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“I aim to please,” I murmur, blushing like a sonofabitch.

“I’m not asking you to take on all of my sons, only the one son. If you cock an eyebrow, Ezra will come running. If you drop to your knees and worship at his feet as you do mine, Ezra will never let you rise again. If you were to bend over and allow him to enter you, Ezra would forget all others. A simple kiss and Ezra would forget all about Whitt and Dalton. Let those boys have their happily ever after, and get the balls to take your own. Promise me,” Marcus demands in a calm and deep voice that I’ve never heard before, but it resonates within me, calling me, coaxing me to believe.

“Yes, Master. I will do as you ask,” I vow.
“I can’t promise on how long it will take.”

“You have until New Years. Good luck,” Marcus sincerely says, but then
he ruins it when he adds, “and make sure you have a lot of lube.”

“Asshole,” I growl.

“Oh, I’m sure your tight little hole will be quivering in delight,” Marcus says, followed by a trailing of evil laughter. “Is this what you want?” Marc teases me by swatting my face with his erection, leaving a sticky mess behind.

Flop… Flop… Flop… “Go slow and deep. I don’t want to cum in your mouth tonight. Not
as much teeth as last time,” Marcus warns. Flop… Flop… Flop…

“You like teeth,” I growl in outrage. How dare Marcus critique my technique?

“I didn’t say no teeth, just less,” Marc impatiently says while tapping his cockhead on my parted lips. “I love teeth, but it gets me off too fast. I want to savor you this evening… and suck my balls but don’t go south of my taint into no man’s land. You were too adventurous last time.”

“You’d like it,” I promise.

“Says the guy who had exactly three thrusts when he lost his anal virginity. You and Ezra were so lost in one another that you popped before he got it all the way in,” Marcus says with a demented chuckle- the bastard.

“Ezra never did last too long,” I chuckle as a montage of memories flash over my mind. “Denies the man who has taken the Panther
up his ass,” I taunt.

“Yeah, and it wasn’t because I wanted to, nor did I enjoy it. So no, I do not want
you to experiment with my asshole,” Marcus barks out. “So leave it alone.”

“According to Grant, it’s one of Regina’s favorite activities.” Marcus gives me a death
glare. “Hey, he’s one of my closest friends, we have a lot of girl talk.”

“Talking with the mute, classic,” Marcus grumbles while rolling his eyes. “Suck me, you naughty cocksucker,” Marcus demands while shoving his head past my lips, rendering me speechless.

I groan around the impossibly thick invasion. I’m in heaven. This is the distraction I was looking for, only Ezra would be better. But at the same time, Marcus has never betrayed me, but the guilt over keeping the game from him makes me nauseous.

Silky, velvety, and as strong as steel, Marcus’ cock glides past my lips, across my tongue, rubs against the roof of my mouth, and brutally shoves down my throat. My gag reflex fights against the throbbing invasion, much to Marc’s delight. 

Lovingly stroking my throat, amber eyes glowing with a lust-filled fire, Marcus says, “Remember our first time?”

And how can I ever forget. These stolen moments feed my need to create, to write. My memoir, The Hunter, writes itself within my memories.

The Hunter: Past
-Chapter Eight-

“You bastard, how could you push them together like that?” I
cock my elbow back and let my fist fly. The hit lands on Marcus’ face a second before I yelp as pain radiates up my hand from my throbbing knuckles.

“What the
fuck are you talking about?” Marcus hisses his reply, all the while rubbing his jaw where my fist connected. His amber eyes are blazing with anger. No man on this planet can contain fury like Marcus, and no eyes will ever burn you alive as his do.

“Don’t look at me like that,
you bastard. You set your son up with someone because I’ve never been good enough for him. But your loving cousin is perfect for your perfect son. You’ve always been jealous of us.” My voice quivers in pain, pain from my hand and from my soul. Ezra and I were raised side-by-side, and Marcus only adopted Ezra. I was never good enough to be Marc’s son, and now I’m not even good enough for his son. I fist my hand at my side refusing to let Marcus know his hard jaw hurt me.

