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Marcus briskly
and efficiently repeats the process to my pants. I’m squirming with need when his fingers finally reach in to pull my erection free from my suddenly too tight jeans. I’ve never been as aroused as I am in this instant. I hiss in a breath at the first contact Marc’s skin has
made with my cock. We’ve touched and skirted my attraction, but Marcus has never touched me in return. He’s made me suck him off as punishment and reward. And it pains me to admit that it was enough to fill my needs for him until lately. As my needs changed, my behavior has worsened.

“This is what you were begging me for,
wasn’t it?” Marcus knowingly murmurs through smirking lips as he begins to stroke me. “Well, not exactly. But you’re not ready for that yet,” he teases me, the glow from the whites of his eye disappears as he flirtatiously winks at me.

My breath his
ses out and my back arches as Marcus lovingly and thoroughly strokes me for the very first time. My body runs with goosebumps and my toes curl in my shoes. I dig my fingernails into the soil and grab a handful of pine-needles in my fist.

“I’m glad you like this. After all, it is my
very first handjob,” Marcus teasingly chuckles out. “I do have plenty of experience with my own cock, though. Shall I show you?” Marc presses our cocks together, both are thick and ready and damp from dripping precum, and he strokes us both at the same time with his intertwined hands. I writhe on the ground, groaning in pleasure. I bite my lip so that I don’t utter all the stupid shit that I profess in the throes of passion- I wax poetic, my creative nature taking over. It never fails, it will always slip past my parted lips.

“Mmm… We look gorgeous together,
” Marcus purrs in a dreamy voice. My eyes flash up and I can just make us out in the moonlight streaming through the tree canopy. Our cocks are griped in Marc’s tight fist as he smoothly strokes our silken flesh. I’m an inch or so longer than Marcus is, but he is in no way short since my cock is a good ten inches long. Marcus makes up the difference with sheer girth- fat enough that he barely fits into my mouth. I try not to think about what that thick dick would feel like gliding inside me, stretching me, making me cum… I experience a full body shiver. I bite my lip harder this time to contain the words and sounds that threaten to flow from my mouth.

“It’s too bad you wife isn’t here to see this. I’d love to see if she could suck us both in
to her mouth at the same time. Have you and Ezra had Kat do that yet?” I listen for jealousy, but Marcus only sounds mildly curious and seriously horny. “I know my Regina could do it, but she’s busy creating a different kind of life,” he wistfully says, and it’s not just wistful over Regina. Marcus wants the white picket fence life, too. I hunger to tell Marc that Whitt will never satisfy Regina’s urge for normalcy because eventually he will need more- Whitt will need to be himself. I would know, after all.

“Fuck, I want Kitten
to do that. I’m sorry that I said we couldn’t play with her. I miss her, too.” In this instant, I regret my jealousy- the jealousy that demanded we couldn’t have sex- that Marcus couldn’t have sex with Katya ever again. Marcus can be Katya’s Master, but that is all. Blowjobs are still on the table, because frankly, Marcus can’t live without a thorough skullfucking.

’ve been having our own fun,” Marc’s voice is deep with lust. “Don’t fool yourself, your husband and wife are not lonely in the least. They’ve been fooling around behind our backs. But so have we,” he laughs out, filling my mind with all the smoldering moments we’ve shared in the past few months- my mouth sucking his cock with his hands cupping the back of my skull, our bodies grinding as our lips hungrily feast. Months of constant foreplay and barely any release. Our lust is a tempest building in intensity and it’s about to blow.

Marcus painfully grips our dicks
tightly together and it increases my need to climax. He strokes us in a twisting motion, starting at the crest of my head until he meets the root of my cock.

“I’ve always wanted you and I don’t know why
… I love women and think Ray fucked me up,” denial is so thick in my voice that I nearly choke on it. I won’t admit which part of that was denial, not even to myself. 

“Ya think?” Marcus chuckles. “You won’t remember anything you
’ve said or what I say because you’ll block it out afterwards like you always do, so fuck it. I’m sure fucking the whores Ray brought in for you messed you up. But not as badly as what he made you do to Aaron did. I will get you through this. I love you and I need to you to be happy. Our lives are going to change soon, and I need you strong enough to help me secure our future. If that means I have to fuck you, so be it.”

