The Chronicles of Silverwolf: The Dawning of a Hero

BOOK: The Chronicles of Silverwolf: The Dawning of a Hero
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By Eric Fox














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This book is dedicated to Robert, Roman and my mother. Thank you for making all of this possible.


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“The legacy of heroes is the memory of a great name and the inheritance of a great example.” – Benjamin Disraeli (1804 – 1881)












Chapter 1


It was a secret the entire planet Earth could only guess at. For decades rumors had surface of a secret society that was controlling the world through means of religion, politics and money. Yet no clear evidence could be used to substantiate a claim for justice.

The conspirators, known as the Shadowgate Society, had surfaced around the turn of the 20
century. They had used lies, disinformation and bribery to keep the courts from convicting them of their illegal schemes. This tactic also kept the public from knowing the truth about whom they were and where they came from.

With the ability to secretly build advanced spacecraft using money funneled through the black budget program, they even went so far as to stage alien abductions on the population as another fear tactic to keep them in power.

But they never imagined that one day they would actually meet an extraterrestrial in person when Richard Gibson, leader of the secret society, became aware of a scout spacecraft that had reached their planet before given permission by NORAD to land at Area 51.

The occupant, a reptilian-like creature, known as Commander Trasken of the Draconan Empire, was met with armed soldiers as he disembarked from his vessel while Gibson and a group of society members greeted him with caution. They were unsure of his intentions even though he showed no signs of hostility.

“Welcome to Earth. I’m Richard Gibson,” he told Trasken.

“I am Commander Trasken of the Draconan Empire,” he replied with a dark hissing tone in voice. He showed no fear towards the humans. His massive stature was intimidating. But the soldiers were still ready to fire on Gibson’s command.

“We received the message you sent before landing at our facility. Luckily, we did not attempt to shoot you down.”

“You would have failed, human,” he said, confident in his words. “I am here on behalf of my master, Lord Callosaur, who desires control of this star system.”

“And where is your master now?”

“Attending to an urgent matter in our home galaxy. Your message indicated that you are a secret society who rules over the people of this world.”

“We are. No spacecraft is allowed to land without my authority,” answered Gibson.

“Then it seems we desire the same thing.”

“It appears that way.”

“I can offer you advanced technology in exchange for humans to be used as hybrids for an army to help enslave this world. You abduct humans?”

“We do.”

“Excellent. My race is currently fighting an intergalactic war millions of light years away. I am on a scout mission seeking allies to help us achieve our goal. Your planet is rich with humans who can serve us as slaves. You will be rewarded if you agree to help us.”

“Rewarded? How?”

“Unlike the humans you are in the process of enslaving, you will enjoy the comforts of your freedom along with power and control which you seem to desire.”

Gibson thought about the deal Trasken was offering. Could he trust this creature he had never laid eyes on before? The idea of upgrading their technology to speed up the process of enslaving the rest of the human race for their own personal desire was something that would benefit them greatly. But was it a risk they were willing to take?

“Come with us,” said Gibson.

Trasken followed the group along with the soldiers still pointing their weapons at him. They led him into one of the hangars a short distance away from his ship.

A large elevator at the back of the hangar could be seen as they approached it. The rest of the hangar remained empty except for a few crates and boxes. It was obvious the hangars on the surface were merely a ruse compared to what they were hiding beneath their feet.

“You are leading me underground,” Trasken realized.

“We have an extensive underground complex hidden away from satellites that orbit our planet,” Gibson said when the elevators doors opened. The lift was large to fit everyone standing around Trasken. It carried them down several levels below the surface revealing a cave system that seemed to stretch for miles.

“Impressive,” said Trasken. “What is the purpose of all this?”

“In the event of a nuclear war between the nations on Earth or a meteor strike, sheltering ourselves underground would keep us safe from any surface disaster,” explained their leader.

“Yet it appears mostly empty,” Trasken pointed out.

“With the limited technology we have, it makes it difficult to fill the space with what we need,” he said. “If you are serious in offering us technology-“

“I understand. Allow me to consult with my master first before I accept,” Trasken said.



Chapter 2


was an exciting day for Jonathan Wolf. After twelve weeks of harsh training in the Elite Space Corps Division, Jonathan, age twenty-eight, was finally ready to graduate with his classmates. Becoming a soldier was something he had thought about and wanted to do for a long time.

up with his friends on Vega in the Lyra star system, while playing war games in his neighborhood, inspired him to become a soldier. He was the only child of his family. So his friends were his only playmates. But the thought of war didn’t excite him. It was serving his planet and being a hero that partly motivated him as he grew older. But most of all it was his father who served before him and died while fighting during the ongoing Draconan war. When news reached him that his father’s unit was killed off world, he made his final decision without any doubts to join up.

with his classmates while a large crowd watched from behind him, he continued to listen to Captain Garza who was standing in front of a podium in front of everyone seated until his name was called.

was a day he had long been waiting for.

