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Grigori held onto Damask, loving the way her cunt was still rippling around his cock. It’d been absolute torture to wait for her to come. Her cunt was so hot and wet inside, and it gripped him so tightly he’d wanted to pound into her and explode the moment he’d entered her. But now he was being rewarded as she still twitched around him, bathing his cock in her wet heat.

Of course he might need stitches in his shoulders where she’d gripped him so hard he was certain he’d have ten holes where her nails had dug into his skin. But he didn’t care. It was a small price to pay for having found his mate. A mate who was everything he’d ever wanted and more besides.

Her red hair was draped across his skin as well as hers. She was so pale against him, the tiny freckles on her nose in stark contrast to the rest of her face. Her lush body filled his arms and her entire presence filled his heart. She was his and nothing would ever change that. He and Jairus needed to explain that to her. To tell her she was theirs. But they would also need to give her time to adjust to the idea and grow used to them. Still, he had all the time in the world now he’d found her.

Grigori breathed in deeply, relishing her sweetly floral scent, her female musk overlaying the lighter scent, and the atmosphere of sex in the small room. He waited while Jairus moved off Damask and cleaned himself up. When his friend lay down again, Grigori helped tuck Damask into Jairus’s arms so he could clean up too. Jairus had brought his insulated cup of hot water and a handful of wipes, and once Grigori was refreshed he took the rest of the water and cleaned Damask while Jairus cuddled her. Next he sorted through their supplies and took the tube of soothing gel, which he poured into her ass. He suspected after such rigorous sex, that even though they’d been careful, she might be a little sore in the morning, and after all she had to work.

Grigori pulled the blanket up over Jairus and Damask, and then lay down on the other side of Damask, pulling the cover over himself as well. The floors were stone, and the walls wooden, but even so, it could get chilly in the night now the sun had gone down.

“Are you too tired to talk, Damask? The next few days I know you’ll be busy on the candy store, but I was hoping that on Monday we could go somewhere and do something together, as a threesome. You understand you’re ours now, don’t you? We want to stay together.”

“I worked out last night—? The day before—? I can’t think. Whenever it was, just recently I worked out my mother likely let me come here so that two men would accept me, and protect me, and marry me. I realized that would be her plan for my future. With two men I’d always be protected to her standard. I don’t have a problem with being protected as long as I get to be myself as well. I love the idea of being involved with the banquets. I can’t wait to learn to play the medieval instruments and learn to sing some ballads.”

Damask bounced up from between them, kneeling to face them both. “In medieval times troubadours used to travel around singing the news. Kind of like the Internet of their day. They sang current events and history into long ballads. It would take a while to learn some of those off by heart, but I could sing them from music maybe. We could also write one of our own.
The Ballad of Werewolf Castle
telling the story of the castle from a tourist angle. I guess your Alpha would need to approve the words, but we could have so much fun writing it and setting it to music.”

Grigori smiled at his woman. She was so beautiful crouched there, totally oblivious to the fact she was naked and her hair was tangled around her face. In his mind that made her more beautiful still. She was unconscious of her body and her looks, focusing on the men and the ideas running through her mind. Her hazel eyes were sparkling in the dim light of the room, and her pale skin glowed from the aftereffects of her orgasm. She was stunningly gorgeous, but part of that beauty was from the way she was involved in her plans for her music and the castle. Just about anyone could look good in a thousand dollar dress and three hundred dollar shoes. But only someone whose mind and heart were as desirable as their body, could look so lovely crouched naked on a sleeping bag in an unfurnished room.

“Does that mean you’d like to spend Monday working on your music?” asked Jairus.

“Maybe. But I’d also like to walk up the mountain and see the pack’s orchards. I’ve heard you have a lot of lovely fruit trees and I thought it might be a nice walk.”

Grigori smiled back at her. “We could easily do both. Take some food with us for a picnic in the orchard and take a notepad to write down some ideas for your ballad as well. Does it have to rhyme? That might be hard to do.”

“Some of them do and others don’t. It’s not so very hard to make the second and fourth lines rhyme when the first and third don’t have to. But the beginning will be to read the stories we want to make into the ballad. The ballad as a whole needs to tell a complete story with enough detail to keep people listening. It usually has a refrain as well, a repeated phrase like a punch line that listeners will enjoy and come to expect to hear.”

Grigori pulled her back down under the blanket. “You’ll get cold out there.” But really he just wanted to keep cuddling her for as long as he could. He stroked his hands down her sides and she opened her legs for him. Gently he petted her thigh and moved his hand around to her pussy. It would be much too soon for him to fuck her again but while she was accepting his advances he wasn’t going to stop. He pressed his suddenly hard cock against her butt cheeks and slid one finger inside her cunt. She was still as wet as ever so he finger fucked her very gently, half expecting her to push his hand away. Instead, she used her cunt muscles to grip his finger tighter.

Jairus tweaked her nipples. “We brought you off with just a finger and our mouths once before. Shall we do that again?”

“I’m very aroused. I want more than that. Why doesn’t one of you fuck me and I’ll suck the other one.”

Grigori’s cock grew another inch. He’d love to fuck her again. Her cunt was pure heaven. But having her suck his dick would be very good as well. It was really Jairus’s turn to choose. They had to be completely fair and sharing with her if their relationship was to work, and Grigori knew Jairus would always be evenhanded with him.

Jairus looked at him and he nodded. “I’d like your cunt please, Damask,” he said.

Grigori crawled up the sleeping bag and sat with his cock in position by her mouth while Jairus found a condom and put it on. It was just as well they’d brought the entire box with them. Grigori had half expected Damask to sleep after they fucked her the first time, but instead she was wide awake and driving him crazy with desire.

