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My old doubts almost shoved aside my timid nature and
allowed me to voice my concerns—

Lex folded the papers and stuffed them into his jacket,
handing the clipboard back to the receptionist. “Let’s get on with your tour,
little lady.” He put his left arm around Mia and his right arm around me.

I walked beside Lex and Mia with my lips pressed firmly
together, shaking like a leaf but also so very curious. My emotions, normally
buried deep in my psyche, were clear and powerful, jumping with a crosswise mix
of cautious anxiety and wicked eagerness.

We went down several hallways and got a glimpse of the
“scenes” Mia had informed me about earlier. The very atmosphere of The Cell was
thick with sexuality, and its patrons were both beautiful and dangerous
looking. I felt totally out of place, and my apprehension grew.

We came to a hallway with only four doors but no windows
looking into the rooms. They were marked with the letters “A,” “B,” “C,” and
“D.” Lex led us to the door with the letter “C” on it.

He knocked, and oddly, I felt a tingle spread through me. I
wondered why I was reacting this way.

The door opened, and two of the sexiest men I’d ever seen in
my life stood there.

The one with the long, dark hair smiled, causing me to go
weak in the knees. “You must be, Lea.” He extended his hand for me to take. I
did. He squeezed my hand, and a hot jolt shot up my arm from where we touched.
“I’m Reed. Welcome.”

He wore a tight, black sleeveless T-shirt that accentuated
the thick muscles it covered. His biceps bulged and were decorated with
gorgeous ink. The left tat was an intricate design that looked tribal to me.
The right tat was of a formidable-looking dagger that was softened a bit by the
wings it was on top of. His eyes were light brown and surrounded by the thickest
lashes I’d ever seen on any man.

“Are you going to hold hands all night or are we going to
get started on the training?” His twin asked. Except for his shaved head and
different tats, the two Doms were identical.

“S-sorry...I-I’m new to this,” I stuttered, jerking my hand

“Stop it, Kane. Don’t scare the girl away,” Reed

Kane shrugged and then reached out and cupped my chin,
causing my belly to flip-flop. “I don’t think she’ll bolt, bro. I can see
excitement in her eyes.”

I was about to voice my denial when a man came up behind us.
This guy was taller than the other three by a fraction of an inch. His chin had
one of those sexy indentions. I wondered where the average-looking male members
of The Cell were milling. I sure hadn’t seen any.

“Boss, we have a problem,” the man told Lex.

Mia’s boyfriend frowned. “What’s the problem, Trip?”

“Steve didn’t show up for the new member’s seminar. We’ve
got six couples who have been waiting on him for twenty minutes.”

“Fuck.” Lex shook his head. “If Steve shows up, fire him on
the spot.”

“Sure thing, but what do we do about the new members?” the
man named Trip asked. “I’ve got Kevin talking to them right now, but he’s got
to leave to take care of his baby.”

Lex rubbed his chin. “Right. His wife is a nurse who works
nights. Damn. I set up a scene for Mia and me that I was looking forward to.”
He turned to Mia, who was frowning. “Sorry, pet. I guess we’ll have to wait

“Hold on, Lex.” Kane let go of my chin. “I’ll do the
seminar. You and your sub deserve a night together. You’ve been working way too
hard. Besides, Reed can handle this little morsel just fine for her first

Trip smiled. “That would be great, buddy.”

“Thanks, Kane.” Lex pulled Mia in tight and kissed her
cheek. “We’ve been looking forward to this for a while.”

“It’s nothing, Lex. Happy to do it.” Kane turned back to me.
“You’re in good hands, Lea.”

I wondered if he was jumping at the chance to leave to avoid
spending time with me. With his looks, he could easily bag more than his share
of model types, and the same was true for Reed. I didn’t want to be some kind
of task to fulfill for Reed just because his boss asked it.

I turned to Lex and Mia. “I think I’m done here. I
appreciate what you are trying to do for me, but I’m fine. People get unengaged
all the time. I’ll head home and let you two have your fun—”

“Lea,” Reed said softly, making my insides melt. “Stay.”

I looked in his piercing eyes and could not refuse him.
“Okay. If you’re sure you don’t mind.”

