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Chapter 25



     I’m on my way out to meet Cam. I open the door and Wilson is standing at the door. I have a wire on. Hopefully he doesn’t find it.

     “What’s going on?”

     “Joella, I love you. I have for a while. I can’t live without you. I can give you more than that loser you love. You gave me a shot. I thank you for that.”

     Is this guy crazy? Does he think I’m going to proclaim my love for him?

     “I’m on my way out,” I say informing him.

     “To get that asshole.”

     “He’s my fiancé.”

     “He’s going to die tonight. I’m going to kill him like I did Mr. O’Malley. My mom said if I did it, she would eventually get Brendan and I can have you.”

     “What? You killed Mr. O’Malley? You have got to be kidding me. Who is your mother?”

     “Mrs. O’Malley,” he smirks.

     “You little prick. You have been playing me all along.”

     “Well, you’re boyfriend doesn’t want you. He’s saving his ex-wife Jess right now. See….”

     He pulls out his Ipad and Facetimes with Shea. It shows Jess tied to the bed and Shea with a gun on Brendan.

     I gasp. Wilson kisses me for the camera and shuts the Ipad off. It’s the last thing Brendan sees. I push him away. He puts the Ipad down on the table.

     “Get the fuck off of me.”  He throws me against the wall. He tries to rip my shirt off. He’s very large and strong. I try to break away but he pins me.

     “I want you Joella,” he yells.

     “No. You’re mom lied to you. You’ll never have me.” I try to get under his arm. Think. Think hard…

     “Brendan?” He turns and looks like a dumb ass. I run free. He turns to me and says,” Bitch, don’t play with me. You’re going down. He shoots and misses me. My gun is in my bag in the car. I just put it there right before this asshole got here.

     “This time I’ll hit you bitch.” He shoots his gun and at the same time Watson enters.

     “Drop the gun,” Watson commands.


     “I’m giving you one chance.”

     Wilson shoots again. Before he can kill me, Watson shoots him. He falls to the ground in pain. He shot him in the leg. I breathe hard and grab onto the table in the hall.

     “Are you okay?” Watson asks.

     “Yes. I just think it’s a panic attack. I’ve been having them.” I hand Watson the recorder. Two cops take Wilson out in handcuffs. He’s dripping blood everywhere. The house keeper is going to love this. I have to save Brendan. I tell Watson everything.

     “Are you okay to go?”

     “Yes.” I tell him about the tracker and where Brendan is.

     “Come on let’s go. I have a team together.”

     Out we go, hopefully it’s not too late.

Chapter 26



     My heart is racing and I’m going to go off, but I need to keep my cool. I can’t believe that dickhead kissed my woman. That’s the first time I ever saw another man touch my fiancé and I don’t like it one bit. I’m not going to give them the satisfaction of seeing me break under pressure. Shea and Wilson plotted this charade to make me start thinking crazy shit. If I know Joella, that asshole got knocked out as soon as he touched her. I’m really hoping
that Joella has contacted someone to come and save me because I’m going to knock this mother fucker out soon. He doesn’t have me tied up, but he has a gun on me.

     “I don’t think I’m sure of the rules around here. Are we allowed to go to the bathroom?”

     “You can go attended. There’s a bathroom through that door.” He comes up to me. “Stand up.” He walks me to the bathroom holding the gun to my back.

     “What do you want from me? I’m still not sure why I’m here.”

     “When Mrs. O’Malley comes back we can discuss with her.”

     “Um do you mind? I really don’t feel like pulling my dick out and putting you to shame.”

     “You wish. I’ll look up.” He says.

     I can elbow him in the face and take his gun. I turn around and piss on him. He looks down and I punch him in the face. He falls backwards. I take the gun from his hand.
Dumb fuck.

     “Get the fuck in there now.” I instruct. “Sit on the chair. Don’t piss me off any more than you have. I’m a fucking Kirkpatrick and don’t underestimate me.” I tie his arms behind the chair. I pull out my phone to call Joella to tell her that I have Shea and not the others but it’s dead. I go to untie Jess and Mrs. O’Malley comes into the room with Mason.

     “I figured you wouldn’t last too long without attacking someone,” she smirks.

     “Is there a reason why I’m here and why you have Jess tied up?”

