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He saw a gap, planted his foot hard on the gas pedal, and shot ahead of the truck, then only gradually slowed back to the speed limit. Damask was laughing. He didn’t think he’d done anything to make her laugh until he realized everyone else in the car was looking behind him. He flicked a quick glance in the rearview mirror, and saw the SUV in the ditch with the tractor scraper blocking it from getting out.

He laughed too. “Oh, well done, Roman and Brody.”


* * * *


The hotel they were spending the night at in Bratislava was another quiet one on in a less busy area of the town, chosen by Odette. Long before they entered the city Damask had covered her hair with the navy fabric and dropped her jewelry into her purse.

The Alpha had firmly said “good night” to them after they’d been handed their room key, so Damask took that as approval for whatever she and the men chose to do for the rest of the day, as long as they caught their airplane home in the morning, she supposed.

Their room wasn’t particularly big, but the bed was large enough for three and looked comfortable. Since they only had carry-on luggage they didn’t need anything much other than the bed, and possibly room service for a meal later. Damask undressed folding her suit neatly and laying it on her luggage. Both men eyed her carefully then undressed silently and followed her into the bathroom.

The shower was over the tub, but there was a pile of fleecy towels and the water was hot, so she stepped into the tub and beckoned them to follow her.

“We haven’t ever had shower sex,” said Jairus, nuzzling her neck and resting his mouth on one of her breasts.

She pushed her breast farther into his mouth and groaned. “We haven’t ever had sex in a real bed either,” she replied.

Grigori’s fingers were in her cunt and her ass, teasing, stroking, stretching her tissues. She widened her legs and tried to push herself more onto his fingers.

“We want to mate you, Damask. You know this. We want you so much. I was so scared when I saw that yellow tractor scraper. I thought I would die if anything happened to you. I know we should wait and do something very romantic with candles and a ring, but I was so scared we’d lose you today I can’t wait a moment longer,” said Grigori, burying his face in her pussy and licking her slit, then sucking on her clit.

Damask gasped and her legs wobbled.

“How long must we wait until you’re sure? Is there anything we can do to speed up your decision-making process? It terrifies me that you can’t be in my bed, in my arms every night yet,” said Jairus before he sucked her nipple and areola back into his mouth.

“Seeing the way you handled yourselves in a crisis, today, knowing how much your Alpha trusts you, I suppose I’m stupid waiting for lightning to strike me and tell me our relationship will be okay. In my head I’ve known for a long time that my mother felt betrayed by my father not trusting his secret to her. You’ve both told me there’ll be no secrets between us. I can see there’s going to be a political storm over Europe until the new Supreme Alpha is chosen and I don’t really know what my ongoing position in the pack will be. But then, I guess life never comes with a built-in guarantee. I do trust you. I trust you both. I will mate you.”

“You will?” asked Jairus.

“Then why are we wasting time in the shower?” Grigori turned off the taps, stepped out of the tub and grabbed a big towel which he wrapped around Damask. Jairus slung a second towel around his own waist and hurried ahead of them into the bedroom where he grabbed hold of the bedding and threw it onto the floor. Grigori laid Damask on the bed while Jairus rummaged though his carry-on for lube and condoms which he tossed on the nightstand.

When he climbed up beside her the two men turned her so she was facing both of them.

“You already know our mating is for life. We promise always to love you, to care for you, to protect you. I love you so much, my beautiful, precious one,” said Grigori.

“I promise to love you always as well. You sing like an angel and you brighten my life in a way no one has ever done before. I can’t live without you,” added Jairus.

“I love you both, too. I think I’ve loved you from the very first day I saw you, but I’ve been fighting against it, worrying you’d change your minds. Instead, you’ve just filled my life with so many special things. I’ll love you always.”

She lay on her stomach, flipped her hair back and said, “Well, when do we get to the part where you both fuck me together again?”

“Bossy subs get tied up and spanked.”

“Promises, promises.”

Damask wiggled her body deeper into the soft mattress, waiting for whichever one of them spanked her or opened her ass, or simply began to fuck her. The formal mating could happen when they were back at the castle, but tonight they were finally in a real bed, together, alone and she was more than ready to give herself to them in whatever way they needed. She was not her mother and they were not her father. There were no trust issues between them. Even the Alpha had demonstrated his trust in them and in her.

Gentle hands took one of her feet and began massaging her arch. Hmm. That was Jairus.

A pair of silky black boxers was slipped over her head, blocking her vision. Grigori was the one who wore boxers.

Hands spanked her ass. Right, left, right left. Jairus, Grigori, Jairus. Grigori.

Oh yes. Life didn’t get much better than having two men who could cooperate so well to bring her never-ending pleasure. Her two men. The men she loved.









Cara Adams adores erotic romance, especially ménage, BDSM, and shape-shifters. One day, someone said to her, “Why don’t you put them all in one book?”

So she did.



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BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
7.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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