He stroked my hair, and heat shot through me. “My pleasure,

“Lead the way to the new members, Trip.” Kane followed after
the man and was gone.

“Here’s her info, Reed.” Lex handed him my paperwork. “Cross
off my name and put your name down for her guide.”

“This ain’t my first rodeo, boss. She’s in good hands.”

“I know. That’s why I chose you guys.”

“You sure you’re going to be okay, Lea?” Mia asked.

I wasn’t, but lied, “I’m fine. Go. Have fun with Lex.”

After they left, Reed grabbed my hand and pulled me into the
room. I hadn’t looked past him and his brother to what the space looked like
earlier, but now I did. It was about twenty by twenty feet and had tables along
two sides. On the tables were paddles, whips, handcuffs, dildos and more,
clearly identifying what the room was meant for.

I pointed to the three odd-looking contraptions in the room.
“What are those?”

He grinned. “Eager? I like eager. That one is a St. Andrews
Cross. The one over there is a bondage chair. The one in the middle is what I’m
going to start you out on. It’s an excellent spanking horse. Kane designed it

The thing was black and looked similar to something you
might see at a gym, with lots of levers to adjust the height and the tilt of
the person on it. There were extensions for one’s arms and legs that also
adjusted to a variety of positions.

Maybe I should’ve run for the exit, but I didn’t. In the
oddest way, I felt comfortable in the room and more than a little excited.

Reed led me to the spanking horse. “Sit.”

Enjoying his commanding tone, I complied. He walked over to
one of the tables and produced a pen. He scribbled on the paperwork and brought
it and the pen back to the spanking horse.

He handed both to me. “Put your initials next to my name and
date it.”

“You guys are quite official with this stuff, aren’t you?”

“Yes. It’s important that everyone knows what they are
agreeing to, Lea. The Cell does not tolerate infractions to its rules.”

“What exactly am I agreeing to, Reed?” Another wave of
anxiety swept over me.

“You’re putting me in charge.”

“Of me?” I wasn’t sure how I felt about that.

He smiled. “Yes, of you. But that doesn’t mean I can do
anything I want with you.”

I looked over at the table of paddles and whips. This wasn’t
what I’d expected to find when Mia invited me to The Cell, and yet I felt drawn
to experience more. I needed to get a grip on myself. This wasn’t something I’d
ever done before. “I don’t understand. This is all too much. I thought I was
only coming here tonight to get a tour, not a lesson.”

“If that’s what you would like, I can give you a tour and
then put you in a cab.” Reed touched my cheek with one hand and grabbed a
fistful of my hair with the other. I felt the slightest tug, which made me
tingle. “Is that what you really want, sweetheart?”

I closed my eyes. Though my nerves were totally on edge, my
curiosity urged me on. Besides, when would I ever have another chance to be
instructed by someone as sexy as Reed? I shook my head. “No. I want the lesson.
I’m scared, but I want to try.”

“That’s all I’m asking, pet. Now, open your eyes and sign
the paper.”

I instantly obeyed.

Reed took the pen and paper back. He scanned the pages and
nodded. Then he folded it up and placed it in his front pocket.

“Let’s get started, trainee.” Reed sat down beside me on the
horse. He caressed my neck and face with his fingertips, raising my temperature
several notches. “The world you’ve just entered is about control and
submission. A Dom uses control to help the submissive reach the very limits
they’ve set for themselves and to push past them. The key component is trust,
but that deepens with experience and time. Trust is the gift that both Dom and
submissive crave. It unifies them together in the most intimate way.”

“It sounds so beautiful when you describe it,” I confessed.

“Kitten, it is beautiful.” He kissed me with a fervency that
made my toes curl and my pussy ache. With such skill that I felt dizzy, he
continued kissing me like no man had ever done before. As his tongue swept into
my mouth, I felt new sensations sparking to life inside me.

Just as suddenly as he’d begun our kiss, he ended it. “The
relationship of Dom and sub is about controlling the mind. The Dom must be
utterly in tune to the submissive. He reads her body’s signs so that he knows
where her head is and can administer exactly what she needs to surrender

The more he told me about what Doms and submissives did, the
more I wanted to sample it. Not just from anyone, but from him.

