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BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
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“I’ll be staying here for the rest of the summer?” Jairus was excited at the idea of all that extra time to get to know Damask and make love to her.

“You’ll be accompanying me on a short trip very soon. But apart from that you’ll be staying home for a while. I’ll talk to you more about that in a few days.”

The Alpha looked down at his desk again. That was evidently the end of the meeting. Grigori and Evan stood, so Jairus did, too. Murmuring their good-byes they left his office.

“I’ll plan some menus, price the foods, and talk to my staff about needing extra helpers. I’ll call you when we need to meet,” said the chef, waving and heading down the hallway at a fast walk.

Jairus just nodded following Grigori back to his office. He was still stunned at the speed things had happened. He needed a few moments to think, then he wanted to talk about this with his friend. And then with Damask. What time was her lunch break again?


* * * *


Grigori took one look at Jairus and guessed he wasn’t ready to talk yet. He wanted space and time to think. So Grigori ignored him and began working through the emails he needed to answer, checked into Facebook and Twitter uploading a few more posts he’d already prepared, then added a “Watch This Space. New Attraction Coming Soon” banner to the castle website.

Jairus’s mind still seemed to be on a distant planet, so Grigori Googled medieval musical instruments and was soon absorbed looking at them and wondering whether anyone else would be able to play them other than Damask.

Apparently Jairus had finished thinking, because he said, “What are you drooling over now?”

“Medieval drums and bells.”

“Oh. Is there a company not too far away that makes them?”

“Let me look.” Grigori clicked on the contact page and said, “Germany. I’ll bookmark this one and go back to my search. Ah, here’s another one. Spain. Also the United Kingdom.” He kept scrolling then shook his head. “Just eBay.”

“Germany, Spain, or Britain, should ship here fairly fast. Can you email me the URLs, please? We need to talk to Damask in her lunchtime. Get this project started.”

“What time is her meal break? I don’t suppose you have her cell phone number to ask her?”

Jairus laughed. “We’re a couple of failures as lovers. I don’t have her cell phone number and I don’t know what time her break is either. Besides, her phone is likely turned off while she’s working anyway, it’s not exactly medieval, and I don’t think Piotr would appreciate us rushing into the store to talk to her. I’ll sit and wait outside from just before twelve I suppose until she comes out.”

Grigori suddenly knew the answer. “Henry!” he picked his cell phone up off his desk and scrolled though his contacts list clicking first on H, then on Henry.

“Huh? What?”

Grigori lifted a finger in the air as Henry answered. “Hi Henry, it’s Grigori. Yes, good, thanks. Listen, what time does Damask go for lunch? No, no, I don’t need you to change that, but the Alpha has given us a task to do and Jairus needs to order some stuff so we want to talk to her first. Yes, thanks, of course. Thanks. Bye.”

He put his phone down smiling. “Henry said he won’t bother asking me what I’m talking about. He’ll talk to Damask after she returns from her lunch break. It’s at one.”

“Well in that case I’m glad you thought to ask him. I’d have been damn hungry after sitting there for an hour waiting. The musical instruments we need to order first, as they’ll take a while to ship to us then Damask has to learn to play them. But there are a million other details we need to start working on as well.”

“Not really ‘we.’ It’s you who’s in charge,” said Grigori. But he was excited at the thought their plan had been accepted and would soon come to into being, so Grigori grabbed a notepad and started making lists of what they needed to do for the dinner. The chef would be the one to organize cutlery, plates, goblets and the like, but there were a million other details, apart from music, jugglers, actors, and costumes.

“There were no such things as paper towels or table napkins back then, and a lot of food was eaten with the fingers. Did they wipe their greasy fingers on their clothing or what?” wondered Jairus.

“Even if they did clean their hands on the seat of their pants back then, our guests won’t want to do that. Some cultures offered finger bowls of water to rinse their hands in, didn’t they? Maybe you need to check up on that,” suggested Grigori.

“Write it down,” said Jairus.

“Tonight we need to look at those rooms so you can start working out how much cleaning is involved and if any repairs need doing.” Grigori stopped talking and a huge smile crossed his face as he had an idea. “Why don’t you put a pile of blankets and pillows in there? We may just have found our very own private seduction room for Damask.”

He grinned at Jairus, his cock as hard as a spike and his face almost split in two with his happiness.

“I like the way you think,” said Jairus, grinning right back at him.

Then Jairus’s smile faded. “Unless this trip the Alpha says I’ll be taking with him soon upsets all our plans. I wonder what the fuck that’s all about?”


* * * *


Damask was surprised to see Jairus and Grigori waiting for her when Henry arrived to take over at the candy store so she could go on break. He’d given her a huge wink which she hadn’t understood until she’d seen the men. Sitting at a table in the courtyard in costume, she knew she was still in a sense on duty. The tourists expected her to act as a medieval person, so she sat very demurely, scarcely even smiling at them and certainly not kissing them which she really wouldn’t have minded doing.

“I didn’t expect to see you now,” she said tucking her skirts around her legs as she sat on the bench.

“We had a meeting this morning with the castle manager and he liked the idea of a banquet. He said you could order a drum and a lute so I wanted you to start thinking about that because the shipping may take a little while and then you need to learn to play them.”

Damask gulped. “I get to choose? I get to play them? Me?”

“Yes, you.” Grigori handed her his cell phone open to a medieval music store site. Entranced she scrolled slowly though the instruments, looking at each drum first, clicking on all the details, and finally choosing one she felt was just right. “This one. With the twelve-inch drumsticks.”

Jairus took the phone and wrote down the details in a notepad she hadn’t noticed him holding until then. “Now a lute.”

