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ou’re my cocksucking bitch now. Cort,” Marcus moans as he fucks my gag reflex. He lengthens, and as impossible as it seems, he widens. With a sharp twitch, Marcus floods my throat with the largest load of cum I’ve ever swallowed, so much that I can’t swallow it. It floods my mouth and drips out the corners of my lips.

exhaustedly slumps back into his chair as if he was the one who just gave the most epic blowjob of their life. His cock slips free from my mouth, depleted with satisfaction. I fall to the floor, gasping for breath. I lie on my side trying to get air into my burning lungs.

“Once Ezra gives permission
, you’ll suck me every time I demand. If you disobey me, I will make the punishment worse than the crime. Do you understand me? This is my payment for letting you control me by giving in to your constant begging. Now you’ll never have to beg. You will suck my cock when I say suck- forever, my naughty boy.” Marcus sounds angry, but his body looks lax and sated, and his grin is entirely too pleased with itself.

“I’ll never suck your cock or fuck you, kid. I am not gay. I don’t care if you or my son is,
I’m not judging you. But just because I accept it, doesn’t mean I’m okay with doing you. If you want your ass fucked or feel the need to fuck an asshole, have your boyfriend do it. My no will never turn into a yes. I will never suck your cock, either. You want that, get someone else to open wide. I will let you suck me- that is your reward. I may touch you if I feel the inclination. I am not your lover. If you want something else you should have thought about that before you tried to control me. No one controls me- ever- I am the Master of this house.” Marcus points at his chest and nearly screams the words. I flinch and try to scuttle back on hands and feet.

My master calls and I instantly stop moving.

“You didn’t find release? I tol
d you to take care of that,” Marc’s finger circles in the air in the direction of my crotch.

“I’m sorry, Master
,” I slur, tongue not working from fright and the strain of the most vigorous blowjob I’ve ever given. “I was too caught up with making it good for you.” I will agree to anything to get out of this room. Marcus is scaring the fuck out of me. His body is lax… but his eyes… the power lies within those brown eyes that are laced with gold and bronze until they are a shade of amber.

“Kiss me
, and you can take care of that while you do.” Marc’s voice is gentle, coaxing, as if he finally realized he’s scaring me half to death.

I hesitantly crawl back into Marc’s lap
. I take my cock out as he watches the entire time. Marcus doesn’t look turned on- it’s more like it’s an examination, which is a turn off for me. I start to stoke and close my eyes because I won’t last long after sucking Marcus off, not with the taste of him coating the back of my throat, the roof of my mouth, and my tongue and lips.

I kiss Marcus as he had offered,
and he groans against my mouth in pleasure. The sound rockets from my balls to the head of my cock and I almost cum.

“Mmm… I taste good.” Marcus
licks his essence from my lips, a wet lapping that has my cock jerking in my hand. “Do you like the taste?”

“Yes, sir,
” I whimper a split-second before I kiss him again. I hope Marcus doesn’t mind since he enjoyed it the last time. We take turns sucking and licking the other’s tongue and lips in between mashing our mouths together. Marc’s hand cradles the back of my neck while the other grips my ass, squeezing in time with my hand movements. The sensation is maddening. I hiss when my palm rubs over my sensitive head. Marcus bites my tongue and groans into my mouth. I can feel him harden underneath my thigh, and out of all the sensations, that’s the one that is my undoing. I cry my release into Marcus’ eager mouth as spurt after spurt lands on his t-shirt.

“I don’t know what it is about you, Kid. Only one other person lights me on fire like you do and I had to get the fuck away from her or I’d combust. She completely consumed me and ruined me
, and she’s never even touched me. I’m not so sure what to do with you. You complicate things.”

s fingertip swipes across the weeping slit of my cockhead and takes a scoop of my cum. I yelp as Marcus draws the fingertip into his mouth. He rolls the bead of cum around his mouth, tasting me on his tongue.

Mmm… nice… I like yours a lot better than mine- sweeter, but I’m still not sucking your cock. I’m willing to taste you once in a while, though, since it’s turning me on like crazy. Off to bed you go,” Marcus says, prompting me to get up and leave, patting my ass like a misbehaving child on my way by.

