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"Wow, thank you baby," Tom said in an exhausted whisper. "Likewise for me," Jerry said. Then the two men zipped up and unceremoniously left the booth, leaving Janice stunned and frustrated. 
Janice was in shock, cum dripping from her face. Then someone was sliding into the booth next to her. She looked at the man for a second before she realized that it was Tim. "Oh God Tim," she moaned, now embarrassed.
"Come on, let's go to the room," Tim said, pulling Janice from the booth. He hurried her out of the nightclub and up the elevator to their room. They were barely inside the door when Tim was stripping his wife. Some of their clothes were ripped as they hastened to get naked. Tim pushed Janice to the floor and opened her legs. His head moved between her thighs and began to suck her incredibly swollen lips into his mouth. 
Janice suddenly pushed Tim over until he was on his back. She straddled his face and sat down. She was so wet that Tim had to swallow over and over or risk drowning. 
"Oh Tim, suck me, suck meeeeee!!!!" Janice screamed as her hips pressed down on his face. Her hips moved up and down on his face like she was sitting on a penis. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure as an incredible climax overtook her. It seemed to go on and on, juice pouring from her hole like a water faucet. 
When she let Tim come up for air, she looked down at her husband sprawled on the floor. His face was literally covered with her juice. She smiled and reached up to her own face and used a finger to scoop off the remaining cum on her cheek and put it into her mouth. 
Tim moaned and pushed Janice to the floor under him. He moved between her legs and slid his penis into her still sopping vagina. His lips met hers as he began to pump up and down rapidly. "I can't last long baby," Tim warned.
"Oh God, cum. Cum in me. Please cum in me," Janice whined as she built to another climax. When she felt her husband tense and pump his cum into her, she went over the top again, shaking with pleasure.

Chapter 11


Janice was staring at her husband in the morning light coming through the hotel window. She studied his handsome face. Who was this man laying next to her? A few short weeks ago she thought that she knew him. Now she realized that she really knew very little about him. She realized that they had never shared their inner secrets, all those intimate thoughts that only come out when a couple is truly honest. Had they been living a lie? She wasn't sure. However, she did know that she truly loved this man, maybe more now than before.
"What are you staring at?" Tim whispered as he opened his eyes and saw her eyes studying his face. 
"My lover and my husband," Janice answered and moved closer to him, pressing her naked body to his and kissing his lips.
They kissed and snuggled in the comfortable bed for a long time, whispering sweet nothings. It was more intimate than they had been in years, maybe since their honeymoon. It was strange how much closer they felt now. 
Finally, Tim had to ask the question that was on his mind. "Are... uh... are you okay with what happened last night?" he asked hesitantly. 
"I don't know," Janice said and took a deep breath. "I... I... feel like such a slut. Yet, I also feel so... so... I don't know... desirable I guess is the word." Janice rolled over, looking at the ceiling. It was great having all those men vying for my attention. Then those two, what were their names? Tom and Jerry. Yea, right! But I do have to say they had nice coc... oh, I'm sorry," Janice said, fearing she had gone too far. 
"It's okay sweetie. I saw you sucking their cocks. I loved it!" Tim said with a big smile.
"I love how we are communicating and how close I feel to you right now. But..." Janice hesitated. "You don't think I went too far, do you?"
Tim snuggled next to her. "Of course not. I told you that you were free to go as far as you could in a busy nightclub. I guess I just didn't expect you to... to... you know."
“ Suck their cocks," Janice answered for him.
“ Well, I warned you," she laughed. 
Tim laughed with her. "You know what? I love you more than I ever thought I could."
“ I feel the same about you sweetheart. But there is something that I still don't understand."
“ What?"
“ How... how can you watch me do... do stuff with other men and not get jealous?"
Tim was silent for a while. "I guess I do get jealous. I think that's part of the excitement. I can't explain it but I feel this excitement in the pit of my stomach. When I saw you with Steve and then those two guys last night, I was so excited. I felt something strange. It's almost pride, like I own you. I know that 'own' is the wrong word but it's like... like I'm just letting the men have a taste of you but afterward, you are mine."
“ You mean me having a taste of them," Janice said with a smile.
Tim smiled at Janice. She is really warming up to this, he thought. "I have read that the biggest fantasy that men have is watching their wives with other men."
“ Playboy again?" Janice said with a smile. 
"No, I think it was Cosmo."
“ Touch‚," Janice laughed. "I know it's not the same for women. I'm sure I wouldn't feel excitement watching you with another woman. I got very jealous when you told me about Danielle. Yet, I have done almost the same thing. I guess it's a double standard."
