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BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
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“Damask, you do understand that we both want you, don’t you?” asked Jairus.

“I’d be really disappointed if you didn’t after all this preparation.”

“Do you understand the concept of double penetration? With the shortage of female wolves, our pack mostly mates with two men and one woman these days. But we want to share you completely. Both of us deep inside you together. It’s the only way we can truly be a triad. We want to be completely united.” Grigori turned her so he was staring right into her eyes as he spoke.

“I understand the theory. I’ve never actually done it before.”

“That’s good. We’re proud to be your first ménage. What about anal sex? Have you tried that? Did you like it?” asked Jairus.

She turned slightly to look directly at him and was aware of her cheeks coloring in a blush. “I did tell you I was the most overprotected female ever born. No I haven’t.”

“It will be our privilege to teach you.”

“We’ll make sure you find it very good.”

“Tonight, you’ll experience the best orgasm you’ve ever had,” said Grigori.

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” Her panties were damp and her heart was pounding twice as fast as normal. Already her hands were sweaty and her legs felt a little wobbly at the thought of both men fucking her. It was definitely what she wanted, but she hadn’t expected it to happen right here, or even tonight. However, she certainly wasn’t going to complain.

“Undress and lie on the sleeping bags with us.” Damask heard a note in Jairus’s voice that indicated this time he wasn’t asking her, he was ordering her. Although they were both Doms they hadn’t tried to Dominate her much as yet. But here and now she was ready for them to take control. More than ready. She welcomed it.

Quickly she crossed the room to the mat, standing between it and the wall to undress and then step onto the warm, soft bed. She sat down and turned to the men, eagerly waiting for them to join her. She was sure their bodies would be magnificent. The few touches and kisses they’d given her had left her with an impression of solid muscles and plenty of them. Soon she would touch and taste them for herself.

Instead of getting undressed themselves, both men were staring at her body.
Is that normal? For men to stare like that?
She supposed it was, otherwise men’s magazines wouldn’t be available everywhere men shopped. Then she wondered if they were disappointed her breasts weren’t bigger and her thighs smaller.

“The models in men’s magazines are Photoshopped to look perfect, you realize?” she said.

“Maybe to a human’s view of perfect, but I prefer women like you with curves, not bones sticking out everywhere,” said Jairus.

“Me too.”

She smiled. “I think that’s a compliment.”

“It is.”

“So are you both going to get undressed, or should I just get dressed again and go home?”

“Rush, rush, rush. In a minute,” said Grigori.

She was tempted to make another comment about catching a chill sitting around undressed, but just then they both began kicking off their shoes and unbuttoning their shirts, so she didn’t tease them anymore.

The chests she’d noticed so fleetingly the previous night in the dungeon looked just as impressive today. Grigori’s chest was tanned, although not as deep a brown as his forearms. He had black curly hair across the center of his chest and she longed to play with it. Jairus’s hair, skin, and eyes were all a lighter color than Grigori’s which was interesting because he was the one traveling out of the castle much of the time whereas Grigori’s job was indoors. Maybe he worked in a garden or something bare chested on weekends. She needed to ask both of them about their hobbies at some stage.

Damask watched closely as they removed their underwear. One thing she had remembered from yesterday was that Grigori had been wearing a bright yellow pair of boxers and Jairus had worn black briefs. It seemed that those undergarments were their preference. Grigori was once again in boxers, this time a burgundy pair, and Jairus in briefs. Black ones again.

With no warning at all, Grigori caught her into his arms, flipped her onto her front, and gripped her wrists in his. “I believe you were begging for a spanking earlier.”

“Not begging precisely,” she replied. But her breath caught in her throat and she flattened herself onto the bed waiting for a hand to land on her ass. Instead there was a gentle stroking down her spine and across her ass cheeks. Again Jairus stroked her skin, almost as one would pet a cat. She turned her head to the side to look at Grigori, but his face was hidden from her. All she could see were his shoulders and arms, pushing her hands above her head.

