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It seemed as if he was taking his time with me for my
benefit, making sure I was, if not relaxed, at least willing to continue in the
path he’d laid out before me. After he removed my clothing, save my panties and
bra, he stepped back and scanned my body.

All at once, I
him—really saw him. What the hell was I thinking?

Reed was male perfection, muscled in all the right places.
Under his Dom demeanor was a kind man with a really big heart. Me? I was
female, but perfection...? No way.

Instinctively, I wrapped my arms around my bra, the only
thing covering my breasts at the moment. “Sir, I’m really getting nervous about

Smiling, Reed got right in front of me. “I know, pet. I
know.” He grabbed my wrists and lowered them to my sides. “All part of it.” He
paused, and then said, “Fuck, you are gorgeous.”

I shook my head, unable to believe him.

“Sub, you calling me a liar?” His threatening tone made me
catch my breath.

“No, Sir.”

“That’s a good thing.” He cupped my breasts through my bra,
sending a shiver from where his hands touched down to my pussy. “Don’t forget
your safe words. Use them if you must. You will not be punished for uttering
them.” He removed my bra, and my cheeks burned hot. I couldn’t believe I was
going through with this, allowing a man I just met to see my breasts, but I
couldn’t find it in me to end this. With Reed’s confidence and manliness, all I
could latch onto inside me was desire—and submission. “They are just another
set of tools for us to explore with.”

I was enflamed with want. “Yes, Sir.”

He pinched my nipples, making them hard and throbbing madly.
“Are you on any medication, trainee?”

Shaking my head, I wondered why he would ask such a

“Good.” He removed his hands off my chest, and I instantly
missed them. “Some prescription drugs can change the level of a sub’s pain
threshold. Not a problem for you and me since you’re not on any. Same with
menstruating. Are you?”

I was flustered at the crude question but couldn’t help but
answer him. “No, Sir.”

“We are in agreement about this scene’s protocol. I will
honor your safe words. When I ask you your state, you will tell me the color
you most feel at that moment, but you don’t have to wait for me to ask,
trainee. You may call them out at any time without my permission. Understand?”

I pursed my lips, growing impatient to feel him touch me
again. “Yes, Sir.”

“My little trainee is getting restless, aren’t you?”

I nodded, chewing on my lip.

“Too bad. You’re not in charge here. I am.” The timbre in
his voice let me know he meant it. “Yellow doesn’t mean a full-on stop,
trainee, but it will give us a chance to pause and discuss what you’re feeling.
There is no shame in you calling out ‘red’ either. You understand me?”

Something about Reed’s thorough instructions was getting to
me. “I do, Sir.”

“I swear I will not cross your hard limits, trainee. I will
respect you and will earn your trust. Let’s get into our scene. Face down on
the spanking horse, trainee.”

My heart thudded in my chest, and my palms dampened. “Now?”
I asked.

He answered, “Right now.”

I flipped around as he’d instructed.

“We’re going to do this without restraints, tonight. I want
to save something for your next lesson.”

Though I was already feeling more than a little trust for
Reed, I was glad he wasn’t going to tie me down. Still, the idea did sound
appealing in a way. That he thought there would be a “next lesson” thrilled me.

“Very good, trainee.” I felt his hand go up and down my
back, causing my skin to tingle. “Comfortable?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You won’t be for long.” Reed jerked my panties down to my
ankles, kindling fiery sensitivity in my body. “Not long at all.” Then he
slapped my ass with his open hand, delivering a delicious sting to my flesh.

My pussy moistened, and my clit began to throb.

From the corner of my eyes, I could see him walking over to
one of the tables. He selected what looked to me like a large ping-pong paddle,
though it was black in color, not the blue or green I’d seen on others of its

Reed came back to the spanking bench. He put the paddle in
front of my eyes. “See this?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“This is going to give you a lesson you won’t forget,
trainee. Pleasure is what you crave, and when you please me, that’s what I’ll
give you.” As if to give an example of what he’d just told me, I felt him
caress my ass with his free hand. “What state are you in?”

I answered “Green, Sir, but I do have a question.”


