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“Lay down on the table, baby.”

Lisette moved to obey him as Rider stood between her legs. He gathered her knees up, one over each forearm, and she wondered with a quiver just what he was going to do!

Jesus, he was really going to do it,
Rider thought, he was going to eat a sex bot’s pussy. He’d never wanted to do that to a sex bot before, but of course none of the others had been so innocent. That was it. Cherry was an innocent baby doll and he was going to teach her everything he knew. God, he loved the way she quivered in anticipation beneath his touch. He knelt on one knee and pulled Cherry by the waist up to the edge of the table. The slide made her thighs spread wider over his biceps.

“Oh God . . . oh God,” she whispered, making him chuckle as he sought his prize. He’d never eaten the dusky cradle between a woman’s legs before; he’d never wanted to before now. However he’d been around the rabid and lustful talk of men enough to have a fairly good idea what to do. He knew where on a woman to stroke his fingers to get them off . . . usually. Although he’d only actually had maybe two real women in his life, so now he would use his tongue and mouth.

Not one for pussyfooting around, he licked the pink lips of Cherry’s pussy open aggressively until he found the swollen bud in her vulva, which he sucked on gently as he inserted one finger into her tight vagina.

... p-please!”

Rider withdrew his finger, and then he thrust it forward again. “This?” he growled around a mouthful of salty tasting warm pussy.

“Yes!” Cherry cried.

She tried to hump his finger as he withdrew it. Damn, she was tight; a purely untouched virgin hole that was creaming on his finger. Her smell was musky and hot. Her taste was wicked and lustful and he savored it, flicking his tongue rapidly over the taut bud of her clit as he fucked her now with two fingers. In and out ... in and out.

Cherry wiggled and trembled so much beneath his mouth that he had to hold her down with his forearms. She panted and cried his name in begging sobs. Then he decided to tongue her deep inside. He wanted to feel her contracting inner muscles on his tongue. That did it! His sweet Cherry-girl came unglued. He used one finger to flick her clit and another to tease her butt hole, until she screamed his name and convulsed around his tongue deep inside her vagina.

it was like having hot fudge poured all over his tongue and he enjoyed it so much that he kept going until she climaxed again a few moments later. When he finally raised his face from her creaming pussy to wipe his mouth, he was surprised to find her crying softly and still trembling. Damn, she looked vulnerable. Some deep instinct inside him made him pick her up and cradle her in his arms as he carried her back to his bed. Once there, he climbed in with Cherry held in his lap as he pulled the covers over both of them, and then he just held her.

“I’m sorry, M-Master.” Cherry sniffled into his chest after a long while.

“Call me, Rider, and there is nothing to be sorry for, pudding.” Rider fondled Cherry’s silken curls as he dropped his chin on top of her head. “I guess the first time is scary?”

“Do you think?” Cherry hiccuped and looked up at him timidly with her gray eyes swimming like a lavender mist from her recent tears.

“Yes, but you did like it, didn’t you?”

Cherry’s smile was tremulous. “Yes,” she whispered, and then she ducked her head, hiding her face in his shoulder and making her big breasts slide on his shirt as she hugged him.

Damn, he could never remember feeling like this. It had nothing to do with sex or lust as it should. He'd just eaten his first musky pussy and he should be raging to get his dick off somehow. It did still lay stiff up against his belly. But even a little while later, when Cherry closed her eyes, he was content to sit there and just hold her. A strange thought kept circling his mind . . . that this was what it would feel like with a real woman. A woman who a man cared about. It was probably just the surreal virgin quality, he mused, trying to shake the thought away.


Chapter Seven


Lisette was troubled and trying very hard to pretend that she wasn’t. Never in all the time that she'd contemplated the scheme to get pregnant had she ever thought about caring for the man. Affection, possibly, but love?

“No. No, it’s not that,” Lisette muttered. It was just all of the feelings that she had, this aching and pleasure she experienced, and what Rider had done to her this morning with his mouth. My God, who would have ever expected that? She was naive because the society that she lived in was comprised of all women and they allowed no mention of, nor written words on, sexual relations. The philosophy was that it was better not to want what you were not going to get.

