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"What, sweety?"
“ I don't want a convertible if I win."
“ All right then, what do you want?"
“ I want... uh... I want a baby!" Janice said hesitantly.
Tim's eyes opened wide in surprise. Not because Janice wanted a baby now but that she would bring it up as a bargaining chip. "I thought we were going to wait a few more years for that." 
"I know, but I'm not getting any younger and neither are you."
“ I know, sweetheart, but a baby makes life a lot more difficult with our careers and all," Tim answered in a less than convincing tone.
"That's the deal. Take it or leave it," Janice said trying to sound defiant.
Tim was silent for a few minutes as if he were mulling over the offer. The truth was that he was thinking that time was getting short as well. He was about to say that she could have her baby without winning the contest. However, the challenge might help him reach his objective of sexually liberating both of them. "Well, I guess I don't have any choice," he answered with a sigh. "However, if I win, I get all the sex I want and we wait another year. Deal?" 
"Deal!" Janice said, her heart thumping with excitement. "Now, we have a couple of appointments at the mall," Tim said.
"At the mall?"
“ Yep, we need to get you some new clothes," Tim smiled.

Chapter 3

"But why do I have to wear this short skirt just to go to the mall?" Janice asked as she tried vainly to pull the impossibly short skirt further down her thighs. It was a skirt that she had never worn because it was too short when she bought it. Now it was definitely too tight as well. 
"Short skirt, white blouse, no bra and no panties," Tim responded.
"No bra or panties!" Janice practically screamed, as she stood topless with her hands on her hips in defiance. 
"It's my rules. Now get those panties off and the thigh high nylons and the white blouse on," Tim said pointing to the clothes on the bed. "You look so cute when you're mad," he added.
"But we're just going to the mall," Janice tried to reason with Tim again.
"No buts. Now hurry up, I'll see you downstairs in ten minutes. Don't be late," Tim said with a confidence in his voice that he didn't really feel. This was the first test for Janice and him. He wasn't at all certain what the outcome would be.
Tim sighed a quiet sigh of relief when he saw Janice come down the stairs wearing the clothes he had asked. He felt a little twinge of excitement when he saw her dark nipples under the thin blouse. His hands went to her ass as he hugged her to him. She shivered when he squeezed her firm ass cheeks. Tim was satisfied when he felt her bare ass under her skirt. 
A half-hour later he and Janice arrived at the mall. The first place they went was to a department store where Tim picked out four or five skirts, blouses, and dresses for Janice. Each piece of clothing had in the same thing in common: they were short, tight, and revealing. No matter how much Janice protested, Tim wouldn't relent and made her try each article on. 
Janice felt very uncomfortable trying on the clothes because she was naked under them. She had never tried on clothes without underwear except for when she was buying bathing suits. However, as much as she tried to deny it, the situation was exciting her. Her hands were shaking as she tried on one lacy blouse, looked in the mirror, and saw her nipples poking through. Then she put on one of the little skirts Tim had selected. God, you could practically see my crotch in this, she thought. She turned around and looked at the rear view in the mirror as she bent forward slightly. A sudden thrill of pride went through her when she saw the long expanse of her thighs revealed below the short hem. "My legs still look pretty damn good," she said in a whisper to herself. Then she bent a little further forward and gasped. The cheeks of her ass were revealed and the puffy pouch of her vagina could be plainly seen between her thighs. 
"Are you ever going to come out of there?" Tim asked from outside the curtain. 
Janice's face was flush when she peeked out of the dressing room and was told by Tim to come out so he could see the clothes. She rushed out, praying that there was no one else around. Unfortunately, there were two older women waiting for a booth. They both looked at Janice with surprise and a hint of disapproval. As soon as Tim gave his nod of approval, she rushed back into the privacy of the dressing room, her heart pounding in her chest.
"Old biddies!" she said to herself.
Finally, she had tried on every article of clothing. Tim took the ones he liked most and purchased them while Janice dressed again. 
The next stop was the exercise section where Tim made Janice purchase several pair of skin-tight stretch shorts and tops. He said she needed to get into shape.
