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"Oh my God," Steve hissed as he felt Janice's mouth close around him. Normally Steve prided himself on his control. However, this was too much for him. Within seconds, he felt his balls tighten and his penis throb. He threw his head back and moaned as he began to pour his sperm into her sucking mouth. 
Janice was a little surprised that Steve was coming so soon. I still have a lot to learn about men, she thought. Her cheeks bulged with Steve's sperm. Without a thought, she began to swallow. It was thicker than Tim's and tasted slightly different but she liked it. She moved her hand on the large shaft, milking him, pumping a little more of his sperm out. She couldn't believe how much sperm he had. It must be the healthy diet, she thought with a smile. Finally, she couldn't pump or suck any more sperm from his deflating penis. 
As the head of his penis became sensitive, Steve moaned and pulled away, leaving Janice's mouth with a pop. 
Suddenly, from behind Steve, Janice saw movement. When she looked closer, she could see Tim staring back at her. Oh no! she thought.
Tim scurried from the dining room, heading out the back door. He was breathing heavily as he rushed to his car. He had never seen anything so exciting in his life. It was all that he had imagined and more.
Steve was packing up his equipment when he saw the headlights in the driveway. Janice had climbed off the table without saying a word to him, put on her robe, and disappeared upstairs. She hadn't even said goodbye. He couldn't tell if she was upset or not, but, suddenly he felt guilty. He was worried that he had lost a customer, but more worried about his career as a professional masseuse 
"I'll be done here in a second, Mr. Harwick," Steve said as innocently as possible when Tim walked into the house.
"No hurry, Steve. Did Janice have a good time?"
“ I... uh... I think so," Steve stuttered. 
"Good, Maybe I'll call on you again."
“ Anytime," Steve said as he hurried out of the house with his equipment.

Chapter 9

Tim gently opened the door to their bedroom and looked inside. He could see Janice lying on the bed, her face in the pillow. Slowly he walked over and sat next to her. When she didn't move or acknowledge him, he pulled her up from the pillow. There were tears streaming down her cheek. Tim hugged her and she began to sob on his shoulder.
"What's wrong," Tim asked stupidly.
"You... you... know what's wrong," she sobbed.
"It's okay sweetheart. I love you."
“ How... how can you say that after... after you saw what I just did?" 
"I'm not mad, sweetie. I guessed that something was going to happen. I saw the electricity between the two of you at the gym."
“ You knew something was going to happen? Then why didn't you didn't stop it?" Janice asked drying her eyes on Tim's shirt.
"I didn't want it to stop. But you could have with the safe word. Janice, I think that was the most exciting thing I have ever seen in my life. 
"You mean you enjoyed watching your wife sucking another man? You saw me swallow his sperm and you're not jealous?" she asked incredulously. Again, she thought about how little she knew about this man.
"Well, I really didn't see you suck him or swallow his sperm. His ass was blocking my view," Tim said in an attempt at humor. "But to answer your question, yes I did enjoy it and no I'm not jealous." Tim pulled Janice to him for a passionate kiss. 
Janice resisted the kiss at first, knowing what she had just done with her mouth. However, Tim was insistent. Janice could feel his passion as their tongues dueled. When she pulled away, her breath was coming in short gasps again, excitement coursing through her as well. God, what's happening to me? she thought. I'm getting excited all over again.
"I love you," Tim said and pushed her back on the bed, searching for her lips again. Janice pushed him away and sat up. "Tim, wait. I have to tell you something that has been bothering me for a long time." It was time to fess up, to come clean, she thought.
"What?" Tim asked.
"Last year... uh... last year when I went to that convention in San Francisco, there was this guy there, a professor at a university. He... he and I... well, we went out one evening." Janice stopped, tears coming to her eyes again.
"Yes? So what happened?" Tim said, clearly interested.
"Oh God, this is hard. We went out and I had a little too much to drink. He... he wanted me to come back to his room." Janice stopped, still sniffling.
"And?" Tim said, with growing excitement.
"I didn't go."
“ Oh." There was a note of disappointment in Tim's voice.