I shuffle out of the living room,
confused, hurt, and suddenly aroused again. 

Cortez Abernathy
: Present
-Chapter Nine-

m totally obsessed with your mouth,” Marcus growls while rubbing my throat. “I love it so much that Regina and I negotiated so that I’d never have to give you up.”

Cock falling from my gaping mouth, I mumble, “What? You negotiated with your fiancée about keeping me around? That shouldn’t flatter me, but it does. Is Regina okay with this? Who did she get as her pick?”

“Hold up, hold up,” Marcus tries to say around his laughs. “Holy hell, let’s string a few more questions together while you’re at it when you should be sucking my cock instead.” He politely taps said cock on my lips, asking for permission to enter my mouth. “Here, take it while we talk. Go slow. I don’t want to cum too quickly.”

“Yeesss, Mas…ter,” I slur around the large intrusion. Marcus leans back
against my desk as I kneel before him, worshipping at my favorite altar. I slowly work him, not really trying to draw him to climax, just glorifying in the sensation of Marc’s thickness sliding along my tongue.

“Ah…” Marcus sighs
, hands moving to tenderly cup my skull. “That’s my cocksucker.”

“Whitt?” I answer my own question as I nuzzle Marc’s
muscular thigh.

“One would assume that,” he arrogantly replies. “Except for the fact
that on the day we moved to Misery Castle I found Whitt curved around Regina’s back, thrusting away. Regina was so deep into subspace that it took me nearly twelve hours to yank her out and another twenty-four of her walking around in a drunken stupor. Whitt was officially removed from the negotiations after that stunt.”

“Wow…” I draw. “Force?”

“Exactly, and that is why I need you to occupy my lunatic son. Ezra was the only logical explanation for Whitt knowing about Regina’s kink, since he was the fuck that created it in the first place. I can’t have
Hunt & Fuck
stalking my fiancée for the perfect time to take her unawares. You have no idea what Regina put me through, for weeks it was endless sex. I’d wake to her riding me, and you know how much riding me freaks me out. The last straw was when she sat on my face- another trigger of mine. So occupy your husband before he and his new lover do something stupid and I have to murder them. Regina is mine,” Marcus menacingly hisses. “And I don’t think she’d take too kindly to me offing her soon-to-be-ex-husband.”

“I already said I would,
and you gave me until New Years,” I whimper because Marcus’ eyes are throwing off angry sparks.

“I know, and I understand
that it won’t be easy for you, either,” Marc reassures me, reaching down to stroke my hair. A moment later he is pressing his cock back into my mouth like he wants to shut my ass up with an erotic pacifier.

“We renegotiated. I keep you
, and every three to four months, I have to stalk my fiancée and playact force. I fear that my nature will take over and I won’t hear Regina’s pleas when she actually says stop. It’s why I didn’t want to go down this path, but I trust myself more than I trust Whitt’s inexperience or Ezra’s real rapist tendencies.”

“I’m sorry,” I murmur, placing a kiss to Marcus’ hip.

“Me, too,” he sadly replies. “Enough suckage, that’s more punishment than reward, and I’m not in a mood to play BDSM. I just want to be real. Let’s cuddle on the sofa.”

Disappointment laces through me. I’m losing my touch and not satisfying the man who has given me so much.
My wife is pulling away from us because she can feel the divide. My husband is a lunatic that can’t stay even long enough not to harm us. My children are being affected by our shit. The only constant I’ve counted on was the comfort in the knowledge that I was repaying Marcus for the faith and trust he’s placed in me, and I’m failing at that now, too. Un-fucking-believable.

“Cort?” Marc openly stares at me in awe. “I didn’t mean we were done. I was offering to be true lovers
this evening, lovers in every sense of the word. In other words, get off your knees and join me… and take off your pajamas. I want your gorgeous flesh sliding along mine.”

“Oh, God,” I shudder. “Are we going to frot?”
I beg inside my mind. I love it so much, and Marcus uses it as the ultimate reward. I’ve only done it three times with him, and only once when we were naked- the only time we’ve been naked together, and it was a trick to fluff me for Ezra’s invasion, and it resulted in the theft of the last shreds of my virginity. I’ve been too angry to approach Ezra about frotting with me, but I know it would be life-altering if we danced in the sheets.

