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Chapter 14



     I throw on my shirt and leave the house. I jump in my black Lexus and take off. I am fuming right now. I stay home to take care of her and first chance she gets, she runs off with the rookie. I understand it’s about work, but how about she takes her fiancé into consideration. Ya know the one who puts her before everyone else. Yes, I’m upset about this Wilson guy, but I’m also upset that she continuously puts her life in danger. No one’s looking out for her back at all. I can’t depend on an inexperienced cop to do it and the police station sucks. I need to take matters into my own hands. I pull out my cell and make a call.

     “Cam, what’s good?”

     “Nothing man, what’s going on?”

     “Listen, are you busy?”

     “No, I’m not.” Cameron always makes himself available for me. I pay him very well, plus he’s very dedicated to getting the job done.

     “I need you for a while, but it’s discreet. Joella can’t know about this. She will freak out. She’s working on a case. It’s dangerous. I’m worried out of my mind when she leaves the house. I need you to watch out for her, but not get caught. She has a rookie cop, Chase Wilson, he has been working with her. Can you look into him too?”

     “Will do. You know she hates me right.”

     “She does not. She loves everyone,” I say sarcastically.  “You just piss her off because she can’t control you and you don’t take her shit. Plus, I’m the one she’s gonna come after if she finds out.”

     “Where’s she at now?”

     “Spankers Gentleman Club.”

     “Ooh the perks of working for you. Should I stop at the bank before I go?”

     “Shut up. Cam, she’s my world. Make sure she’s okay. I trust you.”

     “I know you do. I won’t let you down.”

     “Thanks. I’ll talk to you later.”

     I hope she understands that I am doing this for us. I turned my back on her for a few minutes before and she was shot. I’m not going to let that happen again. I’ve been contemplating getting a tracker put in our phones for safety reasons. After her comment last night, I’m a little concerned. She thinks people may want to harm us.

     I don’t want anything to do with this casino. I want to back out. I had already signed some papers prior to the incident with O’Malley. Now with his demise, everything’s on hold because Mrs. O’Malley has to make decisions. In her mind, she probably thinks I want to take this casino away from her. Remind me never to listen to Connor again.

     When Joella came into the room, I was thinking about how much I miss us. Between this case and our jealousies of Wilson and Jessica, there is so much in our way anymore. We really need to go to New Jersey tomorrow night, but it’s not looking good. We need this time together.

     I’m on my way to see Billy about the kitchen staff. Maybe a visit from me will put it into perspective for them.

     When I walk into the restaurant wearing Nike basketball shorts, running sneakers, a black sleeveless shirt and a black fitted Nike hat they all look taken aback. I have never been to the restaurant in anything other than a suit. Billy’s at the front desk. He’s eyeing me up and down with a smirk on his face. I’m glad he’s amused.

     “Damn cuz, when I said come right over, I didn’t mean come from the gym.”

     “I’m not in the mood right now.”

     “Well you’re in a perfect mood to deal with the damn staff. I had enough and I’m about to go back there and start yelling at them.”

     “Alright, let’s go.”

     “Can they take you serious in that outfit?”

     “They better because the way I feel right now I’ll clean house.”

     When I walk in the kitchen, Peter the chef is sitting on his phone in the corner. It is five O’clock…Prime time for dinner. I’m pissed off to begin with and he looks shocked to see me. He disconnects the call.

     “How many times have you been told about the phone? Why is this kitchen a mess?”

     He doesn’t reply.

     “You’re outta here. You’re suspended for a week. Just go home.”

     “You’re firing me?”

     “For a week. Think about how bahd you want this job.”

     Peter storms out of the kitchen. I address the rest of the staff. “If anyone wants to join him, feel free to do what you want. This is a business not a hangout.”

     Billy pulled me aside. “Are you crazy? We have no chef and dinner is being served.”

     “Grab a pan!”

     “What?” he asks looking confused.

     “We’re cooking right now until I can find someone else. Let me see if I can get Marco in here.”

     “Your personal chef?”

     “Yep. I’ll be right back.”

     I go to the office to call Marco. I leave him a voicemail. Hopefully he calls me back. It looks like Billy and I are going to be getting down and dirty in the kitchen tonight. I’m actually a really good cook. I took cooking courses while I was in college.

     As I’m walking back to the kitchen, I see Macklin Carney, the investor and Grant Raymond, the banker sitting in the dining room having dinner. Shit! I’m in street clothes. This is why I never leave my house underdressed. You never know who’s gonna pop up. I try to get by without them seeing me. Too late.

     “Brendan, how are you?” Macklin asks.

     “Great. Busy. I’m having some kitchen issues that I’m dealing with, so I came down quickly…hence the clothing.”

     “I’ve been trying to reach you.”

     “I have a lot going on with the businesses and the wedding.”

     “I just wanted to let you know that we are still waiting on Mrs. O’Malley. Once we know what’s going on, we can set up a meeting with you.

