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Rider promptly used his sexily kissed hands to commandeer Cherry’s trim waist, dragging her curvaceous body up the full length of his as his mouth did a deep dive.
Rider suckled a dainty tongue that was pure moist nectar while he tried to see how far he could get his tongue down Cherry’s throat. His hands were grabbing cushions of feminine ass . . . lifting until he had Cherry’s hot little nest settled over his throbbing dick which was pushing against the fabric of his pants.
Cherry was petite enough that he had no problem holding her, so he rubbed her snatch up and down his hard length as he began screwing Cherry’s mouth with warm thrusts of his tongue.

Rider heard Cherry mewling in the back of her throat as she took all he could give. Christ, the mouth on her could take his whole dick, up to his balls. Through the haze of his rampant lust, that thought brought him back to the living. Damn, if he wasn’t careful, he’d have Cherry plowed and screaming for more the first day out. Still, he had to do something, he was stiff as a titanium board. All over a little bit of hand kissing and tongue sucking! With the willpower that he'd always prided himself on, except moments before, he let Cherry gradually slide down to her feet, and then he stepped back holding onto her shoulders.

She looked dazed. Hell, she looked fucked with her head fallen back and her pink lips turned red like bruised rose petals from his kisses. Her breathing was heavy, her large breasts heaving in a deep-dished swaying motion. He curled his fingers on the top of Cherry’s slender shoulders. Damn, but he wanted to touch those tits. He fought the urge though, knowing in the long run that anticipation was as heady as sex.

“Unzip my pants, Cherry-girl, I’m going to teach you about a hand job . . . or a helping hand between us.”

“Yes, Master.” Cherry’s voice was as husky as warm whiskey and her hands trembled on the zipper of his pants, making his cock twitch in anticipation. God, this was better than he could ever remember.


Chapter Four


What came out of Rider’s pants into Lisette’s hands was amazing. She'd seen pictures of a man’s penis before, but nothing was like holding the procreation rod in one’s hand! It was
hot and thicker than she’d ever imagined, with smooth skin sheathed tightly over steely hardness. A poker of steel with a velvet head that had an intriguing crease in the very top. There was the barest hint of a creamy substance in the crease and Lisette could not help feeling the waste of those thousands of minuscule sperm that
have gotten her pregnant.

It was difficult to get pregnant in the outermost regions of space. There was limited access to men and the different conditions on each planet affected fertility. Rigorous . . . two people had to be rigorously involved, and then surely in six months time the seed could be well planted?

“Wrap your hand all the way around me, Cherry,” Rider coaxed as he placed his back to the wall behind him.

Lisette did as Rider requested however it was barely a fit for her small fingers around the thickness of him. Then abruptly Rider swung his hips and his wide penis pushed through the circle of her fingers.

it, Cherry-girl,” Rider uttered hoarsely.

Hearing the hoarse rasp of Rider’s command, Lisette glanced upward from the mesmerizing view of Rider’s heavy penis in her hand. She saw that his eyes were closed with his head tilted back on the wall while the tendons on his throat were strained. His firm lips were drawn back and the expanse of his muscled chest heaved beneath the blue shirt he wore. His hips moved back and forth, pushing and pulling the incredible width of his stiff penis through the squeezing tightness of her fingers. She did not have a clue what he was doing exactly, but the energy was incredible and somehow the dampness that had started in her panties when he'd kissed her, got wetter.

“That’s it, sweet thing, hold on to me.” The motion of Rider’s hips increased and a wave of heat from his body washed over Lisette, as he growled. “
my balls, darlin. Squeeze them.”

Lisette looked down at Rider’s penis hammering through the circle of her fingers. Heavens! He must mean his testicles? Lisette grabbed the tightly filled sacs, afraid suddenly that she’d grabbed them too hard when Rider groaned. But then he rasped, “
Squeeze them harder, Cherry.
Christ!” It was a guttural roar from Rider and his penis expanded, pushing her fingers open as it throbbed hotly in her hand. Then suddenly Lisette felt warm globules on her hand and she jerked her gaze downward.

