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Lisette gasped, then Kid came to his feet and he started coming toward her. Lying witch? If she said no, if she ran, then they would know that she was not a cyborg! She tried frantically to weigh the options, but then Kid was beside her grabbing her wrist. “Come on, cutie,” he said heartily. “I like a little struggling and screaming. Let’s pretend that I am going to rape you, Cherry-girl. Got that?”

“I-I . . .” Lisette stuttered, but Kid was already dragging her from the room. She looked back at Rider desperately. “Please, Rider! I don’t want to go with him.
,” she pleaded.

Kid laughed. “Yeah, that’s the way I like it, Cherry-girl, keep struggling!”

“But I am not pretending!” Lisette cried, looking back at Rider frantically, just before Kid pulled her from the chamber and she could not see Rider anymore.

Lisette struggled with Kid all the way down the companionway and he thought it was just part of the game. Only this game was real and she did not want him to touch her! “No, Kid, you don’t understand! I’m
. . .” Kid slapped her, stopping her speech and making her cry out as he shoved her into the control room.

Lisette stumbled away from him with the force of his shove and he came after her. She tried to run, but he caught her at the control chair. “No!” she cried.

“That’s it, Cherry-girl! Fight me,” Kid hissed as his hand shot forward and he slapped her again.

“Oooff!” Lisette expelled her breath, falling beneath the impact of Kid’s palm to land with her belly down over the seat of the control chair. Her fingers clutched wildly at the edges of the seat as her ears rang from the slap, then she felt rough hurtful fingers dragging her panties down from behind.

“Your asshole first, Cherry-girl,” Kid uttered. “Now fight me!”

Lisette cried out in pain as Kid’s hard palm smacked her bare buttocks. It was nothing like Rider’s less forceful spanking. She felt her panties hanging around her knees as she sobbed and Kid’s rough hands groped her buttocks pulling the cheeks open. She tried to raise her body upward, but he shoved her back down and she hopelessly screamed, “Rider!”

“Damn it! Damn it to hell!” Rider shouted just as he grabbed Kid from behind, pulling him away from Cherry-girl . . . or whoever the hell she was, to shove Kid against the inside control room wall. “I changed my mind!” he shouted as he swung his fist forward and plowed it into Kid’s nose. The punch was hard, cracking bone as it knocked Kid out.

Kid fell with a thump to the deck. “Damn it!” Rider swore again uselessly as he glared down at Kid’s limp body. He would die of old age before he ever got the ancient Mustang convertible he had refurbished to run. It had always been his dream to actually drive the ancient vehicle, like men used to do on earth. And now that dream was dead. Strangled by a treacherous lying witch. Rider swung around expecting to confront the voluptuous nemesis of his loss. Only Cherry-girl was gone!

“Oh! Baby! Do you want to chase, Pumpkin, now?” Rider glared at Pumpkin as she gyrated naked into the chamber. Everything about her was overblown and unnatural. He hissed a disgusted breath as Pumpkin sashayed her oversexed body closer . . . and closer. “Oh, baby! Just gimme your meaty cock, baby, and I’ll suck you down my throat! Pumpkin, wants you to cum all over her face and titties, baby! I’ll lick you clean. I’ll-ll-ll-ll-ll . . .”

Pumpkin’s oversexed body twitched to a halt and Rider grinned for the first time this morning. It seemed Kid had not recharged his sex bot in a long time. Rider turned away from the immobile sexual bot. Then he stalked to the control panel, where he slapped the intercom button and he shouted, “When the hell were you going to tell me that you are a
woman? When I get my hands on you, I am going to eject you out the side of this carrier, you lying witch!”


Chapter Ten


“Oh no!” Lisette cried as she fell into the side of the beautifully restored automobile she’d found in the lower cargo bay.
He knew.
Rider knew she was real and that is why he'd called her a lying witch. Why he had been so angry. And why he'd given her to Kid to begin with! She was too upset to even wonder why or how Rider had discovered her lie. Right at the moment she could not decide whether she should try to hide from Rider or try to face him.

“Get off my god damn car!”

Lisette screamed at the suddenness of Rider’s appearance and she turned to face him as she cowered against the car. She could not help the instinct that made her try to shield her breasts and between her thighs from his sight. It was so different now that he knew she was real. The freedom of pretending was gone for both of them.

