Work Before You Fuck (Before You Fuck #2)

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Work Before You Fuck

by Margretta Milano




Dedicated to my husband and my sons,

…but mostly to women everywhere who deserve love and respect…

Besos, Margretta


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Chapter One

I came from a traditional Chinese family who had hopes that I would become a doctor or a lawyer. I pretty much defied my parents when I decided to become an interior designer. Mind you, they weren’t doctors and lawyers themselves. They were restaurant owners who aspired to “white collar” jobs. Because they never reached those professional heights (their words, not mine), they pushed my brothers, Matt and Joe, and me to make something of ourselves – and certainly not get into the restaurant business.

My parents own a small, but successful chain of Chinese restaurants in New York City. They’ve recently even opened a super trendy “bao” shop, one that only sells traditional Chinese buns. It’s a hip trend and they are making serious money with the new shop. My parents have learned a lot over the years about selling and learning about trends. I think they’ve gotten better over time as they learned what worked and what didn’t.

When I was a kid, both of my parents worked in restaurants near to our apartment in Chinatown. My brothers and I didn’t see them very often because restaurant work is demanding and usually means working into the night. We were passed around from Chinese “uncles” and “aunties,” which qualified as day care. Once we got to school age, we would see our parents at breakfast time and then after school our grandparents would be there to take care of us until our parents got home around midnight.

Time for even thinking about boys? No.

Dating? Nonexistent.

Sex? Prohibited.

My grandparents were tough on us. When my middle brother resisted doing homework, they got out a bamboo rod and beat him. I learned from that example and buckled down, earning A’s on my homework straight through school. My brothers rose to the top of their classes as well. We knew we had to do well to make lives for ourselves. And we wanted to get out of our parents’ stifling homes to have freedom and be independent.

I watched how proud my parents were when my eldest brother went to Harvard. Then my middle brother enrolled at University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign for engineering. At first my parents weren’t happy because U of I wasn’t an Ivy League school, but it had a good reputation so my parents ended up being okay with that. Joe was the brother who wanted to get the farthest away from my parents so it worked out for him to move to the Midwest. Finally, when it was my turn to go to college, I chose Cornell in upstate New York and I was going to major in biology. My parents were excited because it was an Ivy League school. All was well.

But when I got there, things changed. I went vegetarian – I mean, it was hippy Ithaca after all. My studies in biology were going great – I was getting straight A’s, as usual. But on a whim I went to an interior design course and I loved it. Cornell has a high-ranking hospitality program and I was ready to jump right in.

I told my parents over the phone that I was switching majors. They rearranged their schedules to drive up the following weekend – that was no easy feat for people who own restaurants. I mean, restaurants get the majority of their sales over the weekend. But that weekend, they got workers to cover and they drove from Manhattan all the way to Ithaca to “talk some sense” into me.

I called Joe to talk about wanting to switch to interior design because I knew that of all people, he would be the most supportive of any perceived defiance.

“Go for it, Kai,” he told me, “You’ve always been the golden child – I can’t wait to see how this plays out!”

I was taken aback by his comments because as the only and the youngest girl, I had felt unimportant sometimes. My parents often called us by our birth order: Number 1, Number 2, and Number 3. But when I really thought about it, I knew that I had been given special privileges over the years.

It started from birth when my parents gave me a different name than my brothers. My parents gave my brothers Chinese names, but they used them as middle names. Their first names were American, through and through. Matthew and Joseph? They were even biblical, for crying out loud.

When I came along, my parents went a different direction. They found a Hawaiian name that they liked: Kalani. Hawaii was a place that my parents wanted to visit when they “made it” in America. So why not name their only daughter a Hawaiian name? The only problem with that line of reasoning was that my brothers were little and had trouble saying three syllable words. So, they just called me Kai and it stuck.

When my parents arrived in Ithaca, they took me out to eat at a Chinese restaurant to talk to me. I wondered if they wanted to be in a Chinese restaurant so that if they yelled at me in public, the wait staff would shrug it off. We found a passable restaurant, which was difficult because my parents were pickier than even the average Chinese family being that they are restaurateurs as well.

After we got some tea, my dad asked, “Why are you doing this to us, Kai?”

I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t feel like this choice was about them at all. It was about me and what I wanted to do.

“I just like interior design. It’s
feng shui
, Dad,” I said, trying to appeal to him with Chinese words. Yep, I was grasping at straws.

“You want to rearrange furniture for a living?” my mom asked.

I knew they would not get it, but I knew what I needed to do with my life. I held my ground, but my parents were stubborn. Finally, we came up with a compromise. I could continue with interior design, but I had to major in biology as well. So I could get a major or a minor in interior design, but biology was the main focus of my degree. Fine, whatever. Just so I could keep learning about interior design, my new passion.

Chapter Two

Design school was a dream, but it was full of girls and gay guys. No romantic prospects whatsoever. The only way I could find a straight guy would be to date one of the janitors.

Many of the girls were in sororities and I started getting invites to frat parties. It sounded like a great way to find a boyfriend and maybe one day sleep with someone for the first time.

I’m repressed my sexuality for years as I focused on academics. But I was curious about guys. I walked by hot guys on campus and I felt how my body changed as I watched them. I wanted to experience a man, for myself.

A group of design girls started hanging out together and I finally decided I had time to attend a frat party in the fall. We all went out to dinner together and then we stumbled down to frat row and into my first frat party.

