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“He told you about our time together?”

“You’re still under my care, Lea. I’m responsible for you.”

The contract I’d signed was for the club. Why would he think
he was responsible for me at home? “At The Cell, sure. I get that. But not
here, Lex. Not now.”

Lex shook his head. “Yes, here. Yes, now. That hasn’t
changed. It won’t until you select a Dom to take my place.”

Misty’s jaw dropped. “You mean to fuck her and my sister?”

Lex grabbed her by the arm. “There’s a nasty slut inside
you, Misty, just waiting to be let out, isn’t there?”

“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.” By her tone, I
knew she did, which didn’t surprise me much. Misty had shared several of her
fantasies with me when we had been teens. They were quite incongruent for the
uptight woman she’d become.

“The answer is ‘no,’ Misty. Her being under my care doesn’t
have anything to do with sex.” Lex’s tone was so male, so confident, and so
powerful. “Understand?”

Misty nodded and then looked down at her hands. Apparently,
he’d hit some nerve inside her.

Lex turned back to me. “No more talking except between me
and Lea. Do you all understand me?”

They all squeaked the affirmative.

“Good. Interruptions drive me crazy.” He gazed at me for the
longest time before speaking. Finally he said, “Do you love them, Lea?”

Tears streamed down my face. “Yes, Lex. I love them. My
heart is crushed. They didn’t do anything wrong. I did. I wanted to be with
them, to feel beautiful and adored. They gave me that and so much more. Please
don’t blame them. It’s all my fault, not theirs.”

Lex sighed. “No wonder they fucked up my lessons with you,
Lea. You’re quite a woman. I think you are right, though. You are to blame some
in this. So, here’s what you’re going to do. Kane deserves to hear what you
told Reed last night.”

I couldn’t go through that again. “I can’t tell him
good-bye. It was hard enough with Reed. Kane knows, doesn’t he?”

Lex’s voice was commanding. “You can, Lea. You will, too.
Yes, Kane knows, but you have to tell him yourself, in person.”

“Please, Lex,” I begged. “Don’t make me do this.”

I saw compassion in Lex’s eyes. “Kiddo, I don’t want to make
you suffer any more than you already have, but you must face this. If you
don’t, you’ll regret this for the rest of your life.”

I knew he was right. “Okay. Where? When?”

“Tomorrow night. I’ll send a limo. You’ll get through this,
Lea. I promise.”

“If she’s going, so am I,” Misty blurted. “I’m not letting
her face this alone.”

Lex laughed. “My club, Misty. My rules. You’ll get your
chance soon enough.”





Feb 14th



I walked beside Lex in one of the hallways of The Cell. I’d
refused to dress in any of Viv’s outfits, preferring my own clothes—jeans, top,
and tennis shoes. I knew I looked more appropriate for the grocery store or
doing laundry than for this exclusive club, but I didn’t care. What I’d come
for wouldn’t take long, or at least I hoped it wouldn’t.

I was exhausted. Lex was taking me to face something that
had kept me awake most of the night. Three nights of little sleep was taking
its toll on me, but I knew what I had to do no matter how tired I was.

Lex had been right. Kane deserved to hear from me why I
wasn’t coming back for his lessons.

Shaking violently, I continued trekking beside Mia’s man. I
wasn’t sure what to say, but I hoped it would come to me when I saw Kane.

“We’re here,” The Cell’s owner announced when we came to the
last door on the left of the hallway. It was slightly ajar. I trembled, knowing
who was waiting for me inside.

“Thank you, Lex. I’m sorry about all of this. Please don’t
blame Reed and Kane.”

He pulled me in tight and gave me a brotherly hug. “Just get
inside, Lea. Everything is ready for you. And Mia is waiting for me in the
Egyptian room.” He rubbed his hands together. “Time for me to enjoy a night
with my sweetheart.”

Lex turned and headed back down the hallway from which we’d
come. I opened the door wider and entered the room.

It was spectacular. Unlike the training room where I’d spent
time with Reed and Kane, this space was tricked out for the members to enjoy
their scene in a fantastic setting. The illusion sent me back to a regal time.

This could’ve been the bedroom of the daughter of a very
powerful and rich king. Marble floors, beautiful tapestries, and dark mahogany
furnishings transported me to the Renaissance of Europe. I looked even more out
of place here than I had in the hallway.

