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Chapter 20



    Talk about roosters. Italian fathers are worse. Tom screams when he talks.

   “Yo Brendan, Pretty boy, get up! Time to go fish”

     I open the door to his bright smiling face.  “It’s early.” I mumble.

     “Come on son, let’s get a move on. Uncle Don’s downstairs.”


     I sleep walk to my bags. I grab my clothes, toothbrush and go into the bathroom. I love fishing on the boat and all but they are killing me with this time. I’m sure fish are out later in the morning. I kiss my fiancé goodbye and wish her luck at her bridal shower today. I head downstairs where all the guys are waiting drinking coffee and eating donuts. My future mother-in-law knows me so well.

     “Let’s roll,” Uncle Don yells out. I stuff the donuts in my mouth.

     I drive down to the Jersey shore with Brad, Connor and Carson. Uncle Don and Tom drive down in Tom’s car. We are driving down to Uncle Don’s shore house and taking his boat out onto the Atlantic Ocean.

     It’s great to just relax and not worry about anything. Joella’s safe with her family. I took her work phone so she doesn’t sit and work the whole time she’s there. Her mother actually made me take it. I guess she would rather I be the bad guy.

     We arrive to our destination an hour and ½ later. We throw our belongings in the house and head out to the boat. Don and Tom go fishing all the time so they are professionals.

     After our fishing trip this afternoon, Brad and I are going to check out our property and the others are going to head back to Philly. This could eventually mean big changes for Joella and I, but for now we’ll just go on as normal.  All I want to do is make Joella happy. Everything I do, I do it for her.

Chapter 21



     The bridal shower is at an elegant venue in South Philadelphia. My mom made sure every aspect was perfect from the center pieces to the food. I know we don’t see eye to eye but I know that she loves me very much. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. She invited my friends from school that I use to hang out with. All of my family is in attendance. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone.

     My sister was actually great the entire day and spoiled me rotten. I apologized for coming down strong on her and she apologized for lying to me. I told her this was ultimately her decision.

     After the bridal shower, we all went back to my parent’s house to play our favorite card game, Phase 10, just like old times. The guys strolled in about seven. They said they stopped at a bar on the way home. Brendan and Brad had a business meeting, so they waited around for them.

     I didn’t realize how much I actually missed Brendan until he walked in the door. Sometimes we take the people we see every day for granted. My heart filled up when I saw him after being away from him the entire day. It was a different feeling than when we go to work and come home. That is just a ritual.

     He kisses me and embraces me in a hug. He doesn’t care who knows how much he loves me. I am so lucky to have found someone as great as him. I think of Rachel and her heartache she had to endure and Sarah’s marriage falling to pieces. I count my blessings every day for my overprotective crazy maniac fiancé. He makes my life all the more interesting. I may be leaving my family again tomorrow morning but I am the safest I can ever be in this man’s arms.

Chapter 22



     Connor asked me to meet him at Hush tonight. He wants to talk about him and Sarah. I hope he didn’t get her pregnant or something. Joella will snap the fuck out. All the lights are out as I walk up to the club. Did he forget that he was meeting me? I turn the knob and the door is open. Is he meditating in the office? What the fuck? I walk in the dark room and all the lights go on and everyone screams surprise. Connor walks up to me and hits me on the back.

     “I got you, didn’t I?’

     “Yeah, what the fuck?”

     “It’s your surprise bachelor party.”

     “Are you crazy? Does Joella know?”

     “Yeah, I told her what was going on.”

     I say hi to all the guys. There are a whole bunch of regulars mixed in the party as well. Connor has everyone in on the surprise. Mike isn’t bartending since he’s a guest at the party. He walks up and shakes my hand. “You’re next,” I say to him.

     I down a shot of Fireball and start on my Yuengling. Connor has a table setup for my whole party by the stage. The girls are coming on at eight. These skanky bitches better not try to dance up on me. I walk over to talk to my boy Discharge.

     “Man, I haven’t seen you in forever. You’re Dj-ing the wedding right?”

     “I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I miss you man. We have to catch up. Maybe play some golf.”

     “Call me.”

     It’s great to see everyone. I spot Patrick at the bar, my best friend who has been my sidekick since I was a kid. We sit at the bar and catch up. We are throwing them back one by one. I actually can feel a buzz already. I don’t usually drink so much but it’s been too long since I hung out with just the guys. These Fireball shots are going down too easy.

     I hang out at the bar for a couple hours with him talking about the past. The liquor is starting to get to me.