Of course, a woman could go to a sperm bank and try to get impregnated. But that only worked about half of the time because of planetary conditions and because of those same conditions miscarriages happened at a higher rate. So high that most women had stopped even trying. It was a problem that none of the bureaucrats were taking seriously. Men and women had started out to colonize the planets together, but the men had wanderlust and the women just wanted to settle down and have a home. So over longer periods of time it left more women alone with each other. Space travel was expensive and dangerous and most people could not afford to just hop to a new planet to look for something better.

Seriously, Lisette thought, biting her thumbnail absently, the politicians really needed to recruit some men out here to space. A lot of them! She gazed out of the view port in Rider’s resting chambers, watching the magnificence of space floating by. She’d woken up in Rider’s bed, alone, hours ago and she supposed that it was getting time to fix him dinner again. After this morning she was not sure if he had eaten at all today, because she'd only gotten around to fixing him coffee before, well, before he’d eaten her for breakfast!

Darn. She wiggled her bottom and tugged on her panties because the dampness was starting again just thinking about this morning.
A woman could find herself begging a man to do that to her every day, twice a day, and none of it would get her pregnant!

Lisette pondered what to wear to serve Rider his dinner, and she finally decided that she really had not been given permission by him to put anything on. So, industriously, she took off her panties and baby doll nightie and left Rider’s chambers completely nude, except for her pink ankle boots. She could not deny that she loved the feeling and anticipated Rider’s dark eyes on her nakedness. She could only keep her fingers crossed that it would produce the same effect as this morning.

Rider was working out in the rec room when Lisette found him later.
What a sight! He had nothing on except a skimpy support that barely cupped his procreation rod. That scanty support was held in place by a thin band that clenched between his muscular buttocks and around his chiseled abdomen. He was doing chin-ups when she walked in carrying his dinner tray–a tray that rattled in her hands as her mouth dropped open at the display before her.

Rider’s skin was darker than hers and every inch of it was slick with a fine sheen of sweat that only accentuated every slab of male muscle that he had. His ballooning biceps popped outward with each upward pull he made on the bar, and the cheeks of his butt flexed tightly. He had muscles in his thighs, calves, and even in his collarbone and neck. His black and gray streaked hair was damp with the curling ends clinging to his wide forehead and the back of his neck.

“Like what you see, little girl?”

Lisette’s riveted gaze shot upward to catch the black river of Rider’s eyes as he slowly lowered himself to his bare feet. She could only nod her head, her throat was so dry.

Rider smiled then, and it etched the hard lines of his shadowy jaw. “I like your little pink pumps too, sweet thing.” Only Rider’s hunter’s gaze was riveted to the blond curls between her legs. Legs which were shaky. “You’d better put that down before you drop it, Cherry-girl.”

Rider strode toward her with lithe animal grace flowing the entire length of his physique. Then she remembered to stutter, “I, um, . . . dinner. Yes, Rider, I brought dinner.”

He grabbed the other side of the tray, steadying it. “You brought me hard little nipples too.” The tray shook before Rider plucked it from her hands. “You haven’t been playing with yourself have you, pudding?”

“N-No!” Lisette watched him turn and set the tray down.

“Maybe I should check.” Rider turned back so quickly that Lisette nearly stumbled, but he caught her with a solid arm wrapped around her waist. Then his index finger was slipped up inside her so fast she nearly swooned as his large thigh pushed between her thighs, separating them. She did grab his waist and fell against his sinewy chest. The touch of all that hot slick male flesh was overwhelming and her body clenched in reaction.

“Baby,” Rider’s voice rumbled and Lisette realized that he could feel her inside with his invading finger. “You are dripping, sweetheart,” he accused.

“I haven’t, Rider, . . . I swear,” she pleaded as his big thigh pushed higher, until she was practically riding it. “I don’t even know how,” she gasped, raising her hands to clutch his bunched shoulders as the tips of her toes left the ground and his finger wiggled inside of her.

“So you are raining on my big finger, just from looking at me?” Rider rubbed his muscular chest back and forth across her breasts and Lisette could feel the friction of his skin dragging at her nipples.