“Are you actually
straight?” I ask in shock, eyes glued to our cocks. I don’t even bother saying I’m straight anymore since a cock touching me anywhere is as close to bliss as I can get.

“Yes, completely. Whether in my fantasie
s or reality, it’s always a woman… with the exception of you, obviously. You really do confuse me the hell out of me,” Marcus unsurely grumbles. “I’ve been with four women in my lifetime. And I know I will never take another. I’ve found the one I plan on keeping forever. Now, if you ask me if this feels fantastic,” Marc says while rolling his palm along the head of my cock, making me grunt with pleasure. “That is a different question entirely. Yes, this feels great. Not as good as it does for you, though, I’m sure. Not as it would as if Ezra were doing it to you. You have to learn to walk before you run. Right now, I’m walking you through this.”

“I feel like I’m cheating
on Ezra,” I say in shame, but I don’t tell Marcus to stop touching me, stroking me towards my impending climax. It feels too freeing to stop. I don’t want Marcus to stop. If it hurts Ezra, more’s the better. 

“My son comes to me for everything. W
hen Kat needed taken in hand, Ezra came to me. If you don’t think I’m doing this at his request then you’ve lost your damned mind.”

“Great, that doesn’t make me feel a
ny better.” I whimper out as Marcus rewards me with a brutally fantastic rub. I writhe on the ground beneath him, beneath his assaulting hands and the feel of his cock being stroked right along with mine. Moisture floods from my cock slit, flooding Marc’s flesh. It’s not a true release because there was no orgasm, but almost as much cum was released as if I had.

“Surely you realize this isn’t a hardship for me,” Marcus
groans out. “When I told you that I had fucked Ezra… I’d lied, by the way. It was meant to be a wakeup call for you, and it worked- you woke up and took what was meant to be yours. You have this strange thought about Ezra and me being intimate out of jealousy, so I used it to our advantage. You came back to Ezra after that. This was all for your benefit, dumbass.”

I’ll never forget the night Marcus hissed that he
had inappropriately touched Ezra. We were at the Brownstone, with Grant and Roman refereeing our fight about me returning home, not home as in ShadowHaven, the apartment at Edge I’d shared with Ezra. I had punched my master, and fled before I had three very pissed off men kicking my ass.

I fled
to the apartment I shared with Ezra but hadn’t been to in months, and beat the ever loving crap out of my partner, blood and bruises and broken bones kind of beating- the cathartic kind. I ended up frantically screwing Ezra over the arm of our sofa, blood freely flowing from a cut above my eye as I wheezed out between split lips. I then fucked Ezra on any surface that got in my way, and then finally, I made love to him in our bed.

The jealousy and
the need to mark my territory had me moving back into our apartment before I made my very first impaling thrust. I guess that vicious lie worked pretty well. By the next morning I’d pulled an Ezra of the multiple personalities trick. I was so ashamed and betrayed that I refused to admit I even touched Ezra, and I refused to do it again… which pretty much meant that I acknowledged doing it in the first place. It did keep my confused ass in the apartment, so Ezra didn’t complain- much.

“I wi
ll remember most of this, just so ya know,” I pant out because I am so fucking close to coming that I can taste the sweet release on the back of my tongue. I don’t know what strange metamorphosis comes over me when it comes to sex. When I get to the stage where I poetically flow romantic words, I usually refuse to remember what I did or why. It’s always been that way.

Of that I have little doubt. I want you to remember some of it or I wouldn’t have spoken. Now shut up,” Marc breathlessly pants out, “I need to cum.”

Marcus deliciously
rubs just the crowns of our cocks and I feel like I’m going to explode. The pressure builds at the base of my spine and it’s unbearable. I heave in heavy breaths between my clenched teeth. I arch my neck and tense all the muscles in my body.

Marcus erotically shouts out my name, ending it with a guttural groan, and the thrilling sound causes me to
lose all of my ability to form cognizant thought. A rush of nonsensical words flow from my throat as my cum shoots out and mingles with Marcus’- dripping down both of our cocks in a cooling mixture of our release.

now, both of us feel better,” Marcus gasps out, chuckling lightly because I just shouted into the night how badly I’d wished he would’ve fucked me in the ass instead. Marcus leans down and gives me the softest, sweetest kiss I’ve ever experienced. It isn’t filled with lust or need. It’s pure love and not at all sexual. It’s confusing considering what we just did together.