“I’m jealous of you as a couple or just jealous of you?
” Marcus twists the words, sneering at me. “I’ve taken care of you emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially for the past six years, and you have the audacity to say that I’m jealous of you… I’ve given you everything you’ve ever asked for: vacations, schooling, cars and more cars and toys, and an education to the top universities that you then decided to quit. The money in your trust fund is mine, as you know. I’ve put a roof over your head and held you while you cried, and you say that I don’t find you good enough. Should I be calling Dr. Weiss for a session?” Marcus quietly seethes, voice dipping to the pits of Hell.

“I…” Yeah, how do you follow that up?

“Let’s not forget who’s been chasing whom for years as if they were in perpetual state of heat, you horny fucker. And your outburst still doesn’t answer my initial question. What the fuck are you talking about?” Marcus silently stares me down until I want to drop to my knees. I’ve avoided Ezra since he started this stupid BDSM training. I’d forgotten who Ezra had gotten the idea from. Marcus is wicked scary right now- his training is showing.

“You sent Ezra
to that man so that Ezra would find what he was looking for. You’ve never thought I was good enough for Ezra. Now you’ve hand-picked someone for your son. You’ve always lusted after Ezra, and it’s gross.” I shove Marcus in the chest with my sore hand and cringe when it makes contact. The fucker doesn’t even budge from my efforts, not even an inch.

Marcus stares
me down with his fiery eyes until I can’t stand it. Hell, I can’t stand at all. I drop to my knees and I don’t understand why. I look up to Marcus in confusion as he smiles smugly at me. “Hmmm… That’s never going to get old,” he wickedly purrs with an edge of pure evil. 

“It’ll get old for the
rest of us- fucking fast,” I disrespectfully mumble, and cringe into the floor when Marc’s stare turns into a blinding glare. He softly chuckles, a warm happy sound that makes me shiver.

“Now that you’
re under control,” Marcus arrogantly praises himself while patting the top of my head. “I will answer your allegations. For the last fucking time, I do not want my son in that way. You’re a jealous piece of shit, Cortez. And I know what you’re really jealous of, so knock that shit off. Now, what happened that has you so upset?” Marcus sits back in his favorite chair in our living room and patiently waits.

Through no thought of my own, I crawl towards Marcus
on my hands and knees, following the imaginary track of a path he creates with his line of sight. When Marcus’ eyes land near his bare feet, it’s where I put myself. I whimper for some unknown reason when Marc’s hand affectionately grazes my hair. I lean into his touch, hungering for more… more what I have no idea. Acceptance, maybe.

“A small bastard
you call a cousin was fucking Ezra when I went to see him. Dexter had Ezra bent over some kind of torture table and Ezra was loving it, groaning and grunting.” I hiss it out and glare. I want to curl up in a ball and bawl my eyes out, and then die of humiliation and heartbreak. I feel raw and torn apart inside.

I can’t… I couldn’t do that for Ezra
so he found someone who would. I just can’t. It was the first time I’ve ever seen Ezra with someone we didn’t share, and that was only Faith. We both loved her so it didn’t count. Well, it didn’t count until they betrayed me. But I never thought in my wildest imaginings that Ezra would betray me with another man- ever.

Marcus looks down at me in disbelief with
utter shock written across his face. He goes to speak and shakes his head instead. He does this over and over a few times before he finally formulates a reply. “Are you sure?”

I make an inarticulate sound
in the back of my throat and clench my fists. “Like I wouldn’t know what my man’s ass looks like from behind, are you fucking kidding me? Ezra looked at me while he got pounded, and then spoke to me when he realized I was in the room with them.”

“Fuck,” Marcus sighs out as
he runs his fingers through his black ringlets out of sheer frustration. I want to rip the hair out for him.

