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“Hello, Lea.”

I turned and saw someone who looked identical to Reed, save
one thing. This sexy man didn’t have Reed’s long, dark hair. In fact, he didn’t
have any hair at all. His head was shaved, which normally wouldn’t have been
something I was attracted to, but on him it looked yummy.

“You’re Reed’s twin. Kane, right?”

He nodded.

I extended my hand, and he clasped it in his. “Nice to meet
you, Kane.”

“I’ve got a private room all set up for us.”

For us?
My jaw
dropped. Reed wasn’t going to train me tonight? He’d seemed okay with me last
night. Maybe he’d only worked with me as a favor to Lex. “I thought Reed was
going to continue my instruction?”

“His dog got hit by a car, and he had to take him to the

I wasn’t expecting to hear that. “Oh my God. Is the dog

Kane smiled. “Beast has more lives than a cat. I’m betting
he’ll live.”

“Beast? That’s an odd name for a dog. What kind is it?”

He dropped my hand and turned away from me. “A complete
mutt. I think he’s a mix between a German shepherd, Doberman, and Lab. Ugly
creature, but Reed loves him. I just tolerate him.”

His words didn’t match the softness I heard in his voice. “I
can tell by your tone that you’re fond of the dog too, despite what you’re
actually saying about him.”

Kane’s eyebrows shot up. “I see I’m going to have my hands
full with you tonight. Let’s get started.”

“Wait a second. I’m okay to come back tomorrow when Reed is

He frowned. “You definitely need training.”

I’d obviously broken some kind of protocol. I wasn’t sure
what, though I’d read a bunch on the topic from the website Mia had suggested
to me when we’d had lunch today. “Kane, I’m not trying to piss you off or
anything. I just would be more relaxed—”

“Quiet.” His tone was low, where only I could hear him, but
still very threatening. “Not another word until we get into the room. If you
want to say your safe word, then say it.” His eyelids narrowed, and he gazed
into my eyes.

I was shocked at how strong he’d come on. Reed had been the
one who had instructed me, not Kane. Reed was the one I’d been expecting, not

Kane grabbed my arm. “Come with me, Lea. Now.” He marched me
down a hallway before I could protest.

The club was emptier than it had been last night, but the
few active scenes we passed made me warm.

We came to a metal door with the number eight on it. Kane
pulled out some keys from his pocket and unlocked the door. “Go in, little

I took several steps into the room. It was quite large.
There was a table loaded with lots of sexual tools. There were a variety of
benches, chairs, and chains around the room. There were even bleachers to one
side, though there weren’t any other people in the room besides Kane and me.

“Close your eyes, trainee.”

I felt skittish and shook my head.

“I wasn’t giving you a choice. Close. Your. Eyes.”

Instantly, I obeyed. The harsher and more demanding his
tone, the easier it was for me to comply.

“Good. Keep them closed.”

I nodded. Then I felt him stripping me of all my clothes.
The air in the room was on the cool side, and I began to tremble.

“Lea, you’ve got the most amazing ass I’ve ever seen.” I
felt his large hands cup my bottom.” It’s perfect.” Kane’s tone was deep in his
chest and seemed filled with awe.

I wasn’t about to fall victim to a smooth-talking player. “I
bet you say that to all the women you teach this stuff to.”

“You just earned yourself five slaps, trainee.” He lifted my
arms, and I felt my wrists being encircled with something cold.

I bit my lip, realizing I’d made some kind of mistake. I
bowed my head as I’d been taught. “Sir, what did I do wrong?”

He reached around me and pinched my nipples, making them
throb and my body hot. He bit my earlobe, and then said in a dangerous pitch
that made me shiver, “Two things. One, you didn’t address me as ‘Sir,’ and you
didn’t trust my words about your hot ass. Do either again and I will add more slaps
to your punishment. Understand?”

I gulped. His twin had been gentler with me, though still
firm. Kane wasn’t keen on fooling around. He meant serious business, and that
got me shivering. “Yes, Sir.”

“Better, trainee. Much better. Open your eyes,” he commanded.

I did.

He guided me to some chains dangling from the ceiling. With
such amazing skill, he attached clamps to the chain’s rings and then lifted my
arms up over my head. I watched him attach the cuffs already on my wrists to
the clamps. He stepped back and studied his work. Nodding, apparently pleased
by what he saw, Kane knelt down in front of me and attached a bar to each of my
ankles. It required that I spread my legs about a foot and a half apart. As
anxious excitement took hold of me, I felt my pussy begin to moisten.