"But that's not all. We... we went to his car and did stuff," Janice continued elusively.
"What did you do?" Tim felt his penis spring to erection.
"You're going to hate me. Tim, we sat in his car and he started kissing me. It was the wine, I sear."
“ Then what?" Come on, he thought.
"I... I let him open my blouse and he played with my breasts. I was so excited that I couldn't stop him when he put his hand up my dress. He... he... he put his finger in me. Then he did like Steve did and pulled my hand to his... his... penis." Janice turned and buried her head in Tim's shoulder. She waited for the recriminations but none came. She could feel Tim's chest moving up and down with his rapid breathing. When she pulled back, she looked into his eyes, fearing hate but seeing only excitement.



"Go on, please," Tim said and caressed Janice's face with his hand.
"We... didn't actually have sex. He used his finger to get me off and I jerked on him until he came in my hand. Then I felt so guilty that I jumped out of his car and almost ran back to the hotel." Janice paused for a long moment. "God, Tim, when I walked into the lobby of the hotel, I still had his cum dripping off my hand." Janice began to sob again. "Do you hate me?" she asked, looking into his eyes. Again, she saw only excitement and love.
"No, I don't hate you. I'm a little surprised but I'm glad you told me the truth." Tim was more than a little surprised. He found it hard to imagine his demure and prudish wife jerking off some guy in a car. There has been a "screamer" inside her all along, he thought.
She had to tell him the whole truth. "Tim, the man is Dan Forsman. He's the professor that is lecturing my class on Thursday. I am supposed to go to dinner with him Thursday night. It's part of the job."
“ Really?" Tim said with great interest.
"Yes, but I can still cancel it."
"No!" Tim said a little too loudly and too quickly. "I mean... uh... since he is already scheduled, it would be rude to cancel."
“ All right," Janice said, surprised that Tim didn't mind Dan being here or her going to dinner with him.
"Janice, I'm afraid that I have a confession to make as well."
Janice sat up with interest.
"The week before last, after we had talked on the phone about our little game, Danielle came into my office. She could tell I was very excited about something. God she looked so sexy. Well, one thing led to another and before I knew it she was... she was giving me a blo... she was sucking me off."
Janice sat in stunned silence. It wasn't entirely a surprise to her. She had seen his slut of a secretary. Suddenly, she felt a flash of anger. "Was that all you did?" she asked, trying to keep the anger out of her voice but thinking "that bitch!" She knew that it would be hypocritical to condemn Tim after what she had done, but she was running on emotions now. 
"Yes, that was all. We had never done anything before that day. She was always willing but I really only want you."
Immediately Janice's anger dissipated. She felt her heart swell with love. "Well, I guess we have that off of our chests. Now where do we go from here?"
“ Well, for starters, you can take care of this," Tim said and brought Janice's hand to his hard penis.
"Oh my!" she said. "So you really were excited by watching me and Steve?" Janice said as she pulled his zipper down and removed his pulsing erection. Her own vagina was still quivering and swollen. "I think I can take care of your little problem," she said and pulled Tim over onto the bed on top of her. She opened her legs and let him slip insider her, not bothering to let him undress.
"Oh God, sweetheart," Tim moaned as his penis slid into his wife. At that moment, he loved her more than he ever had.
"Fuck me, baby," she whispered, her hands pulling his ass down, forcing him deeper into her ready vagina.
"Oh yes! Oh yes!" Tim moaned as his hips began to work up and down.
"Just... just one more thing sweetie," Janice whispered between gasping for breath. "Promise me... promise me you won't do anything with Danielle anymore."
At that point, Tim would have agreed to anything. "Sure baby, anything," he gasped as he worked toward a climax.
"Good. Now fuck me! Fill me with that sweet cum," Janice breathed. Then, incredibly she whispered, "Yes sweetie, fill my pussy like my mouth was filled by Steve a few minutes ago. He was so big and came so much that I could hardly swallow it all."
“ Oh Jesus Christ," Tim moaned and pumped a huge load into his climaxing wife.
