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Reed licked the tightness of my ass, filling me with utter
abandon. My pussy was getting wet and my insides were clawing for release.

On and on, they brushed my pussy and ass with their tongues.
I needed to grab something to try to hold on. My hands covered Kane’s shaved
head, and I pulled him in close and tight.

Reed’s voice rumbled behind me. “Have you ever tried anal
sex, sub?”

“No, Sir. Kane used a plug on me the night he trained me,
but that’s it.” I thought about how boring sex had been before meeting them,
and reveled in all they’d opened up for me.

“I’m glad. I want to be the first for you.”

I closed my eyes, wiggling between them like a livewire. As
Kane captured my clit between his teeth, a massive pulse shot through my body,
and I screamed.

“That’s my baby. Come for us.” Reed’s hands went up and down
my back, giving me a delicious tickle that enhanced my orgasm.

Kane held on to my little bundle of nerves, delivering the
perfect pressure that added to the sensations coursing through my body. My
pussy’s spasms came fast and hard, swamping me entirely. If they hadn’t held me
in place, I would’ve fallen to the floor straight away.

Kane release my clit. “Drown me with your sweet cream,
little sub.” Then he began lapping up my juices. His fingertips parted my
folds, making me burn even more.

I felt something cold on my backside, and my whole body
tensed. Reed tried to calm me. “It’s just lubricant, sub. I’m getting your ass
ready to take me.”

Though I was still trembling from my orgasm, a bit of fear
shot through me. “I-I’m nervous about anal, Sirs.”

Kane stood and kissed me. “Don’t be, sweetheart. We just
both want to be inside you at the same time. It’s the best way to make you
really believe. Understand?”

“I’m trying to, Sir.” Tremors shook me.

“Take a deep breath, Lea,” Reed commanded from behind.

Kane nodded and smiled, reassuring me. I obeyed.

Reed sent one finger into my ass. The sting came and went
quickly. He added another digit to the first, thrusting in and out of me. Soon,
the pain was gone, leaving me with only intense need and desire. Nothing else

Kane leaned down to his discarded pants and pulled out two
condoms from the front pocket. He tossed one to Reed. Mesmerized, I watched
Kane rip the foil open and roll the condom down his shaft. I knew Reed was
doing the same behind me.

“She’s ready, bro,” Reed stated.

Kane lifted me up. “Wrap your legs around my waist and your
arms around my neck, little sub.”

I complied, loving the feel of our naked bodies next to each

“Trust me, sweetheart. You only need to steady yourself. I’m
the one holding you in place.” Kane’s tone was firm but also gentle.

“Yes, Sir.”

He smiled and shifted me a bit so that my sex was touching
the head of his cock. Another wave of heat shot through me as he lowered me
down, piercing my pussy with his thick dick. Needy trembles rolled through me
as he moved me up and down his cock.

I felt the tip of Reed’s cock slide between the cheeks of my
ass. I tensed at first, but as he gently rubbed my back, my anxiety washed

The tip of Reed’s dick pressed on my backside entrance.

At that moment, I knew I had to have them both inside me. I
wanted to surrender completely to these two Doms.

Reed commanded, “Take a deep breath, Lea.”

I took in a huge amount of air.

“Let it out.”

As I emptied my lungs of the last ounce, Reed sent his cock
past my tightness and into my ass. The shock shook me, and tears streamed down
my face. The pain and pressure was massive.

“Keep breathing, sweetheart,” Kane instructed.

“You okay, Lea?” Reed asked from behind.

Unable to speak, I nodded. The pain was backing down fast,
replaced by a new, powerful ache. Reed and Kane were inside my body,
stretching, filling, and possessing me at the same time. Engulfed in the
pleasure they were giving me, I felt more tears stream down my cheeks.

“You’re doing great.” Kane kissed me again. Together, they
guided my body up and down, Kane’s dick slamming in my pussy and Reed’s cock
shoving in my ass.

How long they continued pummeling me with their dicks I
couldn’t even venture to guess, but they continued thrusting, again and again,
until my whole body undulated between them.