Then a spank landed on her ass. It was hard and sharp, very different from Jairus’s previous touch. A second time he spanked her, and again. The third stroke hurt, yet it was arousing as well. Her pussy was producing cream even as her mind was complaining.
So that’s the attraction. The hurt is enticing. It makes me want more.

Grigori shifted his body, leaning across her shoulders and holding her wrists together now, both of them in one of his big hands. Then he spanked one ass cheek as Jairus punished the other. Her eyebrows rose at the different touches. Grigori’s hand was bigger, his touch flatter, firmer. Yet there was a hint of sting in Jairus’s spanking. Damask knew she’d always be able to tell which of them was touching her, and that was quite surprising since she hadn’t known them very long.

Grigori began stroking her lower back, teasing her spine, running a broad fingertip up and down her body.

Jairus’s finger was on her anus. Automatically she opened her legs and pushed her ass up into his touch. She knew very little about anal sex, but she did know she was ready and willing to experience it with these two men right now.

Grigori petted her back, then her shoulders, and finally her neck. He touched her gently yet firmly, stroking and soothing, using one finger, or his entire palm, mixing up the action to prevent her from becoming complacent. Finally his tongue flicked out over her ear and he bit her earlobe. Cream dampened her inner thighs and she hissed her pleasure.

Jairus had been stroking all around the entry to her ass, using first his finger, then lube which he massaged into the tight ring of muscle there. Gradually he massaged farther and farther until his finger was inside her channel, stretching and preparing the tissues to receive a cock. She guessed it would be his cock since he was the one doing the preparation, but she didn’t know that for sure. It didn’t matter to her. One of them was going to introduce her to the delights of anal sex and she was ready and willing to play.

Grigori was pressing kisses to her shoulder and her neck now, licking her skin, and nibbling a little as he sucked and kissed her. The way he constantly changed his touch kept her on edge, always wondering what he’d do next and she understood that was part of a Dom’s technique to arouse his sub. She wasn’t to be able to predict his action. She was always wondering what he’d do and imagining where and how he might touch her next.

Damask knew what Jairus was doing next, though. He was gradually opening her back door. He had two fingers inside her now, stretching and massaging the tissues, and arousing her higher and higher with his touch. Eagerly she pushed back onto his fingers, wanting more of him, wanting his cock, but mostly just wanting them to start fucking her.

Grigori let go of her hands and reached across her body to the condoms he’d placed on the bed by one of the pillows. She would have liked to watch him roll it on, but she didn’t want Jairus to stop touching her and she was afraid if she lifted her body up high enough to watch Grigori, that’s what would happen.

Jairus gave one last hard slap to her butt, surprising her, and said, “Okay, Grigori, she’s ready for us now.”

Without saying anything, Grigori laid flat on his back and then lifted her body over his. “Are you ready, my sweet?”

She was too aroused to talk, but nodded and settled her pussy over his cock. The skin was quite dark like the rest of him, even through the latex, and she couldn’t help but notice how huge and aroused he was. His cock looked like she felt. More than ready.

Grigori pushed up into her cunt, pulling her hips down over him at the same time, so his cock drove deep and fast inside her pussy from his actions. Her channel had to stretch around him. There was a moment of tension as she was a little shocked by his size, but her body soon adjusted to him. Then he was fully inside her pussy, stretching her walls, filling her channel, feeling oh-so-very good.

Grigori held quite still inside her until she wiggled down on his body, lying over him and loving every rock-solid inch of his flesh against hers. Her skin looked pale against his tan, and she felt small and protected in his arms. He was holding her firmly, yet not gripping her skin, and it was reassuring and empowering. Had she wanted to, she could have moved, even sat up again, but she had no intention of moving, loving being so close to him. She rested her head on his shoulder as Jairus moved in behind her, holding her ass cheeks apart and adding more lube to her entry.