     “Great, sounds like a plan. How is everything so far?”

     “It’s really good! Thanks for recommending it.”

     “No problem. I’ll tell Jamie your waitress to comp your check. It’s on me. Enjoy. I have to run and take care of some things.”

     “Thanks so much. We’ll be in touch. Talk to you soon.”

     There are a number of things going through my head right now. For one, why are they eating here out of all the restaurants in Boston? I mean I did tell them to stop by anytime…but still. I am suspicious of everyone involved at this point. Two, I need to call Reggie, my lawyer, and find out how I can get out of this mess. He needs to review my papers.

     Billy is in the kitchen frying chicken cutlets for the Chicken Parmesan order that he has. I grab a pan and start making a flounder order. It looks like it’s going to be a long night, but at least I won’t be thinking of my issues at home. I miss my woman so much, but I have other things to worry about now.


If she can put all her focus on work, so can I.

Chapter 15



I texted Gia to let her know that we wouldn’t be able to make the trip this weekend. I’m upset about it, but I really need to work on this case. She was very understanding and said she would see me in two weeks at my bridal shower.  I need this trip back home to see my family and friends. God only knows who my mother invited, especially since my Aunt Carlotta is helping her plan it. I have a big Italian family and they are all nuts.

     I’m driving back to my house and of course traffic is busy. It’s been a long day. The alcohol last night kicked my ass. I keep putting out of my head how mad Brendan was. We will get through this. I hope. Once I solve this case everything should ease up.

     Wilson and I were able to get some information from the owner of the club. We showed him pictures of Mr. and Mrs. O’Malley, Mason Griffin, Detective Shea, Natalie Chestnut and hell, even Jessica. He said they all are frequent visitors except for Jessica. He never saw her before, but if she needs a job, she can contact him. Uh yeah…because she looks like a damn stripper. I have to keep my report on my personal computer for now because Shea is involved. I don’t want him to find out I’m investigating him. I somehow have to break it to Captain Watson. I told Wilson to keep his mouth shut. I’m sure he will. I’m thinking we need to start watching their every move, tap phones, whatever it takes. It’s time to take some action before someone else loses a life.

     The house is dark as I pull up. I wonder where Brendan is. He hasn’t called me which is odd for him. He usually calls to let me know where he is. I open the door and turn on the hall light. He’s apparently not home. I call his cell to make sure everything is okay. I get his voicemail.

     “Babe, it’s me. I just got home and you’re not here. I haven’t heard from you and I’m worried. I hope you’re okay. Call me.”

     I check upstairs to see if he’s asleep. Nothing. I slip into Brendan’s Celtic’s t-shirt. It’s so comfortable. It swims on me, so I wear it as a nightshirt. I can’t help but wonder where he could be.

     I head to my office to type some notes. My office is in the front of the house on the third floor. Sometimes it’s disturbing because of the car traffic outside.

     I miss Brendan so much. Even though I physically see him every day, there’s just so much tension between us.

     I hear the car door slam. I know it’s him. He’s so loud. I go downstairs to open the door thinking maybe he was drinking. He’s already halfway in the hallway.

     “Hey babe, I heard your car door. I was in my office. Why the hell do you smell horrible?”

     “Listen, I had a long day and night and I’m not in the mood. You want to start with someone go call one of your police friends.”

     He walks past me to the stairs.

     “I’m getting a fucking shower,” he mumbles.

     “I don’t know who you’re mad at, but you better lose your attitude.” He ignores me and just keeps going up the stairs. This infuriates me and he knows it. I follow behind him to the bedroom. He goes into the bathroom and slams the door. You know what? Fuck him. I grab my pillow and a spare blanket and go to my office. I’ll sleep on the pull out sofa in there. I can’t take this coldness from him. I deal with enough assholes every day. I don’t need it in my own home. Brendan Kirkpatrick can kiss my ass because I’m done.

Chapter 16



     When I walk in the door and see Joella, I just think of earlier and get in a bad mood. I figure if she sees how pissed I am, she will realize the impact she is making on our relationship. I storm up the steps and she follows behind me, so I go in the bathroom and slam the door. I know I’m being a dick, but it’s necessary at the moment.

     I strip down to nothing and grab my cock in my hand. Who would have thought that being angry would make me hard? Who am I kidding? I’m always hard and ready to go.  When I go back out there we need to talk things through and then I’ll make love to her all night long. I think I made her suffer long enough.

     I shower quickly and brush my teeth. I wrap a towel around my waist. I didn’t even grab new boxers before I came into the bathroom. Hmmm I won’t need them.

     As I open the door, I say, “I think we need to talk about all of this.” She is nowhere in sight.  Okay maybe I did take things too far, but she has to realize that I’m a person with feelings. I will go to the moon and back for her but she needs to start respecting my feelings. She’s definitely in her office.

     I throw on a pair of boxers and my cell phone starts to ring. It’s Cameron. I have to answer it.