Again, Kane circled me several times, gazing at every inch
of my body. I knew my curves all too well and wondered why he looked
so...pleased by what he saw. Under his stares, I actually almost let myself
think I was beautiful. But this was only a lesson. He had a way of teaching
that likely drew in the newbie submissive. His gazes were just another part of
his training method. That thought got me to wrap a thick, protective wall
around my heart. I didn’t want to forget that I was only his trainee, his
student. Nothing more.

Kane continued his inspection, which was maddening. He
wasn’t in any kind of hurry to get on with my lesson, and as each second ticked
by, my shivers became increasingly intense. Now, even my teeth were chattering,
though I wasn’t cold. In fact, I was hot, so very hot.

“Perfect,” he stated flatly. “Now, what shall I use first?”

I thought about asking for his open hand but instead pressed
my lips firmly together.

“What did my brother use on you, trainee?”

“His hand, Sir.” I hoped he would, too.

“What else?” he demanded.

“A paddle, Sir.” My ass still throbbed a little from last
night’s spanking from Reed.

“Good to know. I think I’m going to use a cane on your ass,
trainee.” He stepped to the table directly in front of me. It held a variety of

My heart thudded in my chest, and I blurted out, “I’m not
surprised, Sir. It has your same name.” Realizing that I’d broken protocol
again, I lowered my eyes but got the giggles. It was so inappropriate, like
being at a wedding and something gets you snickering where you can’t stop.

I caught a glimpse of his smile, which faded fast. He fixed
his stare on me, making me jittery. “Don’t turn bratty on me, trainee. You’ve
done so well up till now.”

I bit my lip and was able to back down the chuckle.

“Now, where was I?” Kane rubbed his chin. “Oh, yes. I’m
going to use a cane on you.”

I’d read about the use of canes in BDSM play in the
literature that Reed had sent home with me. My safe word vibrated on my lips.

As if reading my mind, the gorgeous Dom told me what to
expect from the cane.

“Trainee, this is my preferred tool.” He picked up the cane
on the table and held it up to my eyes. “It has a wicked kiss that you’re going
to love, but it can also soothe you with a sweet caress.”

His knowledge and enthusiasm of the topic was evident to me,
and the more he talked, the more wet I became.

“Now, I’m going to use the cane on you to warm up the skin
on your ass and thighs. Notice how thin the diameter is on this cane?”

I nodded, afraid if I spoke aloud, my voice would crack.

“This is one of the thinnest canes available. There is a
risk to it breaking, but it won’t in my hands. I’m very skilled at using any
size cane on subs I train.”

I wondered how many subs he’d schooled. Thinking there had
been likely a hundred or more, my gut tightened from a sudden pang of jealousy.
I knew that was foolish, but true all the same. The green-eyed monster inside
me grew Hulk-like as I imagined him having a woman in his life already who was
not only his trainee but was an actual partner to him. He was too gorgeous of a
man not to have someone in his bed at night.

Pushing down my resentment, I concentrated on his
enlightenment about caning.

“As Reed told you before, these lessons are about the Dom
and submissive relationship and protocols in that dynamic. Remember?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Pain is a tool for both the Dom and sub. It breaks barriers
and provides a path to deep trust and understanding. In my hands, the cane
isn’t just about delivering stings but is more of a sensual toy than a
punishment tool.” As he continued talking, he touched me softly with the little
cane. My skin burned and my nipples throbbed.

Kane flicked my left nipple with the tip of the cane,
causing my breast’s tips to ache even more. “Regretfully, trainee, many people
enter into BDSM and immediately take up things like a cane, which should only
be used by a skilled Dom. Without proper education, a cane can cause injury.
Not here. Not at The Cell. All Doms must go through rigorous training and
education before being allowed to use such a sexual tool. This one is made of
bamboo. It delivers its own set of sensations. Now, Reed told you about
subspace, correct?”

“Yes, Sir.” Normally such a speech would’ve had me yawning,
but not when Kane said it. He sounded so confident and professorial that I knew
I could listen to him all night.

