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“Ohhh!” she screeched in shock, twisting harder as Rider forced her to be still with one arm while his broad palm came down again. “Oww!”

Oh, it burned and it was humiliating,
Lisette choked back a whimper as a new smack echoed in the small room and her butt cheeks burned. “Oh, please,
, Master,” she begged. She felt like she would do anything to get him to stop. Another hard-handed swat whacked her tender flesh, making her whimper because Rider was not listening to her pleas.

Slap! “Oh!”
Slap! “Oh, Master!”
Slap! “Please ... p-please!”
Slap! “Nooo!”

Then suddenly after the last slap, Lisette felt Rider’s finger lingering in the crevice of her bottom . . . for just a moment. Then Rider slapped her squirming bottom again. She yelped, but the finger was back deeper this time, bringing a sudden intense ache in her sex, making her moan softly. Without realizing it, her knees that had been clamped together, slid apart, then she jerked over Rider’s knee with another stinging slap laid across her bare buttocks.

Rider boldly ran two fingers down into the sweet crack of Cherry’s ass, and she tensed, hanging vulnerably over his leg, probably waiting for the next slap. He noticed that her knees had fallen apart when he caressed her satin crevice. So he pushed his free knee forward into her thigh spreading her thighs open more.
, she had a succulent little heart-shaped ass and God knew he wanted to play with her. His cock was so hard against the tightness of his pants from where he sat. Damn, but it was too soon. Only he could see the glistening moisture in the nest of Cherry’s swollen little pussy lips ... very exposed in this position.

Enthralled, he spanked her again five stinging times, making sure the slaps caught her butt deep, until she was squirming again with catching little sobs. But there was nowhere for her to go, her ass was rosy red. Then with one last lingering gaze at her plump butt marked red by his spanking, he abruptly stood, dumping Cherry onto the floor at his feet. But he was careful that she did not fall too hard.

“I do
like being disobeyed, Cherry!” Rider tried to sound gruff, but he thought it probably came off sounding huskier. Standing over Cherry, he popped the button on his pants and he pulled the zipper down, then he tugged his pants down to the tops of his boots before he sat again. All the time, he was looking at Cherry with her head bowed as she huddled at his feet. “Now, Cherry-girl, are you going to disobey me again?”

Cherry peeked up at him and she shook her head no vigorously. Rider clamped down on his desire to explain to her that he wanted to take things slow. She was a sex bot.
sex bot . . . and she did not need to know that.

“Good. Then get up here on your knees between my legs.”

Rider watched Cherry performing the task demurely with her plush bottom lip trembling and her heavy breasts on the same level with his flagrant cock. He could clearly see the engorged peaks of Cherry’s nipples poking at the sheer material covering them. She was hot, he decided, and his fingers itched to pluck those swollen marbles, but he held back. Damn, he wanted to savor this . . . to savor her. He could not remember feeling as intensely excited before. Hell, he was looking forward to the six months now, wondering if it was enough time.

“Why did you disobey my orders, Cherry?” Rider watched Cherry’s slender shoulders tense.

“B-Because I-I, um, . . . ache.” Cherry’s gaze darted up to him, then down again. “Here, Master, I-I ache here.”

Rider’s eyebrows arched while his gaze lowered, following the path of Cherry’s slim fingers as she traced the golden curls above her pussy. Then he began laughing with a lingering chuckle.

He was laughing?
Lisette could not hide her shock and further her creeping embarrassment. The oaf! She wanted to smack him. She had tried the most seductive move she could come up with, and Rider was laughing at her! Being spanked was bad enough. Only somehow through the indignity, it had been oddly stimulating with her bare bottom being so exposed to Rider’s gaze and his hands. But now, afterward, she was being honest about her aching. Geeze, next time she’d lie! She forgot completely that she was pretending to be a cyborg and she jerked to her feet, intent on stomping away from Rider’s presence. The oaf!

gave you permission to get up?”

Lisette unconsciously shielded her bare bottom with her palms, looking everywhere but directly at Rider as she stood between his legs. “No one, Master,” she whispered.