“Oh no! No!” Lisette cried. It was such a
terrible, terrible waste! Before she knew what she was doing, she was on her knees with her tongue licking up the cream. Somehow she thought if she could get the seed inside her it would not be wasted.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?” Rider demanded, hoarsely.

Lisette stopped in mid-lick, guilt shooting her gaze up to Rider’s black eyes, while he held onto her blond curls with both of his big hands. “I-I just . . . um, thought it up,” she whispered.

“You thought it up, huh?” Rider buried his hands deeper into her hair. “Well, get it all, pudding, and maybe I’ll give you some more.”

Rider grinned then with a gradual slip of his lips and Lisette smiled in relief. “Yes, Master.”

Rider leaned back and enjoyed the delicate licking of a dainty tongue around the head of his cock. There was something to be said for virginal timidity. Any other sex bot would have sucked him raw by now. He looked down, watching himself slowly harden at the vision of Cherry’s pink-tipped tongue licking the head of his dick over and over. The cum was long gone and his virgin model cyborg did not seem to think about perhaps taking him wholly into her mouth. But she did seem fascinated by touching and tasting him.

It was as if she were making delicate love to his cock. Worshiping it! Rider could not hold back the tremor that thought caused him. He was heating up fast. Well, that had not happened in a long time. Not this quick! Still, he could stand there all day, getting jerked off or teaching Cherry the fine art of a blow job, but then it would be over . . . no more anticipation.

Rider clamped down on his jaw and his lust. “That’s enough for now, Cherry-girl.” He stepped sideways, nearly grinning at the disappointed look on Cherry’s cute face as he zipped up his pants and he turned back to his dinner. A dinner that had to be damn cold by now. He had not paid attention to the meal before, but now he looked down at the half-burned globular mess.

“What did you do to this?” Rider had the flexion coffee cup in his hand, tilting the thick gunk inside from side to side.

“I can’t cook, Master,” Cherry mumbled, still kneeling at his feet with her head bowed.

That was no lie,
Rider decided as he eyed the chunkiness of the suicide food offering. The puzzle was a sex bot that could not cook. They were manufactured especially for these postal carriers. Perhaps it was something to do with this virgin model business? Hell, he hated to cook, but he loved to eat, and he’d even brought along some fresh produce in anticipation of his sex bot’s culinary skills.

Rider bent over and took hold of Cherry’s incredibly soft bare arms, bringing her to her feet in front of him. “It’s all right, pudding, I will teach you.”

“Thank you, Master,” Cherry murmured with a shy smile as she peeked up through her long golden eyelashes at him.

Rider clasped her slim waist and turned her toward the hatch leading out of the control room. “The first thing that you need to know, Cherry, is to trust your taste buds. And you, sweet thing, have got a good tongue.”


Chapter Five


“Oh, blue blazes!” Lisette swore up into the darkness surrounding her. She knew bawdier curse words, but thought a lady, and soon-to-be mother, should not have a foul mouth. Only it was night . . . hours since she’d helped Rider fix a meal and then helped him eat it. It was a good thing that Rider had said that he liked his sex bots to eat with him even though he knew that she did not need to eat.

“But how come I’m sleeping alone with no sex?” Lisette muttered, punching the pillow on the sunken cradle cot she laid in. Rider had ordered her to bed shortly after she’d cleaned up after the meal, but that had been hours ago! And where was he?

Darn, Rider had wasted all that good sperm earlier and now he wouldn’t come to bed to give her more! And, put it where he was supposed to! Why did she get the feeling that he wasn’t going to either and she could not argue with him when he insisted on all the Master business. She’d even stripped naked waiting for him. Maybe she should go looking for him, saying that she had a bad dream. Oh heck, a sex bot having a bad dream? Right!

Lisette wiggled on the bed recalling the way Rider kept looking at her while they fixed dinner together. His heated looks had made her feel all achy between her thighs so much so that she wanted to rub down there right now. She’d never masturbated before, nor particularly understood it, but she’d never felt like this before. She jumped up from the bed and walked the few paces to the closed hatch. If anyone was going to rub her achy sex, it was going to be Rider!