Kane swung the cane in the air right in front of me. The
thing looked wicked in his hands, and I felt a shiver run up and down my spine.
“An untrained Dom might not know that you must keep bamboo canes soaked in salt
water to keep them moist. If that isn’t done, the cane will splinter and split.
Rattan canes are better choices for newbie Doms because they require little
care and keep their shape easily.”

Continuing to swing the stick in front of me, he went on and
on, describing more about caning and how it fit into the BDSM lifestyle. He
hadn’t even touched me, and I was shaking from head to toe in anxious
anticipation of feeling the bamboo on my ass and thighs.

Finally, he ended his delivery of words and cupped my chin.
“Are you ready to feel my cane, trainee?”

I choked out, “Yes, Sir.”

He gave me a wicked wink and walked behind me.

Without warning, Kane began quickly striking my ass with the
bamboo. The hits weren’t anything like the paddle had been with Reed, nor were
they like his open hand. The cane's stings felt like tiny bites on my

Tears welled up in my eyes as the tiny stings bit into my
skin. It was like he was sending his powerful male energy to me through the
cane, demanding surrender. My entire body began to radiate, and my thoughts
softened, approaching that wonderful trance-like state I’d felt with Reed last

“Very good. You’re doing great, trainee.” Kane gently rolled
the cane up my ass. “This is its embrace. Do you like?”

I nodded as tears streaked down my cheeks.

“It’s going to feel differently on your thighs, subbie. It’s
a nice little bite.”

He stung my thighs with quick taps from the bamboo, and he
was right. It did feel differently, a bit hotter, making my nerve endings pop
to life.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

He hit my ass and thighs with rapid-fire, sweet slaps,
sending me fully into the subspace he’d mentioned earlier. My face was soaked
from tears and my pussy from my juices.

Suddenly, Kane stopped his tempting torture and tugged on my
hair. “God, you are such a natural, Lea.”

He brought the cane up to my face with his left hand while
keeping hold of my locks with his right. In that moment, I felt my surrender.
It reminded me of something akin to a long awaited sigh of relief, though I was
actually breathing heavily and trembling frantically. It was sweet and joyous.
With the bamboo shaft within sight and him tugging on my hair, I trusted Kane
with everything. Even in this hypnotic mind frame, I knew it was more than that
for me. He’d captured all of me, even my heart.

He let go of my hair and came around in view. He was all
smiles, and that pleased me beyond measure. “Subbie, you’re learning so very

“Thank you, Sir.”

Kane set the cane down on the table. He walked in front of
me and cupped my naked breasts. His rugged hands touching my chest thrilled me.
“I love your tits, Lea. They are perfect.” He began gently massaging my breasts
in slow circles with his fingers, making me tingle inside.

Suddenly, he stopped, a frown appearing on his face.
“Lesson’s over. Let me get you unchained.”

My heart sank. “Sir, have I done something wrong?”

He shook his head in the negative, but didn’t speak,
releasing me from the chains and removing the bar between my legs.

I was frightened by his sudden change, but drifting in and
out of the subspace brought on by the cane, I found courage to press him. “Please
tell me what is wrong, Sir. I don’t want this to end.”

One eyebrow shot up, and his eyelids narrowed. “Are you sure
about that, trainee? If we continue, I will take this to another level
entirely, a more intimate level.” His face looked lusty and formidable.

My temperature rose several degrees. “Yes, Sir. I am sure.”

The corners of his lips curled up into a smile, swamping my
willpower and setting my own want ablaze.

“Let me make myself clear, Lea. You came in here for
training, correct?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Now, you want more, right?”

I felt like he was asking these questions in a certain order
and in a soft tone for a specific reason. To me, it seemed as if he was guiding
me down a path of his choosing. I was more than willing to follow him.

I nodded. “Yes, I want more.”

“Then understand this, little sub. Once the lid is off
Pandora’s box, there is no going back. Not for me. Not for you. I am hot for
you, Lea, blistering hot. If you surrender to this, I will devour your body in
ways you can’t even conceive of yet. Your pussy becomes
my pussy
. Your tits,
my tits
I’ll turn you into a slut who will beg me for more. Most people think my ways
are too kinky, too nasty, too demanding, or too strange. For me, it’s like
breathing. You sure you’re ready for that?”

BOOK: Lea's Menage Diary
10.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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