“Did you think that you were going somewhere?”
“N-No, Master.”
“Then why did you stand?”

Geeze, Lisette thought, Rider was worse than a penal inspector . . . and as tenacious. She considered her answer for all of about two seconds and decided that she was in trouble anyway, so she might as well get it over with. “You hurt my feelings!” Lisette felt tears burning her eyes. “So I was leaving!” She bit her bottom lip and blurted, “You obviously don’t want me!”

Rider was blown away. How could a sex bot rebel? Suddenly, he felt twittery and anxious, as if something was crawling up his spine, while his mind grabbed for logical answers. Maybe the technicians who built these sex bots wanted to spice things up, so they were trying new things? That was it! It had to be it. And, Cherry was a new version . . . right? Virgin maiden model . . . right?

He rubbed a clumsy hand over his bristly jaw line. Damn, the isolation must be getting to him already, but one thing was certain, he’d lost his incentive. His willpower momentarily broken down by the spanking, he’d been about to yield to his lust by teaching Cherry the art of a blow job. However, now all he felt was that he could not get enough air into his lungs.

“Cherry, go to my sleeping cubicle and do
come out unless I tell you!” Rider ordered gruffly with his finger pointed in the direction he meant. He sat stiffly with a dark scowl as he watched Cherry’s opulent butt sway out of the chamber. He tried to ignore the peeks of pink flesh at the bottom of Cherry’s sweet ass as she quickly left the rec room. He also tried hard not to let it bother him that he’d lost sight of the fact that he was sitting with his pants down around his ankles!


Chapter Six


The next morning after forcefully turning his thoughts away from the phenomenon of a rebellious sex bot, Rider decided, rather evasively, to unwrap his package. That package being one curvaceously endowed Cherry-girl. His good intentions of savoring and drawing out his lascivious plans for his beautiful sex bot scattered with his unreasoned yearning, plus his need to distract his troubled thoughts.

Besides, Rider mused, he could not envision getting tired of Cherry. Instead, all he could envision was doing things with her that he'd never entertained before with other women. Basically, he would have to admit that he was a bit inhibited in his sexual undertakings. His imagination was a wild and lustful place–however, when it came to the point of actually putting those imaginings into practice, he always shied away. Just as when he’d pulled Cherry over his knee last night and spanked her luscious ass. He’d always dreamed of doing that to a woman, but he'd never done it before last night. Now that he had, he wanted to do it again–and he would, but only with Cherry.

Perhaps it was this, "Master," persona that he’d instigated? He’d never done that before and he was pleased that he’d come up with the idea. More disturbing though, was the fact that it might be Cherry herself. The way that they interacted with each other, and the feeling that he had about Cherry being as close to a real innocent young woman as a sex bot could be. As close as the cyborg scientists were ever going to get.

Rider’s musing thoughts took him to the hatch of his bedroom cubicle, which he entered without preamble to find Cherry dressed once again, this time in her original spandex jumpsuit. Ah, well, he thought, it was more fun to unwrap a tightly sealed package than a loose one.

“Take off your clothes, Cherry,” he ordered, as he stood with his legs braced like an ancient pirate on the rolling deck of his ship. He stood looking down onto the top of Cherry’s head of blond curls because she’d lowered her gaze to the floor. She seemed hesitant–perplexing in a sex bot, but tantalizing to his pleasure in that unexpected way that she had. Rider suddenly realized that was what he liked about this entire game. The other sex bots that he’d screwed and played with had always been brazen sex toys, willing for any adventure. They had been suggestive and aggressive to the point of being an unnatural reminder that they were not human.

“Yes, Master.”

Cherry’s slender fingers reached for the releasing mechanism on her spandex jumpsuit. One faint touch and the entire suit fell to the deck, leaving only her lace panties and high heeled pink ankle boots. Rider pasted a heated gaze over Cherry’s naked breasts. They were heavy moons of ivory flesh with tender pink areolas and nips puckered into quarter-inch little spikes.

