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“Are you questioning your Master, slave?” he asked with an imperious tone, and then moderated his sternness by squeezing her lush buttock.

“Oh,” Lisette squeaked at the groping. “No, Master,” she finished dutifully.

Rider smiled as he stopped Lisette’s forward motion in front of the hatch he’d been heading for. Beyond the hatch was the low gravity cargo hold and he'd always fantasized about what sex would be like in low gravity. His gaze swept over Lisette’s nude body. Yummy. “You will trust your Master in all things, slave,” he said, then he dipped his mouth to Lisette’s ear, and he whispered, “I’ll be right here beside you, sweet thing.”

Lisette had no idea where he was taking her and he watched her body shiver with goose bumps rising on the pink circles of her areolas as the tips of her nipples poked outward further. “Yes, Master,” she answered breathlessly.

Rider rubbed her bare bottom with another lecherous smile. His baby was turned on, exactly as he intended her to be. He reached down and opened the hatch, and with his hand on her rump he guided her forward. It took thirty seconds for the chamber to equalize and for the far hatch to pop open into the cargo hold. In twenty seconds Lisette gasped and he had to grab her around the waist to keep her from floating away. “Low gravity,” he announced.

“Low gravity!” Lisette squealed as she tore her blindfold off to look around, then down on him. “Rider,” she exclaimed with excitement.

He'd had his bare feet hooked into two of the holding straps, but now that he had a secure hold on Lisette, he unhooked his feet and they floated slowly free. “Oh my god,” Lisette exclaimed as they floated toward the open hatch that led into the larger cargo bay. She had her legs wrapped around his bare waist as she looked down at her breasts nudging him warmly under the chin. Her breasts were buoyant in the low gravity . . . they were large balloons of firm young female flesh.
. His cock was airy too, raised with a stiff salute upward. The low gravity made it feel as though the very air was dragging against the rigid column of his dick, and his balls were doing an uplifting dance of their own. The stimulation was arousing and he heard Lisette gasp as her arm slowly lowered until her hand cupped her pussy. “It feels like you are rubbing your fingers through my pussy,” she exclaimed.

God, he loved it when she said, “My pussy,” like that, and he watched in amazement as a drop of his seed floated free from the head of his dick. It was the size of a pea and it rose airily behind Lisette’s back, until it was over their heads.

“Oh, Rider, look!” Lisette squealed suddenly.

He’d been anticipating this . . . Lisette’s first reaction when they entered the cargo bay and she saw the complete panoramic view of space around them outside the postal carrier. The entire cargo bay was fitted with square sections of tempered glass and the view of space outside was incredible. “It’s like we are floating in space, Rider!”

He had purposely left the lighting off, so it was exactly as though they were drifting free in space. Just the two of them in the entire universe, naked and free, with their bare limbs intertwined as they coasted in the middle of the glass cargo bay.

“Sperm rises in here,” Rider said as he pulled Lisette down his body until he could capture her lips in a deep kiss.
“Rider, what does that mean?” Lisette asked him breathlessly, as their lips broke apart after a long tongue battle.
“It means, sweet thing, that there is a thirty percent better chance of getting pregnant in a low gravity chamber.”
“Oh, Rider! Do you mean it? Do you really want to get pregnant with me?”

Rider wrapped his muscular thighs around her slender legs as he twisted their bodies, until she was above him as they floated free. “Well, pudding, I dispatched the order and payment over four weeks ago to purchase the virgin model cyborg installed in my postal carrier and I just got back confirmation of the sale along with a lifetime warranty.”

“Lifetime!” Lisette squealed, and the exuberant sound made them turned in a circle.

“Yeah, lifetime, Cherry-girl,” Rider said as he grasped the back of Lisette’s neck and he pulled her down to him for another heated kiss.

Lisette thought she might faint. Rider had never kissed her as hotly or as passionately before, plus the low gravitation was lifting and stroking her body with dizzying sensations. Her thighs spread outward of their own accord and her pussy lips splayed as though fingers were holding them open. Her clit lifted upward, tight and throbbing, as did the aroused spikes of her nipples. The air floated over her with a caressing wave against her bare skin, like the feathery brush of fingertips fluttering over her buttocks, up her spine, and over her belly. The contrast of Rider’s hot skin heating her inner thighs as he seated her over him made her moan in pleasure.