“ Don't worry I don't mind the double standard. I promise I don't want anyone but you," Tim said sincerely. 
"I'll take you up on that promise. Nevertheless, it's amazing to me that you get excited watching me with someone else. I guess I'll never understand men," Janice smiled and kissed Tim again. 
Tim could see lust in his wife's eyes. 
"I think my slut pussy could use a little attention," Janice said as she lifted the sheets and spread her legs. 
Tim got the message and didn't hesitate. He began to kiss down his wife's warm body, stopping to suck on her nipples until they were hard and dripping his saliva. Teasingly, he licked down her stomach, tickling her as his head disappeared under the sheets. When he got to her groin, he worked around her vagina, kissing her thighs but avoiding her swollen lips. Suddenly, he felt Janice grab his hair and roughly pull his mouth between her legs. It was apparent that she wasn't in the mood to be teased. He didn't resist and began to suck her lips into his mouth, tasting her sweet juice. The smell of her arousal and the taste made his head spin. Within minutes, Janice was screaming in pleasure.
When Janice had recovered, she pulled Tim up, opening her legs in invitation.
Tim resisted. "No, I want to wait until tonight."
“ Why?" Janice asked in surprise.
"Because tonight I'm going to fuck your ass!"
“ Oh God, Tim," Janice said closing her eyes.
"You can always use the safe word," Tim reminded her.
"Not a chance," Janice said with confidence. However, she didn't feel confident. She had felt the same was about oral sex and now she loved it. This was very different though. Besides being so wrong and against all her old beliefs, it was so nasty. She was also afraid of having something up "there." She knew that Tim would be gentle but she was certain that it would hurt. Still, she wasn't about to use the safe word. It was clear to her that if she were going to win this contest, she wouldn't be able to use the safe word even once. It was going to be difficult to get Tim to use the safe word once, let alone twice. No, she wouldn't use the safe word, no matter what.
Tim had Janice dress for the day in a pair of hot pink short shorts and a white tube top. The shorts barely covered the cheeks of her buttocks and would ride up between the crack as she walked. The top molded to her breasts, emphasizing their size and fullness. He also had her put on a pair of very high heels. 
Janice put the clothes on begrudgingly. She knew that she would look like a slut and again hoped that she wouldn't see anyone that she knew. 
They were planning to spend a little time in the casinos then head home. 
Tim smiled proudly as he walked his wife through the casino. He knew that most people thought he had a hooker with him. That thought somehow excited him. 
Janice could feel her face flush as she saw the looks of the men. Their eyes would follow her as she walked by. She could almost feel their eyes on her ass. She was embarrassed but also excited by the attention. Some of the women almost had a look of hatred in their eyes. Too bad, they are just jealous, she thought.
It turned into a fun and profitable day for Tim and Janice. They won a $1000 jackpot at one of the machines and promptly went out and spent it on more clothes for her. This time they bought some less than conservative business clothes. The clothes were all professional but the skirts were tighter and shorter than any she had and the blouses were frillier and more revealing. Her students were certainly noticing the change. It was going to be a new Professor Harwick that returned to school next week. She was already more aware of her sexuality and now her new dress would make that obvious to everyone. Janice was beginning to like the new person. 
On the way out of town, Tim saw an old movie theater. It caught his eye because of the title of the movie that was showing: "Anal Virgins." Tim didn't even know that theaters showed porno movies anymore. He thought video was the only source of dirty movies. He hit the brakes and turned around at the intersection.
It was in a seedy neighborhood but there was a parking lot right next door and he was pretty sure that the theater wouldn't be crowded at two in the afternoon.
"Why are we stopping?" Janice asked as they pulled into the parking lot. "I heard there is a good movie playing here," Tim answered.
Janice hadn't noticed the marquee. She did a double take as they walked around the corner and she saw the title. A little rush of excitement ran through her. She looked around her as Tim got the tickets. The large old homes in the area were beautiful but run down and some were boarded up. It was definitely a run- down section of town. Across the street, there were two women dressed with impossibly short skirts and low cut tops, showing their wares. Janice realized that they were hookers as they bent over to talk to potential clients in cars. Suddenly, she realized that her short shorts and heels made her look like she fit into this neighborhood. She saw the tired old man behind the glass ticket booth look at her with eyes that had seen everything. Janice suspected that he thought that she was a hooker going into the theater with her "john." 