Damask pushed the pillow away and put her head flat on the mat, then held his cock gently between her hands, stroking along his length and cupping his balls in her palm. He crawled a few inches closer to her, and licked one finger, then trailed the dampness across her breast. Her hazel eyes gleamed as they looked into his and she gave the sexiest shiver, before stretching out her tongue and licking his entire length. Now it was his turn to shiver.

Still with her gaze fixed to his, she flicked her tongue out over his cockhead, then licked the tiny eye before sucking him. Grigori was certain she dragged more pre-cum from him. He was also certain if she continued like this he’d come way before he should. It was up to him to distract her by teasing her.

Her breasts called to him but he couldn’t suck them while she sucked his cock. His body simply didn’t bend like that. This time he licked all his fingertips and began stroking and teasing her breast and underneath it, trailing damp lines over her body before cupping her nearest globe and rolling it in his palm just the same way as she’d rolled his balls.

They all needed to wiggle around a bit to realign themselves as Jairus got into position and slid his cock into her cunt, then Damask made the next move by sucking his cock deep into her mouth and tilting her head right back so she could take even more of him. Her position lifted her breasts right up, so he kneeled up and began flicking a finger over her nipple, then pinching and stretching it.

Jairus joined in by playing with her other breast as he drove steadily in and out of her channel. Almost immediately the three of them were moving together, matching their touches and speed to each other. Grigori could feel his cockhead touching the back of Damask’s throat and she didn’t seem to be gagging so he ordered her, “Open the back of your throat, Damask. Obey your Dom and deep throat me completely.”

The first few times she tried to do it she did gag, but then she seemed to work out how to breathe and sucked him down. If her mouth had been good then this was utter paradise. He was careful not to force her to keep him there long, and she was soon nipping the loose skin along his shaft and raising his lust that way, but he was pleased with how well she’d done.

Grigori concentrated on playing with her breasts and her nipples, wanting her to splinter soon before the fucking made her sore since she wasn’t used to having two of them yet. As she sucked him down the back of her throat, he fucked her throat, loving the sensation, and he pinched her nipple as he did, wanting her to enjoy this as much as he was.

Jairus was using his hands on her as well, although Grigori didn’t know what he was doing, but between them they were successful and once again Damask convulsed into an orgasm. Her little moans were all Grigori needed to have his dick spouting streams of cum down her throat. Quickly he pulled back into her mouth so she could breathe, but his cock jetted on and on. Grigori was surprised because he’d come so hard the first time. It was all Damask. His beautiful loving mate had turned him into a super stud.

She licked him clean and he stroked her pale flesh, as Jairus cleaned up the condom.

“We mentioned it before. We really do need to talk about you becoming our mate, Damask. Are you prepared to do that? Have you questions you need to ask us first?” asked Jairus.

“I know about mates being for life. That’s why my parents stayed together and tried to work things out. I know you’ll bite me. I’m not ready to mate yet. I want to know you better first. I don’t want a marriage like my parents had. First of all, I want to see you in wolf form.”

Chapter Four


Jairus wanted to just cuddle Damask and go to asleep, but that wasn’t really practical. She, in particular, needed to go back to her room in the chapel, and likely before midnight. Fortunately it wasn’t all that late yet. They had time to both nap and talk. But he was concerned if he went to sleep he might sleep for hours from the sheer relaxation of holding his mate in his arms at last. So, resolutely, he stayed up on one elbow, to remain awake. Besides, watching her snuggled between them was no hardship. It was the fulfillment of many dreams. Although he hadn’t exactly pictured their first true sex happening on the storeroom floor.

That was one thing he really did need to think about. Hiring a motel room for three people in a small town wasn’t all that good an idea. He should probably speak to the Alpha about moving them into an apartment in one of the towers.

There were four corner towers at the castle. In the olden days they’d been the last retreat for the inhabitants if the castle was attacked. Back then most of the rooms in the castle itself were made of wood, and highly susceptible to fire arrows shot by enemies. The walls of the castle, and the four towers, were stone. Inside the towers was safety. In fact, the castle had never been conquered. No attacker had ever broken down the walls and gotten inside, although various buildings had been burned to the ground several times over the years, and once the outer courtyard had been breached. The inner courtyard, however, had not been.

These days the towers were mostly for show. The north tower was the one where the guides took the tourists up to the top for their photographs looking out over the countryside, pointing out the tiny cold stone rooms the guards had slept in at the foot of the tower as they climbed the many steps. The east and south towers were closed off and only accessible now from the east wing. The east tower had been turned into apartments for families and the south tower was partly renovated. Jairus decided he’d better use this time while he was home to look at the vacant rooms and see which ones could most easily be turned into an apartment for the three of them. He hadn’t even been inside that tower for six months or more. He supposed there were still plenty of vacant levels. Last he knew the top floor was occupied by a family and so was one other level. The levels were illogical with rooms opening off into the actual wall of the castle in some places, as well as the tower itself having rooms. He’d need to pick an area to which plumbing could be added, though. They needed their own en suite bathroom for sure. Carrying water in an insulated cup wasn’t going to be a good enough plan long-term.

“How about we show you our wolves on Monday. We can take a picnic, walk up the mountain to the orchards, and maybe even write some of the ballad while we’re there. It’ll be our first entire day out together,” he asked softly, not sure whether Damask was asleep or not.

“Yes, that sounds good. I’ll think of some questions to ask you so I get to know you on a deeper level as well. Right now I’m too tired to think. This is nice but I need to get back.” Damask pushed the blanket off herself and sat up. Her hair was a wild red tangle around her face, she was moving sluggishly, and her skin was still pale pink from her orgasms. She was the most beautiful thing Jairus had ever seen. He leaned forward and kissed her nose.

BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
3.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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