The two lovers clung to each other as their bodies convulsed in pleasure. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Chapter 10

The following morning, Tim took Janice out to breakfast. He could immediately see a change in her. She was bubbly and excited. The incident with the law professor had obviously been weighing heavily on her mind. Still, it could have been what had happened with Steve yesterday. They hadn't mentioned that yet.
"What's up today," Janice asked with a smile.
"Well, I thought we would relax and go for a little ride. I've been wanting to see the new museum over in Rockton."
Rockton was a town of a couple hundred thousand people, about fifty miles down the road. It was known for its nightlife. In fact, they had a couple of American Indian casino's that attracted people from all around.
"All right... that sounds exciting," Janice said half sarcastically.
"I figure we can get a room over there and spend the night. I will lay out the clothes I want you to bring." Then Tim smiled devilishly.
Janice knew that something was up. She knew that they wouldn't just be going to see a museum.
Later that day Tim loaded a suit carrier into the car with clothes for Janice. He had her dress in a pair of very tight, but not obscene, shorts. She wore a tube top that covered her breasts but still allowed her nipples to be clearly seen. The outfit was risqué‚ but acceptable to Janice. However, Tim didn't let her get off that easily. He brought out the remote controlled penis and made her insert it before she put her shorts on. Tim was pleased that she was much less resistant this time. In fact, she seemed to enjoy it.
Several times during the trip, Tim tested the device, just to make sure it worked, or so he said. Janice knew better.
Tim held Janice's hand as they walked around the modern art museum. In his pocket, he held the control device. This time Tim's intent was to excite Janice in preparation for the night's activity. Every time they stopped to look a piece of art, Tim would turn the device on. He would smile as Janice squirmed. However, she never asked him to turn it off. Maybe she likes it, he thought, or maybe she is just resigned to her fate. Either way, the vibrations were doing their job. Several times during the tour, she had to stop in the ladies room and wipe herself or risk wetting the crotch of her shorts. By the time they left the museum, Janice was incredibly excited.
They registered at the hotel, then went to dinner. Tim had Janice dress in one of her conservative business suits. It was blue with white pin stripes. The skirt was pleated, modestly short and had a matching jacket. The only really unusual thing was that Tim had brought a silky and totally see -through blouse, which she would wear under the jacket. The blouse was meant to be worn under a shirt. If she took her jacket off, her entire top half would be exposed. Finally, Tim had her put on the obligatory thigh- highs and high heels. From a distance, Janice looked like the conservative professor that she was. However, both she and Tim knew the truth. 
The hotel where they were staying at had a large nightclub where all the singles and swingers met. It was known around town as the "meat market" because it was assumed that if you went there you wanted to pick someone up or be picked up. However, Janice knew nothing of this.
It was after 9 PM when they returned to back at the hotel. They stood outside the nightclub when Tim said, "I want you to go into the nightclub."
“ Alone?" Janice asked surprised.
"No. I will come in after you. I want you to tease some men in there for my entertainment."
“ Tim!" Janice balked.
"Are you refusing?"
“ Uh... uh no, but what am I supposed to do?"
“ I want you to have a little fun. Tease some of the guys. Get them worked up. I want to watch. It's perfectly safe. I'll be there all the time."
“ What do you mean by tease?"
“ Whatever you want it to mean. It's up to you."
Suddenly a little thrill ran through Janice. "Anything?" she asked.
"Well, anything you can do in a crowded nightclub," Tim said with a smile.
"All right, if that's what you want. But I might get carried away."
“ Sure," Tim said in sarcastically.
Janice turned in a huff. I'll show him, she thought.
"Wait," Tim said. "Take off your wedding ring."
“ That doesn't work. They won't think I'm single. My fingers are tan and you can still see where my ring was."
“ That's okay. I want them to think that you are an overworked and frustrated married lady."
Janice sighed and pulled her rings off and handed them to Tim. Then she turned and walked into the dark nightclub. She stopped and let her eyes adjust to the dim light. The bar was horseshoe shaped and was about half full. There were booths on two levels and a dance floor. A rock band was tuning up.