Damask stroked her palm over Grigori’s chest, then ran her fingers through his chest hair. Finally she lay still, petting his hair, twining it around her fingers, getting to know it as an integral, sexy part of him.

Then Jairus’s cock was pushing at the muscle ring of her ass. There was a burning feeling as he broached her entry. She closed her eyes and held her breath at first as Jairus pushed harder. At last he was through and sliding into her rear channel. Damask left her eyes closed and just reveled in the experience. Her ass walls and pussy walls were being stretched tight, pushed wider than they wanted to go, even though they’d been thoroughly stretched. There was also pressure as Jairus drove into her already full body. But finally he was completely inside her and her tissues adjusted once again to accept both men. She still felt very tight and overly stretched, but it didn’t hurt. It just was.

“You’ve done very well, precious. Now it gets better,” whispered Jairus into her ear.

It felt pretty damn good already, but better was fine by her, too.

Gradually Grigori pulled out of her pussy, withdrawing his cock until just the head remained inside her channel. Instead of feeling relaxed from the lesser stretching, Damask felt forlorn. He was missing and she wanted him back. But as he started to come back, Jairus began to withdraw. Well, damn. This wasn’t what she’d expected at all.

Instead of feeling deliciously full, then refreshingly empty, she was being torn between the two of them, always wanting the absent one back. Never satisfied by the brief moment at the midway point when both men were inside her together. She was trying to think how to explain what she wanted to them, when the men began pumping into her faster and that was so much better. Now their absence was quickly replaced and even though each one was still pulling out in his turn, the gaps were much shorter and their movements were stronger and more definite. This was much more to her liking.

It occurred to her that she didn’t need to just lie there and be fucked. Instead she could play with them. After all, these men were currently her toys to enjoy. Damask lifted her arms up to Grigori’s head, holding his face still and kissing him gently along his jawline from right to left and back again. Then she licked his nose, causing him to blink, before pressing a soft, closed mouth kiss to his lips. In a flash the tables were turned and one of his hands moved from her hip to grab her hair, holding her mouth over his as he thrust his tongue deep inside, pumping it in time with his cock.

All the breath left her body and her brain ceased working as she kissed him back, tangling her tongue with his, and grasping his shoulders so hard her nails dug into his flesh.

More hands gripped her hips and now the two men thrust deeper and harder into her cunt and ass, holding her still so she couldn’t move against them. Grigori’s hand still fisted her hair even though they’d had to break off the kiss to breathe.

Damask became aware of a coil of need building deep in her belly. Always before, her orgasms had been pleasurable but not mind shattering. Well, until last night. Last night’s orgasm had been the best ever. But this was much more demanding. It was building, growing, increasing, like the water being sucked into a tornado, and just like a tornado, the spiral inside her was winding tighter and tighter. Damask knew when she exploded it was going to be as dramatic as any weather event.

Frantically she tried to push the men harder and deeper, wanting to feel every inch of them over her skin. Sweat was slicking against her breasts as her nipples dug into Grigori’s chest. Sweat was also over her back as Jairus thrust into her. His body was like a warm blanket across her spine. The hands that held her hips were so tight they were likely bruising her skin but she didn’t care. She liked their forceful attitude.

Then her body burst as the climax roared up her spine and blasted through her, hitting every nerve ending with the force of a nuclear explosion. Damask buried her face in Grigori’s shoulder to prevent her from screaming in joy and arousing half the castle.

She heard Jairus groan then Grigori gasp and she felt the heat as both of them filled their condoms with their cum. Still her pussy rippled and gripped Grigori’s cock and her ass clenched on Jairus’s shaft. Her legs and arms shook uncontrollably and she wasn’t prepared to lift her face off Grigori’s skin in case she was tempted to shriek in delight even now.

BOOK: Two Wolves and a Candy Seller [Werewolf Castle 1]
2.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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