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Chapter 17



Two weeks have passed and nothing much has happened with the investigation. Yesterday Wilson and I began watching Mrs. O’Malley. She’s been quiet. She hasn’t left the house much. We plan on checking out Mason griffin and Detective Shea as well. I have to go to Philly this weekend for my bridal shower. I have to leave in the middle of the investigation. I hate leaving cases open while I’m out of town. This bridal shower could not have come at an even worse time.

     “I can’t believe you’re getting married in two weeks. Are you excited?” Wilson asks out of the blue.

     “Yes. I love Brendan so much.”

     “He seems cool. I’m happy for you.”

     “Thanks,” I say. He seems genuine. He’s been a really great partner for the short time we have been working together. He has helped me out a lot. I should have solved this case by now, but I feel like I’m going in circles with no real lead. I’m usually pretty good and solve within a month. Something just seems off.

     “Wilson, let’s scope out all parties real hard tonight.”

     “Sure thing. I’m free.”

     “Great, we’ll leave from here. I’ll let Brendan know. We’ll use the stakeout car. Meet me in the back of the station at 6:00.” My phone starts to vibrate. “My mom is calling. I need to take this.”

     Wilson walks away, leaving me to my privacy. My mother is driving me crazy with the wedding plans. I told her everything is taking care of. Because I know about the Bridal Shower, she is calling me with a million questions. Are we buying a new house? What kind of stuff do I need for it?

     “Mom, we have a house.”

     “I think since you are getting married you should start fresh.”

     “Has daddy been talking to Brendan again?”

     “He talked to him last night. They are getting plans together for the golf outing the day before the wedding.”

     “Great. I’ll probably be working.”

     “No you won’t. You’re going to kill yourself with all this damn work,” she yells, probably throwing her hands up in defeat.

     “Ma, it’s my job.”

     “Was that a Boston accent I just heard?”

     “You’re crazy.”

      “You’re turning into them. You don’t even root for the Phillies anymore.”

     “Mom, I’m a Phillies fan. Calm down.”

     “I just miss you.”

     “I’ll be home Friday.”

     “I know. I can’t wait.”

     “Did you talk to Sarah at all?” I ask.

     “Briefly,” she says aggravated.

     “What’s wrong? Why did you say it like that?

     “Her and Gabriel are having issues.”

     “Come on Mom. They probably had a fight.”

     “No, it’s worse than that. He is staying at his brother’s house.”

     “Must be in the air,” I say sarcastically.

     “What? You and Brendan aren’t having issues are you?”

     “No…well not anymore, but Connor and Wendy have been. The kids have been at my house a couple times because of it. I think they are gonna get divorced.”

     “I hate that word.”

     “Well Mom it happens.”

     “I thought they were happy.”

     “People hide shit. Look at Sarah and Gabriel, look at Vinnie and Rachel. You never know.”

     “You shouldn’t be talking this way. You’re getting married in two weeks.”

     “Listen, I love Brendan and Brendan loves me. If we fight, we work it out.”

     “That’s the way it should be. I’m old school,” she says.

     “Did Uncle Donato get the fishing trip together for the guys? He called me and told me he was taking care of everything. He said it was going to be him, Daddy, Brendan, Connor, Brad, Carson and Gabe.”

     “Yeah, Aunt Lottie was talking about it last night. The guys are leaving at like four in the morning on Saturday.”

     “Sounds like fun. We will be there around six O’ Clock Friday night.”

     “Don’t bring any work stuff.”

     “Mom, stop. I’ll talk to you later.”

     “Bye and I mean it.”


     People just really don’t understand the importance of my job. I have so much to do before Friday and I still have to pack. Brendan has a meeting tonight with some investors on a new business venture. I was planning on going over some files tonight, but now that has changed. I hope we discover something new very soon.

     Brendan’s calling my personal phone.  “Hey sexy,” he whispers into the receiver.

     “Hey babe. What’s going on?”

     “Maybe my meeting will cut short and I can come home and make sweet love to you.”

     “The offer sounds appealing, but I’m doing a stakeout tonight with Wilson.”

     “Okay sweetie, I’ll see you when you get home.”

     Strange, very strange. He no longer cares that I’m working with Wilson. I know he trusts me, but he went from insanely jealous to calm peaceful Brendan. I can’t dwell on it…time to hit the paperwork until I leave at six.

Chapter 18



     I disconnect the call with Joella and toss my phone across my desk. It’s killing me that she spends all of her time with Wilson. Besides the fact that I think he has ulterior motives. I just don’t trust him. Cameron has been following them which eased my mind a little bit. I also have Cameron looking into Mrs. O’Malley and all the suspects in the investigation. It won’t hurt to have my own investigation going on. I’m not going to let something happen to the love of my life. I know Joella can handle her job, but no one will look after her like I can. She has no idea. If she knew, we would not be getting married in a week and a half.