Rider stopped a pace from her. He was furious as he glared down at her and she cranked her neck upward to peek at him. Then his gaze suddenly shifted to her cheek and he blurted in a deep hissing voice, “He hurt you!” His big hand reached upward nearly touching her cheek, but then he dropped it back to his side with a jerky motion.

She cried out in reaction to his rejection, lifting a hand to her cheek as she turned away from him, unable to face the further glaring knowledge of her humanness. The front of her thighs pressed into the front fender of the car as her head dropped.

“Would you have ever told me?” Rider asked roughly behind her.

Lisette shook her head, unable to answer over the tightness in her throat as she fought her tears. She did not mean yes or no . . . she did not know the answer. But then Rider was there, aggressively butting his big body up against her body as he planted his fists on either side of her to pound the car fender once before the sound fell silent. He held her there slightly bent over. Her body began shaking at the intimidation, and she felt the confusing evidence of Rider’s arousal riding the cleft in her buttocks. Her naked buttocks.

“Were you ever going to tell me?” he asked again fiercely.

“I don’t know!” Lisette cried, and then she gasped as Rider’s powerful body shoved her forward. She was forced to brace her palms on the fender or go down onto her belly. The position reminded her of what had just happened with Kid, and she could not help it, she whimpered and began crying. “Please don’t hurt me,” she sobbed.

What the hell was he doing? Rider straightened, stepping back from Cherry with a jerk. A man had just tried to rape her . . . butt fuck her, and now there he was trying to intimidate her. His anger and . . . damn it to hell . . . his compassion warred inside him as he gazed down at Cherry. She had gone completely down over the fender, crying, showing the vulnerability of her shivering beautiful naked ass. He could see everything she owned from the slit of her dusky pussy lips peeking out between her legs to her cute pink ankle boots.

She was real! Everything about Cherry
real. He'd been too angry before to even think about the reality of this fact. Ever since he'd spotted the specks of blood on the deck in the kitchen attachment and he'd followed the evidence to a cut on Cherry’s big toe. He’d been stunned, barely believing the proof that he had right in front of him. It had been too incredible to believe, and then Kid had arrived before he could think clearly.

After that he’d been angry, turning into fury with his confusion. Why would a real woman do this? Was she trying to make him look like some kind of fool? He’d been vulnerable then and he didn’t like it. He’d been afraid that he’d embarrassed himself foolishly by believing Cherry was a machine. All the things that he'd done with her were embarrassing in this new light because she was real! She was flesh and blood with real thoughts and a calculating mind. He’d felt duped, humiliated, and embarrassed, but especially confused. All of it he'd hidden beneath deep simmering anger, until this moment when he was faced with the visual reality of Cherry’s own vulnerability.

“What is your name?” he asked gruffly, stepping closer to her. Unable to stop himself.

“L-L-Lisette,” she sobbed into her arms, which were folded beneath her face as they rested on the hood of the Mustang.

“Shit,” Rider hissed beneath his breath. He wasn’t cursing her name, but her weeping. He’d never known it before, but a woman’s crying was hard to take. He stepped even closer, until his thighs brushed Lisette’s naked bottom. “Lisette,” he muttered, parroting her name. Not knowing what else to say. It was a pretty name for a beautiful and lovely young woman.
he wondered?

Halfway resigned and halfway confused, he cleared his throat and he forced his jerky hand forward until his palm cupped some of Lisette’s short curly blond hair. Damn it, he'd always thought that he liked women with longer hair . . . and longer legs.
The sad fact was he'd only been with a couple of real women in his life.

“Rider,” Lisette murmured with a weepy gurgle as she turned her cheek, then her lips into his palm. Hell, she was kissing his hands again. It slammed him in that instant, how close they had already been. How intimate.

“Shit, Lisette, what am I supposed to do?” he asked roughly, bowing beneath the pressure of his emotions until his nose touched Lisette’s ear as he bent over her back. Her lips were so tender on his palm and her tongue was damp and silky smooth.

“Make love to me, Rider,” she mumbled between her tears and kisses. “Please don’t hate me!” she exclaimed.