“You don’t want me
at all, do you?” I whimper out.

“I’m not blind or dead, Cort. And I’m seriously star
ting to doubt your intelligence,” flows deeply in Marc’s intoxicating voice, and he’s dead serious.

he Hunter: Past
-Chapter Six-

sluggishly amble into the side door to the study, trying to avoid the massacre of the dining room. I also choose the door that leads into a room that is dark. I don’t want to see anyone yet. My mind is swirling in chaos.

“Fuck,” I bite out after hitting my shin on the side-table leg. I hop around a few times
, trying to make it feel better. But it does jack-shit for the well of guilt I feel.

“That serves you right for coming into this room like a coward
… just like I knew you would. Ava finally gave up her vigil in the dining room a few minutes ago and went to bed.” Ezra’s smooth voice is rough with emotion. He clicks on the lamp next to him and is illuminated in its yellow glow.

disgracefully drag my feet and sit in the seat opposite Ezra. Guilt and remorse are screaming from my pores, creating an aura of shame that flavors the air. I’ve never cheated on Ezra, not really. Not in any way that counts. Definitely not in the way he’s betrayed me. But I am not Ezra, and my mom raised me to be a respectable gentleman. My mother would kick my ass if she could see me now.

“We need to talk,” Ezra bluntly announces.
He calmly sits on the sofa, his palms resting on his thighs… and all I feel is devastated, sick to my stomach, ill that I just cheated on the man who so patiently sits across the coffee table from me.

“I-I…” I want to say I don’t want to talk
, but the words won’t release. I basically just want to blurt out I’m sorry.

“It doesn’t matter what you want, Cort. I will talk and you will listen.” The commanding edge of Master Ez’s voice cuts through his words.

“Okay,” I mumble in confusion as I settle in for a long talk. I’ve dreaded this conversation for a very long time. I’m pretty sure Ezra is kicking me out of our fake marriage. It was never real anyway, not really. Ezra is married to Katya: legally, spiritually, emotionally, religiously, and in name. Their marriage is binding, unlike the empty promises they both made to me. I’d meant the words, but I’ve always doubted whether or not they had meant theirs.

“I will say that I understand your jealousy even when it’s unfounded
,” Ezra calmly and emotionlessly begins. “If you think that I don’t feel it too then you are a twit, and I don’t mean jealousy over Katya. I mean being jealous that she is touching… you. You have always been
,” Ezra stresses and hope flares in my soul. “Are you still jealous of Kat and me? Is that why you enacted that ridiculous no sex rule?”

“No- no, I just didn’t want any of you to have sex with Marcus.” My voice wa
vers at the end, tattling on me.

Ah… I’d love to say it was jealousy over us being touched by Marcus, but it was jealousy over us
Marcus. I know you want my father,” Ezra bluntly states. “Just as I know you fight for the view you have on whether or not you are straight.” Ezra draws out the big guns, his Dr. Zeitler persona- the fuck is analyzing me, counseling me, and he’s good, too. Unlike the rest of Ezra’s life when he is more fucked up than most people in insane asylums, Ezra lives his job because he

“I am straight.” I
adamantly demand and I receive a dramatic eye roll for it. As soon as the words are out of my mouth I want to take them back. It sounds wrong in my own head and falling from my tongue, but wounded pride and pain won’t allow me to say the words I truly think.

, you’re not,” Ezra groans, eyeing me like I’m delusional and he’s measuring me for a straitjacket. Strangely, Ezra looks just like Faith at this very moment. The girl has been professing I was gay since I was sixteen… and fucking her. “Eventually you will come to terms with what you are. I am not ashamed to admit that I am gay.”


I thought I’d only thought it, but I hear the word flowing from my mouth in a confused rumble of
what the fuck?

“I’m gay, Cortez. I
have always been gay and I always will be gay,” Ezra flatly admits, and every time he says the word I flinch out of reflex. “I. Am. Gay. And I feel no shame about admitting it. I am who I am, and it’s freeing to say it aloud. It was always perceived but never stated. Well, I’m stating it right now. I’m gay. I love men, and only men.” 