“First things first. You need a safe word.”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

He smiled broadly and kissed my cheek. “So very sweet and
fresh. Okay. Listen up, Lea. You and I haven’t explored trust yet, right?”

I nodded, hanging on every one of his words.

“I’m very well trained as a Dom, but you don’t know that
yet. It’s clear to me that your nature is to submit, but I don’t know your
limits, either hard or soft.”

Something about his voice was getting me hotter and hotter.
I needed to focus on his lesson. “What’s the difference between hard and soft?”

“A hard limit is something you feel very strongly about and
can’t see yourself surrendering to no matter what. Do you have any phobias?”

“Only spiders.”

“Noted. I’ve never used spiders in scenes, so not a
problem.” He went on, sounding like a tutor with a pupil. “I’m certain you have
other hard limits you don’t even know you have yet. I’ll deal with that if it

My jaw dropped. “Tonight?”

“Close your mouth, Lea. Listen and learn.”

I heeded his instruction, pressing my lips together.

He winked at me. “Soft limits actually are very useful in a
scene. They’re the things you haven’t tried successfully or at all but honestly
are intriguing to you.”

“Like what, Reed?”

“For you? Since this is your first venture into BDSM,
anything.” His voice lowered to a deeper octave, reaching into me and vibrating
my skin. “Have you ever had your ass paddled before?”

“No.” I felt a tingle in my pussy at the thought of the
sex-on-a-stick man spanking my bottom.

Reed smiled. “But I can see by the look on your face that
you find it appealing, though you’re not sure what to expect. Right?”

I gulped, realizing how easily he could see into me. “Yes.”

“Soft limits with the right Dom and under the right
circumstances are opportunities to explore for both the Dominant and
submissive. Once trust is found in a certain activity—”

“Like spanking,” I interjected.

He shook his head and smiled. “You are such an antsy
trainee, Lea. Yes, like spanking. With trust firmly in place, the soft limit is
changed into an activity of play and pleasure to enjoy between the Dom and his

“Sounds amazing to me,” I confided.

Reed tenderly touched my cheek with his fingertips. “I think
I may have found my perfect student in you, Lea.”

I couldn’t help but smile.

Though Reed never dropped his gaze from my eyes, he didn’t
speak again for what seemed to me to be several minutes. Suddenly, he removed
his hand from my face and continued. “A soft limit is a place you need me to
pause for a moment. You might even want me to change things up a bit in how I’m

“How do I do that?”

“By using safe words. They are words or phrases that are
agreed upon by both the Dom and the sub to alter or stop a scene. I’ve found
that ‘red,’ ‘yellow,’ and ‘green’ work best as safe words for trainees. You can
call them out whenever you feel the need. Think of a traffic light, Lea. Red
tells the driver to hit the brakes. Yellow is use caution to proceed. Green

“Go,” I interrupted, and immediately regretted it. “Sorry,

“Not a problem, pet. I like your excitement. You’re right.
Green is go. Are you in agreement to use the colors as our safe words?”

I loved when he said “our” and nodded.

“Good. Truthfully, pet, after we do a few scenes together,
you won’t need any safe words. I’ll be in tune to your needs more than you. Let
me show you a few paddles.” He stood.

Anxiety and excitement thickened in my mind. “Are you
planning on spanking me, Reed?”

His eyebrows shot up. “Interesting idea, trainee, though my
first thought was to just give you some verbal instructions for this lesson.
But you’re wanting to take the fast track, aren’t you?” Before I could answer,
he continued in a commanding tone. “Since we’re going to scene together, no
more calling me ‘Reed.’ You will address me as ‘Sir’ or ‘Master Reed,’

I choked out, “Yes, Sir.”

“There you go. Better. On your feet, trainee.”

Believing things were about to take a hot, lusty turn, a
flash of heat thawed my insides as I left the spanking horse.

“I am going to undress you,” he stated bluntly.

Blood filled my cheeks from the embarrassment. What would he
think of my body? A flash to resist and end the lesson with the word he’d given
me came and went. I just didn’t have the will to stop him, no matter how
disconcerting it was going to be for me to be naked in front of him.

He made me turn around and pulled my dress over my head. He
draped it neatly over the bondage chair.

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
4.71Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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