They paid the admission and they went into the theater. It was a large old opera theater with remnants of grander times from 30 or 40 years ago. The lobby had tall ceilings with ornate moldings and etchings of famous paintings from the Renaissance period. 
Tim didn't bother with any popcorn or soda, walking quickly past the concession stand and through the curtains into the theater, pulling Janice behind him. The movie was already playing. 
Janice's eyes opened wide as she saw the action on the big screen. A young girl was taking the largest penis Janice had ever seen up her ass. Her moans and cries came from every corner of the theater. When she felt Tim tugging on her hand, she realized that she had stopped in the middle of the isle. As her eyes adjusted, she could see that there were ten or so patrons in the theater scattered around, slumped in their seats. She followed Tim to the back of the theater, taking seats in the last row. Several of the men turned and watched them walk past. She could feel their eyes. Was she swaying her ass too much as she walked up the isle? 
"Tim, this is crazy," Janice whispered when they were seated.
"I know, but I though you needed a little education," he answered and reached over and caressed her bare thigh lovingly. Tim was a little uncomfortable himself but felt excited as well. It was so unlike him to be spontaneous or a risk taker. 
When their eyes went back to the screen, the man with the large penis had pulled it from the small girl's ass and was shooting a huge load onto her ass cheeks and her incredibly stretched ass hole. Janice couldn't suppress a gasp of surprise. The scene was incredible gross but exciting nonetheless. Then the movie switched to another young girl and her boyfriend sitting on a living room sofa. The acting was poor and the dialogue stupid but the people were very attractive. The boy was trying to convince the girl that she should let him have anal sex. She was reluctant but was caving in quickly as he began to play with her breast and kiss her passionately. 
Janice could feel her excitement grow as she watched the young couple make out. She was so engrossed in the scene that she barely noticed Tim's hand until it was under her tube top and playing with her breast. A little moan escaped her lips as she watched the two on the screen get naked. Then the boy pushed the young girl back on the sofa and lifted her legs high in the air. Janice gasped and her hips began to squirm on the seat when she saw the boy begin to lick the young girl's asshole. She could almost feel the tongue on her own little rear hole. An illicit shiver of pleasure rushed through her. 
Within minutes, the boy was sliding his penis into the girl's ass. Janice watched carefully. While the passion was probably fake, Janice could see that the girl was not in any apparent pain. Soon, he was pounding in and out with rapid and deep strokes. It went on for a long time before the moaned that he was he was going to cum. He pulled his penis from the girl's ass, leaving her hole gaping. Janice couldn't believe it when the girl spun around, brought his penis to her mouth, and sucked it inside. Then as he neared climax, the boy pulled his penis out of her mouth and began to squirt his sperm onto the girl's smiling face. Immediately, another scene started with a bored housewife watching a young man clean her pool. In each segment, the anal sex was nastier than the last. 
Tim was watching Janice more than he was the movie. He could see her glassy eyes focused on the screen and her breath coming in rapid gasps. As he played with her nipples, he slowly, and without her noticing, pushed her top up until both breasts were exposed. Then he bent his head and sucked one exposed nipple inside his mouth.
"Oh God," Janice moaned when she realized that her breasts were uncovered. She watched nervously as four or five of the patrons moved around into seats closer to them so they could watch. It frightened Janice to see all these men staring at her, their hands now inside their pants. However, there was also a thrill deep inside her. It was all so surrealistic. It couldn't be innocent Janice Harwick, law professor, and pillar of the community, sitting half-naked in a public movie theater letting a bunch of perverts look at her.
"Tim... Tim," Janice whispered.
It took a minute for Tim to realize that Janice was calling his name. He looked up and saw that now everyone in the theater was watching them. "I guess we better get out of here before we cause a riot," Tim said. 
"You're right," Janice answered nervously. She saw the disappointment on the faces of the voyeurs as she let Tim pull her to her feet. When she tried to pull the top down though, Tim grabbed her hand whispered for her to leave it up.
Janice's legs were trembling as she walked up the aisle, her breast exposed and bouncing with each step. She could feel every eye in the place on her. Her vagina was throbbing and squishing between her legs. As she walked out of the curtains and into the lobby, she heard several men groan in pleasure or frustration. Suddenly, she was standing in the lobby with her breasts still exposed. There were a few men getting popcorn and a young woman behind the counter. Janice's face turned red when she saw the girl looking at her with a big smile. The men turned to look at her as well. Tim pulled her toward the front of the theater but would not let her pull her top down until they got to the door. She sighed with relief when he pulled her top over her breasts just as they stepped outside into the bright sunlight. 

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