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He moved right behind her and flicked the rope onto her ass. It made a very satisfactory noise and left a pink mark on her skin. He whipped her twice more, then ran his hand over her ass cheeks. They were just a little bit warm, but not hot.

Grigori stepped up behind her now. Jairus knew what he’d planned to do, and saw he’d found what he needed. Grigori was holding a tree branch about three feet long. It was mostly a thin stick but there were a few leaves on it as well. It should make a perfect contrast to the heavy thud of the rope.

Jairus stood back a little farther and watched as Grigori made a few practice swings with the branch, then used it to whip Damask’s shoulders, followed by her upper back.

They exchanged places and Jairus punished her ass some more, before stepping away so Grigori could use the branch on her ass. Her butt was turning red now, so should be just right for them to move to the next part of the program they’d planned for her.

Jairus walked among the trees until he found some feathery leaves. Grigori was stroking his branch over Damask’s skin, teasing her with the firm wood and the threat of more spanking. When Grigori nodded, Jairus trailed the soft leaves up and down her legs. He kneeled between her legs and stroked her inner thighs, pleased to see her pussy lips damp and gleaming with her own moisture.
Oh yes. She likes what we’re doing.

“How does it feel to have the bark of the tree pushing at your breast, Damask? Does it arouse you?” asked Grigori.

“I suppose so. It’s very different from clothing.”

“What if one of us was to fuck you from behind, pushing your body into the tree with every stroke. Would that arouse you?” asked Jairus. The mental image of it was sure arousing him.

“Yes.” Her voice was the merest whisper.

Grigori dropped his pants and rolled a condom over his shaft, then stepped behind her. Jairus turned his back and remained on watch for anyone coming up the mountain. It was most unlikely but it was still possible. The problem with having to make money to survive in this day and age was always that it meant people knew where the castle was and many of its secrets. Hopefully not all of them, but certainly enough to steal their fruit from the orchard.

Fortunately, most of their vegetables were grown inside the castle in a third, smaller courtyard which was predominantly a vegetable garden in the farthest corner of the castle by the south tower. It was also the area where the wolves who didn’t want to meet the tourists took their exercise and sat in the sunlight during summer. The only access from where the tourists were allowed was a narrow passageway between the final village store and the kitchen. They’d installed a high gate with a “Staff Only” sign on it. The garden wasn’t visible to anyone who climbed over the gate. All they’d see was the narrow passage between the castle wall and the old bake house, now locked and used as a storeroom for costumes and supplies they bought in bulk such as toilet paper, and castle souvenirs. The garden itself was around another corner.

But as always, an inquisitive person with climbing skills and some intelligence could find them, just as he could find them fucking in the orchard in the middle of the day. They could never forget they were werewolf shape-shifters in a predominantly human world and as such would always be a source of fear and superstition among some parts of the population.

Jairus kept his back to Grigori and Damask and silently paced a wide circle around them, but saw no sign of movement or of anyone else on the mountain.

The more he thought about it the more he realized their lives were not as secure as they might wish. First there was the whole issue surrounding the Supreme Alpha of Europe who was about to die. Or possibly he was dead already. There was going to be quite a battle among various Alphas throughout Europe to replace him. Most packs would be drawn into the fight in one way or another either supporting the person they wished to become Supreme, or holding off the requests for support from the others. By staying alone, outside the association, his pack would avoid a lot of that hassle, but they still wouldn’t be immune.

There were enough people who knew of their existence that a determined person would track them down sooner or later. It made good sense for his pack to stay out of that battle as much as possible. But they still needed to know what was happening in the werewolf world, and that meant continuing to keep their young men spread out around Europe in the various capital cities, keeping watch on the local packs. Because the men went in twos, hoping to meet their perfect human mate, the pack couldn’t monitor as many groups as they would wish to. They needed to increase their cooperation with the other packs and sharing of knowledge to do that.

The problem with that idea was that it brought them up against the coming troubles until the new Supreme was in control. They wouldn’t want to work with any one pack in case they ended up on the wrong side of later decision making. Which was a shame. He’d like to work with the new Alpha of the Vienna pack. He’d seemed a very capable leader. Since he came from America, perhaps their own Alpha would make an exception in his case and work with him once he was firmly in control of the Vienna pack. That would share the load somewhat.

Jairus was glad he wasn’t Alpha. He really wouldn’t like to have to face all these decisions which could affect the life and death of the pack. He had enough to worry about just convincing Damask to marry them formally.

He wanted to bite her and claim her but that couldn’t happen until she agreed. So far she’d been very agreeable about tasting BDSM and giving the men her body. She was loving and passionate. But she had not said yes she’d mate them. Jairus wondered if it was because of her family. Surely she understood the primary difficulty there had been a breach of trust. Her father ought to have told her mother he was a wolf. Never ever would Jairus hide secrets from Damask. His only secrets were pack business and had nothing personal to do with any of the three of them.

Besides, there was just one more trip for the Alpha he had to make before he concentrated on running the banquets. He wasn’t sure how long the banquet job would last, possibly only long enough to get them set up, but undoubtedly there’d be other work for him inside the pack after that. Hopefully he could live here in the castle with Grigori and Damask most of the time if not all the time.

Jairus heard Damask gasp and turned to look at her and Grigori. Grigori was resting over her back so he guessed they’d both come. He wondered whether she was capable of playing some more. She’d shown plenty of stamina in the storeroom but today she’d walked up the mountain and they all had to retain enough strength to walk down it again.

He turned and helped Grigori untie her from the tree and then they carried her to the rug. He checked her breasts and torso but there were no abrasions from the bark. Grigori massaged her shoulders. Jairus picked up his leaves again and began stroking up her legs and along her inner thighs. Immediately she began wiggling and reached for him.