     “Everyone here knows I have a crush on you. My sister-in-law was supposed to be a pawn to get you here. Mason isn’t too happy because he knows I want you. Your ex-wife over there still loves you and Don knows it. He has heard conversations of her telling you she loves you. He wanted to kill you but I told him not to. I don’t have any money. Don took it all from me. He’s the boss. He’s in charge of everything. He runs his wife’s life. He pimps her out like a whore and she does what he says so she can hold onto his money. I have you here because I was planning on having your future wife send us money to send you back to her, but I want a piece of you first. Mason and I are planning on running away together but need funds.”

     “So Jess is a ploy and a prostitute basically.  I can’t believe you Jess.” I turn to her. I gave you everything. How could you have done this to me? You should feel guilty every day of your life.” I point the gun at Mason. “Untie her.” He stares at me. “Now,” I scream.  Mason runs over and unties Jess.

     “Brendan, I’m so sorry.” She’s crying. I have always loved you. I was manipulated by Don, but I could never tell you about the stuff he had me do. I was ashamed.”

     “I would have helped you.”

     “You wouldn’t even speak to me.”

     “Jess, do you blame me?”

     “He has a control over me. I can’t leave him. I have nothing to do with any of these crazy ass people and their bullshit. They are nuts. Yeah, I slept with Shea, but that video was recently. They are trying to make it like I’m involved. They found tapes of me and Don and created that video.”

     “Shut up, Jess. You’re lying.” Shea yells.

     “I am not.”

     “I don’t know whose lying but this charade is over.”

     “My brother has more money than he knows what to do with and he refuses to give me a penny,” Lisa O’Malley states. “He was pissed that Kieran was giving my family a bad name. He wanted my son to get rid of him because no one would suspect him, plus he despised his step-father. I’m just trying to live my life. Everything is just a mess and blew up in our faces.”

     “Mrs. O’Malley is acting too sincere. I don’t trust her at all. She definitely has a gun in her purse. She better kill me because she’s not getting a dime of my money ever.”

     Mrs. O’Malley starts coming toward me. She reaches out to grab my hand. “I can leave Mason here and run away with you.” I’m not too much older than you. I know how to make you feel like a man. You mess with all these girls who play games. We can live happily ever after.”

     “You do realize I have a gun and I don’t want you at all.” She steps back a few inches and removes her gun from her purse in desperation. All of a sudden Joella, Watson and about twenty cops storm into the room. Mrs. O’Malley gets scared and accidently pulls the trigger. I immediately feel excruciating pain. I’m shot in the leg. I grab onto the chair and fall down on the ground. Joella runs over to me.

     “Babe, Noo… are you hit?”     

     “It feels like it.” She looks at my leg. She says it looks like I have just been grazed by the bullet. She calls for an ambulance. Watson and the rest of the force are taking everyone out in handcuffs.

     “Sweetie, I think Don is involved too. I found out things about Jess and they made me watch a video. They are all lunatics.”

     “Just worry about your leg. You need to get it checked. I will get to the bottom of this. You will need to tell me everything so I can get this all figured out.”

     “Babe, this is a mess. I could have lost you. I don’t know what I would have done. When Connor told me that you left with Wilson, I had a fear come over me.  I was afraid I was going to lose you. The ambulance is here. They are on their way up.”

     “Sweetie, I’ll be fine. Go to the station and do what you have to do.”

     The pain is piercing, but I don’t want her to worry about me.

     “I’m calling Connor and your Ma to meet you at the hospital. These assholes are going to pay for this whole mess.”

     “I’m sure they have no idea what they got themselves into where you are concerned. And Sweetie…”


     “I’m marrying you Saturday even if it’s from my hospital bed.”

     “You’ll be okay. I promise.”


     “After they give me pain meds.”

Chapter 27



     Talk about a long night. I need some damn sleep.  I wonder why I have anxiety attacks. I never sleep. Now that this mess is over I can finally go back to normal living…well at least until the next big case.

     After seeing Brendan being taken away on the stretcher, I started to see things in a different light. He is such a selfless person. He loves me unconditionally. He understands what I do, but I feel like I let him down somehow.  I went to the station to get down to the nitty gritty of who killed who and who is responsible.

