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“You fucked Olivia while she was passed out?” I bark in shock.

“Oh, yeah,” Marcus evilly purrs, his cock jerking beneath mine as his mind enters the past. “And Dev watched because sex was sex, awake or asleep, it was what Olivia wanted. So I violated her. I tried to get Dev to fuck her, too, but he wouldn’t.” Marcus abruptly barks a sharp laugh tinged with insanity. My eyes widen in worry. “It wasn’t because Devlin didn’t want to. He said that my kid would pop out black… Oh, Dev feasted, and touched, and kissed, and caressed while I fucked his master. It’s like even passed out, Olivia knew it was Dev. She was murmuring Devlin’s name and orgasming while unconscious. You could say Dev had a literal hand in Spyder’s conception. I was glad, because the pregnancy was the key to my release.”

“Holy fuck,” I hiss.

“That is why I hate being ridden and sat on and my asshole touched. I’ve never had anal sex with a man or woman, and only receiving during my imprisonment. I fear it. It took my power away- my control. I feel no shame except for the fact that I wasn’t strong enough to control my body functions, involuntary ones or not. Regina likes anal play, so I’m going to take you tonight to test my resolve. I want to make Regina happy. I trust you to deal with any issues that arise, and you are strong enough that I won’t hurt you. I trust you… and I want you… and I’m saying goodbye to you until I can control myself again. You make me lose myself, and I hate that.”

“Do I apologize for this?”
Lifting myself up off of Marcus, I prepare to run if he’s being serious. Marcus hates not being the strongest man on the planet, in all things.

A firm hand slides along my spine, up my neck, and fina
lly cups the back of my head. Marc’s fingers splay into my hair, holding me immobile. Not that I feel the inclination to move with him touching me, staring me deep in the eyes, with his warm body enveloping mine. My eyelids droop and my mouth falls lax as I luxuriate in the comforting affection known as Marcus.

“Fear makes one realize they are still alive. Never apologize for injecting fear in
to anyone, not even those you love. It’s exciting, enlivening, and it should be embraced.” Marc’s voice is drugging, coaxing me into compliance, weakening me to his strong will.

“It’s time. I’ve waited long enough. The absence
made the hunger stronger. Ezra is going to fuck them and be fucked by them… There is nothing he hasn’t given to another human being. I think it’s time you finally kissed me again.” Marcus’ words slice deep, plunge into my heart with the brutal truth.

“That’s not true,” I say, no hint of my usual denial. “Our bodies can be taken from us. Your story is proof of that. It’s just flesh and bone… and the only emotions are fear and anger. There is one thing that Ezra will always reserve for me, and a kiss isn’t it.”

“What is it?” Marcus prompts, but I can tell he’s waiting for me to admit it, not to him but to myself.

“His heart. Ezra has never truly given his heart to another human
being, not even our children. Ezra hurts me, ruins me, but I will always come first, even first to himself.”

Marcus’ answering smile is brilliant. “About time,” he murmurs. “Now kiss me, since it’s only your body, not your heart.” He winks, knowing that is only half true. Marc has always had a piece of my heart, because Ezra is my soul.

Tentatively, I lean forward, hovering my lips above Marc’s. His hot breath scorches my lips, burning and tingling. I hesitate, drawing the moment out. I make Marc wait because it’s the only power I have over him. We are both dominant beings. Marcus is truly a man who thrives on power. I, on the other hand, thrive on retaining my power, refusing to give it away, no matter how desperately I may wish for him to have it- it’s the same with Ezra. Confused or not, I always make them earn the power exchange.

Marcus begins to tremor beneath me, muscles taut with tension as he holds himself back from crossing the invisible barrier between our parted lips… and
I finally believe his claims- Marcus Zeitler is in love with me. He hungers for my kiss as much as he hungers for Regina’s- more so maybe since I’ve long denied it. The twins are three, and they were babies when I promised Ezra to save this one last piece of myself.

Deliberately, with premeditation, I fully submit for the first time in my life, and it’s freeing.

With a hungry and fierce animalistic sound, flowing from my lips to Marc’s, I crush our mouths together. I silently weep for a myriad of reasons: breaking my oath to Ezra, finally giving into the ultimate temptation, taking something just for myself, knowing that I’m giving Marcus what he needs, and finally admitting what I am.

