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For them, I’m sure I’m just another new sub to train. For
me, they are much more than they should be.

Even if there is a million-to-one shot for me with one of
them for something more, how could I ever choose between Kane and Reed? I

Not now. Not ever.




About eight-thirty, Reed was banging on my door, demanding I
let him in. Afraid my neighbors might call the police, I cracked open the door.

“Reed, I’m in no condition to see you right now.”

His eyelids narrowed. “Are you sick?”

“Not exactly.” My heart was racing in my chest. I didn’t
want to face him. It was too much.

“Let me in, Lea. We need to talk.”

“I just can’t.”

“You can.” His tone softened, and his eyes widened. “Five
minutes, pet. If after that you want me to leave, I will.”

Unlatching the chain, I was shocked at how quickly I slipped
into wanting to obey him. More than that, I wanted one more time to be alone
with him—even if it was for only five minutes. Before I opened the door wide, I
looked down at my robe and realized what an awful state I was in. “Wait, Reed.
I’m not even dressed.”

He shoved the door open and cupped my chin. “I’ve seen you
in less, Lea.”

“I-I know, but not without m-makeup,” I stammered.

“You look amazing to my eyes, sweetheart.” He never let go
of my face, and his touch was making my temperature rise.

“You’re lying, of course, but thank you.”

“You’re very welcome, my love.”

“Please, Reed. Stop.” My head was spinning with confusion.
Just being so near him threatened to overwhelm me. I needed him to go and fast.
“You wanted five minutes. The clock is ticking.”

He pulled his hand back, releasing my chin. “What the fuck
did Kane do to you, Lea?”

I closed my eyes tight, fighting back the tears that
threatened to fall. “Nothing. Your brother did nothing wrong.”

“Don’t lie to me, Lea. Our time together was great. You were
great.” His voice shook with apparent rage. “One lesson with him and you won’t
take my calls or answer my texts. Something happened, and I want to know what
it was.”

I opened my eyes and felt the tears streak down my face.
“You want to know? Fine. I’ll tell you. Kane opened me up even more. He was
amazing. That’s the problem, Reed. Can’t you see?”

Without another word, Reed leaned in and kissed me silent. I
sobbed into his embrace, feeling his tongue sweep into my mouth. He lifted me
up into his arms, never releasing my lips. I wrapped my arms around his thick
neck, my resistance vanishing. Why was my willpower absent whenever he was next
to me?

As if he already knew my apartment, he carried me into my

Somehow I found my voice. “We shouldn’t do this, Reed.”

He lowered my back down to my mattress. “We should and we
must, sweetheart. I can see now that Kane took things further than normal in
your lesson with him.” He removed my robe, and I shivered, not from the cold
but from being wonderfully exposed in front of him. “Time to put things right
and let you know how I feel about you.”

“I don’t understand, Reed.”

“I’m much better at showing than telling, Lea. You’re about
to find out a whole bunch about me.”

I covered my face with both hands. “This is foolish. I can’t
do this.”

He grabbed my wrists, gently tugging my arms down to my
sides. “Time for another lesson, sub.”

“A lesson? Now?”

“Yes. Now. Look me in the eyes,” he commanded.

I obeyed, gazing into his light brown eyes and feeling my
need to surrender just under the surface. I realized how much alike he and Kane
looked. “Reed, I’m confused. Maybe we should—”

“Let go, Lea. Remember the protocols I taught you?”

I nodded.

“This is a scene. Time to follow the protocols. Understand?”

My jaw dropped. “Here? Reed, you have to be joking.”

He frowned and pinched both my nipples, delivering a sting
that told me he wasn’t kidding around. “Right here. Right now. Our scene.
Alone. Understand, sub?”

The strangest thing happened inside me that very moment. It
was like my most natural instinct clicked in—an instinct to obey. More than
that, I was already pulling up the fantasy of Reed and Kane paddling my ass
simultaneously. Right or wrong, I wanted to please Reed and have one last night
with him. “Yes, Sir.”

“This lesson is about you letting go and latching on to
pleasure.” Reed’s big hands slid up and down my sides, causing a spark to zip
through my body. I trembled, feeling my skin tingle.