“That’s it, sweet thing, now ride your Master, baby,” he murmured as he grasped her waist and he pulled her body downward until the opening of her sex was fitted over the large broad head of his penis. The size of it against her always amazed her, with the thought that it could not possibly fit, even as it excited her to know how it felt when it filled her fully, tightly . . .
snugly. It was like being skewered on a thick unbending pole of scorching flesh, and she screamed in excitement as Rider impaled her fully.

The motion of Rider thrusting his penis inside her and her scream, followed by his groan, twirled their bodies in the air as she clutched the thick muscles of Rider’s chest and he held onto her waist. Rider used his leverage on her waist to push her up the pole of his penis, then pull her down again, making her huff with pants of pleasure. “More. More,” she begged him as she released her grip on his chest and she quickly stretched behind her to grab his knees as she arched her belly upwards.

“Oh, yes, baby,” Rider groaned as she hooked her ankles together over the small of his back, and he began to raise and lower her over the rigid thrust of his penis. With Rider’s powerful arms, the rise and fall of her body reached a rapid and frenzied pace. They both moaned in sharp erratic huffs, and the movement twirled their bodies in the air. It was a dizzying kaleidoscope of sensations as Rider shouted, “Oh God, ride me, Lisette. Fuck me, baby!”

Lisette’s eyes were open to the stars and planets around them in the midnight blackness of space as her body jerked repeatedly with sharp recoils while Rider loved her senseless. Then somewhere in the recesses of her passion-blank mind she heard him utter. “You are
with me, Lisette.”

Then he slowed their frantic pace with each upward drive coming a little bit slower than the last as she gasped and moaned with her inner thighs shaking uncontrollably. Until he stilled with the thrust of his penis embedded deep inside her. “Turn around, baby.” he uttered. “I want you to swivel on my cock. I will hold you.”

Senseless beneath her arousal and emotions, Lisette followed the command of Rider’s voice blindly. “Ohhh, Rider!” she cried as she felt the thickness of his penis twisting inside her while he guided her legs and body around until she sat on him, facing his feet. The spiraling motion of Rider’s thick organ rubbing hot friction inside her ignited her arousal to new heights, and then Rider, with his chest pressed to her spine, reached down between her thighs to rub her clit. “Ohhh! Ohhh!” she cried.

“Use my forearms, baby, and fuck me,” he commanded.

“Oh god, Rider!” she cried as she braced her palms on his forearms while raising and lowering herself over his penis as he rubbed the nub of her clitoris, faster and faster. “Ohhhhh!”

“That’s it, Lisette. That’s it, baby, come on,” he urged her as he rubbed her clitoris, and then with his other hand he began to twist and pluck at her nipples.

“Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhhh!”

” Rider bellowed as she climaxed. He quickly took hold of her hips and he continued to raise and lower her over his expanding penis. His pace was jerky and fast as her buttocks slapped his thighs, and all she could do was hold onto his wrists as he swung his hips harder and harder. “Oh god, Lisette.
Oh God! Oh shit, baby. Oh!
Yes! Yes! Yesss!”

“Rider!” Lisette screamed as she climaxed again and she felt Rider’s seed spill inside her. The seed felt hot in her vagina, and it felt like it was rising to her womb as she shuddered.

“Oh God, baby, we are pregnant now!” Rider exclaimed. “That time did it for sure.”

“Finally!” Lisette exclaimed as Rider hugged her from behind and they both watch the universe spiraling around outside the windows.


The End.

Read an excerpt from, Prey Hunter's Concubine / Princess Concubine


Shybell knew this one before her. She knew by his armor, his stature . . . his entrance into what must be his quarters. This one was called, Prey Hunter. He was her master now.

Slowly she drew her long, gold-painted fingernails in a languid gesture up over her sleekly round hips, stretching her back, arching it in a feminine and feline way as she hummed approvingly low in her throat. The Bengar’s reaction was beyond Kimaree male.
He scented her.
Purely masculine to her feminine.
he was rough and so potent! She flipped her silky hair back over one shoulder in a slinky gesture of her head as she posed, licking her pulsating lips. That pulsation was a reaction from her female hormones, being drawn into a tingling awareness by his fiercely masculine presence.

