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The gravity of what I was committing to hit me in the center
of my chest. At risk was my very heart, and yet I’d never wanted anyone more
than I wanted Kane right then.

“Yes, Sir.” My breaths were shortening to pants. “I-I’m

“Good,” he stated flatly, kneeling down right in front of
me. I felt his fingers on my pussy, sliding through my wet folds. “Excellent.
You shaved. By the feel of your cunt, I’d guess you did it just before coming
to the club tonight, right?”

I nodded, shivering and looking at the top of his head below

He continued his assault of his digits on my mound, making
my body even hotter and my throat even tighter.

“I can’t wait to cover your gorgeous pussy with my mouth. I
am going to lap up your liquid sweetness, Lea, every single drop. Do you
normally shave your cunt?”

His filthy talk ignited cravings inside me, making me even
wetter. “No, Sir.” Though I did keep myself trimmed up, I’d actually taken a
razor to my pussy this morning, as he’d guessed. It had seemed the right thing
to do, given I was coming in for my second lesson.

Kane stood up.

Our eyes locked together, and I saw a mix of lust and danger
in his. Kane never looked away as he removed his boots, jeans, and the rest of
his clothing. I’d seen him without a shirt, but now, with his body fully
exposed in front of me, I was astonished at the powerhouse I saw before me. His
skin was bronze and glistening from a thin layer of lusty sweat. Kane was cut
with muscles that if he’d been a model, could’ve easily landed him the cover of
any workout men’s magazine. He was ripped from head to toe. Sporting an
eight-pack stomach, he looked like he could take on a dozen men should the need
ever arise. Then my eyes caught a glimpse of his cock. The thing was huge. It
was clear from his erection, which was massive to say the least, he wanted me.

He pulled me in close and whispered, “I’m going to love
watching you squirm, subbie.”

My head swam with so many thoughts and my body shivered with
even more sensations.

He bit my earlobe as he guided his hands all over my body.
He was making his claim on me with every nip and touch. Relenting to him came
so natural for me, and I savored every caress, pinch, and bite.

Kane licked my neck and massaged my breasts, and dizziness
took hold of my entire being. I couldn’t stop shaking. My clit throbbed to the
edge of being painful and my pussy moistened till my cream dripped down my
inner thighs. God, I was falling for him, which was illogical. This was only
training, advanced though it might be, but nothing more. I tried to hold onto
that thought with all my might.

“Where are you, subbie?” Kane asked and pinched my nipples
harder than any time before, melting all my will.

A tiny cry escaped my mouth. “I-I’m here, Sir.”

He released my tips and cupped my chin. “You are now, but
you were a million miles away a moment ago. I will not have that, Lea. Ever.
You understand that?”

I nodded.

He ran his fingers through my hair, electrifying every cell
inside me. Every stroke of his hands in my locks sent me deeper into ecstasy.
It might only be fantasy or part of an act, but I couldn’t help but lose myself
to the dream of being adored by such a delicious man.

“I want to feel those luscious lips around my cock, first.”
He moved his large hands on my shoulders. “Kneel down, little subbie.”

I obeyed.

He tugged on the back of my hair, making me look up into his
eyes. “I don’t want you to hold back, sub. Show me your best.”

I wanted to make him proud and smiled. The bulbous head of
his cock was less than an inch from my lips. I extended my tongue and tasted
his slick pre-cum. Salty and so very hot, it nearly seared my mouth. Licking
the tip in small circles, I hoped to give back to him a little of what he’d
already done for me.

“Enough,” he growled, and shoved his cock into my mouth.

I breathed through my nose, relaxing my throat the best I
could. It worked. I felt his cock slide even deeper into my mouth. I began
sucking hard, hollowing out my cheeks. He thrust his dick into my greedy
throat. I tightened my lips on his shaft, which was slipping in and out of my
mouth like a piston.

“Fuck, sub. You’re sweet lips feel so good on my dick.” His
hands pressed on the back of my head. “Make me come, subbie. I want to shoot my
load down your pretty little throat.”

Like a green flag at a race, his words worked to push me on
with even more fervor. I sucked and sucked and sucked, readying to drink all he
had for me.