When she pressed her hand firmly onto his cock he almost groaned the pleasure was so intense. He was more than ready to fuck her, but he didn’t want to push her too hard.

“Take your clothes off,” she said softly.

“I don’t need to.” He lay on top of her and began sucking her breasts. He loved her breasts. They were full and round, a perfect handful. Not the tiny golf balls of the reed-thin catwalk models, and not the enormous silicon-enhanced basketballs of women in men’s magazines, but a ripe, lush warm womanhood for a real man.

Her skin was warm and soft, yet not saggy. The underlying skeletal and muscle structure was firm, but the outer later was welcoming, not hard and stiff. His cock, however, was stiff. So stiff it was aching to get inside her. But he wasn’t going to rush. He needed to reassure himself that she wanted him.

Damask pushed her breasts up into his mouth, welcoming his lips and tongue. But her hands were busy unzipping his pants and delving into his briefs to free his dick. His dick sure liked that plan. He leaned up and pushed his pants down his legs, then lifted her ass up to his cock. He rested his dick at the entrance to her pussy and asked, “Is this what you want?”

“Hell yes. Fuck me, Jairus.”

“Even though Grigori has just fucked you?”

“I like the idea of having two orgasms. But if you think it’s taking too long, next time you’ll have to be more efficient and double fuck me again.”

“Next time we might be able to fuck you together and also give you two orgasms. Men can multitask, you know,” said Grigori. He picked up his backpack and moved a little distance away, giving them some privacy and likely keeping an eye out for anyone coming up the mountain.

Jairus held her head in both his hands, using the sides of his hands to push a few strands of hair that had escaped her ponytail back off her cheeks. Then he drove his dick hard and deep inside her, pushing against the hot, swollen walls of her channel until his cock was balls deep in her cunt. He kissed a line along her jaw, peppered her cheeks with soft kisses, and licked the length of her nose before pressing his lips firmly to hers. Her fingernails dug into his ass, holding him deep inside her as her mouth ravished his in response to his kisses. Her tongue tangled with his and she thrust her breasts up into his chest. Every inch of her was responding to him, giving him a clear signal that she liked what he was doing and was ready for more.

Never had he kissed a more responsive woman. He wished he’d taken the time to undress, but here, out in the orchard, he hadn’t wanted to be so vulnerable apart from the brief time when he was changing into wolf form. In wolf form his powerful muscles and sharp teeth were weapons all of themselves. In human form he needed his boots and his clothes to feel able to protect her. But right now naked would have been better.

He’d intended to fuck her slowly, thinking she’d need a while to be able to orgasm again. But she hadn’t read that memo. She wiggled under him, clenching her pussy muscles around his cock until his eyes were crossing from the effort of not coming. Her nails dug deeper into his ass and she was gripping his butt hard, trying to encourage him to pump faster and deeper. He gave up trying to control her and let her lead, licking a line down her neck and between her breasts. He bent his head a little farther and bit her nipple. She gave a happy little moan so he twisted and bit the other one as well. Then he held her shoulders and concentrated on fucking her fast and hard. Her body moved with his in a frenzied rhythm that couldn’t last. At the final moment she buried her head in his shoulder and gasped as her cunt flooded his cock with her scalding hot cream.

His cock exploded and he pumped more gently pressing kisses to her shoulder as he did. Finally he leaned all his weight on his forearms, resting over her, their bodies just touching as they both breathed heavily.

“One day we’ll do this in a bed, in our own apartment,” he said.

“Promises, promises.”

“Once you agree to mate with us we can start work on renovating an apartment,” said Grigori, turning to face them.

Jairus sat up and dealt with the condom taking wipes from his backpack and running them over her breasts and cunt to cleanse her.

“An apartment where? In town?”

“No, in the castle. Jairus has been looking at the available areas already,” said Grigori.

Damask took the wipes from him, rubbing at her skin. “What do you mean, available areas?”

“The south tower is partially renovated. The options are to be up high under the top level which is already a family apartment. That would mean always having to walk up quite a lot of steps, but it has a great view, is safer, and our bathroom would be underneath the other family’s bathroom so easy for the plumber to install. The second option is to be on the third level above another family. Our rooms would be directly over theirs which gives us less privacy. There’s not so much of a view although it is above the wall. There’s a lot fewer steps to climb and again the plumbing wouldn’t be too difficult because the room we’d make into a bathroom would be right above the other people.”

Damask spoke as she got dressed. “For less privacy with the lower one did you mean because people might come in unexpectedly?”

“No. There’s no safety issue. The only access is from the east wing and only wolves can get in there. Jairus meant because there’s not so much stone between the levels as is there is with the upper apartment. The rooms aren’t like a modern apartment, all in neat lines,” said Grigori.

“There are a couple of other options, rooms that look out over the castle forecourt. No one has taken any of those rooms because they wouldn’t be able to look out of the windows—well, arrow slits actually—when tourists are around,” said Jairus.

“What about one-way glass or semi-opaque glass. That would prevent people seeing us but we could still have the drapes open to let in light. And how would plumbing work then?”

Jairus stared at her. Dammit she was smart. He’d never even thought about one-way glass. “I didn’t look at the plumbing. I didn’t look much at the rooms either. Obviously I should have waited until you could come with me.”

“I’m not going to mate you until I know you both well and know we can live much more happily than my parents did. But I won’t lie. I like you both a lot and want to spend all my spare time with you, I just need to know your attraction for me won’t wear off in a week or two and then we’ll be stuck together unhappily for the rest of our lives.”

BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
7.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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