Marc’s infectious laughter flows from deep within his chest, causing me to shiver as my knees go weak. “You are such a frotting bastard, aren’t you?” Amusement and lust war in his smooth voice. “I’m sure we will eventually get around to that. I thought we’d experiment while we chat. I’ve been lonely for you lately. We’ve been so busy with the chaos that I want your undivided attention for as long as I can keep you this evening. It’s refreshing. Right now, Regina and you are my only thread to sanity. My children are mentally and emotionally killing me
, and Regina is even sapping my energy.”

“I feel ya,” I flippantly mutter, but inside I bloat from the praise. I’m blushing so fiercely that Marcus joins me.

“As I knew you would,” Marcus replies, ignoring my sarcasm and hearing the truth beneath the surface of my tone. He curls onto my sofa, beckoning me to him with just a twitch of his lips.

More time
s than I could ever count, I’ve accepted Marc’s affectionate embrace. I crawl onto the sofa, and on top of Marc. But never, ever, have I laid with him while nude. In the past, it was about mutual comfort, but this time it feels different- Marcus feels different.

With a flirty smile, giving me a second warning, Marcus pulls me while he rolls. I end up lying directly on top of him, our bodies perfectly aligned. The glorious sensation has my eyelids fluttering shut.

“What am I going to do with you,” Marcus rhetorically asks in a tone I’ve never heard before. It’s a deep gravelly growl of pure lust. Marc has always loved my touch, but it was more for me than him. It was my master feeding my needs, never the other way around. The skullfuckery helped Marcus release his true nature for a few stolen moments while my kink for suffocation was fed. This… this is not as any time before.

“You confuse me,” Marcus seriously expresses, more with his eyes than his words. Amber fire ignites and holds me captive. “We…” he audibly swallows, his hand reaching to caress my cheek as if he can’t help himself. “We
take a break after tonight,” he hoarsely whispers.

“What?” I breathe, confusion overcoming my senses.

“I really don’t understand this- us. It started off as me teaching you, mentoring you to be a better man. I’ve always loved, liked, respected, and trusted you. It evolved into something sexual, but I was always distanced, as if watching from afar. I don’t know when it happened, but it did.”

“What happened?”
I clutch Marc’s palm to my cheek, begging him with my eyes to explain.

e need to distance ourselves right now before it becomes impossibly complicated. You need to reconnect with Ezra and I need to forge a stronger bond with Regina. I am not lying when I say I’m straight on a genetic level. But you confuse me. I don’t see your cock as a cock. I don’t register you as male, not that you aren’t manly. I just see every inch of you as… as Cortez. How could I not love every piece of you since I love you? But now it’s changed. I crave you. In the past I would think of Regina no matter who I was with. Now I think of you both, hungering to speak with you, needing to touch you… in all ways.”


“I love you,” Marcus breathes.

“I love you, too,” I quickly blurt out because he was about to say something else. “You
’ve always known that.”

“No,” Marc stresses. “I’m
love with you.”

My gasp is
quiet, but no less powerful for its silent nature. Marcus holds my gaze, fear and desperation leaching from his eyes. “I… what... how...” 

“I have no idea. So this is a goodbye in a way. I need to… get a fucking grip. I have responsibilities and people who count on me, and I can’t steal you from my son. We will still talk, touch, and love one another. But we need to get back to
that place where we weren’t the most important thought of the day. I’m sure I will regret this, what I’m about to do. It will make the separation more difficult. But I’ve thought of nothing else for the past month straight. And I’m a real bastard because I’ve allowed Ezra to fool around with the boys just so you would be weakened to my offer.”

“I… I really have no idea what to say,” I stutter out in a state of shock. “Marc, I know you love Regina.”

“I do,” Marc reverently vows. “Regina is my life. But I worry now that you are edging her out. Stress has a way of pushing those you love farther away, and I’m taking care of it before it’s irreversible. You must reconnect with Ezra before what’s happening to me happens to him with the boys. Promise me,” Marcus demands.

“I promise,” I whisper. “I understand.” I do, in a way. But my mind is whirling in amaze
ment, shock. I don’t know what’s up or down anymore. “Weakening me how?”