Make love to her? Christ, that was all he'd wanted to do since he'd first seen the cut on her toe. But he’d been afraid it was over. He’d been afraid that it would never happen again. “Pudding, I . . . ,”

“Oh! You called me pudding!” Lisette squealed, interrupting him even as she twisted her body, forcing him to straighten as she followed him upward. Lisette threw her arms around his neck with an exuberant hug filled with lots of chubby breast as she climbed up his chest. Her supple bare legs wrapped around his waist as her eager mouth clamped down over his lips. All thoughts of perhaps not doing this with a real woman fled his mind as his hands clamped over the firmly rounded globes of Lisette’s naked butt. He lifted her scorching wet pussy over the impression of his hard dick beneath his pants as she tackled his tongue.

,” she mewled with her tongue deeply embedded inside his mouth.

They were feverish. They were frenzied as they attacked each other. It was as though they were in a race not to remember they were real, with an unconscious agreement made between them that they would fill all the questions with hot groping sex. Mindless. Torrid.

“Rider,” Lisette whimpered as she tore frantically at Rider’s shirt. The magnetic snaps popped open and she pulled, baring his hairy chest as she tugged his shirt down to his elbows. Her breasts, clad only in sheer silk, rubbed upward against the crinkling hair on Rider’s muscular chest as their tongues kissed each other’s hotly. Rider held her bare bottom, one cheek in each of his hands, with the crease of her bottom splayed widely as he rubbed her excited pussy over the outline of his hard penis.

“Oh, Rider.
Rider, oh!” she gushed, relinquishing his tongue as her head fell back and she curved her sex forward, humping the rigid outline of his penis. The material of his pants was damp and rough over the tender inner flesh of her pussy.

“That’s it, sweet thing,” he rasped as he nibbled kisses on her arched throat. “Tell me what you want, pudding. Beg me.” Rider used his tongue to place a long and slow hot lick from the base of her throat, up to the tip of her chin.

“Oh, baby,” she panted.

“I want you begging me, Lisette. I want you telling me everything you want,” Rider rasped as his big body stilled and his warm breath heated her ear. “Beg me, Lisette,” he whispered hotly into her ear.

“Lick me, Rider,” Lisette whimpered. “Lick my pussy.”

“God, honey,” Rider uttered roughly.

Lisette gasped as Rider lowered her bare flanks and her buttocks flattened against the cold metal of the automobile hood. Then Rider’s big body pressed her backward until her spine was curved over the hood. She dared to look at him then, and found that his irises were as dark with passion as hers must be.

“Show me, Lisette,” he muttered. “Show me your pretty wet pussy.”

“Rider,” Lisette moaned as she bent her knees, drawing her calves inward, until the spiked heels of her boots rested on the hood. Rider watched her intently, as though each move she made was important. And it was. She needed to show him that she wanted him. She allowed her knees to fall open widely and she watched his gaze lower. Her chest heaved just from his gaze on her wetly splayed pussy.

“Please,” she pleaded as she brought her fingertips down to the lips of her pussy, catching each side as she spread the lips open. “Lick me, Rider.
, lick me,” she begged, gazing at him with hot pleading eyes.

“Yes, sweet thing,” Rider uttered. “I’ll lick anything you want, Lisette, when you beg me so sweetly.”

Lisette moaned, her body squirming uncontrollably as Rider lowered his head and she could feel his dark hair brushing along her inner thighs.


Chapter Eleven


All thoughts of confusion, of being used, and of anger fled Rider’s mind when Lisette laid back on the hood of his Mustang and held open her pussy lips for him. Never would he have been able to imagine a real woman being so open and eager for him. The trust Lisette placed in him and the willingness she showed him wiped out his fears and questions for the moment. And that was all they needed, just this one moment, because Lisette was one sexy hot babe and he was ready for her.

So ready . . . he'd never felt as hard or as aroused or as invincible as when Lisette looked at him so passionately.
God, she was real.
That thought nearly took him to his knees for more than the relished act of tonguing Lisette’s pretty pink pussy.
A man could keep a real woman.
Having a real woman
mean a lifetime. Love? Maybe real love, not something to be embarrassed over because you had fallen in love with a machine.

BOOK: Cherry Girl
7.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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