     While Joella was in the shower last week, I installed trackers in our cell phones. It’s for our own safety. Cameron suggested it. I think it was a great idea.  If I had directly asked Joella to install it she would have fought me to no end. It’s an invasion of privacy, I know, but she will thank me one day.

     Jocelyn knocks on my door.

     “Hi Joc, come on in.”

     “I cancelled all your meetings for Friday.”

     “Great, thanks.”

     “I can’t believe the wedding is almost here.”

     “I know. It’s exciting. I picked up my tux last night.”

     “I’m really honored that you and Joella asked me to help plan the wedding. It means a lot to me. I’m so proud of you Brendan. Stan would have been too.”

     “You are like a second mother to me, Joc. You were there for me when no one else was.”

     “I’ll always be here for you.”

     “I know that.”

     I’m so lucky to have Jocelyn in my life. She is amazing. She sees the good in everyone. I stop and think…so does Joella. I need to let her do her job.

     I call Brad on the phone. “Hey dude, you ready for that conference call tonight?”

     “Yes, this is going to be huge.”

     “I’m sorry about our plans getting messed up a few weeks back.”

     “That’s okay. We’ll get to see the facility Saturday afternoon after we dock the boat.”

     “Looking forward to working with you, I’m ready for this presentation. Hopefully, we get the bid.”

     “I think we’ll be fine,” Brad says confidently.

     “I hope. I’ll talk to you later tonight.”

     I’m working on this business deal with Joella’s cousin’s husband Bradley Roberts. We are looking to open a mall on a NJ resort island. This is going to be a major investment. If all goes well, we want to franchise across the U.S. This is a great opportunity for both of us.

     I get up from my desk. One person should not have this much stress. I’m getting old.

     “Joc, I’m going to the restaurant in case you’re looking for me. Are you hungry?”

     “No, I ate. Thanks.”

     “Okay, I’ll be back. I’m meeting Connor for lunch.”

     “Have fun.”

     “God only knows what he wants.”

     “Good luck with that one.”

     “Thanks I need it.”

Chapter 19



     “Why is there so much traffic everywhere we go?” I complain while playing with the radio in the car.

     “We should be there in two hours,” Brendan says ignoring my outburst.

     “Great. I hate these things. I don’t like being the center of attention and I don’t like people doting on me. I’m a private person and my family is nosy.”

     “Listen, there’s something I have to tell you. I’m not supposed to but…well I promised I wouldn’t. I just don’t like keeping secrets from you and I feel bad.”

     “What is it?”

     “It’s Connor. I had lunch with him the other day.”

     “And what else is new,” I say being sarcastic.

     “We argued.”

     “What? You didn’t even argue when you found out he was alive after seven years.”

     “He and Wendy are through. She went to Louisiana, took Connor Jr. with her and left him with Callie.”

     “What the fuck?”

     “Yeah, Callie’s driving to Philly with my Ma.”

     “What’s going on?”

     “He cheated on her, but she doesn’t know who it’s with.”

     “Do you know who it is?”

     He’s staring straight ahead and not answering me. That can’t be good.

     “Brendan, who is it?”

     “You sure you want to know?”

     “Very sure.”

     “It’s Sarah.”

     “Sarah who? Wait!! What??? He’s fucking my sister. Are you kidding me?”

     “”Sweetie, you can’t say anything and get how you get.”

     “No wonder Gabe moved out. Is she fucking crazy?” I say ignoring his comment.

     “Well, I think they both are.”

     “My mom has no clue. She was telling me the other day that something was wrong.”

     “I’m fucking livid. How long has this been going on?”

     “A while.”

     “A month, three months, a year.”

     “He goes to Philly on business at least since December. He said no one knows.”

     “Five months. The kids are the ones who fucking suffer.”

     “Don’t say anything.” He pleads.

     “I don’t need to say anything. I’m just gonna kill her.”

     “Let them handle it. Apparently they are in love according to him.”

     “Yeah she loves Gabe too…so she said.”

     “How do I look at her now?”

     “Maybe she’ll tell you now that Gabe left.”

     I sit in silence the rest of the way. I can’t believe my sister ruined her marriage for Connor. She’s an idiot. Gabe was a good guy, so I thought.

     We arrive at six thirty. I’m so exhausted from the ride. My mom is at the door pacing. “You’re late.”

     “We drove from Boston. There’s traffic.”

     “At least you’re safe. I was worried.”

     “Mom, it’s fine. I’m here now.”

     She hugs and kisses Brendan. “The groom.”

     “That’s me,” he says laughing. He thinks my mom is hysterical. I keep my opinions to myself. He doesn’t get calls all day long from her.

