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     I grab onto her hips and push my dick all the way in, speeding up as she tells me to go faster. My heart is pumping. This is one of my favorite positions. I mean come on, I’m a guy. Who doesn’t love it doggy style. I’m about to blow my load any minute. I’m not your normal guy. If I cum, I can be ready again within seconds. It’s like I have an IV of Viagra in my arm. I’m joking, but I’m a horny bastard. I feel the pressure build in my balls. Joella is ready. I grab her hips tighter. “Fuck, gawgeous, you like when my dick is hard…only for you.”

     “Yeah baby.”

     “You’re so fucking hawt. Aaaaah Oh Gawd,” I yell out.

     “Brendan, fuck me harder,” she screams as she pushes back into my dick.

     We both cum together and collapse on the floor.

     “I love you sweetie. Let’s not fight anymore. I promise I’ll try to contain my jealousy.”

     “Thanks babe, me too.”

     My phone starts ringing. I can tell who it is by the ring tone…
Bon Jovi’s -Wanted Dead or Alive.
Damn Connor. What the hell does he want? One night when we were drunk and fucking with each other, I downloaded the song and added it to his contact listing in my phone. It just stuck from then on.

     “Every time I hear the song I feel like he’s in trouble,” Joella laughs.

     We both start laughing as we lie on the cold hardwood floors.

     “I’ll call the fucka back,” I say trying to get up.

     “I’m going to go work in my office”

     “Okay,” I kiss her on the mouth and smack her ass. “I’ll meet you downstairs.”

     “Sounds like a plan.” She puts her clothes on and leaves the room.

     I grab my phone and dial Connor. He answers the phone. “Dickhead”

     “What up fucka? You called me?”

     “What ya doing tonight?”

     “Nothing yet.”

     “You want to go to that new karaoke club…Tune It Up.”

     “Are you nuts? I can’t sing plus you suck.”

     “It’ll be fun. The four of us can go.”

     “Who has the kids?”

     “Ma said she’ll babysit.”

     “I’ll talk to Joella and see if she wants to go. If she says yes, I’ll just text you yes and we can meet at 8:00 tonight.”

     “Sounds good Bro.”

     “Talk to you later.

Chapter 11



     “Babe, did you move my gun?”



     “Because we are going out for a night on the town. You’ll be drinking and off duty.”

     “No, no. I need it. You never know. Especially since the killer hasn’t been caught.”

     “What are you saying?”

     “Just…Well…You never know.”


     I hesitate to answer him. I think about this in my head over and over.

     “What if they want to kill you?”

     “Why would anyone want to do that?” He says smiling all cute.

     “Sorry to burst your ego, but yeah they would. You were going to buy the property. Two people on said property are dead. You’ve already been accused of murder…and…if the murderer is Mrs. O’Malley, she hates me, which means I could be next as well.”

     “Sweetie, this is serious.”

     “Exactly. Anybody could be following us.”

     “You’re paranoid.”

     “I’m a detective. I’m supposed to be paranoid.”

     “We’re not leaving the house.”

     “I put
in prison
. I
refuse to be there.”

      This is the reason why I didn’t want to tell him what I have been feeling. He will overreact. I’ll be walking down the street with disguises on, bodyguards and secret service if he can help it.

     After the shooting, he literally wouldn’t let me out of the house by myself. I just feel safer having my gun.

     “I’m calling Cameron.”

     “Come on, why?”

     “You need protection.”

     “What about you?”

     “I’ll be fine.”

     “Oh Yeah!! There goes my superman. NO CAMERON!! He stalked me before and it was miserable. I refuse to go through it again. If you just texted him, tell him to forget it.”

     “He’s a professional.”

     “He’s an asshole.”

     “Babe, let’s just go out and forget I brought anything up. Just give me my gun back.”

     “I don’t like you drinking and having a gun in your possession.”

     I look at him trying not to laugh. “You scared I’m going to shoot your ass when you get out of line.”

     “You would never.”

     “Don’t tempt me. You better be on your best behavior.”

     “Yes, mommy.”

     I roll my eyes at him and finish applying my lip-gloss. He comes up behind me and puts his arm around my waist.

     “You look beautiful. I want you to have fun.”

     “Aww thanks. As long as I’m with you, I’ll have a blast.”

     He kisses my neck and lifts my skirt. “Brendan, we’ll never make it.”

     “Just a little teaser to let you know what you’re in store for later.”

     He puts his hand in my panties and starts stroking my clit with his finger. It feels amazing, but I have to stop him. We are running late and need to meet Connor and Wendy.