I squawk out in shock,
“But what about Kat?”

“What about her?”
I get angry for our wife and the lengths Ezra went to trap her. The man I’ve known since birth just dropped a bombshell of a lifetime that affects the three of us. I always knew Ezra was gay, and was thoroughly dumbfounded when he started banging women, admittedly never consented on their parts. After I found out Ezra fucked Faith, I assumed he was bi.

I wouldn’t want to be Katya in this equation
since she is the one with a vagina. It is horrible to admit, but I’m thankful that I’m still the one that Ezra wants. I flex my cock just to make sure he’s still in working order since I have a lot of apologizing to do to Ezra.

Competitive, jealous, territorial, childish, self
ish: my name is Cortez Hunter, and Ezra Zeitler still wants me.

“Kitten i
s a girl. I bet that is a huge issue since you are exclusively fond of cock,” I sarcastically bite out, adding a sneer for good measure.

“Shall I enlighten you?
” Ezra hisses in a tone that could further melt lava- thoroughly incensed. “I’m gay and you say you aren’t. You would love to think you’re straight, but there is no fucking way that is humanly possible, especially since you love cock more than I do. I came to terms with you being in denial a long time ago- Faith,” Ezra throws out as an accusation and I flinch back into my seat, betrayal gutting me.

Since you refuse to admit the truth, even to yourself, I knew you couldn’t be happy without a girl… and I can’t be happy with one. Gay or straight, sometimes people do blip on our radar that goes against our natural inclination, and it’s confusing. For me, it’s usually strong females- strength I attribute to masculinity. Katya does that for me. Regina
did this for me… and for some reason unbeknownst to me, you do that to Marcus in a way that is nothing like I did to Dexter. Dexter was a fling of curiosity… but Marcus… it doesn’t mean it’s forever or that you aren’t what you are. You’re just attracted to them- chemistry. What I feel for Katya is through affection, love that transcends chemistry and attraction. It’s about taking responsibility for my actions, something I was too demented to do in my early twenties.” Zane’s name thickly hangs in the air, suffocating both of us.

“I’m sorry,” I whimper.

Ignoring me, Ezra soldiers on, “But you feel this
this compulsion to fuck too many people of our persuasion for it to be,
I’m straight except for

insert your name here’
.” Ezra makes air-quotes and says it in a pissy voice that doesn’t suit him. I try not to laugh. It wouldn’t be wise to laugh while getting reprimanded about your future with your husband, especially when he has a propensity to turn into Master Ez. It was cute, though.

“A strange curiosity, you seem to be find chemistry with exactly the same people I do
, meaning cock wielding men and fierce women that fuck you with imaginary cocks, yet you aren’t gay.” It doesn’t escape my attention that every time Ezra says the word cock mine twitches in my jeans, begging for his attention.

“Not true,” I poorly deny.

“Bullshit,” Ez barks, but gives me a wicked grin instead of a chastising one. “As Marcus is so fond of telling me, Katya is the bridge between us. I love her so much and I want her desperately,” we both let that lie lay. “But I want you that way, too. I am unhappy right now. You’re unhappy right now. Kat is fucking unhappy.” I watch as Ezra’s fingers bite into his thighs. I wonder if he is holding himself back from strangling me… “I’m failing us.”

“Why are you unhappy?”
I earnestly ask Ezra as I look into his stormy eyes for the first time in many long months. Ezra’s steel-blue eyes gaze back at me in surprise. I can see the affect I have on him and it startles me. Ezra is starved, and I’m the one starving him.

“I need you
, too, Cort. If you haven’t figured it out already, Kat and I went along with your bullshit no sex rule for about two weeks. We’ve been fucking like bunnies constantly.” Ezra defiantly looks to me, waiting for me to bitch and judge him. I won’t. It’s Ezra’s right to be with his wife- our wife. It makes me feel sick to know how much I’ve neglected them both. How much I judged them for what we are. I’ve never came to terms with our lifestyle. I see myself as Kat’s husband. But do I see myself as Ezra’s husband? It’s a question I have no answer for. Regardless, I am a shitty husband all around.