Still, she flipped on the wall lamp and gazed down at her nakedness. Brave she was or needed to be, but not this brave. She needed something to wear. After rummaging through Rider’s things she found an odd assortment of feminine clothes, if a person could call them that, in a big trunk under his cradle bed. There were lacy panties with no crotches, silk bras with holes in the middle of the cups, frilly see-through aprons, and finally, amid more concoctions, there was a sheer baby-doll nightgown that was indecently short.

Lisette put this on feeling the blush pink material slide delightfully along her nude flesh. Her butt cheeks were exposed beneath the frilly hem and the curly blond hair between her thighs peeked out in front. A deliciously wicked tingle shivered up her bare legs as she thought about being exposed this way. But it
sex she wanted, wasn’t it? Still, she thought about putting on a pair of the lacy panties, but then she decided that they would leave her as exposed with their slits.

She nibbled at her full bottom lip and drummed up her courage as she padded barefoot to the hatch to open it and step through. Now, she just needed to be brazen and go find Rider, but she also needed a good reason to give him for disobeying his orders that she go to bed.

It was strange to her, but by the time she found Rider in the small rec center, her whole body was tingling and achy. An area low on her belly was pulsing and she could not get the image of Rider’s hard and hot procreation rod out of her mind. She must be in some kind of heat that was priming her young body to mate, Lisette thought, twisting her hands in the hem of the sheer baby doll nightie that she wore.



Rider let the warm Faleron peach liquor slide down his throat as he twirled the glass between his lean fingers and puffed lazily on a tightly packed cherry-root cigarillo. His Trivillyan hide boots were propped up on the boss-metal Rec-table as he reclined in the synthetic leather hover chair. This was the life, he mused, with a heavy-lidded gaze as he absently admired the obsidian shell coloring of his boots while his mind savored the remembrance of a curly blond headed sex bot’s peach nectar voice. Yeah, Rider thought, Cherry’s voice was as husky and smooth as the Faleron liquor and before the trip was over he was going to rub some of the peach liquor on her nipples and suckle it off with a lazy tongue. That got him wondering about the color of Cherry’s nipples.

“Master, please forgive me for disturbing you.”

Rider shot to the edge of his chair, barely holding back his startled yelp, as he splashed peach liquor on his pants. His head swiveled.
His sex bot’s nipples were cherry blossom pink . . . No, that was a pink frilly thing that Cherry was wearing and her feet were bare. No wonder he did not hear her approach. Rider’s eyes outlined into intense slits. That’s not all that was bare! “What the hell are you doing here, disobeying my command that you go to bed . . . er, deactivate or whatever!”

Rider growled this entire sentence with his gaze riveted to little blond curls between lithe white thighs and curvaceously endearing legs. Shit, he was seeing too much of Cherry-girl too soon and he hadn’t really meant to make her jump then tremble like she was. He was just rattled!

“I’m sorry, Master.”

Cherry’s blush pink lips were quivering as her diminutive hands twisted in the hem of the delicate baby-doll she wore. Something must be wrong, Rider decided as he wondered what kind of problem a sex bot could have.

“Come here and explain to me why I shouldn’t, ah, punish you.”

Rider thought that was a good line. He set his glass on the Rec-table in front of him and snuffed out his smoke as Cherry tiptoed hesitantly toward him. He grasped her by her bare hips when she got close enough and he pulled her between his legs, startling her into grabbing the Rec-table behind her with her palms.

“This had better be good, pudding, or your backside is going to be red.”

Cherry’s eyes widened in the horrified round gray-lavender look he’d seen before as he relished the pleasurable twinge his cock gave at the thought of spanking Cherry’s bare ass.

Lisette’s heart gave a lurch. He wouldn’t . . . would he? Though she had not come up with any good reason to be there. She’d hoped, faintly, that Rider just seeing her might, um, distract him.


Rider’s long hard fingers squeezed the fleshiness of her hips in front and back, and Lisette froze not knowing what to say. She was afraid that anything she might say would not sound like a sex bot. Then out of nowhere she was being propelled over one of Rider’s thickly muscled thighs as she squealed and grabbed the bottom cushion of the hover chair. That did not help though, as Rider’s persistent forearm pressured her further over his lap until all she could grab was his calf. She wriggled her hips energetically with small yelps, trying to roll off his knee, when the first stinging swat of his wide palm laid flat across her bare flanks.

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