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Texts from
Jane Eyre
And Other Conversations with
Your Favorite Literary Characters
Mallory Ortberg
Henry Holt and Company
New York

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Medea, Part II
King Midas
The Wife of Bath
William Blake
King Lear
John Donne
Don Quixote
, Part II
René Descartes
William Wordsworth
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Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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The Little Prince
Part I



 hi who is this 

 it’s Glauce right??
that is such a pretty name
I am so crazy about how pretty your name is
 “Jason and Glauce” sounds so good together

 thank you
who is this?

 when is the WEDDING
I hope you guys have the Argonauts as groomsmen
and they do the sword thing
you know where they make the little roof with their swords
and you run down underneath it
it’s so cute
oh my god what am I saying
you probably already have a million plans, it’s your wedding
it was just my favorite part of my wedding
(except for the part where I married Jason!!!)
(he is so fun to be married to)
 (tell him I say hi!!!)

who is this

 So I know we got off on the wrong foot
 it’s Medea!! save my number okay


 but I wanted you to know
I do not have any of even the littlest hard feelings
all of my feelings about you are just
so soft
and so normal
 just normal soft feelings that you’re going to love


 anyhow so to SHOW YOU how soft my feelings are
I got you guys a wedding present!!!
I know it’s not really “traditional” for the old wife to buy the new
wife a gift
(especially when she is still technically married to Jason)
(who tell him I say hi!!!)
 buuuut I couldn’t help myself

 oh! you must mean the box that came on Thursday 


 it’s a dress 

 it’s a wedding dress 

 thank you
I mean, I already have a wedding dress picked out
but this is very sweet

 do you know what you should do though
you should put it on
you should put it on your skin and wear it just for a minute
(be sure to put it on your skin)


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