Though filled with both confusion and excitement, I somehow
found the tiniest speck of hesitation still inside me to latch on to. “We
should talk about this first, don’t you think?”

“I told you that I’m better showing than telling.” His voice
vibrated deep in his chest, shaking me to my core. “What state are you in?”

“Good...I mean green, or maybe yellow. No, I believe I’m
green, Sir. But seriously, I think this is the wrong thing to do.”

“Either you’re green or you’re not.” His fingertips skimmed
my body like feathers, lighting up my skin like fireworks on a Fourth of July
night. “Which is it?”

I sighed, giving in to my surrender to him. “Green, Sir. I’m
definitely green.”

“Follow our protocols, little sub.” His self-confidence
spoke to me on so many levels. He wasn’t asking to come to my bed; he was
demanding it. “Don’t get sidetracked. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, vowing that this would have to be the
last time with him. One night of utter ecstasy was all I could hope for. After
tonight, no more. Since I was going to sample his wicked pleasures once more, I
asked, “Are you going to do what you did to me on my first lesson?”

“Yes and no.”

“I’m not sure I understand,” I admitted.

“I’m going to spank you for not answering my calls or
returning my texts. Unlike the lesson, your spanking will be for punishment.”

“I’m sorry, Sir. I really am.”

He kissed me tenderly. “I know you are, but you’re still
unsure about what to do with me, with Kane, with all of it. I’m going to help
you through that. But first, you need to take your thirty slaps to that pretty
ass. Roll over, Lea.”

I gulped. “Thirty? My ass is still sore from my two lessons
at The Cell. Please, Sir. I-I am really sorry.”

“Keep giving me lip, sub, and I’ll make it forty.

“Okay. Yes, Sir.” I rolled over on my stomach and braced
myself for the punishment to come.

Reed took the tie of my robe and wrapped my wrists together
with it. Then he took the remaining part of the tie and fastened it to one of
my bedposts. “This will keep you secure. You have another robe in your closet,

Trembling, I nodded.

He went to my closet and came back with my pale blue silk
robe. Using its tie to restrain my legs, he wrapped it around my ankles and
hooked it up to another bedpost. “Perfect.”

I could bend my knees and elbows slightly but didn’t have
any real range of motion left to me save to writhe and thrash.

Reed’s hand came down on my ass with a crack, and a hot
sting spread over my flesh. With the pain came an equal dose of desire, too.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “When I call, sub,
you will answer. When I text, you will text me back.”

Slap. Whimpering, I felt myself stiffen. How could I take
his calls or texts? This had to be the end. There was no other alternative.

Slap. Slap. Slap. I tugged on my ties, chewing on my lower

The more his hand rained down on my ass, the closer I came
to that sweet subspace he and Kane had introduced me to. As the heat seared my
backside, I began to sob, slipping into a trance, releasing all my worries and
fears, if only for this moment. I floated in the expanse, relishing the
sensations firing in my body. The stings were morphing into pleasure fast, and
I loved every second of it. I’d been counting his spanks, but lost track
sometime after his tenth smack to my ass.

“That’s my girl. Ride this out, baby.” His hand hit my ass
again and again, and I melted into each and every one of them.

“That was thirty, sub.” He cupped my ass with one hand and
fingered my pussy with the other. Heat flamed through me. “You’re soaked, pet.”

I felt hot blood fill my cheeks.

“I’m going to enjoy lapping up your sweet cream, baby.” He
unfastened the ties from my bedposts. “Roll over on your back.”

Unable to refuse him, I obeyed.

Then he refastened the ties back to the posts, restraining
me once again. “That’ll hold you, pet.” Reed leaned over and kissed me on the
neck, sending several shivers through my body.

His next kiss landed on my mouth, sending its message of
possession to me loud and clear. I clenched and unclenched my fists, mirroring
what was happing deep inside me.

He moved down my body until his thick lips feathered my
chest, causing me to get even wetter. When he swallowed one of my nipples and
pinched the other one, I panted. I was a livewire of feminine sensations. He
licked and sucked on my tips until they were throbbing and elongated. I was
unable to hold back my passionate moans.