Reed’s voice thundered behind me. “Do you like our cocks
inside you, sub?”

“Y-yes, S-sir.” My pussy clenched and my clit throbbed. I
was right on the edge.

“Come for us, Lea,” Kane commanded.

Every nerve ending fired hot and came alive inside me. My
womb pulsed violently. Inside and out, a steamy turbulence shook me.

As Kane impaled my pussy on his dick one last time, I saw
his eyes close. “Fuck! Grip me tight with your beautiful cunt, sub.”

I clenched my pussy as hard as I could until I could feel
the pulse of his heart from his dick.

“Yes. I’m coming, too.” Reed growled behind me. “Hell, yes!”

Heat shot through me like exploding geysers. I wept like a
baby, leaning my forehead on Kane’s shoulder.

As Kane and Reed placed me on the bed and got on opposites
sides of me, my thoughts quieted, replaced with real hope.

Reed touched my cheek, and I turned my head to him. “Did you
remember that today is Valentine’s Day?”

“It is, isn’t it?”

“You’re mine,” he continued. “I love you, Lea. I don’t just
think it now. I know it.”

“I love you, too,” I confessed. He kissed me, and I melted
into his lips.

When our kiss ended, Kane’s hand cupped my chin, guiding me
to face him. “I love you, little sub. With all my heart, I love you.”

“I love you, too.” His lips pressed into mine, washing me
with pure satisfaction.

As we all drifted into much needed sleep, my mind quieted. I
knew that this rollercoaster ride I’d gotten on wouldn’t work for the faint of
heart, but there wasn’t any other place in the world I would rather be than
between my guys, Reed and Kane.





Feb 19th



I am sitting in a chair enjoying some wine in my new home
with my new dog at my feet.

How Beast survived the accident no one knows, not even the
vet. The moment I walked into the house, Beast lumbered up to me and licked my
hand, which surprised both Reed and Kane. Apparently, the dog has never been
much of a people person. Before I moved in, my guys had decided to find a new
home for Beast if he didn’t warm up to me. I’m so glad he did. I can’t imagine
Beast not being here.

Reed and Kane have already gone to bed. They are beat.
Serves them right. They insisted on carrying all my stuff: furniture, clothes,
and boxes. I wasn’t even allowed to unpack.

My job? Telling them where to place everything.

I love seeing my stuff mingled with Reed’s and Kane’s. On
the far wall is a watercolor of Diamond Head in Oahu I had in my apartment. To
the left of it is a dark bookshelf filled with tomes that my guys told me they
have collected for years. My sofa. Their recliners. My dishes. Their
silverware. And more. It’s an eclectic style that works well.

Tomorrow night, Reed and Kane want to show me off in one of
the most watched rooms at The Cell. It’s set up like an Old West saloon. I
would’ve never thought of myself as an exhibitionist before, but their intense
pride in me is having an impact on my self-esteem in a very positive way.

I’ve never been happier.

We’re actually going to have a future together. I know it.

God, I love them so much.


The End




Now also available for your Kindle:

Mia’s Spanking Diary

Copyright 2012 Kris Cook


Mia is a graduate
student working on a thesis about the sexual practices of people in the BDSM
lifestyle. Lex, the owner of a very prominent local sex club, agrees to show
her the ropes...literally, and a whole lot more. What begins as only a curious
academic pursuit quickly becomes a brew of sizzling erotic pleasure for both
Master Teacher and submissive student. As her lessons with him are about to
come to an end, fun and games need to be put aside for something real--a chance
for true love.


Enjoy the following excerpt from
Mia’s Spanking Diary


The rest of the attendees sat behind me from the third row
to the last row. I sat alone with my hands in my lap like a little schoolgirl.
Awkward. Sums up my life.

walked in.

The speaker instantly had my heart pounding in my chest and
my breath hitching in my lungs. He overflowed with confidence and power with
each step, like a gladiator coming on the field to defeat anyone foolish enough
to challenge him. In his early thirties, the man’s coal black hair was cut
razor short, and his face, though not Hollywood handsome, had a ruggedness that
made me squirm in the metal chair. His jaw was square, and he sported a five
o’clock shadow. His eyes were so piercing blue I found myself unable to look
away. In fact, every woman in the place was near drooling over his
six-foot-five muscled frame. The speaker’s arrival instantly silenced the
chatter among the other males in the room. Their combined testosterone would
barely fill a thimble compared to his.