“Oh hh, yes!” She tried to swallow with her voice sounding husky and breathless. “I-I’ve never seen a man, um, . . . I mean you are, ah, . . . handsome. Oh! Beautiful!”

Rider chuckled and used the motion to slide her up and down his thigh a few times as his wide palm cupped her pussy and his finger circled inside her until she was mewling in the back of her throat.

“You aching again, sweet thing?” he asked in a deep murmur.

“Yes! Oh, yes,” she replied excitedly.

“I can feel you clutching my finger deep inside, pudding. Just think what my big cock is going to feel like up inside here someday, sweet thing.”

“Ohmygod,” Lisette panted, rubbing her nipples across Rider’s chest.

“Look at me, Cherry-girl.” Lisette tilted her head back on a neck that felt wobbly. “This tight little hole of yours is going to take all of me,” Rider murmured.

“All?” Lisette could feel how big Rider’s procreation rod was, and she remembered how thick and wide it had been in her hand.

“Tell you what, pudding,” Rider whispered in a deep sexy voice. “If you can take all of my cock into your mouth, then you can take me inside here too.”

Then Rider rocked her on his thigh, sending pleasure pulses rippling through her sex, scattering her thoughts. “Mouth,” she mumbled.

“Yeah, sweet thing, take my cock into your mouth.”

Rider’s words finally registered in Lisette’s mind. Her mouth? She'd licked him before, but now he meant for her to take his entire thick organ into her mouth! “Me?” she squeaked, looking deeply into his eyes as if she could read his intentions that way.

“You, Cherry-girl. All of it.” Then suddenly, the finger Rider had been playing with deep inside her was pressed to her lips. “Suck on my finger, sweet thing, and I will show you how.” Rider’s voice was dark and husky as he pressed her bottom lip, until she parted her teeth and he slid his finger into her mouth. “Suck it like a lollipop,” he murmured. “Taste yourself.”

Rider watched the sliding of Cherry’s pink lips suck his finger deep into her mouth. Her hot tongue slid along the bottom and her small teeth scraped the top just like it would feel on his cock. His breath caught hard as seed dribbled out of the head of his prick. The rabid desire to have Cherry-girl take all of his big prick into her mouth filled him, and he didn’t want her to skitter away with this virgin model stuff. So he corralled her on the bench press behind them.

He ordered her to lie down and he cranked the level of the bench she lay on upward, so it bent her at the waist. Then he straddled her with his thighs hovering over her breasts and the head of his fat prick hanging over her chin. Cherry’s slender arms had no where else to go but around the outside of his thighs as his big hands circled and held her curly hair. She was his prisoner in this position and the look in her smoky gray-lavender eyes told him that she knew it.

“Open up those luscious pink lips of yours, sweet thing.” Rider’s hands tightened in Cherry’s blond curly hair.
This was going to be so good.

“Rider, I’m not sure I-I, m-m–
. . .”

Rider would have chuckled at the ending of Cherry’s cobbled words, because she had the head of his dick in her mouth where he’d propelled it. However, the bliss was staggering. “Suck,” he rasped, and she
. Her mouth sucked hard around the head of his dick with her tongue tickling the crack. God, he was sensitive there and he shoved a groan down into his belly. “Take more, baby,” he gasped, pushing his hips forward as Cherry swallowed more of his cock inside her wetly sucking mouth. He began to pump his hips slowly as he uttered, “More.”

She was a bit clumsy as he tried to tease more into her mouth. “Hold still. Just suck and let me do all the work.”

Cherry clutched his butt with her fingernails in some kind of answer as he thrust his hips back and forth, slowly fucking her mouth. Of course he was randy as hell, and although he tried to keep it slow. It didn’t work. Soon he was pumping hard, and bless his Cherry-girl, she was taking all his long dick, right down to his balls on some strokes.

“Aaaa! Baby!
is it,” he groaned through his clenched teeth, right before he shot his wad down Cherry’s throat. She gulped it down greedily and she sucked on him some more, making love to his cock again. When he could finally speak, he pulled his dick out of her mouth, and he asked, “Did you like it?” Instantly, he knew it was a stupid question and he felt his cheeks heat with embarrassment. Who the hell gave a shit what a sex bot thought?

BOOK: Cherry Girl
8.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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