The kiss is tender, sweet, a welcoming home after a long absence. Marcus trembles beneath me, his body re-hardening as his fingers lightly splay in my hair, controlling the kiss. I begin to rock my body against his, the silky slide of flesh, the velvety glide of our stiff sexes mashing and releasing. Unable to control my urges, I grind our pelvises together as I deepen the kiss. My tongue darts in and grabs the first taste of Marcus’ mouth in three long years. I cry out from the intoxicating flavor that I’ve missed for way too long.

Hungry, feral, we feast at each other’s mouths. Tongues dueling, rolling and gliding in our mouths’ wet heat. A firm hand grips my ass, fingers digging into the crevasse as hips rise and fall, fucking me- no, making love to me. This is sensual torment at its finest.

“Ugh,” I suck in a breath. “Where was that hiding,” I ask of the wetness saturating my crack. My eyes dart to the side as Marc drops the
lube back onto his pants that are inches from the sofa. While I was lost to Marcus, he was preparing me for what happens next. “I’ve lost my touch,” I grumble. “Faith always said I sucked at sex.”

Marcus barks a laugh, a pleasant sound that rolls over me and fills my heart. “This was premeditated. I already had the lube in my hand when you came to me on the sofa. No way could I have managed that otherwise. I was so…
lost to you that I couldn’t wait any longer.” Marcus blushes as his eyes dart away.

“You really want to fuck me that badly?” I ask, awe and disbelief warring in my tone.

“Cort,” Marcus growls, head kicking back into the sofa arm. “You’ve been teasing me for almost twenty years. Are you insane?” Amber eyes bug out in amazement. “I can’t wait for it any longer.”

“Oh God,” I shudder, eyes slipping shut, wondering if I will awaken as I did earlier this evening, only to find out this was
but a dream. A dream that will equally haunt me because it wasn’t reality.

Fingertips bite into my hips, slowly pulling me up Marc’s body until I rest slightly higher on his waist. Lips suckle at my throat as my cheek presses into the sofa arm. Confused as to why Marcus scoots down farther beneath me, I groan out my frustration.

“I’d use another position, but I fear how I’d behave. From behind I’d be too rough, I’d go wild. With you on your back, I’d go too deep. Even though you gave your virginity to Ezra a few months ago, it’s still nothing in comparison. It was a few half thrusts while you both came. Having you on top of me gives you the power to control the depth and speed. I don’t want to hurt you- I’m way too thick for a virgin.”

“I’m not a virgin,” I sluggishly slur, feeling drugged by Marcus’ domination. I can’t believe I’m doing this, but he has weakened my resolve to the point that I’m relaxed and pliant, eager even.

“If you say so,” Marc’s rumble of amusement flows into my ear, causing me to tremor and blush. I freeze, startled, ready to flee. The thick head of a cock glides along my lube-slickened crack, finding the bud of my ass, and slowly presses forward. “Shh… you know this cock better than your own,” Marc teases to comfort me.

My body tenses. I bury my face into the mass of Marc’s ringlets, fingers wrapping around the curls. My elbows rest on the arm of the sofa. Tender lips flutter kisses to the divot at the base of my throat. My cock is cradled along the deep grooves of Marc’s abs, slowly leaking the results of my invasion- frightened or not, I’m aroused. I abruptly let loose, dropping my weight onto his hard body as my muscles relax.

“Just push out slightly. I’m not going to force my way in. Submit and let me enter,” Marc orders in a coaxing tone. Acknowledged or not, trained in BDSM or not, Marcus has been my master since the day I met him. I relinquish my power for the first time in my life. I push back with my muscles and my body opens, swallowing that thick cockhead whole.

Trembling, panting, I finally admit that thirty seconds of sex doesn’t take your virginity away. It wasn’t like this. The stretch, the burn, the fullness, and
the unexpected pleasurable pain was not experienced last time. It had happened so quickly that I was jipped. I feel everything: the pulse, the beat, the heat of Marcus’ cock as it slowly impales me. I shudder, unable to hold back the sensations, the emotions, the wonder of being possessed- owned.