Reed kissed my stomach softly, causing gooseflesh to pop up
there. When his tongue circled my navel, I actually thought I might go insane.

When I felt his lips on my clit, I held my breath. Sure,
he’d spanked me the other night, but having his face right next to my sex was
overwhelming me to the max.

“God, this is the prettiest cunt I’ve ever seen.” I felt his
hands on my thighs and began whimpering uncontrollably.

I needed him to touch me, to take away some of my suffering.
If he didn’t soon, I wasn’t sure how I would survive. “Please, Sir. I can’t
take much more.”

“You’ve earned your reward, pet.” She heard him inhale
deeply. “God, Lea, I love your scent. You smell like strawberries and morning

Even the way he talked about me was increasing my cravings.
I needed relief in the worst way, but all I could do tied to the bedposts was
fist my sheets and scream. When his tongue slid through my weeping sex, I did

“Such sweet pussy cream,” he muttered, licking me into

His oral lesson went on and on for some time, until I was
certain I would pass out soon from the sheer volume of my need. His hands slid
up my thighs, spreading me wider. His tongue shot down into my channel, and one
of his fingers pressed with the perfect pressure on my clit. My entire body
stiffened, and my half breaths came fast and furious. I was nearing release.

Reed stood and stripped off his clothes. I gasped when I
looked at his thick, erect cock. Unable to take my eyes from him, I watched him
don a condom on his shaft.

He looked like a predator about to pounce. “Time to fill
your tight, pretty cunt with my dick, sweetheart.”

He crawled on top of me and thrust his cock into my pussy,
stretching my insides to the limit. The friction of his shaft against my G-spot
got me even closer to falling over the edge.

His thrusts were deep and slow, enhancing my trembles. In
and out. Over and over. Again and again. So many sensations were stacking up
inside me with each of Reed’s plunges into my pussy, begging for satisfaction.
I was mad for release.

“Come for me, sub.” He reached between our bodies, sending
his fingertips to my clit. Then he rubbed the sensitive bundle fast and hard,
continuing to plunge his dick into my pussy

I screamed as my insides burst into flames, rising higher
and higher. Every cell sparked to life in me. As spasms shook me from head to
toe, I couldn’t stay still no matter how hard I tried. Instinctively, I
squeezed my pussy around his dick. My back arched off the mattress, and I
screamed again.

“Yes. Yes. Yes.” Reed growled low, sounding like a man at
the end of his rope about to be swamped by an unstoppable flood.

Then I felt his cock jerk violently inside me. Knowing he
was coming, I clenched my pussy as hard as I could around his dick.

“Fuuuck!” he yelled, succumbing to his climax and covering
my body with his own.

His weight was holding me in place more than the ties on my
wrists and ankles were. Still, I loved the feeling of him on top of me.

I was still trembling from my own orgasm when Reed rolled
off of me and removed my restraints. Then he shifted to his side, pulling my
back into his front until we were locked together in a tight spoon.

Even in my muddled state, one question shot to the forefront
of my consciousness.

What the hell have I

I should have avoided Reed at all cost, hunkering down
quietly behind my door at his earlier insistent pounding for me to open up for
him. Now, I was in so deep I would never make it back to the surface for a

Reed whispered in my ear. “Where are you, Lea? You seem
miles away,”

“This is all just... I’m not sure...” I sighed, feeling the
heaviness in my heart. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Try, love.”

“Like that.” Tears welled up in my eyes as my mind brought
up an image of Kane in his full-on Dom attire.

“Like what?”

“When you call me ‘love’ or ‘pet’ it confuses me.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Of course you don’t. How could you? It’s me. I’m the one
who is fucked up.” I tried to get free of his hold but couldn’t as he tightened
his grip on me.

“Lea, you’re not fucked up. You’re incredible. I’ve never
been with anyone like you. You’re brave, smart, sexy, and so much more.”

I sobbed. “Please. Don’t say anything else. I can’t take

“I came here to say something to you, and by damn I’m going
to say it. Face me,” he ordered.

I twisted around to him. We were so close that I could feel
his breath on my face. His eyes were unblinking from the clear gravity of what
he was about to tell me.

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
8.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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