     We put Wilson in an interrogation room and Mrs. O’Malley in another to start with. They are the actual two killers or so we thought. Wilson killed Mr. O’Malley his step-father and Mrs. O’Malley killed Natalie Chestnut. We already had Wilson on tape confessing to Mr. O’Malley’s murder. I had to make her think that her son gave her up. She finally confessed to everything. Most of what she told Brendan was correct about her brother Don. Detective Shea’s story to Brendan was correct as well.  She killed Natalie because she found out who killed Mr. O’Malley and she was also sleeping with Mason. Natalie was aware that they were sleeping together too. Natalie was also having an affair with Dr. Don. Mrs. O’Malley killed Natalie when she started blackmailing her. She threatened to tell the truth about Mr. O’Malley’s death. . She wanted hush money but there was none to give. The only difference was that Wilson did not kill Mr. O’Malley. Mrs. O’Malley killed her own husband. Wilson lied on tape to protect his mother. He was going to take the fall for her, but she confessed the truth. We arrested Dr. Don and charged him with illegal prostitution and a number of other charges. Shea was just an asshole involved in the whole mess. He should just be charged with being a douchebag. Jess really was an innocent bystander just involved in a whole bunch of sex acts. She was just involved in a bad marriage that she couldn’t get out of. Don was living a completely separate life from his wife involving sex, drugs and lots of money.  We will further evaluate her story with a lie detector test.

     I’m just happy to see this whole mess come to an end. I know that Brendan feels bad about what happened to Jess and it really hurt him to see her like that. I can completely understand his feelings knowing what went down when he was in that room and what he found out about their marriage. Sometimes the truth hurts but we must go on and know that we did everything that we could.

     I’m on my way home. I have been here for twelve hours. Our rehearsal dinner was tonight, but we had to cancel it until tomorrow night. It threw a wrench in our plans but Brendan is going to take today to rest. I need sleep as well. My family is going to be arriving today from Philly. I called everyone to let them know the circumstances.

     Brendan got lucky with his injury. The bullet never entered him so he just has a bad cut on his leg. He has to keep it bandaged and they gave him some pain meds but he says he’s not taking them. We shall see. He is able to walk okay. It stings a little bit but he said he can handle it. I’ll know when I get home. He tends to be a big baby at times.

So far the wedding is still on for Saturday after I get about ten hours of sleep.

Chapter 28



          I’m sitting on the chaise in the bridal room at the church. I reflect on what has brought me to this day. I almost lost my life in the line of duty last year and Brendan could have been killed on my watch.  We have been through so much, but the one thing I am certain is that I love him with all my heart. Sometimes in life we have to weigh out our choices that will make us happy. I need to do what’s best for me.

     I hear my dad walk into the room. I don’t raise my head to look at him.  He walks up to me.

     “You look beautiful, darling, but why do you look so sad?”

     “Dad, I’m a failure. I’m a horrible cop, but if I’m not a cop who am I? Can I make Brendan happy…as a wife I mean? I don’t know how to be a wife. I only know how to be a cop.”

     “Sweetheart, Brendan will love you no matter who you are. The same way you learned how to be a cop is the same way you learn to be a wife. You’re gonna make mistakes, but you learn from them and fix them. Marriage is a fifty-fifty thing. You will need to work at it, but as long as you make each other a priority you will make it.”

     “Oh Dad. Thanks. I love you. I have some decisions I need to make.”

     “Hopefully your first one is to walk down that aisle and marry that wonderful man that you have waiting for you.”

     “That’s about the only thing I’m sure of.” He kisses my hand.

     “You make me proud every day. I know I don’t say it, but you do.”

     “It means a lot to hear you say that.”

     “I mean it. I tell your mother all the time.”

     I hug him. “I miss you, dad. Can we get cannoli’s one Sunday when I come back from my honeymoon. I’ll drive to Philly.”

     “For a cannoli?”

     “For you.”

     A tear rolls down his face. We finally had the forgiveness between us that we needed. I put my hand in his arm. “Come on dad, now you get to give me away to that little maniac out there.”

     “There’s no one else in this world I would trust with my baby girl.”

     “Just don’t tell him that, he’ll get a big head.” We both laugh.

      We make our way down the stairs to the first floor. This church is beautiful and I’m honored to receive this special sacrament here in front of all our family and friends. The priest from my church back home, who is a family friend, drove in to perform the service as a guest to the pastor. That of course was my mom’s doing.

     I stand awaiting the doors to open. Everyone has made their way to the front.

     The music starts to play and the ushers, my cousins Jason and Jeffrey from Philly, open the door. Jason winks at me. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker that one.