“I’m surprised. I sent Ezra
to my cousin, whom I trained, and I sent him to Dexter because he is straight. Dexter has never had a thought of being with a man.”

“Well, Dexter sure as shit is thinking about it now,” I snidely hiss, and follow it up with a tortured sob.

I thought it was safer than being with me. You know how Ezra can be very inappropriate,” Marcus flippantly tosses off Ezra’s need to be inappropriate with everyone in every setting. “I promise I didn’t do it on purpose, Cort. Jesus, I’d never do that, especially after all the shit you guys have been through. I sent Ezra to train so that he could help you and Aaron.”

“It doesn’t change anythin
g, now does it? It’s too late. Ezra found someone to fuck him because I won’t,” I cry out and finally let the tears fall that I’ve been holding at bay.

Marc sits in his chair as he
watches me in surprise as I fall apart. I was on my way to Ezra to resolve our issues. I was going to tell him I wasn’t rejecting him, that it was what I did to Aaron that was haunting me. Every night I dream of all the unimaginable acts I’ve committed. I fear that I will freak out on Ezra while I make love to him. It’s not that I don’t crave his touch, it’s just safer not to do it at all. But It’s too late for that now. I can’t trust Ezra with this. I can’t trust him with anything now. Not that Ezra gives a flying fuck anyway. He is in someone else’s arms. Someone else was inside his body. The thought almost has me retching.

et up here,” Marc gently commands. I crawl on my knees over to him and up into his lap. His arms enclose me- the same arms that held me and Ezra when we returned from Ray Hunter’s loving care. Marcus had held Ezra in a combination of fatherly and brotherly affection. I’d tried to make the gesture more as I’d gripped Marcus back with my strange hero-worship attraction I have for him. I don’t do anything different this time around, almost three years later.

“It will be okay. It’s not the end of the world. Nothing is unresolvable as long as you’re
still alive. I will help you.” Marcus rubs my back in soothing circles. I gaze at the side of his face and he looks concerned.

“Thank you,” I murmur,
and then abruptly kiss Marcus before I can think the better of it or he can stop me. My lips mash against his. My tongue lashes out, begging for entrance to the depths of his mouth. Marcus pulls away before I can give him the full strength of my kiss. He stares at me in a mixture of wide-eyed horror and confused awe.

“Don’t you
want me?” I whine my question, bottom lip quivering as my eyes water.

“Kid, don’t fu
cking do this shit,” Marcus practically growls.

“I understood before, but we’re bo
th adults now.” I plead with my eyes.

“And nothing would hurt Ezra more than fucking around
with his father, right? It would kill him to know that I fucked you- something you’ve never allowed him to do. That’s not what you do to someone you love, and I will not be used that way. It’s disrespectful, not only to Ezra, but to me, too.” Marcus tries to push me from his lap, but I hold on tightly. Marc digs his fingers into my hands, trying to loosen them from his shirt while he angrily growls again.

It’s not like that,” I say in a panic, not wanting to let go of Marcus. “It’s not to hurt Ezra or to use you. We don’t have to have sex. It’s not like I haven’t wanted you forever. I just need to forget for a few minutes. It hurts so fucking bad right now. I feel like I am bleeding to death, but I look okay on the outside.”

“You can’t do this to me. I won’t be able to stop
myself, Cort. It’s not fair,” Marcus sighs out, but I can hear his indecision, and I take advantage.

do whatever you want,” I shamelessly beg Marcus in an innocent voice that is laced with seduction. I kiss Marc again and feel victorious when he doesn’t push me away. The slide of his lips on mine has me shivering in his lap. I sharply nip his lower lip until he lets me inside. I twine my tongue with his, wet slickness against wet slickness, the exotic taste is intoxicating, mind altering. I rotate in Marc’s lap until I am straddling his hips.