“I can’t do that for you, Ezra. I can’t be that for you. I’m fine with you and our wife being together. I’ve known the entire time. I feel you both pulling away
from me and I can’t stop it.” I sound lost, desolate, forgotten…

“We aren’t pulling away from you. You are pul
ling away from
,” Ezra stresses. “I understand, believe me I do. This thing you have with Marcus is fun and exciting. It’s like the husband that gets attention from the attractive woman at the bar. Home is about kids and bills and stress. Out there with her is all about you. That is what Marcus is to you- the thrill of cheating. It’s a kind of high. I felt it for a nanosecond with Dexter. The only difference is that Marc gets to come home and deal with all the same shit with you… which changes it from cheating to a real relationship, whether you want to admit it or not. It’s true intimacy and partnership… and it doesn’t help that you’ve lusted after Marcus since you were twelve years old.”

“That’s not true,” I whisper my denial
, eyes immediately disconnecting from Ezra’s gaze. I’m ashamed to even admit in my own mind that everything Ezra just said is truth. 

“Don’t try to deny any of it. You need a reality check, Cortez. Reality is about to hit you in the face. I love you
with my entire being. Katya loves you. We’ll wait for you to figure out what is going on in your head, and when your head is on straight, come back to us. I don’t see it as cheating. I went to Marc so you would get this madness out of your system.”


“Don’t bother,” Ezra mumbles, raising a hand to halt me. “
Maybe you’re like Kat and you love several different people at once- unable to fully commit to one singular person. I don’t know. I thought that wasn’t your issue. For the longest time I dreamed that it would just be you and me against the world. But I’m fine with our life and what you need to do to be fulfilled as long as you don’t close me out. Kat and you can play with Marcus if you’d like. I won’t join you, but I would understand,” Ezra hopelessly mutters, lying with his words.

“I don’t want that,” I firmly state
, and I really don’t. Yes, I don’t want to share Marcus with anyone, but I’m a selfish fuck who doesn’t want to share Ezra with anyone, either. I really don’t feel the need to play with Katya and Marcus at the same time. It feels… wrong.

Ignoring me, lost in his own world, Ezra despondently says, “
What I cannot forgive or forget is you denying your nature. Denying your nature is judging mine and I will not live a lie. You need to respect us, and Katya and I will not be disrespected.” Ezra growls out the last of his speech.

rises from his seat and threateningly hovers over me, intimidating me with his presence, his silent fury. I’ve never seen Ezra so angry with me no matter what shit I’ve pulled. He has always forgiven me. Ezra has always forgiven, but towering over me is Master Ez, and he is angry and hanging onto his control by the skin of his teeth.

“I know Marc and your secret from back in the day. I’ve known the enti
re time. I instantly forgave you, knowing it was because of what I did with Dexter... what you perceived with Faith and Zane. I thought it was retaliation, a punishment. But the more you hung that over my head after you did that to me in revenge… and with my father for heaven’s sake… the angrier I got, and an angry Ezra is a scary and unhinged Ezra,” menacingly hisses in warning, a warning I should have heeded years ago, years before Ezra ruined us.

You’re jealous of me, but you can’t fathom how difficult it is for me to see you run to Marc’s fucking arms for comfort. Imagine me in Dexter’s bed and permanently in his heart. I can rationalize it since I know that you aren’t my father’s happily ever after and because I love you so fucking much,” Ezra’s voice breaks as he punctuates his words by pounding on the center of his chest. “
want to be
happily ever after. I hunger to be your endless comfort. I long to have you run to my arms seeking solace.”

“I’m sorry,” I lamely offer, overcome with emotions I can’t name.

“If you ever cheat on me again with anyone else I will never forgive you,” Ezra scathingly hisses between his clenched teeth as his fingertips indent my shoulders and bruise. He shakes me and I move passively in his hands from shock.

“You kne
w when it happened? As it happened?” I grumble in a state of shock. I didn’t see it as a betrayal after all the huge betrayals Ezra has pressed upon me. But I’ve never felt good about how I became Marcus’ little bitch.

BOOK: The Hunter (Mistress & Master of Restraint)
6.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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