There was no sign of Kane, so I sat down on the big comfy
bed with its massive posts and accompanying canopy. I wondered why Lex had
chosen this room for our meeting. Perhaps it was the only one free. The Cell
was a very busy place.

Where was Kane? Even as nervous as I was, my fatigue took
hold of me, and I yawned.

That first exhale of weary air was followed by several more,
one after the other. My eyelids were heavy. I stretched out on the bed...




“Lea,” Kane’s voice wafted through my dreamy state.

I smiled, recalling how wonderful he’d been to me. Everything
about him made me vibrate with desire. He was powerful, impatient, and so
wonderful. All I wanted to do was to please him.

“Wake up, Lea,” Reed’s voice drifted in my head.

I sighed, seeing an image of the sexy man appear in front of
me. Tender but firm, demanding but generous, Reed’s mix called to me on so many

The dream was wonderful. They both gazed down at me, making
me believe in fairy tales. In my dreams, I didn’t have to choose. In here, they
were mine, both of them, and I was theirs.

I reached up to touch their faces and suddenly realized that
I wasn’t asleep. This was real.

“What is this?” I gasped.

“Hush, baby.” Reed leaned down and kissed me, his long hair
tickling my cheeks. “Just listen.”

“No. I’m here to tell Kane something. I have to tell him,
Reed. He deserves to hear it from me.”

Reed smiled and sat up. “She’s all yours, bro.”

I gazed into Kane’s eyes. He wasn’t smiling. “Me first, sub.
Then, Reed. Then, you. Understand?”

I thought about objecting, but couldn’t. If only for a few
more minutes, I was willing to surrender to his control.

“Good. I never expected someone like you to come into my
life, Lea.” Kane stroked the side of my face with his fingertips. “I thought
I’d always be a resident Dom, either here or at some other club. Something
permanent and exclusive never entered into the realm of what was even possible
for me—until you. I’ve always believed in lust at first sight but not love.
That only happens in the movies. Or so I thought. Did you wonder why I
volunteered so quickly to teach that class to the new members your first night
at The Cell?”

I’d figured he couldn’t possibly be interested in someone
like me, but I decided not to mention that. “No.”

“The minute I met you, Lea, all I could think of was how I
was going to get you into my bed, not for one night, or two, but for always.
I’d never felt anything like it before. Later, I rationalized that it had been
some crazy, fiery lust that had taken ahold of me. Made sense. You’re curvy in
just the spots I enjoy. But when I came to train you, that feeling hadn’t gone
away at all. The more I learned about you that night and what made you tick,
the more crazed I was to possess you for myself.”

I put my hands up to my face, wiping tears from my eyes.
“It’s hopeless. I care for you, too. But I also care for Reed, and he’s told me
he feels the same. There’s no way through this without someone getting hurt.”

Kane grabbed my wrists and gently pulled them down. “Sure
there is, sweetheart.”

“How? One of you backs down after I make an impossible
choice? I won’t do it. I won’t. I won’t.” I closed my eyes tight. My lips were
trembling from the gravity of what I was confessing, but I wasn’t about to
mislead them any more.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded.

I complied with more tears brimming.

“Look at our little sub, Reed. Isn’t she something else?”
Kane asked, smiling.

Reed nodded, “She sure is, bro. Enough talk. Let’s show

“Agreed.” Kane squeezed onto the bed next to me.

“Show me what?” I asked.

Kane kissed me into silence, his tongue sweeping inside my
mouth like a conquering hero. My heart thudded in my chest, and my toes curled.
As he continued to kiss me, I felt Reed’s hands slide up my thighs, warming up
my lower half.

I turned my head, freeing myself from Kane’s kiss. “Stop. Please.
I can’t do this. We can’t do this.”

“Why, Lea? Don’t you understand? Reed and I want to be with
you. You don’t have to choose.”

How I wanted to believe him, but I knew it was impossible.
“So you two have talked it over? You think this will work? No jealousy? For how
long? I’m not trying to be difficult, but this isn’t a Sophie Oak romance novel
where one woman gets to enjoy the love of several men for the rest of her life.
This is real. I’m flesh and blood and so are you. Sure, we might be able to fool
ourselves and play house for a while, but what happens in a month, a year, or
more? What guarantee can you give me that we have any chance at forever?”