“I love you,” rumbles from my mouth, finally entering that space where I spew words of
total adoration like I have romantic Tourette’s syndrome. “Do I please you?”

“Unbelievable,” Marcus breathes against my throat, trembling. “I’m undone by the trust, the total submission.”

“You feel so good,” I groan, pressing backwards, taking more of his thick length inside my body. “Hot. It’s like… so hot. You burn inside me. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. The pulsing. The beating.”

Good God,” Marcus gasps out. “Please, please just stop talking. I know you can’t help yourself. But I’ve never, ever needed to cum before I got all the way in. I haven’t even thrust in yet. I take back my taunting over Ezra. I get it. Your ass is like heaven. You enter and never want to leave, but you spew all of your sins at the gates.”

even better than having you shoved down my throat. You feel thicker. I just fell in love with your cock all over again.” I groan, luxuriating in the feel of Marcus… of Marcus being inside of me. “Holy shit, Marc, you’re fucking me,” I shout, finally realizing the gravity of our situation. “Whoa…”

I lift my head, slowly rearing backwards so I can sit up and look Marc in the eye. That hard cock slides
deeper, blissfully rubbing along my passage. Hot, pulsing, quivering, I take him to the hilt until I’m sitting on his hips. Finally I can look at him. Marc’s eyes are squeezed shut, body taut with tension, lips drawn in a tight line, fingers turning into claws at my hips, nails biting into my skin until blood is drawn.

“Thank you, Marcus, for trusting me,” I huskily mutter, having to swallow repeatedly to wet my suddenly dry mouth. “Are you fighting yourself because I’m on top? Is it triggering your fears?”

“No,” comes from between gritted teeth in a gravelly deep voice. “Trying not to… cum.” Marc’s body falls lax to the sofa cushions in relief. “It passed,” he wheezes out. “Jesus Christ, you have no clue. Fuck,” he groans, amber eyes bugging out. “Addictive is an understatement. Ride me- fuck your ass on my cock until I cum so deeply that you’ll always have a part of me inside of you.”

The roll of Marc’s words over my body has me quivering but obeying his lust-filled command. My hips rise and f
all, sliding him in and out in a rapid rhythm. The faster I move, the harder I need it. The harder I shove myself down on him, the faster I need it.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. Sweat drips from my forehead onto Marc’s chest, running in rivulets down his sides.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. My palms curve around Marc’s biceps, holding on for maximum driving force.

Harder. Faster.
Harder. Faster. I breathlessly pant, unable to form words from the exertion. The foreign sensation of having a body part impale me urges me on to ride, to grind, to fuck Marc’s cock.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. Gray storm clouds connect with mesmerized amber fossils. Never have I mesmerized Marcus, he was always the one to captivate my total attention- my adoration. But for once, the sentiment is mutual.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. My weeping cock forcefully slaps my belly with each thrust of my hips, the strange sensation mimicking the sting of a painful handgrip. My tightening balls press into the dense nest of curls above the proud sex that pierces me.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. A
thickly corded neck rears back into the sofa arm as a spine bows off of the cushions, shoving that hot throbbing length deeper into my body. A silent moan has a jaw unhinging and perfect lips parting.

Harder. Faster. Harder. Faster. My ass makes my master cum.

“Cortez,” roars deep and long and loud from Marcus’ throat. Pride. Unadulterated pride. I made my master proud. I pleased him. He trusted me enough to be
first. I am the first man, the only man he’ll ever fuck. I am the only man he will ever fall in love with, no matter how fleeting that love may be. But in this moment, I am Marcus Zeitler’s world.

Hot, fiery hot bursts of Marcus fill me, drive me over the edge. My cock erupts, forcefully shooting out semen,
stream after stream landing in spurts on my master’s sculpted chest. I writhe, no inhibitions, no reservation, and no thoughts of straight, bi, or gay. I am nothing but my master’s servant, and I’ve pleased him immensely.

Never will I admit that I am a romantic idiot out loud, but we all know it because I write romance as my passion. Marcus knows me. He knows the depths of my thoughts, and my needs. Men do not cuddle. But right now, I need the reassurance after a life-altering event. Marcus has held me after every life-altering event, and this time is no different.

BOOK: The Hunter (Mistress & Master of Restraint)
13.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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