Tim followed Janice into the bar and took a seat on the opposite side where he could see her. He watched her order a drink. Then he waited. Within minutes there was a guy talking to her. Tim could see her laughing and talking. Then several more came up and gathered around her. Tim felt a moment of pride as he watched his wife attract men like flies.
Janice was flattered that she was receiving so much attention. It gave a great boost to her ego. Without realizing it, she had had several strong drinks. She knew that she had better slow down when she felt her head getting a little light. When one of the guys asked her to dance, she figured that was a way to get away from the bar and sober up a bit. Out on the dance floor she danced to a fast song then came back. No sooner was she back then another guy asked her to dance. Soon she had danced with five or six different guys. They were all nice, however, there were two who seemed particularly nice. They seemed to be friends.
Both men were tall, with dark good looks. In fact, they looked a lot alike. 
Tim watched as most of the other guys faded away, looking for other women. When he looked around he saw that the club was almost filled with of people. It was getting difficult to see Janice so he waited until a seat closer to her opened at the bar. 
Tom and Jerry seemed very nice, Janice thought (if Tom and Jerry were really their names.). As the men got to know Janice they grew more intimate. They would put their hands on her back or her thigh, whispering things to her. She would laugh at their jokes and lean into them. When a slow song came on, Tom grabbed her hand and tried to take her onto the dance floor. The lights grew dimmer as the song started.
"Wait," Janice said and took her jacket off, feeling she the dim lights would protect her.
"Wow," both men said at the same time when they saw Janice's see-thru blouse. 
Janice blushed but thrust her chest out, knowing both men could see her breasts and hard nipples under the thin blouse.
Tim almost gasped himself as he watched his wife take her jacket off. While it was dim in the bar, he could still see that she was almost naked on top. 
"You are one beautiful and sexy lady," Tom whispered as he pulled her too him on the dance floor.
"Thank you," Janice said sincerely.
"God, I can see your naked breasts under your blouse. You know you are turning me on, don't you?" Tom said and pressed his groin into her.
"Yes, I can feel it," Janice said with a giggle.
Tom's hands slid down Janice's back until they were resting on her buttocks. Her ass flesh felt warm in his hands. "I bet Jerry that you weren't wearing panties."
“ You win," she answered boldly. She heard Tom gasp and felt his hands begin to squeeze her buttocks. In response she pressed harder into his groin, feeling his erection squeezed between them. She was getting very excited.
When the song ended, Tom walked her back over to the bar and let her sit on a stool between him and Jerry. "I win," he said to Jerry.
"I don't believe it," Jerry said, and placed his hand on her thigh. "I'm not paying the fifty bucks without proof," he said and slid her skirt up until the tops of her nylons were showing. 
Janice could feel both men's eyes on her legs. She spread them apart and heard them gasp. However, she doubted that they could really see anything in the dim light of the bar. 
"There's a booth opening up over there," Tom said, pointing to a booth on the first level. "Come on," he said, pulling Janice by the hand.
Janice glanced at Tim. She saw that he was smiling at her. She followed Tom, with Jerry walking behind them. When they got to the booth, Tom slid in, then Janice and Jerry. When they were situated, Jerry said, "I'm still not convinced you aren't wearing panties. Prove it."
“ Come on guys," Janice giggled, "Take my word for it."
“ Not for fifty bucks," Jerry said. 
"Come on, just a quickie," Tom begged.
Janice looked around and couldn't see Tim. She was a bit trapped. 
"Come on, come on," both men said.
Janice felt her heart racing. Tim said to tease them anyway she wanted. Slowly Janice reached down and began to pull her skirt up. Everyone held their breath as Janice's thighs were bared. Inch by inch the skirt moved upward. Soon the soft skin of her thighs above the nylons was visible. Suddenly, both men gasped as they saw Janice's swollen sex between her legs. Janice couldn't believe what she was doing as she held her skirt to her waist and let the two men look at her. She even spread her thighs apart. 
Both men groaned when she let it drop back to her knees. "God, baby, you have gotten me so hot," Tom said. He turned in the booth and said, "Look at what you've done."