“Umm...” Suddenly, I was tongue-tied and so very nervous.

A slap to my ass jolted me back. “I said ‘ask.’ Now.”

I blurted out, “Do you plan on having sex with me?”

“I’d love to, trainee. God, would I love to. But this is
your first lesson. No intercourse tonight. This time is only for training, understand?”

A mix of relief and disappointment rolled through me. “I do,
Sir. Thank you.”

“That doesn’t mean you won’t orgasm, trainee. If I do my job
correctly, you definitely will climax. This time is for your pleasure only.”

The promise of such release had me melting inside with need
and heat.

“Time to spank that beautiful ass of yours, Lea.”

I was vibrating like a leaf dancing on the heat waves of a
forest fire.

Whack! The slap of the paddle to my left ass cheek stung.
Tears welled up in my eyes, but I didn’t cry out.

“What state, pet?”

“Green, Sir. I’m green.”

“Excellent. Remember our agreement. Use your safe words.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Whack! Whack!

I moaned and thrashed on the spanking bench. Each strike of
his paddle hit a different spot on my ass. My body was sizzling with new

“Trainee, what do you think about when you masturbate?” Reed
asked firmly.

“I-I’m not sure what to say. I have many fantasies.” I
wished I could take back that admission. He must’ve thought I was a slut now.

“Of course you do, pet. Everyone does.” He stroked my thighs
with his free hand and the paddle. “What’s your favorite fantasy? Your go-to,
never-fails-to-get-you-off fantasy?”

An image of his brother floated in the back of my mind. “I’m
not sure.”

Whack! This strike was harder than the earlier ones and
released the tears from my eyes.

“No lying. Tell me, trainee.”

“Multiple partners, Sir.”

Again, the caresses returned. “Enlighten me. Tell me about
your fantasy.”

I’m not sure if it was because I didn’t want to disappoint him
again, or if I already was beginning to trust him with my secrets, but I did
tell him. “This is only a fantasy, Sir.”

“Stop stalling, trainee. I know what it is. Remember, I
asked the question. Tell me.”

“Yes, Sir. I imagine myself between two men.”

As though there was nothing odd about the concept, he said,
“Threesome. Nice. Is one of your dream men fucking your pussy and the other
your ass?”

“Yes, Sir.” I was getting even wetter from his lusty inquiry
and squirmed on the spanking horse.

“Your state, trainee?”

Without hesitation, I said, “Green.”

“I want you to imagine your two men, trainee. They are here,
and one of them is going to spank you, not for any disobedience, but to quiet
your thoughts and get you into a state where you can really enjoy pleasure.

“Some,” I admitted.

“Let me see if I can explain better what I’m attempting.
You’ll hear people talk about ‘subspace’ from time to time here at The Cell.
That’s what I’m going to try to send you into now, trainee. It may or may not
work since this is your first time.”

“What is ‘subspace,’ Sir?” I asked timidly.

“Kind of like a trance for the sub. I want you to use your
masturbation fantasy while I paddle your pretty, little ass, understand?”

I nodded, feeling my excitement grow.

“Good. Bring it up into your thoughts, trainee.”

Instantly, I saw my familiar guys walk into my bedroom.
During my personal playtime, I’d never been able to see their faces clearly,
but now I could. One looked exactly like Reed, and the other his brother, Kane.

“All set?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir.”

Whack! Whack! Whack!

In my mind, the visions of Reed and Kane were slapping my
ass alternately with the paddles they held in their hands. I went higher and
higher, to new plateaus filled with powerful sensations. Reveling in the
fantasy Reed had instructed me to focus on, I closed my eyes tight as the
spanking continued.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

The last strike to my ass from Reed’s paddle quieted my mind
to a whisper.

“I’m going to spank you with my open hand, pet.” The lusty
pitch of Reed’s voice worked to send me into a hot craze. “I want to feel your
skin on my hand.”

Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

My pussy was soaked, and my clit was aching. I was thrashing
on the spanking horse. Nothing had ever gotten me so close to savory madness before
as did Reed spanking my ass.