Dr. Vickers stepped up to the lectern and pounded on it with
her fist. “Quiet students.”

Since no one was talking, I found her command odd. Oh, well.
I knew I would never figure her out.

“Welcome. Tonight continues our series on Human Sexuality in
the Modern Age. This is our fifth lecture. Our guest speaker is the owner of
The Cell, located downtown, one of the most notable BDSM clubs in the country.
He’s won several awards for his work with special effects. He’s written several
bestselling books about the lifestyle including
The Path of Dominance and Submission
The Master’s Rules
; and
Guide to Creating Your Home Dungeon
. He also hosts a weekly Q & A
podcast for people deep in the life, just beginning, or only curious called
“The Spanking Bench.”

I gasped aloud the instant Dr. Vickers mentioned the name of
the speaker’s Internet show, but thankfully, no one seemed to notice.

“Students, welcome our guest, Master Lex Brogan.”

Clapping, I felt my temperature go up several degrees as his
searing blue eyes seemed to fix on me.

“Thank you, Dr. Vickers for inviting me. Instead of giving a
boring speech from a stale outline, I’m going to have you ask me questions, and
I will answer them. Got it?”

“Yes, thank you,” I said, as if he and I were the only ones
in the room.

“Good.” He paused. In a deep, commanding tone that startled
me, he said, “Front Row, you go first.”

“Me?” I pointed to the center of my chest.

“Is there anyone else on the front row?”

“No.” My mouth was suddenly dry, and my mind turned to mush.
“Umm. I am...working’s a paper. I mean...I have this paper that I have
to finish. It’s called ‘Principals and Practices of Participants of Bondage and
Discipline, “Sadomasochism” or Dominance and Submission’ and it’s required to
earn my master’s.” Every word I uttered made me sound more and more idiotic.
Why did my mind always spin with a million conflicting thoughts, paralyzing me
to act or to even speak coherently?

“I’m sure there’s a question in there somewhere.”

I shook my head. “Mr. Brogan—”

“It’s ‘Master.’”

“Right.” I kept looking down at my hands, which I was
wringing together like a crazy woman. “What I’m trying to say is
paper isn’t really printed out. It’s on my computer, right now.”

“I understand the mechanics of a printer, young lady. Your

“Yes, Sir.” Per my norm, I couldn’t seem to get out of my
own head. “I’m working on my thesis for my master’s, Master Mister Brogan.”

“Really? Your thesis is on this topic and you don’t
understand the very basic norms.” The irritation in his tone made me wince.
“Just Master Lex.”

“Sorry. Got it.” I could’ve died from the shame I was
feeling, but there were no rocks to get under, no trees to hide behind, and no
escape route to run to. So, I took a deep breath, hoping to focus my thoughts
on something sane and understandable. What to ask that would redeem me in his
eyes? “Like I told you, Master Lex, the title of my paper is—”

“I’ve heard enough about your thesis already.” He narrowed
his eyelids and tilted his head slightly forward, a clear message that his
patience was thinning.

“Okay. I’m thinking.”

“And I’m waiting.”

I lost my head. He was demanding a question. I blurted the
first thing that came to my mind. “How good are you at spanking?”

His eyebrows shot up and then immediately came down. The
corners of his sexy mouth turned up ever so slightly. My cheeks burned and my
eyes watered. I’d never been so embarrassed in all my life.


...Excerpt from MIA’S SPANKING DIARY by Kris Cook ©2012



Also available for your Kindle:

A Perfect World

Copyright 2011 Kris Cook


In a world where death
has been virtually conquered and beauty is the norm, a husband goes to extreme
measures to ensure his wife is approved to have their baby. Will Greg be able
to agree to William's wicked request so that Seana can become a mother?


Enjoy the following excerpt from
A Perfect World

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
13.95Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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