“God, yes! Fuck. That’s my baby.” Kane pulled my head in
tighter, and the head of his dick crashed hard into the back of my throat. I
stopped breathing for a moment, enjoying the feel of his cock in my mouth. The
intensity of his dominance over me was overwhelming.

As he shot his load down my throat, my need to have him
inside me overwhelmed me. I craved to be stretched, opened, and split in two by

After I swallowed the last drop of his seed, he tugged on my
hair, pulling me off his dick. As the suction of my mouth released his cock,
there was an audible pop.

His hand cradled my chin, and he urged me back on my feet.
Kane leaned in and kissed me, making my toes curl and my insides tingle.

As he ended our kiss, his fingers feathered up and down my
sides. As his stare fixed on me, I felt a shiver shoot up my back. “My sweet
cocksucker. Time for me to taste your sweet desserts.”

He led me back to one of the chairs in the room. I sat down,
and he cuffed my wrists and ankles to the D-clamps attached to the chair. Being
restrained by him was becoming more and more natural to me. In fact, I enjoyed
the feeling it brought out in me. Being with Kane was so easy, so real, and so
very, very hot.

When his head dipped between my legs, I began breathing in
half breaths.

“I’ve never seen a more perfect cunt in my life, sub. I love
my cunt.” He exhaled a hot blast of air over my swollen folds, and my half
breaths became tiny gasps and pants.

He kissed my thighs, sending a delicious rush that flattened
me. I was crazed for more. I thrashed in the chair as his tongue danced up my
leg and near my clit, almost... almost... almost... but never quite touching.
The distress was driving me mad, and still his torture went on and on.

Kane grabbed my knees and forced them farther apart from
each other. His kisses turned to wicked bites that raised my temperature to a
blistering level. I thought I would go completely insane if he didn’t take me
soon. When his fingers threaded through my swollen, soaked folds, I was
trembling like a live wire.

“That’s my baby.” He growled. “I love seeing you suffer.”

He licked me into a frenzied passionate haze and sent his
fingers into my pussy. My insides clenched and unclenched around his digits. My
want swamped me. At that very moment, nothing would suffice or quell my need
but his cock seated inside my body.

Kane twisted his fingers inside my pussy, stretching me for
his thick dick. He clasped my clit between his teeth, delivering a sweet sting
that sent me reeling. I bit my lip at the hurt, but still shifted my hips up
into his hungry mouth.

“That’s my little subbie. You like this?”

“Y-yes, Sir,” I confessed.

“This is fucking nothing. This is playing with you. This is
getting the sweet slut inside you warmed up.” He looked up at me with his
dangerous, dark eyes, and a tremor shot through me. “Lea, you’re going to come
and come, but it won’t be enough. I’m going to fill you up again and again.
You’ll plead and beg, but I won’t stop until you are completely thrashed.”

His words were like hot, passionate bombs that detonated my
very core. The world had vanished with each lusty syllable from his thick lips,
and all that remained was my overwhelming need for him.

“Please, Sir,” I begged. “Please.”

He pressed his thumb on my clit, making me moan. It was too
much, too powerful. I couldn’t stand any more. “Tell me, subbie. What do you

I screamed, unable to hold back any longer. “You! I want
you, Sir!”

He pinched my inner thighs, making me yelp. “Tell me.”

“I want your dick inside me...inside my pussy.”

“That’s my baby.” Kane moved a lever, and the chair reclined
back far, becoming more of a bench with arms.

He stood and walked to the table where he grabbed a condom
package. I watched him roll the rubber down his long, thick cock and felt my
heart race.

“You know what this is?” he asked, holding an odd-looking

I shook my head.

“This is a plug for your tight ass. Have you ever had your
ass fucked, subbie?”

“No, Sir,” I answered, anxiety welling up like the rising

“Good to know.” He applied some lube to the plug. With a
lusty smile pasted across his face, he walked back to me. “Time for more agony,
sub. Understand? Lay back.”

I nodded and did as he asked, tears brimming my eyelids,
brought on not from worry but from surrender to Kane.