As Tim and Janice walked hand in hand down the mall, he noticed that all the men who passed them would look at Janice's bouncing breasts. He could feel her tense beside him when one would stare for too long. Yet, there was nothing she could do to stop the staring. There were several men who seemed to pass by more than once. It almost seemed to Tim as if Janice was walking taller, with her chest thrust out. Tim smiled with pride. 
"Yes, this should do," Tim said almost to himself as he stopped in front of a shoe store. Then he turned to Janice. "I want you to go in and pick out three or four pair of four -inch high heels. They can be any color; you decide."
“ Aren't you coming in?" she asked.
"No, I'll wait out here."
Janice thought that was strange but walked into the shoe store and began to look around. As she stood looking at a pair of shoes, a young man came up to her and asked if he could help. She looked around for a female clerk but saw none. Suddenly it dawned on Janice. There were two young men in the store and she was going to have to be waited on by one of them. Her heart started to pound as she realized that when she sat down there would be no way that she could prevent the young man from looking up her skirt. When Janice turned to look for Tim, she saw him standing outside looking through the window with a smile on his face. 




"Ma'am, may I help you?" the young man asked again.
"Uh... I'm sorry, uh... I would like to see these shoes in various colors," Janice said nervously, pointing to a pair of stiletto heels. "Size 8 medium, I think."
“ Have a seat right over there. Let's get a measurement first," the young man said with a bright smile. The clerk led Janice over to a chair and had her sit down. He knelt at her feet, fiddling with the measuring device.
Janice could feel her face turning red as she saw the young man's eyes on her very exposed thighs. He was so young, maybe just out of high school or - God forbid! - still in high school. She looked away, unable to watch as the clerk sat on a low stool and reached for her foot. Then he lifted her leg in order to get her foot situated in the measuring device. She could feel her thighs separating and knew that he could see far up her thighs.
The young man had seen plenty of women come in with short skirts on. He and his partner would fight over which one of them would wait on the best-looking women. It was his turn. He was delighted when he saw this older woman come into the store. From the angle that he was sitting now, he had a fairly clear view up her skirt. She wasn't wearing nylons and it almost looked like she wasn't wearing any panties either. 
The clerk took an inordinately long time to get the proper measurements. He even took the other foot and measured it saying that everybody had one foot that was smaller than the other. His eyes were rarely on the measuring device though. Subtly, he tried to manoeuvre her legs to get a better view. 
However, Janice wasn't going to make it easy for him. She continually pulled her skirt down and shifted to protect her modesty. It was a losing battle. 
Finally, when the young clerk could delay it no more, he got up, excused himself, and went over toward the stock room to get several pair of shoes.
"Hey, Ron," he whispered excitedly as he passed his partner. "We have a hot one over there. I don't think she has any panties on. And I know she isn't wearing a bra. God, you should see those nipples!"
“ No kidding?" the other clerk said excitedly. "Can I help?" 
"She's mine," he said smugly. 
"Come on man! I let you work with one of mine," the other boy pleaded.
"All right, if you loan me ten bucks until payday, you can bring a couple of pairs out."
“ No problem," the other boy smiled, pulling a ten-dollar bill from his wallet and following his friend into the stock room.
The clerk hurried back to Janice with a stack of boxes of shoes. "I wasn't sure which style you would like, so I brought a couple in each color."
Janice tried to concentrate on getting a pair of shoes that fit but it was nearly impossible. In spite of her embarrassment, she could feel herself getting excited. She tried vainly to keep her legs together as the young boy moved her feet carelessly around again, pretending to have trouble fitting her foot into the shoes. Finally, she sighed in resignation and decided that if Tim wanted her to act like a slut that's what she would do. She looked one last time at Tim through the window. She gave him a tight-lipped frown and thought briefly about sticking her tongue out at him. Then she turned back to the young man sitting on the low stool in front of her.
Her heart was pounding in her chest when she lifted her leg, setting her foot on the chair to buckle a strap around her ankle. This caused her skirt to slide up her leg. One thigh slipped away from the other in the process. If the young man had any doubt that she was wearing no underwear, it had been removed. Janice saw his eyes staring directly at her exposed crotch. She suppressed a moan when she felt her large sex lips pulse and juice begin to trickle out. 