Jonathan Wolf,” Garza finally called out.

got up from his chair as his classmates applauded him. With great anticipation, he exited the aisle and ran over to the Captain to shake his hand before receiving his diploma.

Congratulations. How do you feel, soldier?” Garza asked.

Honored sir,” he replied.

Well, good luck with whatever you decide to do,” he told him before Jason rejoined his classmates once more.

the last name was finally called and hats were finally thrown into the air, the crowd applauded the men of class 303 and the graduation ceremony was over. Jonathan looked into crowd and imagined his parents smiling with proud expressions on their faces.

every man who graduated from Elite Corps Training went on to become a soldier but Jonathan was certainly planning to.

was his dream.

For decades, many star systems have continued to untie under the Andromeda Peace Treaty to fight a common enemy known as the Draconan Empire. It consisted mostly of a reptilian species with the intent on ruling the universe. But other species had agreed to or were force to join at some point during the war.

Over 300 galaxies had already been conquered and more were sure to follow unless the collective friendly galaxies, now know as the Andromeda Space Corps, continued to grow in size.

Wolf’s father, Damien, once a member of the Andromeda Council, was partly responsible for the creation of the new alliance of star systems. This inspired his son to take his place on the council with approval of the other members while fighting in the war.

Now Wolf was ready for the next step in his journey. His skills during training had proven to be valuable after passing every test that was thrown at him. The Corps, taking notice of this had already offered him a job as a commando specialist required to take on solo missions too dangerous for the average soldier.

Wolf, without hesitation, accepted with enthusiasm and pride. Now that graduation was over he would soon find himself flying to Mirach in the Andromeda galaxy to begin his first assignment.


Chapter 3


Rancor, located in the Orion star system, was
a planet few would want to visit considering its hostile climate along with volcanoes and swamps covering much of the surface. It was the home of the Draconan Empire where Lord Callosaur’s fortress stood.

The structure was
shaped like a pyramid surrounded by a monstrous city where Draconan's lived and worked under Callosaur’s rule. Most of their ships had a triangular shaped feature to them and were the size of a small city. They could travel the galaxy and much of the universe with great ease.

Callosaur, leader and ruler of his beloved empire, towered over his race in great size with reptile like skin covering his body and a dark cape he wore at all times in the presence of others. His victories on dominating many galaxies had already made him a fearful enemy to be trifled with.

Though the continuing war cost him many casualties to obtain the power he needed, he knew those losses would be expected considering he was still facing several star systems that continued to fight to their last breath to stop the expansion of his empire.

Alone with his thoughts in his throne room, Callosaur was waiting for his second in command, General Dragonaur, to appear after summoning him from the main command center one level below his chamber. Two guards stood near the entrance to dictate passage.

When Dragonaur finally arrived through the solid door, he kneeled down in front of Callosaur to show his respect.

“I am here as requested, my Lord,” he said.

“Report, General,” ordered Callosaur,

“My Lord, a scout ship has just reported in from the solar system where Earth is located and found the inhabitants of that planet to be primitive. They barely have any warships to defend themselves against an attack,” Dragonaur said.

Earth was in a strategic location in the Milky Way Galaxy to expand his empire. For decades Callosaur had desired its territory but the ongoing war was preventing that.

“Yet we cannot spare any ships to fly to that region of space for such an attack just yet,” Callosaur said in frustration.

“However, Admiral Trasken has made contact with a small group of humans on Earth who call themselves the Shadowgate Society. Apparently this group is responsible for the current state of conditions the humans on the planet have endured for over a century.”

“It sounds very much like what is happening on Roodare.”

“Indeed, my Lord.”

“What is this group's ultimate goal?”

“Control. They have achieved this with the monetary system they have put in place as well as religion to keep the rest of the population from evolving beyond what they are capable of controlling. They are also staging abduction scenarios from the sky and using that to create a new breed of humans to control more easily.”

Callosaur smiled. “Perhaps this can work to our advantage.”

“Admiral Trasken wishes to speak with you asking for your approval of a scenario he has in mind to help achieve your long term goal.”

“Tell Admiral Trasken I am pleased with his discovery. Since we can spare no ships in this ongoing war with Andromeda alliance I wish him to form a truce with this group of humans and help create race of Draconan hybrids on that planet.”

BOOK: The Chronicles of Silverwolf: The Dawning of a Hero
12.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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