ask you and Connor questions now since she mentioned you.”

     “Anything you need, sweetie. Just ask.”

     “Let’s go home. Jeremy told me to work from home for the rest of the day.”

     “Hmm… Do you get a lunch break because I’ll be hungry around 12 for lunch?” he says winking at me.

     “I’ll be starving by then.”

Chapter 4



     “Come on Dahlin, wake up.”

     “What time is it?” Joella asks groggily.

     “Midnight. You fell asleep at your desk.”


     “Let’s go to bed, tomorrow’s another day.”

     Joella worked so hard on this case all day. She is so dedicated.  She strips off her t-shirt and shorts and falls backwards on the bed. I’m already in my boxers. I love lounging around in them, of course I wait until the staff is gone after dinner. Boxers are so damn comfortable. I get to let my boy hang loose.

     This woman right here has the most amazing body. She turns me the fuck on as soon as I look at her.

     “I have such a long day tomorrow,” she says, as she plays with my ear.

     “You do realize if you keep doing that you will get no sleep tonight.”

     She laughs, “Promise?”

     I pull her into my arms and shove my tongue in her mouth. I massage them together. I could feel my dick growing. She is an instant hard on for me.

     “Do you see what you do to me?”

     “Mmhhmm… you need sex therapy.”

     “How can I get therapy when I live with an enabler?”

     “Oh, it’s my fault.”

     “Yes, when you walk around and sleep in your bra and panties.”

     “Funny, I’m constantly being watched by little Brendan over there. He’s all nosy hanging out of your boxers all the time, but I can start dressing like an Eskimo if you want.”

     “Hell no, I’ll take you just the way you are and who the hell are you calling little? I’ll show you little.”

     I unclasp her bra and slide it off.

     “You don’t need that.”
     “If you say so.”

     I take her nipples into my mouth. I suck them and grasp them between my teeth. I put both of my hands in her hair and pull her into me. I lean forward to her ear and lick it. I whisper,     “Tonight I’m going to make you have as many orgasms as possible.”

     “Brendan,” she moans.

     “You know I love you right.”


     “I’m going to make your body feel wonderful because you’re all mine to do what I want. I want to fuck you so bahd, but I have a different surprise for you. Stay put.”

     I lean down under the bed. I put two bowls under there right before I woke Joella up. One bowl has cold refrigerated grapes and the other bowl has frozen grapes.

     Joella laughs. “What are you doing with grapes when we are about to make love?”

     “You’ll see, lay back and relax.”

     “I don’t know if I should be scared or turned on.”

     “Definitely turned on.”

     I take two cold grapes from the bowl and rub them back and forth over her nipples with the palm of my hands until they break apart and turn to sticky squashed grapes. I repeat the process on her neck, stomach, shoulders, thighs and feet. She is so fucking turned on.

     “Brendan, this is so damn erotic. I’m going to cum just laying here.”

     “You haven’t seen anything yet, sweetie.”

     A moan escapes her lips. I lick up the grape juice that is dripping down her stomach and thighs. I insert my finger into her pussy. She is soaked… perfect… the wetter the better. I take the largest frozen grape from the bunch and place it between my teeth. I spread her legs wide and move her down to the edge of the bed. I am on my knees, on the floor. I am starting out slowly caressing her clit with the frozen grape.

     She screams out loud. “Oh My God…You’re my fucking king.”

     As I move it up and down, I go faster and faster. I’m tormenting her as I insert the grape in and out of her while it’s still between my teeth. I release the grape from my teeth and move it around with my tongue slowly. The taste in my mouth is unreal. Joella is moaning and screaming. Okay, enough of the grapes. What the hell, I ate the grape that is now defrosted from her hot juices. I continue to eat her out literally. She can’t take much more

     “Baby, I’m going to fucking explode.”

     “Let it go. Don’t hold back. I want to stick my dick inside your hot sticky pussy.”

     I think that did it.

     “Fuck me now,” she is screaming as she releases.

     I get up from between her legs and pull my boxers off. I lift her legs over my shoulders. I enter her. She is so sticky, wet and ready to accept me. I thrust in and out. I have her hands intertwined with mine. She is so wild right now. She is grinding herself into my cock as I give it to her nice and hard. She loves every bit of it. She said I need sex therapy… ha. She’s just as bahd as me. I’m about to take her over the cliff.

     “Come on sweetie; let’s knock this one out of the
. I’ll supply the bat and balls.”

     “Fuck. You have a way with words, but they make me so damn hot. Oh Brendannn, I’m cumming,” she yells out.

     I feel the pressure build and out it comes… “Ohhh Baby…take it...ahhhh.”

     We come together and it couldn’t have been more perfect. We fall asleep together in the middle of the night after we do it a couple more times. I can’t wait until this beautiful woman becomes my wife.

BOOK: Locking You (The Boston Kirkpatrick's #2)
8.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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