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She was frightened now and passionately torn by the sight of Prey Hunter’s masculine splendor. But she was not a bitch in heat! She would only take this one male ever ... or die! She'd never in her life reacted to a male like this, yet she knew that it must be normal. Her female hormones were coming alive and reacting to his male ones ... her mate.


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My Lady Compelled, by Shirl Anders

“Erotic Regency” The 1st novella from Shirl Anders in her continuing erotic Regency series, the Archangel’s. Meet our Lady St. John who is bought a from scandalous “wife’s sale” by her first beau and now former ex-spy, the Duke of Kittridge. Join in this stirring descriptive writing as the Duke fingers three wriggling climaxes from his newly purchased lady in their first foray together!


My Lady Enslaved, by Shirl Anders,

“Erotic Regency” The 2nd novella in Shirl Anders, Archangel erotic series follows Lord Harrison Ravenscar’s vengeance in a mistaken identity when he captures the wrong woman for his revenge and makes the innocent Chloe his sexual slave to passion!
Light female bondage HEA


My Lady Captive, by Shirl Anders.

“Erotic Regency” Join Lord Wyndham Hawkenge in this 3rd title of Shirl Anders, Archangel erotic series, when Lord Hawkenge dares to save the young widow, Orelan, from the hedonistic grasp of Alexei Tropov. Will they both become caught in the carnal halls of Valcourt, players in Alexei's sexual games or will Lord Hawkenge find a way to free the young widow he dared to once kiss, but now he dares so much more with?


My Lady Taken, by Shirl Anders.

“Erotic Regency” This is the 4th title in the Archangel Erotic Regency series. A story with a twist about the Archangel's aristocratic Duke, Lord Radford. It is time for Radford to marry and he despairs of finding a lovely hot-blooded woman like three of his fellow Archangel's have. Being a true arrogant schemer, Radford decides to let the lady's decide. . . after a fashion. He proposes a scheme with two of his fellow bachelor Archangels. An announcement that the Duke is on the prowl for a wife. Two risqué bets on the betting books at White's, and one weekend party should do the trick. Radford is betting some of the lady's will shed their staid English morals and come in sensual pursuit of him. What he does not expect is the feminine artifice of Lady Nia O'Shea when she sets her witty, thoroughly seductive, and scheming sights on him, for a rousing adventure of love and spicy romance.


My Lady Enthralled, by Shirl Anders.

“Erotic Regency” This is an erotic chiller! The exciting 5th novella in the Archangel series sends Saxonhurst the Marquess of Hartely on a dark and dangerous adventure. Saxon travels overseas for a soul-searching sabbatical. Yet, through misfortune he falls under the perverse notice of a hedonistic cult. They covet his long-flowing hair and his unwilling sexuality for their lewd ceremonies. Sexual sacrifices orchestrated by their leader Lord Hellion, who the cultist worship. Saxon finds himself fighting to save his life and the life of the beautiful, Joelle. Joelle who is caught along with him in the salacious web, because of her virginity and the fact she has no family to defend her. The cult forces Saxon and Joelle to mate in a wild sexual ceremony. Yet, Saxon and Joelle will fight anyway they can, until they win their freedom. The plot twists grow and the ultimate Archangel revenge won’t be taken until the 6th and final thrilling book in the series.
They kidnap Saxon. Joelle is kidnapped. HEA


Red Cloak of Abandon, by Shirl Anders.

“Erotic Regency” Meet the "Lady Rogues" an adventurous name for a small group of original young society ladies. Alas, but they will never be the diamonds of the rough in their first coming out season. However, they have the wit, the boldness, and the determination enough to take the uneven odds against them, and shape them into winning advances. Red Cloak of Abandon, sets the ringleader of the Lady Rogues, Affinity in sensual and dramatic pursuit of Lord Lawrence Fabier, the mystifying Duke of St. Martin. Law, who is caught from one tragic episode in his past that he spends his life now trying to atone for. His hidden life as the, "Benefactor," of London’s prostitutes, remains secret as it must, until one woman starts asking questions about him. The mystifying Lady Affinity whom he cannot ignore as he catches her rifling through his home, stealing his hidden journal of erotic dreams, and meeting his increasing intrigue boldly at every encounter.


Owning Arabella, by Shirl Anders

“Erotic Regency” The ownership of Arabella is gambled by her terrible stepfather in a card game and won by the fiercely scarred Lord Darth Peregrine. A man who believes no woman could desire him. Except perhaps a woman that he owns, who fate has decreed that he possess completely and his own dark urgings cannot deny. This story is filled with carnal expressions and Gothic undertones, as Lord Peregrine holds Arabella captive to his sexual desires.


His Chattel, by author Danielle Fonda

“Erotic Medieval” Lots of adventure! Revenge and sex make this story plot titillating. When the French knight Black Hawk seeks revenge for the death of his parents. He takes the murder’s wife Lady Sabra as his captive and displays her for all to see as his whore. Hoping to force her husband Lord Bascom into battle. But Bascom is a coward and both Black Hawk and Lady Sabra end up being betrayed by the stories evil players. Events heat-up quickly.