The frat was dark and loud music blared. A guy next to the keg was handing out beers and I grabbed one and drank it quickly. I needed a little liquid courage. A friend dragged me onto the dance floor and we jumped around until some guys noticed us and came over. A blonde guy came up behind me and grinded against my ass to the low throbbing coming out of the speakers. He put his arms around my waist and ran his hands down the sides of my legs. Instant electricity went up my body. I turned around and made eye contact with him.

“Hi,” he smiled, “I’m Aaron.”

“Hi,” I said looking away.

Aaron moved his hands down to the front of my hips to push me back into him. I knew he wanted me to twerk so I obliged. My friends laughed and made space for us on the floor while I moved my ass up and down. Aaron pretend to spank my ass and everyone laughed. Then he turned me around, pulling me in and putting his hand behind my back.

“What’s your name?” Aaron asked me. His breathe was heavy and he smelled like cigarettes.

“I’m Kai,” I said, hesitantly putting my hands on his body.

Aaron didn’t let me go for the next thirty minutes. He moved his hands all over my body, making attentive eye contact. I felt a connection with him and my body responded. I felt more aroused by him than I had ever before by any other person.

“Do you want get to know each other away from the music?”

I nodded and he grabbed my hand to pull me away. A friend from the group saw this and quickly asked me, “You okay?”

“Yeah, we’re going to go some place quieter.”

“Okay,” she said with an expression of concern on her face.

Aaron led me up some stairs and we entered a bedroom. He closed the door after us and locked it. Instantly, I felt nervous.

“We’re just talking, right?” I said looking around at the messy dorm-like room.

“Sure, whatever you want,” Aaron said, lying down on his bed, “Why don’t you come over here?”

I sat down on the bed next to him and he put his hands on my legs. Then he moved them up to my face and pulled me down on top of him for a kiss. His lips were luscious and large. Aaron pushed his tongue inside my mouth and nibbled on my lips. I felt wetness in my panties; my body responded to him. I was shivering slightly from the excitement.

Aaron moved a hand down and under my skirt. He found my wet panties and smiled at me. “Baby, you like this?”

“Yes,” I said kissing him back.

Aaron’s fingers entered me and stroked up and down. I jumped up.

“Easy, we’re just getting to know each other,” he said. Then he started pulling off my panties.

“Aaron, I’m not ready for that,” I said pushing away from him.

“I’m going to make you so happy,” Aaron said, “Why don’t you lay back and enjoy it?”

I didn’t know what to do, but we certainly weren’t going to have sex so I let him pull off my underpants and I lay back on the bed.

Aaron pushed my legs apart and put a leg between my thighs. He pushed two fingers deep inside me and I squealed.

“Easy, baby,” he said. Aaron pushed up my skirt onto my belly and leaned down. He put his tongue on my clit and moved it up and down.

I jumped up and he pushed me back. Then he grabbed my hips with each hand and pushed his tongue into me. My sensory system exploded with pleasure and my back arched.

“Oh god,” I moaned, as he moved his tongue around and exploring me. Meanwhile his fingers rubbed my clit and then entered me, moving deeply in and out. I had never experienced anything like it before and my body reacted.

Aaron stopped for a second and started unbuckling his pants and unzipping his fly.

“I don’t know if I want to do that,” I said, attempting to move away from him. Aaron grabbed my waist.

“I just pleasured you. Now it’s my turn,” he said, pulling out his huge erect cock. I had never seen a man’s penis before. I couldn’t believe how large it was and I didn’t have any idea how my body could accept the length of that inside itself.

“Oh my,” I said, again trying to get off the bed, but Aaron leaned on top of my body, placing his face next to mine.

“If you liked what I did before, this will be even better,” he said. Then he softened, “Don’t be scared.”

“I’ve just…never done this before,” I said.

“Oh, I didn’t know,” his eyes sparkled with desire, “I’ll take it easy and it will be unforgettable.”

Aaron leaned in and kissed me and I tried to move away. With his entire body heavy against mine and both of his thighs between my legs, I realized that this was going to happen no matter what. So I leaned back and Aaron forced his tongue into my mouth.

I could feel him moving his fingers between my thighs and then he grabbed his cock and pushed it into me. He thrusted fast and hard and I moaned as my body accommodated his enormous shaft as he achieved full penetration. He then grabbed my legs and pushed them up and thrusted again, pushing deep inside me.

“Oh my god,” I moaned as I arched my back and face away from the deep ache inside of me. His cock was rock hard and he moved it and out of me, but then he also moved himself in circles, grinding into my clit.

At first, the pain was indescribable and tears came slowly out of my eyes. But after a short while I felt pleasure radiating out from inside every time he pushed.

I kept my hands on his back, but his hands went all over my body. Aaron cupped my breasts and ripped open my shirt and bra so that he could kiss and lick my nipples. I still had my skirt on, but it was lifted up and pressed flat between our bodies. Aaron had his shirt on and his pants were pulled down low enough to get his cock out.

Aaron’s body started tensing and his cock pulsed as he pushed one last time, achieving full penetration. My eyes bulged out as my body was uncomfortably holding him in his entirety. Then my body started throbbing and squeezing in rhythm around his cock. I orgasmed.

“Oh!” I said as my body reached a pinnacle of pleasure. Aaron then fell on top of me, exhausted.

BOOK: Work Before You Fuck (Before You Fuck #2)
4.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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