     “Pat, I’m going to the bathroom to take a piss. I’ll be right back.”

     I really need some air. I’m not use to drinking like I’m twenty-one. I see Connor on my way to the bathroom. “Dude, you look trashed.”

     “I feel trashed. I drank too much too fast. Liquor doesn’t agree with me anymore.”

     “I need some air. I’ll be right back.”

     “Where you going?”


      “You calling your fiancé?”


     “Yeah, okay.”

     “Whatever dude!”

     I walk outside. The air really doesn’t help because it’s already starting to get muggy out. It’s the beginning of June and the temperatures have already started soaring.  I swear I hear someone calling my name. I look around. I don’t see anyone behind me. I get ready to head back inside when I hear my name again. Wilson, Joella’s rookie partner is walking toward me.

     “Brendan, hey.”

     “Yeah, what can I do for you?”

     “Joella’s in trouble. We were out on a call and she got hurt. She sprained her ankle and went to the hospital. She wanted me to come here to get you. She said you were probably too drunk to drive.”

     “Oh My gawd. You drive. Get me there now. I’ll call her and see if she’s okay.”

    “She doesn’t have her phone. She left it in her police car. I took her right there.”  As I’m getting in the car, Connor comes out looking for me. I scream out to him that I have to go save Joella. Wilson starts the car and we drive toward the hospital. I’m so nervous for her, but everything is spinning. The shots and beer are starting to take effect.

     “Wilson, where are we going? The hospital was back that way. We passed it. Why are we getting on the highway? Where is Joella? What’s going on?”

     He’s not speaking to me at all. I’m about to kick the door open, but I’m on the highway and drunk. I’ll kill myself. All of a sudden I hear a man’s voice from behind me.

     “Don’t speak. Just shut the fuck up!” I turn to look and see who it is and it’s Detective Shea.

     “What am I on an episode of Chips?”

     “I said don’t speak. He’s pointing a gun at me.”

     “Shea come on dude. I’ve known you since you were in diapahs.”

     Wilson is still driving. “Where the fuck is my fiancé?”

     “Don’t know. We don’t want her. We want you. Well someone does. Well I guess Wilson does want her,” Shea rants on.

     “What the fuck are you talking about?”

     We pull up to a mansion. It’s huge. I have no idea what’s in this mansion. Shea walks behind me as I get out of the cah. He has the gun to my back.

     “Just keep walking you little bitch,” He says pushing me up the walkway.

     We enter a dark bedroom. I see Mrs. O’Malley standing there in a black negligee. She looks like she is a seductress. I feel like I’m in a nightmare. I want to laugh because I’m drunk but this shit is scary. To her right is Mason Griffin.  On a bed tied up is Jessica. Tears are coming down her face. They have a scarf in her mouth. I’m so confused and the alcohol is impairing my judgment.  Does she like this sort of thing or is she in danger? I don’t know what move to make. They tell me to sit on a sofa. I do as I’m told because I’m not protected with a gun right now and Shea has this damn thing in my back. Where in the world is fucking Joella?

Chapter 23



     I’m finally relaxing watching a Lifetime movie. Brendan is out tonight. I don’t expect him until late. Connor let me in on the secret that they are throwing him a surprise bachelor party. Most of my family and friends are back at home so I opted not to have one. Jocelyn and Maddy, her daughter and Mike’s fiancé, wanted to take me out, but I decided to relax a little bit. I haven’t felt well and have been having anxiety attacks because the wedding is three days away. I called my doctor and he said it is probably stress. He advised that I relax until Saturday…easier said than done.

     My cell starts vibrating on the sofa. It’s Connor calling. I hope Brendan’s not too drunk already. I’ll probably have to pick him up.

     “What’s wrong?” I answer with an attitude. Something is always wrong when he calls.

     “El…it’s Brendan. He was really drunk. He went outside to get air. I went to see if he was okay and I saw him leaving. He screamed out that he had to go save you.”

     “Where did he go? Who was he with?” I snap.

     “He left with your cop partner.”



     “OMG… Something’s not right. Brendan didn’t trust him and I didn’t listen to him.”

     “You have to save him.”

     “How can I save him, I don’t know where he is?”

     “You have to call Watson and tell him.”

     “I don’t know anything. What can I tell Watson?”

     “Listen, Brendan had Cameron following you and Wilson.”

     “What? I told him not to. What the fuck was he thinking? He seriously doesn’t trust me.”

     “Joella, he loves you and will do anything for you. I think he’s going to be in trouble. He was really drunk. Call Cam. He may have info. I’ll stay here in case he returns. His truck is in the lot here.”