Reed shook his head. “She sure does love to talk, Kane.
We’re going to have be on our toes dealing with her, don’t you think?”

“Yes, that’s for sure.” Kane cradled my chin. “Listen to me.
There’s no guarantee, Lea. Not for us. Not for anyone. It’s day by day. We’re
going to have really wonderful times together and we’re going to have tough
times, too. That’s a promise. Will I get jealous of you and Reed sometimes?
Likely. This isn’t what any of us planned, but we’re in it. I love you. Reed
loves you. You love us. Reed is more than just my brother, my twin. He’s my
best friend. There isn’t anyone else I could do this with other than him.
Before you, he was my only family. Now, the three of us have the chance to
become a family. I know it’s fast and you have a million more questions,

I had at least that many questions and more. “Yes, I do. If
we take this to the next level and move in together—”

“That’s happening this weekend, pet,” Reed interrupted.
“Kane and I have already discussed this.”

They were really serious. “Oh my God. You two have figured
this all out.”

Kane smiled down at me. “Not everything. We’ll do that
together, Lea.”

I was losing ground fast. Every argument I had would be
flicked away by them easily. “What about kids?”

“We want a house full, sweetheart.” Kane kissed me on the
cheek. “Your mind is spinning. I think it’s time to quiet that pretty little
head of yours.”

“Bro, there’s only one way to convince her that this can
work, and it’s not talking to her until we’re all blue in the face, if you get

Standing, Kane nodded. “Oh, I get you, bro.”

“Let’s show her. On your feet, sub,” Reed commanded, leaving
the bed and me behind.

My eyes popped wide. They meant to really
me. What if they were right that
this could actually work?

Kane stared at me in a way that made me shiver. “Get out of
your head, Lea.”

“Did you not hear me, sub?” Reed’s tone was more threatening
than I’d ever heard it before.

It seemed to me that he and Kane had somehow traded their
Dom demeanors. Reed was the tough, no frills one, and Kane was the more patient
and tender one.

Reed leaned over me and pinched my nipples, causing them to
sting and throb. “On. Your. Feet.”

I snapped to attention, nearly leaping from the bed.

“Nice, Reed. Very nice.” The pride and awe in Kane’s voice
was evident.

“We’re going to use our tongues to make you suffer, sub.”
Reed shed his clothes, tossing them to the floor in a heap. Though I’d seen him
naked before, I still couldn’t get over how perfect his body was with its
ripped muscles.

Kane undressed in front of me, too. He was well-built,
one-hundred-percent male as well. “Pleasure can be its own type of punishment,
Lea. You’ll learn that tonight.”

Their massive cocks were hard. My eyes popped wide. I’d been
with each of them separately. What would it mean to move to the horizontal with
both of them? I wasn’t a virgin, but I also wasn’t the most skilled person in
the bedroom. What did they plan to do to me? My anxiety shook me. Would my
fantasy become a complete disaster before it even got started?

“She’s way in her head, Kane.” Reed quickly stripped me of
my clothes.

“I think we better get her out of her mind then.” Kane knelt
down in front of me. “We are in protocol, sub. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“What state are you in?” Reed asked, kneeling down behind

I wasn’t sure things could work like they hoped, but they
were willing to try. I could at least let them. “Green, Sir. I’m green.”

Reed parted my ass cheeks with his large hands.

I could feel Kane’s hot breath on my pussy, amplifying my
already hot desire. When he flicked his tongue on my clit, I was ablaze with
cravings for more.

Reed began licking my backside, causing my insides to tingle
and tighten.

Electricity pulsed through me, and my breathing turned to
panting. I was dizzy and overwrought.

As my guys licked my most intimate flesh, the backs of my
knees felt like jelly. Thankfully, Kane’s hands tightened around the front of
my thighs, and Reed’s hands cupped my ass, holding me in place as they tortured
me with their amazing tongues.

Each of their licks sent me higher and higher. The only
thing left in me was need, overwhelming need. Logic fled my mind, as did my
internal dialogue about all the reasons a life with them would never work.

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
8.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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