It became almost comical watching the two young men scurry around, bringing her shoe after shoe. By the time she had purchased three pair, both young men had tents in their pants and Janice was worried that she was going to leave a stain on the back of her skirt. She walked up to the counter and gave the boy her credit card with a smile. She saw his face blush when she looked him in the eyes. When he handed her the card back she said, "Thank you, young man. You were very helpful."
“ Uh... uh... you're welcome," he stuttered.
When Janice walked out of the store with her shoes in a bag, Tim was standing there with a wide grin on his face. "Was that fun for you?" she asked, trying unsuccessfully to act angry.
"Yes, it was. Now we have one last stop at the lingerie store."
Janice moaned and walked with Tim down the mall. She could feel her thighs sticking together as her juice still trickled from her swollen lips.
"Hi, Tim," an attractive woman said in greeting as the two walked into the store. Then she hugged him in a familiar fashion and kissed him briefly on the lips.
"Hi, Felicia," Tim said, returning the hug. "Felicia Raymond, this is my wife, Janice," Tim said turning to introduce his wife.
"Hi, Janice," Felicia said with a bright smile. 
"Hello," Janice said in a less than friendly tone. She wondered how Tim knew this strikingly beautiful older woman. Suddenly she felt a little twinge of jealousy.
It was easy for Tim to see the look of concern on Janice's face. "Felicia and I go back a long way together. I worked with her when she left her ad agency. She is going to help us pick out some nice sexy outfits for you."
Janice looked at Felicia in surprise. She didn't need any help picking out underwear. Tim acted like this had all been prearranged she thought.
Felicia smiled at Tim. She was surprised by his call yesterday but readily agreed to go along with his plan to make his married life a little more exciting. Felicia would do anything for Tim because he was more than a friend. She owed him... she owed him big. When she was in her thirties, everybody thought she was washed up. Though she was still beautiful, no one wanted a model in her thirties. Tim took her into his agency and got her work that made her enough money to be comfortable for the rest of her life. She and Tim had never been intimate but she would have done anything he wanted. 
Felicia was a divorced woman in her early forties. She had taken some of the money she had made working for Tim's agency and bought the store. While she didn't really need the money, the store kept her busy and gave her the opportunity to stay involved with the modelling business. In fact, she had been instrumental in starting several young ladies in the business. When she looked at Janice she mused that she was pretty enough to be a model herself. 
Felicia still had a classy look and moved like the model she had been. She was tall with black hair and penetrating blue eyes. Her body was still in great shape and she had even avoided the surgeon's knife, unlike so many of her friends. 
"Come with me," Felicia said, taking Janice's hand and led her toward the back of the store. "Sandy, take the counter for me," Felicia said to a young woman who was straightening up clothes.
"Certainly, Ms. Raymond," the woman replied and hurried to the front. 
Janice saw that there were a number of sexy outfits hanging on a bar in the dressing room area and some lying on a table. 
"Jim tells me you are about my size but I can see that you have a much larger chest," Felicia said with an indulgent smile at Tim. 
Janice blushed when she saw the woman look directly at her almost see-through blouse. She knew that her nipples were still hard and plainly visible through the thin material. 
"Men!" Felicia said with a little smile as she sized up Janice's full breasts under the thin blouse. "I'm sure I have some sexy bras that will fit you. Try this corset on while I go and get larger- sized bras," Felicia said, handing her an outfit on a hanger.
Janice stepped behind the curtain and took off her blouse and skirt, leaving her naked but for her heels and nylons. She picked up the first piece of clothing. She looked at the tiny piece of material in her hand. It was skimpy waist clincher that had garter straps hanging from the bottom. Before Janice could put it on, the curtain opened and Felicia walked in. Janice jumped and pulled the little piece of material over her body. It was much too small to cover her nakedness.
"Here are some larger bras. The material is soft but under-wired to help support you when you are wearing a low- cut outfit," Felicia said, smiling at Janice's embarrassment. She appraised the naked woman in front of her. She looks even better with her clothes off, Felicia thought as her eyes ran up and down the younger woman's body. "Don't worry, sweetie, I've been in the modelling business for a lot of years and I have seen more naked women then you can count." Felicia reached out and pulled the waist cincher from Janice's hand. 
Janice stood naked and in shock, as Felicia then wrapped the little piece of clothing around her waist and snapped it up the back. It had cup areas where the breasts would be supported, but her upper breasts and nipples were left bare. It squeezed her waist in, emphasizing her hips and bust. When worn under clothes, it would look like she was braless. 