He slathered some lube on his fingers and shoved his hand
under my ass. His hands shot between my legs and under me. I felt him finger my
tight entrance, and I thought I might pass out. I didn’t, of course, but my worry
didn’t subside. As he pierced through into my ass, I swallowed a deep breath
and held it in my lungs. The initial pain his fingers had brought went down
quickly. Over and over, he stretched my ass, making it ready for the plug. I
wasn’t sure such a large thing could get past my tightness, but I trusted Kane
to know.

“You’re ready for the plug, subbie. Breathe in and out
slowly. Don’t hold your breath,” he instructed. “Understand?”

“Yes, Sir. In and out. Slowly. Got it, Sir.”

He smiled, and I took in my first lungful of air, and then
another. As I let the last cubic inch of breath past my lips, Kane shoved the
toy into my ass, delivering instant and powerful pain.

“Ride it out, baby. You can do it.”

As tears streaked down my cheeks, I chewed on my lip. Soon
the hurt was gone and so was the last bit of my resistance. I could feel the
toy in my ass, stretching me beyond what I thought was even possible. I entered
a trance-like state, and my thoughts quieted to a whisper. My body, on the
other hand, screamed and burned.

“It’s in, subbie.” He kissed my cheeks gently, and I melted
under him. “You’re doing great, Lea.”

Kane unfastened my cuffs from the chair’s D-clamps. He
crawled on top of me, and I could feel his erection press on my mound. Shifting
his body, he positioned the head of his cock on my opening. I gasped when he
thrust his nine inches into my pussy. I was so close, my climax bubbling
beneath the surface.

“Wrap your legs around my waist, Lea.”

I obeyed instantly.

He continued, “Now, hold on to the arms of this chair and
squeeze them tight.”

Mere seconds from release, I clutched the chair tightly,
praying he would topple me over the edge and into orgasm.

He shoved his cock in deeper into my pussy, and my trembles
intensified. “Nice, tight cunt. Clench my dick, sub. Make me feel you.”

Again, I complied. I could feel his cock massaging my
insides, hitting the perfect spot in my channel. I writhed under him, and I
shot my arms up to his shoulders, scraping his flesh with my nails.

“Come for me, Lea. Come now.”

His words released the orgasmic avalanche inside me. Spasms
in my womb shook my whole body. I screamed.

Kane shoved his cock in and out of my pussy. His eyes seemed
to glaze over as his final and deepest thrust took hold of him. “Fuuuck!” he
yelled as he came inside me.

The full weight of his body came down on me, pinning me even
tighter to the chair. I shivered frantically, giving in to the sensations still
firing in my own body.

Kane kissed me. It felt so right to be in his arms. There
wasn’t another place in the entire world I would rather have been.

After a bit, he stood up. He removed the plug from my ass.
“You did great, trainee. Really great.”

Something in his tone worried me. He sounded distant.

“Thank you, Sir,” I answered, feeling the walls reassemble
around my heart. Foolishly, I’d led with my feelings in this training. There
was no one to blame but me for the inevitable heartache to come.





Feb 12th



I’m still in the bed, and it’s two in the afternoon.

I’ve gotten texts and voicemails from both Kane and Reed.

I am so fucked.

My eyes are swollen from crying over two men I only met the
night before last. My finance of four years didn’t even get a single tear out
of me when he told me it was over. Now, I’m a complete basket case.

I wish I could sort this out, but I just can’t. I wish I
knew what was wrong with me. My head is so mixed up.

I’m already having feelings for both of them, God help me.

They may look alike but they are so different. Sure, they are
both Dominants, but Reed has a tender side that Kane doesn’t. And yet, I am
drawn to both of them equally. See, I am fucked. Fucked up, anyway.

Last night with Kane was amazing. But so was the night
before with Reed.

Shit. My cell phone again. Why won’t they give up? I am not
going back to that club ever.

It was Kane again. His texts are getting more and more
demanding. This one was,
Call me now,
Lea. Right now.
I can imagine how angry he must be getting, but I just
can’t face him or Reed. Choosing one or the other isn’t something I want to
deal with. My best plan of action is to stay away from them before I fall even
deeper. If I don’t, I risk having my heart ripped completely apart.

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
2.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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