Janice giggled as she looked down and saw his erection tenting his pants. 
Not to be outdone, Jerry grabbed Janice's hand and pulled it to his hard penis.
Janice sucked in her breath in surprise. However, she didn't pull her hand away. 
"No fair," Tom said and placed her other hand onto his erect penis. 
Janice thought she was going to pass out as she felt two penises throb in her hands. Her vagina was pulsing and leaking onto the back of her skirt. She squeezed both penises, feeling the heat radiating through their pants. Suddenly, both men placed their hands on her thigh and pushed her skirt up again. Her hands were occupied so she let them push her skirt back to her waist. Then their hands pulled on her thighs, opening her legs wide under the table. "Oh God," she moaned when both men moved their fingers to her swollen sex. She closed her eyes as her breathing became very difficult. 
Tom smiled over at Jerry. He pulled his hand away and quickly unzipped his pants. Jerry did the same thing.
Janice barely noticed what was happening until she felt both bare penises in her hand. She opened her eyes in shock and looked from one hand to the other. She couldn't believe that she was holding the shafts of two strangers in a public bar. Then she gasped when first Tom then Jerry pushed a finger into her hole. 
"God is she wet," Tom said as his finger moved in and out next to Jerry's.
Tim couldn't believe what was happening either. He had taken a position on the top level where he had a good view of the booth below. His eyes were open in amazement as he watched the three in the booth.
"Pretty wild huh!"
A guy standing beside him startled Tim. "What?" he said.
"I said that it's pretty wild what those two guys get away with."
“ What do you mean?" Tim asked. 
"Well, those two guys are brothers. They come here all the time looking for lonely ladies. They got themselves a real hot one this time."
Tim watched his wife lay back between the two guys as they fingered her. He could see her hand stroking their penises.
"I'll bet you they get a blow job," the guy said.
"I... I don't think so," Tim answered, his face showing his shock. However, he could feel his penis throbbing in his pants. 
"Just watch."
It didn't take long for the guy on the left to reach up and put his hand behind Janice's neck. 
Janice resisted. However, she wasn't thinking right. The liquor she had consumed was controlling her now. Her hips were moving back and forth on the probing finger and her hands continued to move on the shafts of the two men. Now she felt pressure on her neck. Suddenly she knew what he wanted. She wanted to look around for Tim but the pressure had increased. Slowly she allowed her head to be pulled down until her mouth was inches for Tom's penis. She was close enough to smell him. Janice was out of control now. An animal like moan escaped her lips as her mouth opened and she took the penis into her mouth. "Mmmmmm!!!" The thick head filled her mouth. The finger between her legs continued to move in and out, driving her mad with desire.
"That's it baby, suck it," Tom moaned, pushing Janice's head down on his throbbing penis. 
Tim watched his prudish wife sucking a stranger in a bar and couldn't believe what he was seeing. He wanted to pull his own penis out but had nowhere to hide. He had to be content with watching for now.
"Come on, let me have some," Jerry said and pulled Janice's head from his brother. 
Janice didn't even try to resist as her mouth was pulled over to the other penis. Soon, she was moving back and forth without any instruction. She would suck Tom for a minute or two then move to Jerry. Her head would move up and down as her mouth sucked and slobbered over one penis then the other. She made little whimpering sounds in her throat as her mouth worked to give the men pleasure. 
It didn't take long for the two men gasp that they were close to a climax. When Tom moaned that he was getting ready to cum, a momentary feeling of shame came over her but was quickly replaced by lust. She sucked harder. Suddenly, Tom moaned and pushed his hips up at her mouth. A gasp came from above her and the penis in her mouth throbbed and began to erupt. She swallowed repeatedly as his penis filled her mouth with warm, thick sperm. Tom had barely stopped cumming when Jerry pulled her over to his rampant erection. Her mouth didn't even reach his penis before it began to squirt. A long string of cum hit her in the face before she could cover it with her mouth. She took the rest into her mouth, swallowing it all. Soon, his penis went limp in her mouth. 

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