     I proceed down the aisle with my father at my side. Brendan is standing at the front looking all handsome in a black tux with a silver bow tie and cumberbun. His blue eyes are sparkling. As I look closer, I see a tear come down his face. At that moment, I know that he will love me forever. He wipes his eyes and smiles at me. I smile back. We are about to become one. We make it to the altar. My dad hugs Brendan. He takes my hand and Brendan’s and binds them together. He steps back. The priest asks who gives this woman to this man. And he answers, “Her mother and I do.” He heads back to the pew and I’m left with my groom. I can’t help but stare at him. I came a long way in the past eight years of my life and I don’t think I ever thought I would be here in this moment. I took a chance on a complete stranger who stormed into my life and changed it forever.

     “These two have chosen to recite their own vows for this ceremony,” the priest states. “Brendan you go first,” he whispers.

     Brendan looks into my eyes. “I Brendan Dillon Kirkpatrick, take you as my wife til’ the day I die. I never knew what love was until I met you. You came into my life on a whim, but I can’t imagine living if you’re not a part of it. I can’t promise you perfection, but I can promise you with every fiber of my being that I will try to make your life perfect. I will not let you want for anything. I will take care of you when you are sick. I will never leave your side even if you try to get rid of me. You always tell me money isn’t everything… it’s what’s in the heart that matters. I promise to give you my whole heart and nothing less…forever and always.” He places the ring on my left finger.

     Tears are streaming down my face. I hope I can get through my vows in one piece.

    “I, Joella Carlotta Soriano, take you Brendan to be my husband. I love you so very much. When you came into my life I was broken. I didn’t think I could ever know how to love again. I believe you were sent to heal me. I knew from the first day I met you that you were going to change my life forever. I’m right where I want to be.  I’m not going to say that I can be the perfect wife, but I will try my hardest to love honor and respect you, because after all you have done for me, you deserve that. We may argue and bicker, but there is no one in the world who I would rather do that with than you. I could never live without your beautiful smile every day. I will give you all that I can and promise to love you until my dying day.” I place the ring on his finger.

     The ceremony continues and at the end the priest introduces us as man and wife. “I now present to you Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Kirkpatrick. You may kiss your bride.” Brendan takes me into his arms and gently kisses me on the lips. 

     “I have been waiting to do that all day,” he says.

     “Me too.”

      Everyone in the church starts clapping. 

     “I love you,” I say.

     “I love you too.” He takes my hand and we begin to walk down the aisle to the back of the church. There is a line of people waiting to greet and congratulate us.

     After the ceremony, we make our way to the wedding reception at the
Ballroom on the Bay
. I fell in love with this place when we were looking for venues. They set the place up the way I requested but they just went above and beyond my expectations. The place is twinkling with white lights. It’s like a fairytale wedding. My groom is twirling me around the dance floor as we have our first dance as husband and wife.
Celine Dion’s Because You Loved Me
is playing through the speakers.

     “I love you, Mrs. Kirkpatrick,” Brendan says.

     “I love you too. That has a nice ring to it.” I kiss him on the lips.

     When the song ends I make my way to the bathroom. I run into Watson. He kisses me on the cheek. “You look beautiful. You clean up really nice,” he jokes. “I got you a wedding present, but this particular one is especially for you.” He hands me a small box. “Open it.” I tear open the paper and lift the lid. Tears start to fall. It’s a badge that says Kirkpatrick on it.

     “I’m honored to have a Kirkpatrick stand side by side with me on the front lines.” He says.

     “I’ll take it into consideration.”

     “What do you mean?” he asks concerned.

     “I’m quitting. I need to be with my husband. Maybe I’ll come back eventually, but right now it’s what I need to do. I was going to tell you when I came back from my honeymoon. I haven’t told Brendan yet, so don’t say anything.”

     “I expected this, but not this soon into the marriage. I’m going to miss you. You’re one of the best.”

     “Thanks. I needed to hear that.” Brendan walks up at that moment and shakes Watson’s hand. I show him the badge. He is proud of me, it shows on his face. I now know that I needed to do this even more.

     “Come on wifey, dance with me so I can grab your ass in that sexy wedding gown.”

     “Can’t you even wait until the honeymoon?”

     “I’m your husband, don’t you think you should know me by now.”

     “Yeah, that’s the issue, I know you too well.”

     We join the guests on the dance floor and enjoy the rest of our wedding and the start of our happy life together as one…

BOOK: Locking You (The Boston Kirkpatrick's #2)
3.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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