Suddenly, I felt Reed’s hand between my legs, threading
through my swollen folds. I was awash with want.

“You did great, pet.” His praise meant so much to me. “Time
for your reward.”

His fingertips touched me in all the right places, driving
me to the brink of mania. I felt him part my pussy lips with them and press on
my clit with his thumb. When his hot breath skated across my ass, I thought I
would die from the unending desire inside me.

“Come for me, little trainee.” I felt his lips on my ass,
giving me the sweetest kiss I’d ever had in my life. Then he commanded, “Now.
Come now.”

Everything inside me erupted, and not a cell in my body
could stay still. I screamed and screamed as my climax rocked me with a million
sensations, some hot, others electric, but all overwhelming. I felt the spasms
in my pussy and screamed again.

“Fuck, Lea. You are so very hot.”

My tears flooded the spanking horse, and I panted as another
orgasmic tremor scorched through me. Unable to stop shaking, I just closed my
eyes and rode out wave after wave of the release he’d given me. I’d never felt
more alive in my life or more connected to anyone than Reed. Discovering the
frenzy that had always been buried deep inside me had only come about because
of him, my teacher, my Dom.

“This is an ointment that will take some of the sting away,
Lea.” He applied the cream to my ass, and it felt amazing.

I wanted to thank him, to tell him how grateful I was, but I
couldn’t utter a single word yet with my body still reeling from my climax.

When he pulled up my panties from my ankles, I didn’t say
the words of gratefulness that I’d planned. How could I? Clearly, Reed had
trained many women. I was just another first timer in his long line of
students. When I finally did speak, I said, “Are we done, Sir?”

“For tonight, yes, trainee. We’re done. How are you doing?”

I sighed, wondering what it would’ve been like to feel him
inside my body. “I’m great, Sir.”

“You are great, Lea. The scene is over now. You can call me
by my name.”

Unable to hold back my wholehearted appreciation, I blurted,
“Thank you, Reed. Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome, sweetheart. Let me help you up.” Reed
guided me to a sitting position.

I was woozy, but leaning into his muscled frame steadied me.
“What’s next?”

“I’m going to dress you,” he stated. After I was back in my
clothes, I started to stand but he placed his hand on my shoulder. “The scene
is over but not the lesson, Lea.”

“Oh really?” I was hoping for more kisses and caresses from

“Yes, really.”

“So, what now?” I asked.

“Now, we’re going to talk about what you can expect for
tomorrow’s training session.”





Feb 11th



I was a bundle of nerves when I arrived at The Cell tonight.

Trip, the Dom who’d needed Kane to give the new member’s
seminar the night before, sat at the desk. He was on the phone giving someone
directions to the club. I’d been so nervous at the time that I hadn’t really
taken full survey of the man. He had dark, thick hair. His eyes were deep green
and sparkled in the light of the reception area. Both his upper arms were
decorated with tats that looked like barbed wire circling his biceps. There was
his dimpled chin that I had actually noticed last night. Rugged and handsome,
he exuded a male confidence that could easily ensnare almost any unsuspecting

But I wasn’t here for him. I was here for another training
session with Reed.

When Trip hung up the phone, he brazenly looked me up and
down. When his eyes met mine, he asked, “Have we met?”

“I’m Mia’s cousin, Lea. I was here last night.” I felt my
insides melting at his unblinking gaze.

He finally looked down at the sign-in book at his

“I’m here for Reed,” I choked out. “He’s going to train me.”

His lips curled up at the corners. “I remember you. My name
is Trip, and I wouldn’t mind taking my turn with you, Lea.”

I gulped and felt my cheeks burn. “I remember your name,
too. My instructor is Reed, though.”

He nodded, his smile broadening. “Take a seat, trainee.”

Sitting on the sofa in the reception area, I wrung my hands
together. Of course I was nervous since I didn’t have Mia or Lex with me.

Keeping my stress in check, I recalled last night how Reed
had opened me up to new and wonderful possibilities. I’d slept like a baby, but
the moment I’d awoke this morning, excitement had taken hold of me. I couldn’t
wait for more from him. More training. That’s what I craved.

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
11.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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