     “I have to go. If Wilson is involved with them, they are killers. I need to call Watson after I call Cam.”

     I hang up with Connor. My hands are shaking. My worst fear is coming true that these people get to Brendan and I can’t save him.

     I call Cameron first. If he’s tracking Wilson, he may know something.  He answers first ring.

     “Cam, its Joella. I just got a call from Connor. Brendan left with Wilson thinking something happened to me. He thinks he’s going to save me. Apparently he’s obliviated.”

     “Oh Dear God. Joella we can find him if he has his cell phone on him. Don’t call his cell phone. We don’t want them to know we are onto them. Follow my instructions carefully. You have to trust me. Call your boss. We are going to need backup. Brendan installed a tracking app in your cell phones a few weeks ago. I advised it. He said he didn’t trust this Wilson guy.”

     “He’s been tracking me?”

     “Focus. I know you’re pissed but right now it’s a good thing. Yell at him when we save his drunk ass.”

     As much as I love him right now, I could fucking punch him.

     “Call Watson and inform him of what’s happening,” Cameron instructed.

      I seriously am going to have a nervous breakdown tonight...so much for relaxation. I have to save the fucking man I love and bring him home in one piece to marry me in three days.

Chapter 24



     I open my eyes to darkness. Where the fuck am I? I must have passed out. I look around. I’m in the same room that those piece of shit dickheads Wilson and Shea brought me into earlier. I focus my eyes and I can still see Jess tied up. Maybe I can free her and we can get out. I was still married to her before and I don’t want to see anything bad happen to her. I try to get up. I’m a little dizzy.

     “Don’t think of even trying anything.”

     “Shea, why are you holding me here like some kind of prison guard? I need to go see where Joella is. Where are the others?”

     Well let’s see Mrs. O’Malley and Mason are probably banging in the west wing. This is their secret lover location. Wilson went to go feed Joella lies to get her into bed.”

     I could just punch this fucker’s lights out and leave, but maybe I can get some more information out of him. He’s a fucking tool bag who has no common sense. I know Joella would never betray me and I know she is probably on this right now. I also have to think smart. He is armed and I am not. I don’t want to risk my life and never see my sweetie again. Also, if I try to make a move he may harm Jess. I’m going to start with the questions.

     “Why do you have Jess tied up?”

     “She likes it. We do this all the time. She’s my sex slave. See what you were married to.” Shea says glaring at Jess’s naked body.

     Tears are falling down Jess’s face.

     “I doubt that,” I say. I don’t know what to believe at this point.  He stands up and points his gun at me.

     “Take a seat in that chair.”

     “Fuck you…no.”

     “Oh yes. You want to see this.” He turns the television screen on.

     “This doesn’t mean shit. You could have forced her.”

     On the screen Jess is blowing Shea and getting banged by Don, her husband, from behind.

     “Check out the date on the bottom of the screen.”

     My heart sinks. I can’t handle this. I knew Jess was cheating, but I don’t want to see it first-hand. The screen flips to Jess kissing a girl and Don watching. It flips again to Jess riding Mr. O’Malley, then Jess having sex with Shea the night that Joella and I went out with Connor and Wendy.  Lastly, Jess with Wilson just yesterday.  I have seen enough I am going to be sick. I look over at her and she is crying hysterically. I don’t know what to think. I know she cheated on me, but she is leading a double life.

     “I am not married to her anymore. What does this have to do with me? She can fuck whoever she wants to.”

     “You have no clue do you.


     “Mrs. O’Malley wants you. She has wanted you since she found out about you years ago. Don is her brother. She made him take Jess from you, so that she could have you. She never made her move because of financial reasons and the fact that she ended up sleeping with Mason. When the casino started going down she started planting in Connors ear for you to buy the casino so she could get close to you but Mason stepped in. She has been sleeping with him for years. He told her he loved her and didn’t want you or anyone in the picture. They plotted to get rid of everyone one by one. She was going to share the money with him. It was too late you had already signed the papers to buy the casino. They needed to get rid of Mr. O’Malley so that Mrs. O’Malley could get the money from the casino. Natalie Chestnut overheard them talking about all of this. Mason was sleeping with her too. Mrs. O’Malley offed her in a fit of rage when she found out. Natalie had tried to blackmail her.”

     “Did she kill Mr. O’Malley too?”


     “Who did?”

     “I can’t say anymore. You know too much.”

BOOK: Locking You (The Boston Kirkpatrick's #2)
9.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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