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Janice looked at Dan's pulsing rod and then at his face. Her eyes glanced briefly toward the stairs. She could see a shadowy movement. She knew that Tim was watching. He could stop this if he wanted, she thought. A tremble shook her frame and her vagina throbbed with need. She couldn't take it anymore. "Fuck me! Oh God, fuck me, Dan. Please!"
“ That's what I wanted to hear." Dan reached down and lifted Janice's legs. He went to his knees, bringing his penis level with her swollen vagina. Holding her legs straight up in the air, he pulled Janice forward, letting his penis head touch her fat lips. Slowly he moved his hips forward.
There were three moans at the same time. If Janice and Dan hadn't been moaning so loud, they would have surely heard Tim. Tim's legs felt week as he strained his eyes at the juncture where Dan's penis met his wife's hole. He watched, his body trembling, as another man slowly slid his penis into his wife. The scene fascinated him so much that he forgot all about stroking his penis.
Dan closed his eyes as his shaft moved deeper into Janice's body. He had waited for over a year to do this. Her vagina was as tight and warm as he had dreamed it would be. Janice couldn't wait any longer. She reached forward and grabbed Dan's hips and pulled, forcing him deep into her. "Ohhhhh!!!" she moaned as he hit bottom. She felt full and so stretched with his fat penis. Suddenly, the realization hit her that she was fucking another man --- a man that wasn't her husband.
Dan pushed Janice further back and moved over her. He placed her legs on his shoulders, lifting up and bending her almost double until her knees were near her head. The angle allowed him to go deep into her. As he pushed downward, his lips sought hers. Then he began to move in and out, slowly at first. "Oh God, baby, that pussy is so nice," he whispered breathlessly.
Janice only grunted in response, her eyes squeezed shut. She was rapidly moving toward her third climax.
Soon Dan was pounding in and out of her, grunting out his own pleasure. "Oh God, baby, I can't last much longer," Dan warned.
"Oh yes. Cum, cum in me, please," Janice whispered through clenched teeth, her own excitement near a peak again.
Dan felt his balls pull tight to his body. He groaned as his sperm shot down his shaft and rocketed into Janice's willing hole.
Janice felt Dan going over the top and his juice pumping into her. That was more than she could take. For the third time in just a few minutes, Janice climaxed. It was even stronger than the first two. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes," she moaned, holding Dan deep in her body. She could feel Dan's cum filling her hole - another man's cum.
Tim stared in amazement as he watched the two lovers climax. He could see their joined sex in the dim light and the glistening cum running back out and down her ass cheeks.
When Dan's penis stopped squirting, he slowly moved back, sweat dripping from his brow. "Wow, that was something," he sighed as he watched his shrinking penis squeeze out of Janice's body.
Janice dropped her legs to the floor, exhausted. When Dan moved to the side and collapsed onto the sofa. Janice stood up on shaky legs. "I'll be right back," she said and walked unsteadily to the stairs.
Dan figured that she was going to clean up.
Janice walked up the stairs and down the hall, looking for Tim. Just as she passed the bathroom, she felt her arm being pulled into the dark room. She squealed in surprise as Tim pulled her into his arms and kissed her.
"God, baby, I've got to fuck you too," Tim said, pushing Janice up on the sink counter. He spread her legs and placed his throbbing penis at the entrance of overflowing hole. With a shove, he pushed himself into her. "Ohhhh!!!" Tim moaned as her warm and very sloppy hole wrapped around him. It took only seconds for Tim to groan that he was going to cum.
"Yes, cum in me," Janice said, already excited again. As she felt her husband adding his sperm to the juice already inside her, a quick climax went through her.
Tim pulled out of Janice and leaned toward her, kissing her lips gently. They were both silent. Tim was still gasping for breath. His climax had been incredibly intense, draining him.
Finally, Janice spoke. "Tim, I think... uh... I think that Dan is going to want to stay the night," Janice said hesitantly.
"Really?," Tim said thinking quickly.
"He didn't say it but I know him."
“ What do you think? Do you want him to stay?"
Janice bit her lip and looked down, her face red. "Yes," she answered quietly.
"Uh... all right... uh... I'll sneak down to the clubroom and sleep on the sofa. The only rule is that I want you to sneak down and see me when he falls asleep. Tomorrow, you need to get him out early."
“ That's no problem, he has an early flight. Tim... thank you. I love you," Janice said, fingering the locked around her neck lovingly.
"I love you too. You had better get back down there or he might come up."
“ You're right," Janice said and hurried back to the stairs. She stopped when she reached the top of the stairs and realized that she had two loads of cum bubbling out of her vagina. She also realized that she didn't have time to go back and clean up so she shrugged and hurried back to Dan.
Dan didn't have to be asked twice if he wanted to stay the night. When Janice mentioned staying the night, he swept her up in his arms and walked toward the stairs. Within minutes, Dan had Janice on the bed and his head between her legs. He was surprised at how much cum she still had in her after she had cleaned up.
Janice giggled at the thought of what was happening between her legs. If he only knew, she thought. However, excitement quickly took over. She grabbed Dan's head, pulled it tight to her and shuddered in climax again.

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