Damask sighed happily and began looking through the lutes. There were far fewer of them and she didn’t want one with many courses as they were usually later instruments. She felt the fewer strings the better for her to learn to play, as well as the more time appropriate. “This one. And did he mention jingle bells?”

“They don’t cost much. Go for it,” said Grigori.

“I can’t believe I’m going to be playing these instruments. It’s very exciting.”

“We might be able to get a small band going if we can find a few other musicians as well,” said Jairus still noting down her choices.

“That’s another one of Jairus’s jobs. He’s in charge of pulling this project together.”

“Really? Does that mean you won’t be sent away for a while?” She liked the idea of seeing him every day. Actually, she hated the idea he could be going away for weeks and might not even be back before her contract was over.

“Not quite. I’ll be going away on a short trip soon, then I’ll be home for a while.”

“A short trip doesn’t sound too bad. Will you tell us where?”

“I don’t know where. I don’t know anything about it yet.”

And he hadn’t answered her exact question. She wanted to know if he would tell her where he was going once he knew his destination. But she wasn’t going to worry about that now. The good news right now was that both her men would be around mostly for summer. Listen to her. “Both her men.” As if they were hers. But after last night she liked to think they were hers. She’d sure as hell given herself to them in the dungeon last night even if they hadn’t technically fucked and she hadn’t seen them fully naked yet. Yet. Oh hell yes she planned on seeing those cocks very soon.

“Come on. Let’s get some food. Your break will be over and we haven’t eaten yet,” said Jairus.

She told Henry, and then Piotr, what little she knew about the plan for a banquet-style meal, and Henry was sure some of his friends would like to help serve the guests. “A lot of them are jealous of me just working a couple of hours a day. They don’t want a full-time job, but they like the idea of being involved in the castle project in a small way. I’ll speak to Jairus,” he said.

Jairus had said they would go and look at the two rooms they’d be using for the banquets after she finished work, so Damask changed into old jeans and a T-shirt, wondering how dirty they might be. Both rooms were off the inner courtyard and closed with solid wooden doors but since there were no windows she’d never noticed them before.

“They used to be storerooms for the kitchen back in the olden days when the castle provided much of its own foodstuffs. Grain had to be harvested, milled, and stored all year so they needed a lot more storage space than they do now. Refrigeration has made a huge difference to our lives.”

Jairus unlocked one of the doors and left it wide open even though he turned the light on. She stepped inside and looked around. Without windows it was quite a dark room, but the electric light was strong enough and it was to be used in the middle of a summer’s day so it should be quite adequate. She supposed they could add a few standing lamps in the corners of the room for winter or nighttime if they needed to and put in a more powerful light bulbs.

Damask paced the length of the room. It was deceptive. It wasn’t all that wide, maybe eight feet, nine at the most, but it was maybe fifteen feet long. The walls, floor, and roof looked old. Maybe not medieval but quite old enough to please the guests. They didn’t seem badly dilapidated either, which was more good news. A bit battered here and there, but that just made them appear authentic.

“If the other room is the same as this we’ll fit twenty people around a long table here and the other twenty there without a problem. It looks good,” she said.

She waited while Jairus made some notes on his notepad, then took some pictures on his cell phone. Grigori was walking around the walls looking at the structure. She didn’t know much about construction but as far as she could tell from her inexperienced eyes, it was an excellent choice for their banquet.

They left that room and Jairus switched off the light, and locked the door, before opening the next door one with the same key. She supposed that, too, was logical since they’d both been storerooms.

As far as she could tell this room was exactly the same as the other one. But when they’d finished looking around, Grigori silently pulled the door shut behind them and locked it. She stared at him, then at a pile of things in one of the corners of the room. She’d assumed it was just stuff leftover from when the room was a storeroom but now she noticed the things on the floor looked very modern. In fact, they looked rather like an insulated sleeping mat and a pile of sleeping bags. There was also a bulging black bag. She pointed to it and said, “Pillows?”

“I always knew you were a smart woman.”

She didn’t tell him she hadn’t been smart enough to imagine they were going to get together in a storeroom though. Not that she was complaining. After last night she was more than ready to see more of them. And feel more of them. Taste more of them. Oh yeah. Last night’s orgasm had been the most powerful she’d ever had and she was confident they could do even better than that if they used their cocks instead of their mouths and hands.

“First, you need to get naked,” said Grigori.

“Oh no, I don’t. First you need to make the bed. I’m sure the stone of this floor is much too cold. I like the idea of that insulated sleeping mat.”

“Bossy subs get their asses spanked,” said Jairus.

“Not a problem. You can do that after the bed is made.”

Grigori laughed. Jairus tucked his notebook into the back pocket of his jeans and the two men set out the mat, then the double sleeping bag, zipping it open. They laid three pillows at the head and left a thick blanket ready to pull over themselves as well. Grigori unloaded some things from his pockets. Damask noted condoms and lube, and her pussy dripped cream. Were they going to fuck her ass as well as her cunt? She’d been touched there before, but never actually fucked in the ass. She really had been overprotected all her life. Her sexual experiences were much less than those of most women her age, she was sure. But she was more than happy to remedy her ignorance with these two men.

She’d known them such a short time. In many ways she hardly knew them at all. But instinctively she liked them and trusted them. To her, it spoke volumes that Piotr had entrusted her to their care, that Henry approved of them, and that their Alpha included them among his advisors. Then there was the way they’d treated her. Always courteous and considerate. Last night had been all about her, not about them in any way. It wasn’t until she woke this morning that she’d even remembered they’d had to have been aching to come themselves after bringing her to such a spectacular release. Yet there’d been no hint she should suck them off or touch them or anything. They’d focused on her. Made it all good for her. Well tonight she hoped they had as good orgasms as she did.

BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
10.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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