Marc’s arousal
is tightly pressed against my backside, so tightly that I can feel it throb with want… and for the first time ever, I am willing to let someone take me. Marc’s hands viciously grip my hips to press my ass hard on his pulsating cock as he grinds us together. Our combined shouts of surprise fill the room.

yanks me off his lap and roughly tosses me to the floor. I stare up at him in confusion, breathlessly panting as my cock dampens the inside of my boxers. Marc’s face is flushed with anger and arousal, and his whiskey eyes glow with maddening lust.

“What is it with you guys?
” Marcus barks out, wildly panting from his seat in his favorite chair as I’m sprawled on the carpeting at his feet. “Ezra tries to seduce me at every turn, and I have absolutely no problem turning him away time after time. I just feel saddened that my son keeps testing me. But you take on a different approach, and I can’t seem to find the word
in my vocabulary. I’ve never wanted a man before, and you’re confusing the hell out of me, Kid.”

Marcus stares at me for a very long time, an inner war waging within his mind. His handsome face is scrunched in confused concentration as he tries to riddle out why I would seduce him and why he
would allow it… and why he liked it, because the evidence of just how much Marcus enjoyed my attentions is obvious by the huge, twitching bulge in his pants with the ever-growing wet spot.

I can’t fuck you. No way am I going to fuck my son’s partner on the living room floor in our home. It’s beyond disrespectful. But I am hurting,” Marc groans as he cups his bulge. “And I am majorly getting off on the control I hold over you,” Marc’s voice is crazed, filled with a high I don’t understand. “I’ll make a concession. Suck me while you fuck your own hand. Do it quickly before I have time to change my fucking mind!” Marcus whisper screams as he points at his crotch, and all I can do is stare in amazement. Marcus is really going to let me do it. 

I sh
uffle over until I’m between Marc’s parted thighs, and then I make quick work of his zipper before he can say no again or he pushes me away like I’m an annoyance. I part the fly of Marc’s trousers and pull his boxers down. I groan in pleasure when I see his cock for the very first time. It’s thicker than anything I’ve ever seen, and so eager as it pulses and drools out delicious precum. The musky bitter scent entices me, I can’t wait to taste him. And for some strange reason, I want to know what it would feel like driving deep inside me, tunneling me unto ecstasy.

“No way, my naughty boy,” Marcus answers my unspoke
n thoughts, reading the expressions that race across my amazed face. “I’m not fucking you. I know you can suck a cock like a pro. You’ve left enough doors open so I’d catch you at it. Prove it,” Marcus challenges me. “Show me that you’re my naughty cocksucker.”

… And
show Marcus, I do. I hesitantly grip his thick cock, my hand skimming the velvety flesh, marveling that I’m touching him in actuality, not just in my fantasies. Six years of stalking and teasing and taunting is coming to fruition. I draw Marc’s twitching cock to my mouth, rolling my eyes to catch Marcus intently staring at my lips. I open wide, preparing to take on the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Past my lips the softest skin slides, along my tongue, and my taste buds burst in unbridled ecstasy as precum splashes inside my mouth, and then, finally, down into my throat.

I want, no, I
, Marcus to be proud of me. I want him to love it so much he will never deny me the chance to have his cock shoved down my throat until I choke- he’s big enough to do it, too.

hands gently cup the sides of my face as he finds a brutal rhythm to fuck my mouth. He isn’t gentle about the thrusting, and I nearly suffocate as he lodges deep inside my throat. He holds the back of my head and doesn’t allow me to move as I gasp around his girth. Spit drips down my face and falls to the floor. My chest rapidly rises and falls as it tries to get air to my depleted lungs. There is no air to be had, because Marc won’t allow me to breathe. Spots flood into my field of vision, darkening around the edges until all I can only see is pinpoints of vision in front of me. I feel faint, light-headed and hazy, and still Marcus doesn’t move from the cavern of my throat. I start to thrash, my need of survival overriding my need to thoroughly service Marcus.

BOOK: The Hunter (Mistress & Master of Restraint)
5.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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