     “You’re room is cleaned and ready for you. You can bring the bags upstairs, Brendan.”

     God forbid something is out of place for one minute.

     “Everyone’s in the kitchen,” she says holding me.

     “Who’s everyone?”

     “Sarah, (I roll my eyes) Gia, Rachel and Aunt Lotty. We’re doing the favors for the Bridal Shower. The guys are in the yard playing cards. Grab a beer and some food when you come down.”

     “Thanks. My mom, Aunt Carol, Connor and Callie are about an hour behind us. They are checking in at the hotel before they stop over.”

     “Ah…great, I can’t wait to see them,” my mom says.

    Great, just great. Connor and Sarah in the same room.

     “Hey everyone,” I greet them. Looking at them all together in my mom’s kitchen brings back memories of us growing up together. Gia runs up and gives me a big hug. We were always close. Sarah and Rachel always hung together.

     “Aunt Lotty, you look great. Have you lost weight?”

     “Yeah, I’m on Weight Watchers.”

     “Wow, you look amazing.”

     “Wait until she starts counting her points,” Rachel says with a sarcastic look on her face.

     I laugh. I miss being with my crazy family. Brendan comes down the stairs.

     “Hey ladies,” he says to everyone in the room. My mom already has his plate of food and beer ready. He takes it and heads out to the backyard.

     “Jojo, he’s a hottie,” Aunt Lottie says.

     “Come on…yeah I guess he is.”

     She loses all that weight, now she’s a man eater. Don’t let daddy hear you saying that,” Rachel quips.

     I notice Sarah is being very quiet.

     “Hey sis,” she says as I look over at her.

     “Hey.” She must think I know. Does she realize she’s banging my almost brother-in-law and his wife left him.

     “Mom, can I get some wine? It was a long ride.” I divert my attention.

     About two hours later the doorbell rings. I’m feeling good from the wine. It’s the Kirkpatrick clan. I kiss them all hello and introduce them to the rest of the family. They know my mom and sister obviously.

     “Connor, you remember Sarah,” I say. He’s oblivious as usual.

     “Yes, sure. Um…hi Sarah. It’s nice to see you again.”

     She looks at me. She definitely knows that I know now.

     “Um hi, hi…great to see you.” There’s an awkward silence in the room.  My mom breaks it. Thank God. Connor the guys are all outside. She hands him food and a beer.

     “Excuse us,” Sarah says grabbing my arm and dragging me up the stairs to my bedroom. She shuts the door and locks it.

     “What’s your problem?”

     “What are you talking about? Where’s Gabe?”

     “With his brother.”

     “Is he coming over?”





     “We’re getting divorced.”

     “Why? You love him.”

     “No I don’t.”


     “Stop asking me why.”

     She starts pacing the room.

     “You’re making me dizzy.”

     “It’s the wine.”

     “No, it’s you. Tell me what’s going on.”

     “I love someone else.”


     She looks at a picture of me in my cheerleading uniform from high school.


     “Come on. You can’t be serious. You love him. You do realize you’re both married.”


     “He’s married to a stripper. Has a kid with another stripper who’s in prison. He was presumed dead for seven years. What’s not to love?”

     “We can’t control who we fall for.”

     “He will bang you and leave you. He lives in Boston. You live in Philly. You both have kids.”

     “We love each other.”

     “Do you know how many times I have arrested him?”

     “People misjudge him.”

     “Look, I love him like a brother, but you’re my sister and I will kill him if he hurts you and I guarantee you I’ll throw away the key.”

     “I know what I’m doing.”

     “You don’t, but I will be watching you. You better tell mom soon…”

     “He told Mrs. Kirkpatrick before they left to come here. We’re going to talk about things while he is here this weekend.”

     “Great, now my mother-in-law knows that my sister is banging her son. You better know what you’re doing,” I say as I walk out of the room.

     My sister is a fool, but she is smart. She needs to learn the hard way. I’ll see what happens, but I’m going to be fighting people if she gets hurt.

     “You okay?” my mom asks.

     “Yep. Great.”

     I talk and laugh with everyone for the remainder of the night. I’m not going to let this ruin my time here. I love them both. It will work out.

     As Brendan and I are lying in bed, he puts his arm around me.

     “I love you.”

     “I love you too. Get some sleep. You have to get up early,” I laugh. The roosters will be calling you.

     “Yeah, so do you.”

     “I know except it will be my mother calling.”

     “Sweetie, I know you’re upset about Sarah and Connor, but I know him well and he really loves her a lot. He told me he never felt this way about someone before.”

     “Well he better not fuck with her.”

     “It’s gonna be okay. All you need to know is that I love you and that’s it. Good night Gawgeous.”

     “Good Night, babe.”

BOOK: Locking You (The Boston Kirkpatrick's #2)
12.98Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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