     “Alright stud, as much as I want this, we have to go.”

     “At some point tonight, I shall finish what I started.”

     “No shit, let’s go.” He kisses me on the lips and we exit the bedroom. I check my hair in the hall mirror once more. After changing a million times, I decide on a black mini skirt and a tan shirt that falls off my shoulders…cream high heels to match.

     “You look hot, sweetie. I’ll have to keep you in my sights.”

     “Oh yeah, I’m gonna walk away and leave you.”

     “I’m just saying. All the guys are gonna want you”

     “You act like women don’t try to throw themselves at you.”

     “No, they don’t jealousy. Let’s go.”

     We get into my Lexus SUV. Brendan drives. The club is like fifteen minutes away, but with traffic it could take a while. We are headed to Canal Street. We may end up bar hopping, but they want to try out this new karaoke bar first.

     “Connor said he’ll be at the bah. You got your ID?”

     “Of course.”

     “Well that bag can’t hold much.”

     “Never underestimate Louie. He holds plenty.”

     We park the car in a lot. Brendan grabs my hand and we cross the street. It’s the sweet little gestures that he does that make my heart flutter. The bars are really crowded tonight. Brendan ends up knowing the door guy…what else is new. The guy named Doug, as Brendan called him, lets us right in. We spot Connor at the bar. We make our way through the crowd. Did this place ever hear of something called a fire code? Do I have to call Jim down at the fire station? Come on! We finally reach Connor and Wendy. We greet them and head to the table that Connor reserved for us near the stage.

     I haven’t seen Wendy in a while. We have become really great friends this past year. She will be my sister-in-law, which I can’t wait for. She is a bridesmaid in my wedding. Well, we actually have a whole carnival full of people in our wedding. Connor is the best man. My sister, Sarah, is the matron of honor. Wendy’s walking with “Sober Billy” as we now refer to him as. My cousin Gia is walking with Brendan’s best friend Patrick and My cousin Rachel is walking with Mike the bartender from Hush. Should be a fun wedding.

     As we sit at our table, the waitress comes to take our drink order.

     “I’ll take a
Grey Goose
and Cranberry and keep them coming” I say. It’s been a long two days.

     “You can say that again,” Connor chimes in.

     Brendan and Connor ordered Lagers and shots of Patrone. Wendy orders a
Strawberry Daiquiri

     “Tell your brother that you drove me home last night. He thinks my rookie cop drove me home.”

     “Oh, the one who only has eyes for you,” Connor laughs.

     “Gee thanks for the help.”

     “See, I know I’m not crazy,” Brendan says gritting his teeth.

     “Sorry I brought it up.” I roll my eyes.

     “Thanks for helping me out last night, Joella,” Connor says.

     “No problem. I know you’re innocent. I just wish I knew who did it.”

     “It will come out eventually,” Wendy responds.

     I think there’s just so much I’m missing. The waitress comes back with our drinks. She’s smiling at Brendan and Connor like me and Wendy aren’t sitting here.

     “We’ll take our drinks, thanks.” I give her a nasty smirk. The nerve of these damn women. Brendan does look hot tonight. I can’t blame her, but he’s all mine. I put my hand on his and kiss his cheek. “You’re so cute.”

     “What??? A compliment. And you didn’t even start drinking yet.”


     “Yeah Joella, I’m scared of you,” Connor jokes.

     “Little ole me,” I say batting me eyes.

     “Bren, you should have seen her last night going at it with Shea.”

     “How do you know?”

     “You never shut the door all the way, and I wasn’t going to be polite and get up and shut it.”

     “He’s an asshole.”

     “Yes he is.”

     A guy came up on the speakers saying that karaoke would be starting soon. I love watching people making asses out of themselves. I down my Grey Goose and call the bitch over to bring me another one. The drinks and conversation are flowing. An hour later, I definitely now have a buzz. I’m not sure how many vodkas I had but I am starting to see double.

     “I want to sing,” I blurt out.

     Wendy starts laughing at me. “Girl, you’re gonna fall up the steps.”

     “I’ll be fine.” I’m totally lying. I can feel the vodka going to my head, but I must say I feel good.

     I get up to go to the DJ’s table to check out his songs but I see Shea walk in…with Jessica. What the fuck? They are coming closer to us. God, I hope they don’t see us. Wrong again. Jessica spots her obsession, Brendan and heads straight toward us…Shea in tow.

     Shea opens his big mouth as usual. “Well, if it isn’t the dancing detective and her delinquents. Shouldn’t you be in prison or something,” he says addressing Colin.

     “Watch it Shea. You’re treading on thin ice,” Brendan warns him.

