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“Oh hh hh! Rider! Lick me some more. Oh, baby, please!”

All thoughts fled Rider’s mind with the sound of Lisette’s passionate squeals and with the sweet hot taste of her on his tongue. The folds of her pussy were swollen and flushed. They tasted salty and tangy as he licked, returned, licked, and returned again for more. The delicate flesh quivered against his lips and tongue as Lisette’s pelvis shivered, and then he licked her clit.

Rider! Oh! Oh!” she cried with her inner thighs flexing wildly.

“Yes, baby,” he uttered, flicking his tongue faster now over her clit with a new side to side motion.

please!” Lisette cried mindlessly, making him smile. She liked the new motion, he could tell as he whipped his tongue faster and faster to her sexy cries of pleasure. Then when he had her gasping wildly, he brought one of his fingers forward and he played with the shivering opening to her vagina.

“Oh hh! Ohh!” she squealed, raising her ass upward to balance on the back of her shoulders and on the heels of her boots as he screwed her with one finger, while he flicked her clit hard with his tongue. He had to follow her gyrations, but he kept up with a nose full of curling blond pubic hair and two fingers that were dripping wet.
, she was hot for him.

He felt her climax beginning on his mouth and over his fingers before her scream shattered the cargo hold.
He wanted to shout it felt so good, but he kept his mouth working and his fingers plunging inside her until she whimpered one last time and her body relaxed beneath him.

He slowed then but he did not stop. He took time to kiss her pussy slowly, pretending it was her mouth, while he circled his fingers in her tight vagina, stretching and easing the walls slowly. Lisette’s fingers tunneled through his hair with slow strokes as she murmured soft sounds of pleasure. Now he knew how to take a virgin. All a man had to do was care for the woman and the rest would follow.

Lisette watched Rider lift his head, and then straighten his back, rising until he stood over her. He let his shirt slide off his elbows, wrists, hands, and then fall to the deck as he gazed down at her. They would make love now, a complete joining.
But she couldn’t.
Not without telling him.

Her bottom lip quivered as she watched him reach for the snap on his pants. “I might get pregnant!” she blurted, turning her face to the side, not daring to see his response.

“You are not protected?” he asked slowly.

“No,” she mumbled with her gaze still turned to the side. Then she felt Rider bend over her. She saw his wrist and hand as he braced it on the hood beside her face, but still she could not look at him.

“And before?” he asked with his breath warm on her cheek.

“N-No,” she mumbled with a catch in her voice.

“Why not?” he asked with a deep tone starting in his voice. “You knew you could get pregnant. Did you
to get pregnant?”

Lisette cringed at the accusation in Rider’s voice just before she blurted, “Yes, I wanted to get pregnant! That is why I am here.”

Lisette could hear the breath hiss in Rider’s chest. “Lisette, look at me.” She turned her head while clutching her hands between her breasts as she looked up at Rider. He did not look furious. “Now let me get this straight, pudding. You went through all this just to get pregnant?”

Lisette held back her huge sigh of relief as she nodded her head. Rider had called her pudding and that meant he was not furious with her. “Yes, Rider, just to get pregnant . . . at first.”

“At first?” he asked watching her mouth closely.
“At first I did. Still do. But now even if I didn’t, I would . . . well, miss,”
“Miss what, darling?” Rider murmured.

me,” Lisette blurted, quickly covering her hands over her face. It was so much harder being bold when you were, well . . . real!

Rider chuckled, and then she felt his lips touching the back of her hands. “No one ever kissed my hands before, Lisette,” he murmured, kissing her hands again. “And I don’t know of anyone who would miss having me inside of them.” Lisette peeked through her fingers at him. “No real someone,” he added.

“Oh, Rider,” she cried, breaking her hands apart to grab him around the neck. “I want to procreate so badly!” she exclaimed.

Rider laughed as he pecked kisses onto her lips. “Is that a little like hot sweaty fucking, sweet thing?” he asked in a deeply rumbling voice.

“Yes,” she sighed. “Hot and sweaty, and with a big,

“Oh, shit,” Rider exclaimed, and then he burst out laughing with his lips inches from her lips.