     “Hey cam, what’s up?”

     “Nothing much.”

     “What ya got for me?”

     “Well…Joella was where she said she was after Spankers. She went to the police station then home.”

     “Great, what about rookie?”

     “He was with her. I tried to get background information. I’m coming up small. I couldn’t get parental or family history but I got schooling etc. Up until the police academy, he was a slacker. He was fired from Game Stop for coming in late every day. His address comes up as a P.O. box.” Cameron explains.

     “Joella thinks the world of this guy.”

     “Maybe being an officer was his calling in life.”

     “Yeah…I doubt it. Get some more info if you can. Thanks for your help. ” I say.
     “Anytime,” he says disconnecting the line.

     I don’t trust this Wilson guy. There was something in his eyes that I didn’t like. Oh well.

     I tiptoe up the stairs to the third floor. I don’t want Joella to hear me coming. The door is shut when I reach it. I turn the knob and it’s locked. Oh hell no. I’m getting in.

     “Joella, open the door,” I call out.

     “No, go away,” she yells.

     “Open up. I want to talk to you.”

     “No, I’m done with you, Kirkpatrick.”

     It stung. It hurt o hear her call me by my last name and not babe or even Brendan.

     “I’m sorry. Let’s talk this through. I don’t want to go to bed mad.”

     “Well I’m mad and I’m going to bed.”

     “Okay, well I’m going to break the door down.”

     I go to throw all my weight into the door and she opens it on the other end. I go flying into the room and land on the ground. Joella starts laughing hysterically. She’s actually doubled over laughing. That’s one way to break the ice.

      She composes herself. “You deserve that.”

     “You think that was funny?” I pull her down on the ground with me and start tickling her. “You like to laugh right?”

     “Brendan, stop!” she screams unable to contain her laughter.

     Finally I hug her. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I had a long day and night. I know you have to work. I won’t interfere any longer.”

     “Really, that’s not like you.”

     “I won’t, that’s the truth.” I don’t have to any longer because I already have Cam checking the situation out and watching her. I know it’s a shitty thing to do, but I’m not going to let anything happen to her.  She’ll thank me for this one day.

     “I love you. I get upset because I don’t want to see anyone taking advantage of you. And yes, I’m jealous…very fucking jealous because you are mine. I don’t need a wedding to make that official. You have been mine since the first day you knocked on my door.”

     “And boy did you give me all of you.”

     “So funny…”

     “I love you too, babe. I need to put you first in my life. I’m working hard so that I can keep you safe. That’s my main goal. I think there are many people involved you know you or of you. I need to figure this out because if something happens to you, they won’t live to tell the tale.”

     “Aww you do love me?”

     “Yes, you jerk. Now can you give me some because it’s been way too long.”

      “You don’t have to ask me twice.”

     I get off the ground and pick her up. I move into her and lick her ear. I run my fingers through her hair. I pull her face to mine and shove my tongue deep inside of her mouth. I glide my hands down her back and firmly grab her ass under my t-shirt that she has on. I slip my 2 fingers inside her silk panties and play with her pussy. She’s wet.

     “I see I still turn you on.”

     “Even when I want to punch your lights out,” she moans.

     I remove my hand and pull the shirt over her head. I want to devour her breasts but I’d rather taste her right now. I have missed her I suck both breasts to tease her.

     “I want you on the desk right now. I’m hungry for you. I plop her on the desk and I remove everything out of site and throw it on the floor. I pull her panties down with my mouth to her ankles and remove them. I take off her shoes. I can see her pussy from here and it looks delicious. I lick from her toes to her thighs. I lick around her clit…torturing her. I insert my tongue deep inside of her. Her hands are in my hair. She is crazy wild right now. She’s moaning out my name right now.

     I want to show her my love, my soul. I know that sounds corny, but my feelings are so overwhelming sometimes. When we argue, I feel so lost. I stop sucking her. “Come here, gawgeous.” I grip her hips and pull her off the desk. I take off my boxers and lay her on the sofa bed. I take off my boxers and run my fingers up and down her sides. She gets a chill. I lick her stomach inch by inch.

     “You belong to me. I’m going to do what I want with you.”

     “I’m yours Brendan. Take me.”

     I continue what I started previously. I lower my mouth and continue to tease. She is dripping wet. I massage her clit back and forth. I can feel the friction. I stop and look into her eyes.

     “I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” I kiss her. I glide myself over her and enter inside. I can feel the connection we have. It feels different. It feels more. I really think I can feel my heart fill up.

     “You’re beautiful… my one and only.” A tear falls from her eye. I push inside of her slowly, gently. “I will love you forever. I won’t ever let anyone take you from me.” I continue to thrust in and out. Our breathing is getting heavier. We are both about to come. I release inside of her as we climax together. We needed this special moment together to remind us of what we have been missing…each other.

BOOK: Locking You (The Boston Kirkpatrick's #2)
5.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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