     Before Shea could respond, Jessica interrupts. “It’s great to see you, Brennie. You look good.”

     “Thanks, it’s because I’m happy,” he says grabbing my hand.

     Jessica eyes me up and down.

     “How’s Dr. Don?” Colin asks Jessica. “It’s funny because he delivered me when I was born and now he’s your husband.”

     “Connor, why don’t you just go kill yourself again.” She yells giving him a dirty look.

     “No, he just likes killing other people.” Shea chimes in.

     “Enough Shea or I’m arresting you for deformation of character.”

     “You’re off duty.”

     “I’ll call Wilson.”

     “Who? Your boy toy.”

     I can see Brendan shifting in his seat. Shea knows what he’s doing. There’s talk about Brendan’s hissy fit at the station, I’m sure.

     “Whatever you want to call him, he’s about to get called.”

     “Relax, Joella. I’m just having a little fun.”

     “I’m sure, asshole. Walk along and bring Dolly with you.”

     Wendy laughs so hard, she has whipped cream all over her face from the daiquiri. Connor licks it off.

     “Whatever, bitch,” Jess snaps.

     “The drunker I get, the bigger her boobs get,” I shout. “I’m singing. That bitch isn’t ruining my fun.”

     “Oh Lawd,” Brendan says.

     “Go El, Go El,” Connor chants as I get up from my chair.

     “Connor, please don’t encourage her. She’s piss drunk and Jess is here. That isn’t a good combination.”

     “I’m still heeeeereee.” I announce.

     “I know. I love you, sweetie.”

     “I loooove you, babe,” I say tapping Brendan’s nose with my finger.

     I get up and go toward the DJ. “Hey, Mr. DJ! What do you have that I can sing to get my fiancés ex-wife pissed?”

     “Hmm.. I got the perfect song.” He hands me the microphone and I take it. The music starts to play. I speak into the microphone. “This song goes out to a very special person in my life. My fiancé Brendan. I love you babe. I start belting out the lyrics to
Salt and Peppa’s
Whatta Man
. He is cracking up especially when I sing the part about being open like seven eleven. The crowd is cheering me on and Connor is waving his arms in the air like he’s at a concert. I catch Jess’s eye and she looks like she wants to kill me. Seriously, if looks could kill, I’d be dead. My song is almost over and I see her get up from her seat and make her way to the DJ.

     When I’m done I pass her to go back to my seat. I can’t wait to see what she has in store. She mumbles
under her breath. She is about to get drop kicked.

     She walks up to the mic and the music starts playing. She says, “ This song is dedicated to my ex-husband, Brendan. I’ll always love you.”

     I’m ready to pull her off the stage by her hair. Brendan sees that I’m ready to get back up on stage. He grabs my arm.

     “Don’t let her get to you.”

     I wait to see what she’s about to sing. She starts singing
I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi.
Really? Is she fucking serious right now. Sorry Brennie! She’s going down.

     “Oh hell no,” I say to the DJ. “Cut that shit off now and play this song right now.”

     He’s laughing so hard at me. Where’s damn Discharge when I need him? “Listen, play it. She’s not going to disrespect me and my fiancé.”

     “You sure about this?”

     “Yes,” I yell at him.

     He cuts her song off mid-sentence and she gives him a nasty look. He shrugs his shoulders and points to me. That’s right bitch. I shut that shit down. I did threaten him by saying that I was going to put him in jail. I was clearly joking. My new song starts playing. Jess looks livid.
The Boy is Mine
Brandy and Monica
blasts over the speaker. I start singing the lyrics in her face. She walks off the stage and heads toward Shea. He gets up and she’s throwing her hands up in the air. I don’t know what she’s saying, but they leave. BYE BYE,  JESS. Everyone is clapping and cheering. The place is a mad house. She made herself look like a bitch. I know it isn’t over, but I will fight for my man. She better back the fuck up.

     The night progresses and Wendy and I are intoxicated. Connor and Brendan took it easy because they have to drive. At one point Wendy and I did a nice rendition of a
New Kids on the Block
Mash-up. Connor got up and sang
Wanted Dead or Alive.
Brendan couldn’t contain his laughter. Then he decides to hit the stage and dedicate a song to me. Our song which is
Amazed by Lonestar.
I am balling my eyes out. I’m sure I’m at the crying blues stage of drunkenness right now.
     By one A.M. we finally call it a night. Brendan has to practically carry me out of the bar. I don’t normally go out,  but when I do, I like to give it my all.

BOOK: Locking You (The Boston Kirkpatrick's #2)
5.52Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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