“Our first time I told you I’d never suck you off, and no matter how short of a time it was, your cock has been in my mouth. I also said I’d never fuck you… well, I think it’s about time you were really fucked, and not where you’re both coming before it’s all the way in,” Marcus wryly says as I stare down at him, gape-mouthed.

“You’re gonna fuck me,” I squeak out as Marcus cock fills with blood beneath mine, and mine rushes to join the arousal. “So,” my voice quivers. “If your
has turned into
, then there is one last item on that list. You gonna let me fuck you back?” I arch a brow in challenge, my lips curling into a wicked smirk.

“Not on your life,” Marcus growls, but I can tell it wouldn’t take much to sway him.

“You sure? I’ve had a lot of experience in this, almost as much as cocksucking. In fact, I’m better at it than our favorite activity.”

Oh, you’re not at all gay, now are you,” Marcus drawls while rolling his eyes at my pathetic attempt at denial. The amusement in his tone lessens the sting. “I’ve been fucked, as you know, and I hated every second of it.”

“Dude, you started out with the panther. Devlin… he scares the fuck out of me,” I say in awe.

“Devlin wasn’t my first experience with anal. It’s why I don’t engage, even with a woman- especially with a woman.”

“Oh,” I excitedly exclaim. “I se
e that gleam in your eye. Story time! I love it when you tell me your past.” The storyteller in me quivers in delight. It’s not very often that Marcus lets me in and tells me his secrets, and when he does, I cherish every second of it.

“My God, you’re so eager,” Marcus purrs while rotating his hips. The
movement draws a groan deep from within my chest. Our cocks slide against one another, rubbing with the perfect amount of friction. Five minutes of this and I will pop. I whimper when Marcus stops.

“I can’t talk and frot, it just isn’t happening. And I plan on coming inside you, not on you, and I don’t mean down your throat,” Marcus’ smooth voice flows over me and seduces more than my ears.

“Oh, God,” I shudder.

“Eager,” Marcus chuckles. “I was reluctant- always reluctant. Olivia would tie me down and fuck me. But I didn’t want it so I didn’t get hard. Olivia would bring men and women in to suck me off or touch me or sit on my face- basically, violate me.
Olivia thought that it was she that didn’t appeal to me, so she was trying to find someone that would… and not once did I get an erection. At the time, I was only one rape from being a virgin. The night I was with Diane ruined a part of me. I felt none of it because my true nature took over. So here I was, restrained, lying on a table, and being violated. I saw it as redemption for what I’d done to Diane.”

forgave you,” I quietly murmur.

“I know,” Marcus murmurs back. “We are… companionable, Diane and I. Clean slate. I knew what Olivia wanted from me, and you can’t get ejaculate from a limp dick… or so I thought. Remind me to buy you one of these, and perhaps gift one to the boys. You’ll love it,” Marc mumbles, lust filling his eyes.

“A phallus-shaped probe with electrodes is… they fucked me with a probe that stimulated my prostate- insta-erection and insta-ejaculation. It was a new way to get violated- assaulted- tortured- raped. Olivia would ride me while she had…” Marcus looks away in shame, tears falling from his eyes, and I know I’m the only person he’s ever told this secret.

My lips tenderly flutter on Marc’s eyelids. “Devlin?” I pr
ompt, saying the obvious for Marcus. I can tell the word is stuck in his throat. Devlin is Olivia’s enforcer, Marc doesn’t know this, but their bond is tight either way. Dev does what Olivia demands because it’s life or death.

… Stimulate me… I don’t blame him… Devlin is in love with Olivia-”

“No way,” I scoff. “Never!
They’ve never touched.”

“Not because they didn
’t want to. Trust me,” Marc stresses. “Not love,
love. So one night I got free of my prison, and Dev didn’t stop me. I’m sure he would have if Olivia would’ve been conscious,” a cruel smirk twists Marc’s lips. “Olivia would drug me before I was tethered. I switched the drinks and her tiny body couldn’t handle it. Whereas I would become compliant, she passed out. No probe needed. My need for vengeance was flowing in my veins lava hot and filling my cock.”

BOOK: The Hunter (Mistress & Master of Restraint)
13.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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