“Leave the rest,” he ordered abruptly, eyeing the peek-a-boo blond curls he could see trying to escape the white edges in the crotch of Cherry’s lace panties. The leg holes of her panties rode high on each side of her generously flared hips, and Rider guessed it was a thong. He liked the way her legs shaped in the high-heeled ankle boots she wore.

He was going to enjoy watching her move today. “Okay, Cherry-girl, get me some breakfast.”
Cherry’s gaze shot to his. “Breakfast?”
“That’s right, pudding.” Rider started toward the hatch. “Come along, I want you to go first.”

Cherry’s panties
thongs. They hugged the crack of her lush ass like a French kiss. He vividly remembered having those femininely plush ass cheeks beneath his palms last night as he appreciatively watched Cherry’s ass sway with the motion of her walk. Christ, a woman could knock a man to his knees with a walk like that. He kept wondering if Cherry was still aching as they came into the kitchen compartment.

Her panties were damp again,
Lisette thought, fighting the urge to tug on the crotch of her panties; maybe even delve her hands inside. Geeze, the ache was nearing unbearable proportions, and all over being nearly naked with Rider’s fiery black-eyed gaze watching her every move. Only then he touched her, and the ache spiked, pooling inside her sex as Rider’s big hand caressed one cheek of her bottom while she bent over him to pour his coffee.

“Still ache?” he asked in a bass masculine rumbling as his hand moved to fondle the other cheek of her rump.

Lisette sucked in a breath and looked at him, looking at her behind. “Yes, Master.” Lisette noticed the huskiness in her voice as she moved her bottom like a magnet following Rider’s big hand. God, she did not want him to stop rubbing her bottom.

“You like this,” he chuckled, deep and low, as only a man can.
“Yes, Master,” Lisette whispered, pushing her bottom harder into his hand.
“I do, too.” Rider took a handful of her flesh and squeezed it.
“Oh,” Lisette nearly swooned, rattling the coffee carafe in her hands as Rider’s gaze fixed on her.

“You are hot, aren’t you, pudding?” Rider’s black-eyed gaze shifted to one of her nipples, nearly poking into his face. “Um,” he murmured. “What will you give me to take your ache away?”

Lisette inched her protruding nipples forward as she admitted shamelessly, “Anything.”

“I already have anything, Cherry. You’re mine . . . all mine.”

“Oh please, Rider,” Lisette gasped, setting the carafe of coffee down heavily on the metal table to be followed by her palms as she braced herself to keep from falling. “Please,” she begged, with her whole body quivering. She’d never felt this way before.

“Never let it be said that Rider leaves his woman wanting.” Rider chuckled as his hands circled her bare waist and he lifted her up on the table before him. “Put your legs on either side of me, Cherry-girl.”

Excitedly, Lisette did as Rider instructed and she watched him lean back in his seat as she braced her palms on the table to keep her balance. She felt more exposed in this position than she had last night, bent over his knee.

Rider’s ebony eyes were half-lidded. “Don’t you know what to do, pudding?”
Lisette shook her head, feeling her whole body shivering under his gaze.
“Mmm, I just thought of something that you can give me, sweet thing,” Rider murmured.
“What, Master?”

Rider’s big hands slid down each of her inner thighs in a slow tantalizing glide. “Promise never to get off, unless I’m there to watch you. No sneaking your own hand to rub your hot little pussy at night under the covers.”

Oh God.
Oh God, Lisette thought raggedly. She’d give anything if Rider would show her where the ache went . . . and if he kept talking to her like this! “Yes!” Lisette promised wholeheartedly as she squirmed beneath his large palms clamped to her inner thighs. “Please, I will never touch myself unless you are there.”

“Then pull your panties down, little girl, and let me see this hot nest of yours.”

“Oh God,” Lisette moaned, unable to help the sound as she watched Rider smile. It was a masculine smile that made him look like a conqueror. She wasted no time pulling her panties off as he watched her every move. Then when she was stripped, he took hold of her knees and pushed them widely apart. He held them there as he leaned back and lowered his gaze, looking at her . . . Her!

“Mmm, sweet thing. I can see your pink snatch is wet.”

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