“Where do you go?” Prey Hunter demanded. His voice was a rumbling bass tone that slithered tantalizingly up her spine. Shybell arched her body more, then she turned with a slow and hip undulating movement to sway back into the room with a laughing murmur.

“To find you ... perhaps,” Shybell replied huskily, peeking over her shoulder at him through the bangs of her sable hair. She paused before a pile of big fluffy pillows she had arranged on the end of his circular bed. Still peeking at him, she lay down amidst the pillows, posing for him. Her short top was red silk, her panties a bit of scarlet lace, and the bells on her toes tinkled. She rotated her bottom upward in a mating gesture, while she sprawled on her side. “To find what was promised ... perhaps,” she purred throatily.

Prey Hunter was angered and it heightened her awareness of his maleness to excitement! Because he was also engaged ... aroused against his will perhaps. Anger and passion, what a heady mixture. She could do nothing less than appreciate it, because her hormones were also engaged, and her will was theirs. Perhaps later, when her hormones no longer held her so enthralled, then she would learn to be frightened of his girth, of his height. Of the way his shoulders and chest expanded as he entered the room. Of the graven planes of his face shadowed with ebony tattoos. A strip of tightly spaced alien lettering across his forehead and under each eye making the amber color of his eyes more startling and predatory. She was his prey as he circled her . . . and she stretched sensuously and enticingly amid the pillows.

He came at her from behind, his armor gone, his massive chest bared. This she only knew because she could feel it as he pressed her forward into the plump pillows, laying his large and callused warrior’s hand on her squirming behind.

“Mmm,” she purred, raising her bottom upward into his broad palm, arching her back and stretching her arms over her head. “Touch me, warrior,” she hummed.

“Do you even know which one I am?” he growled. “Do you even care?”

Suddenly, he flipped her onto her back roughly and he straddled her. Taking her breath away. He was nude and his male organ was huge, of an incredible length, and shiny-virile in its ruddy-pink presentation to her. His arms, his chest . . . everything about him was mountainous to her. Yet he did not hurt her, even as he ripped the silk of her top, baring her lush breasts to his seething gaze.

“You are mine,” she moaned enticingly, bowing her body in an arc beneath him, until her soft belly cupped the steely meat of his turgid organ and she felt the heat of it sear her tender flesh. “Ohh ... mm,” she moaned heatedly.

“You are nothing but a bitch in heat!” he rumbled, rubbing the wide column of his long penis against her belly.

Shybell stilled instantly with her body becoming rigid. She was shocked! She was horrified ... and hurt. Yet her hormones were raging against her, even as she fought them desperately. “Get
me!” she shrieked suddenly, and then she scratched Prey Hunter’s biceps as she tried to buck him off her. Yet he was an avalanche of bone and muscle on top of her.

insane game is this?” he thundered, in a sound so deep it reverberated frighteningly through Shybell’s chest as he caught her wrists together in one hand.

“Let me go! Let me go!” Shybell screamed, wiggling beneath him helplessly. Then suddenly Prey Hunter was gone and she crawled up onto her hands and knees. Her angry and frightened tears were making her pant as she tried to see where Prey Hunter had gone so that she could get away from him.

Then she saw him . . . he stood at the end of the bed glaring down at her. He was completely nude with tanned skin that was tight and bulging with muscles. Not a patch of hair covered his towering frame. His spacious hands were fisted on the sinew of his hips and the towering mast of his fully engorged penis was poised rigidly between his powerful thighs.

Shybell imagined she could see pulsing rage in the thickly banded column of Prey Hunter’s jutting sex, as she fought her desire before the sight of its enticing potency. And with her hormones inflamed because of his male presence, she nearly succumbed to its lure. She arched her back downward, scrambling backward on her hands and knees with her breasts swinging free, as tears of desperate need scorched her cheeks. Her warrior moved forward and she hissed, crawling back on the bed to stand at its head.

“I would rather die than take your male weapon inside me, Bengar whore!” she cried crazily.

BOOK: Cherry Girl
7.7Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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