Lisette giggled, and while Rider was so happily engaged, she went in search of that pickle with her eager fingers.

“Ahh . . .” Rider choked in mid-laugh the minute she found his long thick penis and she began to stroke it with her hand. “B-a-b-y,” he expelled with a drawn-out groan.

Lisette was leaving nothing to chance this time as she scooted her rump down to the edge of the hood and closer to Rider’s waiting procreation rod. They would not be sidetracked this time with their mouths and with kissing penis' and pussy's. She intended to have Rider’s expansive penis inside her this time, and she was so excited at the thought she couldn’t wait as she fumbled around trying to fit the head to her waiting vagina.

“Whoa, darling,” Rider muttered and his fingers folded over her fingers as she held onto the ample shaft and together they both held the hefty organ in their hands.

“Don’t stop me,” she pouted, wrapping her boot heels behind his hips as she squirmed her hips, looking down between their bodies. There was a drop of seed in the slit of Rider’s penis and she wasn’t going to lose it this time. If only she could find the opening, she would
it home. “Please, baby,” she begged, wriggling her fingers beneath Rider’s, trying to get him to position it right. Then she watched in anticipation as he did lift the head, but then he smeared it between her splayed pussy lips.

“Ohh!” she squealed as though an electric shock had been discharged inside of her . . . and it felt like it too, deep in her vagina.

“The med-log says that there are two kinds of orgasms for a woman, pudding,” Rider murmured as he rubbed the head of his penis over the inner folds of her pussy again and she squealed. “And you, sweet thing, are going to have both before I'm through with you.”

Lisette completely forgot about the hurry to have Rider inside of her as they both guided the head of his penis up and down over her pussy. “
Rider,” she moaned as they both watched the flushed red head tickle her blond pubic curls, then reverse motion and slide back down again. Only this time Rider went lower and rubbed the head around the quivering opening of her vagina. “Oh hh,” she moaned as Rider chuckled.

“Here it is, sweet thing. Your hot little cherry, just begging me.” Then he pushed a little, and then he pulled out.
“Rider!” she exclaimed excitedly
“Yeah, pudding?” he murmured deeply as he looked up at her and he did it again.
“OhOh,” she moaned, gazing into the intense blackness of Rider’s eyes.

“You like that,” he said, pushing just the head inside of her, and then pulling it out again as they both held the expanding shaft.

She moaned, gazing up at him. “
” She thrashed her head from side to side and bowed her back as Rider teased her with just the head of his penis, until she was gasping his name. “Rider. Rider. Rider.”

,” he muttered sharply, and then his other hand was between them, around the outside of her thigh as his finger reached for her clit and he began to rub her clit from side to side. “Oooh!” she squealed as her hand released his penis and she clutched his shoulders, arching her hips upward.

“God, Lisette, you are so beautiful. Come for me, baby.
on, honey.”

“Rider!” Lisette screamed as he, with his finger rubbing over her clit, brought her to a climax. The instant the pleasure exploded in her pussy, he pushed his rigid penis forward until it was deep inside her. The fullness felt completely alien between her thighs as her climax continued to churn.

He withdrew, and then he pushed inside of her again, then again . . . then again. She gasped, holding onto his broad shoulders as he thrust inside her again, repeating the movement over and over . . . only faster each time. He was so fast and strong she could not think. All she could do was feel. She could hear him muttering, “Come on, baby, come on,” as he pulled her legs up over his shoulders and he pumped into her with even more rapid bursts.

“God!” she cried. He cupped her breasts, squeezing them, then plucking the nipples. “Ohhh!” she squealed over the sound of her buttocks hitting Rider’s upper thighs as he pounded with quick thrusts deep inside her. Rider was energy, he was fire, and he seared her with his powerful body and his thrusting organ.

“It’s not working,” he rasped in a straining voice, and then he promised, “You are
to come again, sweet thing.”