Lairds of the Eagle, by Missy Strom

“Erotic Medieval” Laird Donan Glenncannon and his brother Shancy happen upon a crudely given auction, where the beautifully innocent Analise is being sold to the highest bidder by her evil stepbrother. Donan cannot take his eyes off sweet Analise and he knows that he wants to save her. Yet, he is only a crippled living in a chair with wheels. He was felled on the Crusades and his legs no long hold him strong. But that does not stop the courageous warrior from saving Analise. And then the adventure truly begins for Donan who is unsure about his sexuality, and Analise who is positive and willing about hers. . . and his! Much more adventure and graphically romantic sex scenes fill this story set in Medieval times, about saving the lovely damsel in distress.

Rapier, by Candy Dance

“Erotic Futuristic” Captured and imprisoned by tough enemy aliens, Rapier Lieutenant Bran Fuller and the young civilian woman named Starling are forced to have sex. Both are naked with pain inducing collars around their necks, and a seven-foot alien demanding crassly that they "fuck.” Bran has not seen a civilian woman in years, yet he has no time to soothe the obliviously innocent Starling's fears. He must take her or they will both be killed. Yet, he is shocked to discover that Starling was a virgin! Yet, when his Rapier team comes to rescue him, Bran cannot forget about the lovely Starling. The story plot only becomes more adventurous after Bran rescues Starling, with intriguing twists and turns always leading back to exciting sexual encounters.


Red Bottom Ranch, by Christina Stoke.

“Erotic Present Day” Adventure. Bottoms up for all those spanking fiction lovers! If you love spanking try this buns squirming story by Christina Stoke! Meet ex-marine lieutenant Beckett McCade and erotic fiction writer Evangeline Pennyflower for a bare bottom dispute over the ownership of the Maverick Bar S Ranch in this full storyline.


Maiden Bound, by Danielle Fonda

“Erotic Medieval” Lord Huge of Avranches, Earl of Chester is a powerful man. He commands vast lands on both sides of the ocean. He has been a victorious warrior and a conqueror, and he trusts very few but his own agile mind. It is time for him to wed, to seal his legacy, yet even in this, Hugh demands complete control. For the first time in his life he must admit his shortcomings in the act of mating a woman so well as to bind her heart and soul to him. Yet, he is not daunted, but a thinking man, and he sets forth to learn the art of seduction and women. He takes the beautiful woman, Emma, as a slave, and through his command of her, he intends to learn everything about women and their passionate desires. While the commander of his guard, Lazarus, an impertinent, mystifying, and thoroughly masculine Mongolian battles wits and sexual acumen with Hugh's widowed sister-in-law, Lady Bernadette.


Pagan, by Christina Stoke

“Erotic Futuristic” Torrid and original as only Christina Stoke can write them. Visit a world where the men have never seen a softly curving female before, but only the gaunt and rawboned femmen of their planet. Z'dar is a planet were the femmen and the men live combative and separate lives, only coming together once a cycle for feral matings. The femmen want only to domineer the men, and with their barbarian strength and cunning poisons they nearly do. Enter into this world Maya, a female never before seen by a man and a Prince such as the warrior hunter Black Fall and his companion brother Dun. This is an erotic tale in the style of the barbarians of Gor. Where a woman falls slave to two masculine warriors


His Saxon Slave, by Danielle Fonda

“Erotic Medieval” Bonar De Sky known as the Black Boar to his soldiers, lays siege to the Saxon stronghold of Garth. Kiana has been captured helping the Welsh bowmen escape off the cliffs. Bonar's second in command Goth wants Kiana strung and whipped as the enemy, but Bonar decides in a moment to keep the young blond-haired wench as his slave. Kiana is taken to Bonar's tent and stripped and bound against escape. She is now the fierce Norman warrior's slave. When Bonar breaks the siege, he returns to his tent wild-eyed with the blood of victory, and he is intent on taking his Saxon slave beneath him. "Berserkers," Kiana's people call warrior's like Bonar and she knows the dark Norman will take her heart and soul as no man has done before. This story is a rich Medieval tale, where a slave is a slave and warrior's can be rough, yet still darkly handsome barbarians. The story only gets more erotic and adventurous with each turn of the page.


Future Fantasies Volume 2: Three Naughty Stories, by Christina Stoke

“Erotic Future” These three sci-fi short stories are Over The Top naughty and sexually explicit! 'Her Captain's Command': Done in the first person, for him and for her, this is an erotic tale of eventual submission and darkly tangled lust and love. Set on a distant planet, in the midst of harsh survival, a man and a woman test the boundaries of need. When they believe there is no other chance. 'Two Fallon Warlords Bride': Two men . . . one woman. Two different races, yet both human. Intrigue, male bonding, telepathy, & eroticism make this futuristic story an interwoven tale testing the boundaries of our sexual experiences. 'Callis': An escaped prisoner and a woman. He has nothing to lose. He sees want he wants and takes it. No one can stop him. Least of all her. Possession, ravishment, lust, and love, fill this deeply dominating story of a man taking a woman as his. HEA & HFN


Cherry Girl published by Allure Books,

opyrighted 2003 © Candy Dance.


All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, including xerography, photocopying and recording, or in any information storage or retrieval system, is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher, Allure Books. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, business establishments, events or locales is entirely coincidental.


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