Felicia moved around Janice, touching her body here and there making sure the outfit was comfortable. She put her fingers under the sides, checking for fit. She even lifted the cups under Janice's breasts insuring it was the correct size. 
Janet stood tensely as this attractive woman touched her body in places that not even her doctor dared touch. 
"There, that looks very sexy," she said and pushed the curtain slightly aside and motioned to Tim.
Tim looked into the dressing room at his mortified wife. "Wow, that looks great. We'll take it," Tim said excitedly.
"All right, calm down, boy. We have a lot more to try on. I'll call you when we need you." Felicia closed the curtain. 
For over an hour, Felicia helped Janice try on outfit after outfit. With each piece of clothes, Felicia took more and more liberties with Janice. Janice, for her part, felt helpless. No matter how hard she tried to hate what was happening, her body betrayed her. She could feel herself quivering inside. Her heart was racing when she saw Felicia kneel in front of her to clip a pair of nylons to the garter around her waist. She was embarrassed when she realized that Felicia's face just inches from her swollen crotch. Janice was afraid to look down for she knew that her large inner lips were swollen and protruding from between the outer lips. She could even smell her own excitement so she knew that Felicia could smell it as well. 
"Oh my," Felicia said when she looked at Janice's crotch. Her thighs were literally covered in a clear juice. It hung in silvery strings from her pubic hair and the swollen inner lips. "Excuse me just a second." Felicia left the dressing room and returned a minute later with several Kleenex tissues. 
Janice stood paralyzed with fear as Felicia again knelt and pushed her legs apart. She used the Kleenex to gently wipe her glistening thighs. It seemed that she spent more time than was necessary wiping up the juice. Little shivers rippled through Janice's body as she felt the breath of the woman on her upper legs. When she looked down, she could only see the top of the woman's head, but she could tell that her eyes were staring at her vagina. For a second she thought that she was going to lean forward and kiss her. 
"I've never seen lips that large before," Felicia whispered almost to herself.
Then Janice saw one of Felicia's fingers slide up her thigh. "Oh God," she moaned as she felt the finger slide across her thigh. Slowly it moved upward until it touched her swollen lips. The finger slid between the lips and across the swollen clit. Suddenly, and incredibly, Janice felt a climax run down her body. She felt like she might collapse as her hands reached out and grasped the older woman's shoulders for support. "Ohhhhh!!! Oh Jesus," she whimpered as her body shook with illicit pleasure. 
Felicia stood up, placing her hands on Janice's hips to steady her. The older woman was breathing heavily as well now. She looked into Janice's surprised face. "I think we have enough clothes for you today," she said breathlessly, pulling her naked body to her. 
Janice was staring right into the classy woman's eyes, her breasts flattened against the Felicia's cloth-covered chest of Felicia. Again, she felt like Felicia was going to kiss her. This time she was right. Her eyes opened wide in shock as Felicia moved her lips to hers for a wet kiss. Janice stood tensely as the older woman's mouth opened and her tongue pushed on her own closed lips. The probing tongue was insistent and forced itself into her mouth. Janice moaned in spite of herself when she tasted the woman's sweet saliva. 
Felicia pulled away from her naked friend. "Tim is a lucky man and you are a very sexy woman," Felicia said and touched Janice's face gently with her hand. "Maybe I'll see you again, sweetie."
Janice was speechless. She never remembered feeling attracted to a woman before. Yet, as she stared into her eyes, she almost felt drawn to kiss her back. With all her will, she restrained herself and pulled away. She saw a little disappointment in Felicia's eyes. "Uh... thank you... you were a big help," Janice quickly added, her face turning red at the thought of what she was really thanking her for.
Felicia's face brightened. "You're welcome. , Anytime." 
Tim almost had to carry Janice from the mall that afternoon. Her legs felt like rubber. The entire experience had almost been too much for her.
As soon as Tim and Janice left the store, Felicia went over to her assistant. "Sandy, put a sign on the door that we are out to dinner and then come back in the back room."
Sandy's face broke into a wide grin. "Yes, ma'am," she said and hurried to put the sign in the window. Felicia was already naked when Sandy walked into the back of the store.

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