Lisette could barely breathe much less speak, as he came to a throbbing stop inside of her. Her ankles were hanging over his muscled shoulders and her small feet were leaning against each side of his head. Rider had his forearms wrapped around her knees and his chest flexed deeply with his heavy breathing against her calves. The place where they were joined, where his long penis was embedded so deeply inside her, palpitated. Her vision was unfocused as her inner vaginal walls clenched and unclenched around his invading thickness.

Then she felt his long broad penis sliding out of her. The slow tight friction of it made her gasp. “Easy, darling,” Rider murmured above her, and she felt his big hands grasp her upper arms as he pulled her upward toward him. “Turn around, baby, and bend over the hood for me,” he murmured.

The excitement of those words caught inside her chest as Rider turned her around and she willingly bent over the hood. She turned back to look at Rider, and she saw him with his hand on the column of his penis as he guided the glistening red head toward her bottom. With anticipation shivering down over her buttocks, she thought that he would guide his thickly aroused penis inside her again. But instead he steered the fat head to her throbbing clit. Then he rubbed the mushroomed capped head over it.

“Oh! Ohh!” she cried, going down onto her elbows as her buttocks swayed upward and she stood on her tiptoes.

“Oh. Yeah. Baby,” Rider growled as he repeated the action and she moaned with excitement while squirming her hips and standing on her tiptoes.

Rider liberally wet the head of his penis with her pussy juices, and then he pushed the column upward through the crevice of her buttocks, rubbing the underside of his rigid penis deeply. “Oh
” she moaned. Then he was back again rubbing her clit and producing electric shocks deep in her pussy. “Please, baby,
it in me!” she cried looking back over her shoulder at him as she balanced on her toes and braced her elbows on the hood.

“Here?” he uttered and he began to play his game again with just the head of his penis prodding the entrance to her vagina, and then withdrawing again.

“Oh hh mmm!” she moaned dancing her buttocks backward, trying to catch more of him inside her.

, baby,” Rider groaned as he avidly watched her sexual gyrations.

“Please,” she pleaded as he caught her hip and he steadied her with one hand, while his other hand guided the head of his penis forward again, and she begged, “
it in my pussy, Rider! Please!” she screamed passionately as he inserted his penis inside her with a heavy thrust that raised her buttocks upward. “Yesss!” she mewled. “Oh! Oh!” she cried as he began to strongly thrust inside her.

The new position changed something deep inside her and she moaned and cried out with each swift plunge that he took. The pleasure sparked higher and higher with each stroke, until she was wailing as he rocked her back and forth across the hood of the automobile. His big hands pushed and pulled her buttocks open and closed with each rapid thrust and the tightly spiraled sparks of pleasure in her sex burst into an explosion of pleasure that spread through her pussy and deeper inside her. “
” she screamed, and still he pumped into her, gripping her buttocks tightly as he swung his hips faster.

“Oh shit!” he cried, and then he bellowed, “Oh God, Lisette!” Lisette felt Rider's penis expand with a thumping motion inside her, then his penis thumped again, and again. “Oh God, baby,” he groaned.

“Finally!” Lisette cried.


Chapter Twelve


Rider cupped his hand warmly over the delicious curve of Lisette’s bare left buttock as he guided her forward. She had her arms stretched out in front of her because of the blindfold she wore, and the elevation of her arms raised her naked breasts, pointing them forward. Her nipples were rosy-pink and the nips in their centers thrust outward like pointers guiding the way.
His gaze lowered to Lisette’s snatch as he continued to guide her forward. He could not keep his eyes off her pussy now that he’d shaved away the blond curls. Lisette’s pussy was bare with smooth pink flesh and a luscious long slit. When she was aroused, he could see the way the lips on the edges stained red. Like they were now.

“Where are you taking your slave, Master?” Lisette asked with a nervous twinge in her voice.

Rider grinned. They were playing Master and slave this evening, and boy, did he have a surprise for his sexy slave. This was their last evening together aboard the postal carrier and he intended to make it memorable. After he'd dumped the still unconscious Kid, along with his out-of-juice sexual cyborg, back into his postal carrier and hit the autopilot, sending it on its way, he and Lisette had five glorious weeks alone together.

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