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BOOK: The Road to Nevermore
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“That vase is going to get a little crowded.” Millicent chuckled.

“More than a little, I suspect. We’ll march her to the manor, and that’s where she’ll stay, bottled up—far away from any possible
Afterlife allies.

“Billy, Chippendale and Pickerel couldn’t be under better care. Your parents are the most trusted secrets-closet skeletons
in the D.F.F. Bet you can’t wait to get back.”

“I wish we could show Millicent all of Celesdon before we go.” Billy sighed. “It’s so beautiful.”

“You’ll show her as much of it as you want, Billy.” Grim stood up, slipping on his leather gloves. “During my next vacation,
I should think. I’m sanctioned to stop time at least once a year for my week-long break. The two of you can visit then.”

“Really?” Millicent’s curls jigged.

“Really,” Grim assured her.

“How’s that for an adventure?” Billy grinned.

Grim bid them farewell in a huge hug, grabbed his Cloak of Doom from the rack, and disappeared in the midst of flinging it
around his shoulders. When Billy and Millicent heard Fleggs’s distant whinny, they knew he was really gone.

The talk of awaiting adventure reminded Billy of why they had wanted to contact Pete in the first place. Billy and Millicent
pulled him away from Mrs. Lumbus just long enough to plead their case.

“Ye want a few weeks on the
Spurious II
, do ye?” Pete rubbed his stubbly chin. “I wouldn’t mind bangin’ over waves for a spell meself.” He shot a smile at Mrs. Lumbus.
“But I’ll miss this little flower too much if I stay longer.”

Billy and Millicent did their best to not burst into laughter seeing the old pirate smitten so.

“I’ll be glad to plead yer case with Mum Biglum. Who knows, maybe she’ll want to come along? She ain’t shy when it comes to
adventures. Leastwise not when she was a young ’un.”

“Really?” Billy blinked.

“Now where do ye think ye two get yer love for far-flung adventures? Outta thin air?” Pete chuckled.

“We were thinking it came from you,” Millicent said.

“I’d love to think it was all from me, but the old girl’s packed with a hold full of surprises. I’ll just have to remind her.”

And so, just a month later, the residents of Barmouth stepped out of their front doors and peered out of shopwindows. They
had gathered to watch a tall ship cast off from its berth and tip elegantly into the wind.

A boy and girl raced to the ship’s bow and then leaned over the rail as if they could beat the ship to its first port of call.
An old woman hobbled up behind them, her cane raised like a sword pointing to the horizon.

And there were some in town, who swore for years to come, they saw a pirate floating just above the children. With chest thrust
out and arms tucked behind, it looked as if he owned every drop in the sea.

BOOK: The Road to Nevermore
13.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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